8 Best Coffee Roaster Machine For Small Business In 2023

Who does not like to feel and enjoy different coffee flavors? In addition to that, everyone fancies being able to sip a cup of coffee to the end. Therefore, every coffee business also needs to rapidly catch up. Provide satisfaction to its customers by snapping up more and more modern grinding, roasting, and mixing tools to attract more clientele, especially if your business is small-sized. However, detecting one of the best coffee roaster machines for small businesses is not simple.

Comprehending the needs of consumers as well as the needs of small businesses, we have arranged a list of the 10 best coffee roaster machines for any small business for you to pick from.

Our List Of Best Coffee Roaster Machine For Small Business

Let’s look at the list of best coffee roasters for small businesses we are going to review –

Fresh Roast SR540


Nine roasting modes
Built-in cooling unit
Smoke prevention mode
You can change the fan speed
Short roasting time with maintaining good quality
User-friendly control panel and easy to use overall
The well-designed, well-grinded machine, and affordable


The smoke filter did not rate well

If you want an affordable, well-grinded, and well-designed machine, SR450 is one of the best coffee bean roaster choices for you. Offers good quality roasting in a short time. The built-in cooling system unit makes the machine sturdier. You can alter the fan speed. That means the fan’s rotation speed can flexibly be changed by you.

The machine is easy to control with its control panel. With 9 roasting settings, you can roast a wide range of nuts with the machine. The machine also has a smoke-prevention mode. So you do not have to worry about too much smoke. However, some reviews complained that the smoke filter was not that good.

KALDI Home Coffee Roaster


Easy to use and clean
Affordable price range
The sleek and compact design
The short roasting time with good roasting quality
Changing the temperature during the process is easy


Not a lightweight machine
Expensive Machine

This roaster is considered among the best coffee roaster machines by many small businesses because of its affordable price. This Kaldi coffee roaster has a sleek and compact design. So it will fit in almost any space. The machine does not roast a large amount at a time. It is best suited for small businesses with equivalent demands. The roaster is also very easy to use.

You can easily alter the temperature during the grinding process. Moreover, the machine is easy to clean which will save you a lot of time and hassle. It delivers good quality roasting in a short time.

Hario Retro Coffee Roaster, 50g


There are no batteries or electricity required
Drum-style roasting to create quality, vibrant, and even roasting
Easily observe how deeply beans are roasted as it has a glass chamber
Comfortable hand crank spin while you roast to ensure more control for even roasting


The glass chamber gets dirty easily and requires regular cleaning

A barrel-type roaster made of heat-resistant glass. You can easily see how deeply beans are roasted. Build for home/small business roasting. Roasts up to 50 grams of green coffee beans at a time.

It’s a handmade and high-quality, Japanese product manufactured by Hairo. All of their machines are made of high-quality materials and last for a very long time. They are as elegant and stylish as they are functional and reliable.

This machine is well suited for the fuel to be used in the alcohol lamp. We recommend using the Ken’e fuel for alcohol. If you want to supervise the roasting temperature, it can be done by altering the rotation speed of the machine’s roller. In the list of best coffee roasters for small businesses these days.


Fresh Roast SR800


Affordable price
Easy to use
A collection and deodorization system for easy maintenance


No pre-programmed settings

SR800 is an easy-to-use, affordable compact coffee roaster. Just put the coffee beans in and then push a button. It instinctively takes care of the rest. It doesn’t arrive with any pre-programmed settings, unfortunately. So it might be a bit tricky task for beginners. Made with an easy-to-the-user interface. You can always use the machines’ default settings and make alterations as you grow more comfortable using them.

Another cool feature is that it can connect to a laptop via USB. Which allows you to create, save, as well as modify a range of roasting programs. This machine includes deodorization which is another great feature. We still recommended using the kitchen exhaust fan. This compact roaster won’t take up too much space. With all things considered, SR800 made it into our recommended list of best coffee roaster machines worth going for.

DYVEE Coffee Roaster Gas Burner Coffee Roasting Machine


In a reasonable price range
Compact and stylish design
Easy to use and easy to clean
The roasting container is made of glass
The machine uses gas to operate yet is very safe to use


Does not have an automatic lock

It’s a stylish and compact design, so it will fit in almost any space where you want to put it. The roasting box is made of glass material. So you can check your roasting progress easily. Reasonably priced, the machine is considered by many small businesses. Although the machine is not capable of roasting large quantities each time, it is still one of the best coffee bean roasters suitable for small coffee businesses.

