The Best Coffee Brands You Should Try in 2023!

Discovering the best coffee brands and indulging in their rich, aromatic flavors is a journey of its own for every coffee connoisseur. From the robust, full-bodied bean roasts of South America to the smooth, subtle notes found in Asian blends, the world of coffee offers an array of delightful surprises.

In this blog, we’ll be exploring some of the best coffee brands that you absolutely need to try in 2023. Prepare yourself for a caffeinated adventure that will tantalize your taste buds and elevate your appreciation for the art of coffee making.

Coffee’s Historical Timeline

We can summarize the coffee’s history like this:

  • 15th Century: Coffee was first cultivated in Yemen. Monks used it to stay awake during long hours of prayer
  • 16th Century: Coffee made its way to Persia, Turkey, and Northern Africa
  • 17th Century: Coffee was introduced to Europe, and later to America
  • 18th Century: Coffee cultivation began to spread globally, with plantations emerging in tropical regions of Latin America and Asia
  • 19th Century: Instant coffee was invented, and coffee began to be commercially packaged and sold
  • 20th Century: Espresso machines were invented, enabling the creation of various coffee beverages. Coffee consumption surged worldwide
  • 21st Century: The rise of specialty coffee. Coffee shops began selling gourmet coffee beans and grounds, roasting coffee in-house, and emphasizing traceability and sustainability

Established in 1865 in San Francisco, California, J.A. Folger & Co. holds the honor of being the first coffee brand in the United States.

The company’s founder, James A. Folger, was a young carpenter who came to California during the Gold Rush and started his career in the coffee industry working at The Pioneer Steam Coffee and Spice Mills. When the company faced financial difficulties, Folger seized the opportunity, bought out the other partners, and started his own coffee brand.

Our Recommendations On The Best Coffee Brands Of 2023

La Colombe

La Colombe is a coffee roaster that offers a wide range of unique blends. They are known for their “Draft Latte” which is a frothy, canned drink that is perfect for those on the go. One of their most popular blends is the “Corsica” which is a darker roast that has a rich yet smooth flavor. La Colombe is also known for its environmentally friendly packaging, which is made from recycled materials and is 100% recyclable after use.

  • Wide variety of unique blends, catering to diverse taste preferences
  • Innovative “Draft Latte” product offering a convenient, canned coffee experience
  • Commitment to environmental sustainability with packaging made from recycled materials and 100% recyclable after use
  • Popular “Corsica” blend known for its rich yet smooth flavor, demonstrating mastery in crafting dark roasts
  • Sourcing practices prioritize quality and flavor, bringing only the best beans to their customers

Starbucks Coffee

As one of the most recognizable brands globally, Starbucks has revolutionized the coffee industry with its array of coffee beverages, blends, and unique cafe experiences. The brand’s “Pike Place Roast,” named after their first store location in Seattle, is a medium-roast coffee known for its smooth finish and hints of cocoa and toasted nuts. Starbucks also prides itself on its ethical sourcing practices, as it ensures 99% of its coffee is ethically sourced and accredited by Conservation International under the C.A.F.E. practices program. Furthermore, the brand’s commitment to sustainability extends to its packaging, with initiatives underway to reduce waste through recyclable cups and packaging.

  • Renowned global brand offering a wide variety of coffee beverages and blends
  • Signature “Pike Place Roast” characterized by a smooth finish with notes of cocoa and toasted nuts
  • Ethical sourcing practices with 99% of coffee being ethically sourced and accredited
  • Initiatives to reduce waste through recyclable cups and packaging, demonstrating a commitment to environmental sustainability
  • Unique cafe experience with an emphasis on comfort and community, raising the standard of coffee shop culture

Stumptown Coffee Roasters

Stumptown Coffee Roasters is a popular coffee brand known for its exceptional quality. They source their beans directly from farmers to ensure the highest quality coffee. They offer a wide range of blends, and their most popular is the “Hair Bender” which is a medium roast blend with a complex, fruity flavor. Fans of Stumptown will say it’s worth the premium price for the investment in quality.

  • Stumptown Coffee Roasters sources their beans directly from farmers, ensuring the freshest, highest-quality product
  • The brand is recognized for its exceptional quality, resulting in a premium product worth its price
  • Stumptown offers a wide range of distinct blends, catering to a variety of taste preferences
  • The “Hair Bender” blend, a medium roast with a complex, fruity flavor, is one of their most popular offerings
  • Stumptown Coffee Roasters is a trusted name in the coffee industry, loved by fans for its commitment to quality and taste

Counter Culture Coffee

Counter Culture Coffee is a North Carolina-based coffee roaster that has made a name for itself amongst coffee aficionados. They are known for their commitment to direct trade, meaning they source coffee beans directly from farmers. They offer a wide range of specialty coffees, including single-origin blends and unique seasonal offerings. One of their most popular blends is the “Apollo” which is a lighter roast that offers a unique, bright flavor.

Counter Culture Coffee has established itself as an exceptional brand with a commitment to quality and sustainability. Here are the five key features of their products:

  • Counter Culture Coffee practices direct trade, sourcing coffee beans straight from the farmers. This not only ensures the high quality of their coffee but also supports the livelihood of the farmers and their communities
  • Counter Culture offers a wide range of specialty coffees. From single-origin blends to unique seasonal offerings, there’s always something new and exciting to try
  • The brand’s products stand out for their unique flavors. For instance, the “Apollo” blend is a lighter roast with a bright, distinctive flavor that has garnered a following among coffee enthusiasts
  • The company is committed to sustainability, both in sourcing their coffee beans and in their packaging. This makes it an excellent choice for environmentally-conscious consumers
  • Counter Culture Coffee isn’t just about selling coffee; they’re also passionate about educating people about it. The company regularly conducts brewing guides and coffee-tasting events, helping consumers understand and appreciate the nuances of their coffee

Verve Coffee Roasters

Verve Coffee Roasters is a California-based coffee roaster known for its exceptional quality and unique blend. They focus on sustainability and source their beans directly from small, independent farmers. Their “Sermon” blend is one of their most popular, with notes of honey, citrus, and chocolate. Verve also offers limited-edition blends that rotate seasonally, so there’s always something new to try.

  • Verve Coffee Roasters is renowned for its exceptional quality and unique blends, delivering a distinct and unforgettable coffee experience
  • The brand places a significant focus on sustainability, ensuring they source coffee beans directly from small, independent farmers
  • Their popular “Sermon” blend presents a complex palate with notes of honey, citrus, and chocolate
  • They offer a variety of limited-edition blends that change seasonally, keeping their offerings fresh and interesting
  • Verve Coffee Roasters showcases a commitment to ethical and sustainable coffee sourcing, fostering direct relationships with the farmers and communities involved in their coffee production

Best Coffee Brands For Making Espresso


Famed for the smoothness and rich aroma of its coffee, Illy is a well-established brand that offers exceptional espresso blends. Their beans are sourced from nine different countries and go through a rigorous selection process to ensure top quality. Illy’s signature blend offers a balanced taste with notes of caramel and chocolate, making it perfect for espresso.

Lavazza Super Crema

Lavazza Super Crema is hailed as one of the best espresso brands available on the market. Its beans are carefully selected from different parts of the world including Brazil, India, Columbia, and Indonesia, and its blend features a creamy, light-bodied flavor with hints of honey and almonds.

Kicking Horse Coffee

The Cliff Hanger Espresso blend by Kicking Horse Coffee has a smooth, rich taste with a chocolaty finish, making it ideal for espresso lovers. It is an organic and fair-trade coffee brand that sources 100% Arabica beans, renowned for their superior quality and flavor.

Peet’s Coffee

A beloved brand among coffee enthusiasts, Peet’s Coffee offers a range of espresso blends. Their Espresso Forte blend is particularly popular, known for its bold, bright taste with a smooth finish. It’s a blend of Indonesian and Latin American beans, which gives it a unique, robust flavor perfect for espresso.

Intelligentsia Coffee

Last but not least, Intelligentsia Coffee is praised for its high-quality, direct-trade coffee. The Black Cat Analog Espresso blend is a favorite among espresso lovers with its syrupy, sweet, and dense flavor profile. The brand is committed to sustainable practices, ensuring your espresso not only tastes good but also supports a good cause.

Best Coffee Brands for Drip Coffee

Dunkin’ Donuts

Dunkin’ Donuts is a popular coffee brand that’s well-known for its smooth and flavorful drip coffee. Their Original Blend is a medium roast that’s well-balanced, clean, and easy to enjoy at any time of the day.


No coffee brand list would be complete without mentioning Starbucks. Their Pike Place Roast is specifically crafted to shine in the drip coffee method, with a well-rounded, rich flavor profile that’s a favorite among many.

Caribou Coffee

Caribou Coffee’s Caribou Blend is designed for drip coffee machines, offering a balance between sweet, spicy, and berry notes in a smooth medium roast.


Folgers is a classic coffee brand with a variety of blends suitable for drip coffee. Their Classic Roast is a medium roast coffee that’s robust and mellow, ideal for a daily cup.

Eight O’Clock Coffee

Eight O’Clock Coffee’s Original blend is a medium roast known for its sweet and fruity notes. It’s a perfect option for those who prefer their drip coffee with a touch of sweetness.

Best Organic Coffee Brands

Equal Exchange

Equal Exchange is a worker-owned cooperative that has been providing fair-trade, organic coffee since 1986. Their coffee is sourced directly from farmer cooperatives, ensuring a fair price for the farmers and a high-quality product for the consumers.

Cafe Don Pablo

Cafe Don Pablo is praised for its gourmet, organic coffee which is grown in high-altitude regions. Their signature blend, Subtle Earth Organic, is a medium-dark roast with a full body and a smooth, chocolatey finish.

Death Wish Coffee

With a name like Death Wish, this brand certainly catches your attention. They offer the world’s strongest coffee that is both organic and fair-trade. Their bold, intense flavor is perfect for those who like their coffee strong.

The Organic Coffee Co.

The Organic Coffee Co. is family-owned and uses 100% certified organic and fair-trade beans. They offer a variety of blends, but their Gorilla Decaf blend is a customer favorite, offering a rich, full-bodied flavor without the caffeine.

Allegro Coffee

Allegro Coffee is a brand committed to sourcing environmentally sustainable and socially responsible coffee. Their Extra Dark French roast is a fan favorite, offering a dark, smoky, and sweet flavor that’s 100% organic.

Jim’s Organic Coffee

Jim’s Organic Coffee offers a wide array of organic blends ranging from light to dark roast. Their Jo-Jo’s Java blend, a medium-dark roast, is a crowd-pleaser with its smooth, sweet, and slightly smoky taste.

Tiny Footprint Coffee

Tiny Footprint Coffee is the world’s first carbon-negative coffee. For every pound sold, they plant trees to offset the carbon footprint of its production. Their Signature Blend is a mix of light and dark roasts with a silky, sweet, and fruity taste.

Kicking Horse Coffee

Kicking Horse Coffee, already mentioned for their excellent espresso blend, also offers a range of fair-trade, organic coffee. Their Three Sisters blend is a medium roast with distinct notes of cocoa, toasted nuts, and a smooth finish.

Best High-Caffeinated Coffee Brands

Death Wish Coffee

As mentioned earlier, Death Wish Coffee is renowned for its high caffeine content. Their claim of being the “world’s strongest coffee” is backed by a unique roasting process that results in a bold and intense flavor, along with a highly caffeinated punch. Death Wish Coffee is infamously known for its exceptionally high caffeine level. Each 12-ounce serving boasts around 728 milligrams of caffeine, which is significantly higher than the typical 95 to 200 milligrams found in a regular cup of coffee.

Biohazard Coffee

Biohazard Coffee is another brand that prides itself on its extreme caffeine content. Each 12 oz. serving of their robusta coffee contains a staggering 928 mg of caffeine, making it one of the highest caffeinated coffees on the market.

Killer Coffee Co.

Killer Coffee Co. offers a blend called ‘Industrial Strength’, notable for its strong caffeine content. This Australian brand is known for its dark roast coffee that packs quite the caffeinated punch, while also offering a smooth and rich flavor.

Black Insomnia

Black Insomnia earns its place in this high-caffeine list with a claimed 702 mg of caffeine per 12 oz. serving. This South African brand offers a dark roast coffee that is not only incredibly high in caffeine but also boasts a balanced and delicious taste.

Devil Mountain Coffee Company

Devil Mountain Coffee Company offers a blend called ‘Black Label’, which they claim is the highest caffeinated single-serve coffee available, with a reported 1555 mg of caffeine per 12 oz. serving. This Californian brand combines a high caffeine content with a full-bodied, rich flavor for a truly eye-opening cup.

Shock Coffee

Shock Coffee’s claim to fame is their hyper-caffeinated coffee. They offer a blend that they claim has 50% more caffeine than a regular cup of coffee. Their coffee is a gourmet blend of arabica and robusta beans, resulting in a high-caffeine coffee with a smooth and satisfying flavor.

What Are The Signs Of A Good Coffee Brand

Choosing a good coffee brand that aligns with your tastes and values involves several key considerations.

Firstly, think about your flavor preference. Coffee brands offer a range of taste profiles, from dark roast with a robust, bold flavor to light roast with a more delicate, subtle taste. Sampling different brands and roasts can help you discover your personal preference.

Secondly, consider the brand’s sourcing practices. Brands that source beans directly from farmers often provide fresher and higher-quality coffee. Additionally, these brands support fair trade and sustainable farming practices, ensuring that your purchase has a positive impact on the community that produces it.

Thirdly, consider the coffee’s preparation method. Coffee brands provide different processing and brewing methods, including whole bean, ground, instant, and coffee pods. The method you choose will depend on your lifestyle and how much time you want to dedicate to coffee preparation.

Lastly, packaging is also a crucial factor. Environmentally-conscious consumers might lean towards brands that use recyclable or compostable packaging.

Remember, enjoying coffee is a personal experience, and the best brand for you is the one that meets your taste, lifestyle, and ethical considerations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes La Colombe a top coffee brand to try in 2023?

La Colombe offers a wide range of unique blends and is known for its Draft Latte, a frothy canned drink, which is perfect for on-the-go coffee lovers. The brand also prioritizes environmentally friendly packaging, using recycled materials that are fully recyclable.

Why is Blue Bottle Coffee on the list of 2023’s top coffee brands?

Blue Bottle Coffee stands out for its unique single-origin blends, sourcing beans from specific farms and regions to create a distinct flavor profile. The brand began in Oakland, California, and has since opened various locations across the US.

Why should I consider Stumptown Coffee Roasters in 2023?

Stumptown Coffee Roasters is renowned for its exceptional quality. The brand sources beans directly from farmers, ensuring the highest quality coffee. The ‘Hair Bender’ medium roast blend, with a complex, fruity flavor, is a customer favorite.

What makes Counter Culture Coffee a top pick for 2023?

Counter Culture Coffee is well-respected among coffee connoisseurs for its commitment to direct trade, sourcing coffee beans directly from farmers. The brand offers a range of specialty coffees, including the popular ‘Apollo’ blend, a lighter roast with bright flavor.

Why should I try Verve Coffee Roasters in 2023?

Verve Coffee Roasters is known for its quality and unique blends, focusing on sustainability by sourcing beans from small, independent farmers. The ‘Sermon’ blend, with notes of honey, citrus, and chocolate, is among their most popular. Verve also offers rotating limited-edition blends for novelty.


In conclusion, the world of coffee is ever-evolving, and these five brands are leading the charge into the coffee world of 2023. With their unique blends, focus on quality, and commitment to sustainability, these brands offer a new and exciting coffee experience for every coffee lover. Whether you prefer a darker roast or something lighter with fruity or chocolate notes, these brands have something for everyone. Try out these coffee brands in the coming year and take your coffee game to the next level.

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