The machine uses gas to operate. It has a handle for this purpose, so it is safe to use. Overall the machine is very easy to handle and use. Moreover, it is easy to clean. The product does not have an automatic lock system. So it requires being careful during usage.

KALDI-5 Mini Home Roaster with Thermometer


Very easy to clean
Can set timing and temperature
Small coffee bean roasters can be easily stored in limited spaces
In just 15 minutes, it can roast over 8 ounces/250g of green coffee beans


It is a bit noisy machine
Pricey Machine

Kaldi-5 ensures you the perfect roasted coffee beans every time and is regarded to be one of the best coffee roaster machines out there. This electric coffee roasting machine allows you to roast more than 8 ounces/250 grams of green beans in just 15 minutes. Making it a quick and super-easy way to get the perfect roast coffee bean for any small business. It has a fully viewable chamber and a fully adjustable time and temperature system.

The unique 3D off-axis revolving ensures a uniform grill. It weighs only 10 pounds and has a dimension of 12 x 16 x 14 inches. So it’s a small coffee roaster that can be easily stored in tight spaces. It’s easy to clean and maintain. For all these reasons, it is truly one of the best coffee roasters.

ANGELLOONG Coffee Bean Roaster


The price is only around $100
Stable temperature control
Can roast 1 kg of coffee beans
High-quality material, safe and durable
Designed like a pot with a high depth on the wall
The inside and outside construction material of the pot is safe to protect the device


The productivity of the machine is not too high
More suitable for home use

This machine has a capacity of 110V, capable of roasting 1 kg of beans for the large demand of any cafe. The machine employs home voltage, with steady temperature control, without the worry of ruining the coffee taste. The machine is designed like a pot and has a fairly steep depth of the pot.

The material interior of the pot is sticky and anti-sharp. Outside is anti-insulating, and safe to shield the device. High-quality glass for the ability to see the roasting profiles of coffee inside. The turntable allows the coffee to be turned evenly without getting charred. It’s low priced with a 9-month warranty.

BOCABOCA Coffee Bean Roaster 250


Even roasting
Heat-resistant glass
Offers uniformity, durability, and rapid cooling
At a time it can roast up to about 8oz of coffee beans
Noiseless, and easy to check out the progress of roasting


The only drawback is it is not the easiest to clean

BOCABOCA 250 coffee roasting machine is noiseless. Easy to observe the roasting process because it’s made of transparent glass. Guaranteed even roasting. Easily adjustable incense of beans.

The glass is heat resistant. Efficient electricity usage with its rapid cooling system. You may require a step-up voltage converter. More than 1500W for 110V for USA and Canada. It is NOT a computer-programmable machine. It is not manufactured in Korea, not in China. If you buy this model from a verified seller they will provide you with a cooling fan.

The difference between BOCABOCA 250 and BOCABOCA roaster 500 is capacity. 150-250g for 250 models and 100-500g for 500 models.

How To Choose The Best Coffee Roaster Machine For Small Business

Well, our previous section reviewed the machines. But, are you still unclear about how to select the right coffee roaster machine for your small business? We even got you on that too! The following factors are some of the essentials to consider to help you decide on the perfect one.

The Amount Of Coffee You Need To Roast Per Day

There are 2 types of roasters on the market today. Industrial coffee roasting machine and mini coffee roasting machine. Mini coffee roasters are roasting machines suitable for small numbers of customers, small coffee shops, or for use at home. Mini roasters generally have a small capacity ranging from one to five kilograms.

Industrial coffee roasters are large-capacity machines; perfect for cafes with high demand, restaurants, large coffee distribution organizations, or resorts with high drinking rates of roasted coffee. Traditional industrial machines will have the lowest range from 5kg to 100kg. Using such roasters to roast each bundle requires more time and cost.

However, industrial types will be more burdensome to work with. Requiring a high level of expertise and stern maintenance to bring out top-quality coffee beans after each roasting. Hence, the best coffee roasting machine for any small business is one that can meet equivalent needs.

The Uniformity Of The Seeds After Roasting

best small coffee roaster machine

The uniformity of the coffee beans after the roasting is largely determined by the coffee source. Meaning, it depends on how the coffee is picked and then processed by the cultivators. Also depends on the ratio of green young seeds and the fruit, hydrated beans by drying equipment, ripeness which is casual for parched processed Robusta coffee, etc. No matter how good your roaster is, it is tough to get a lot of roasted beans of the same color.

Choice Of Roasted Drum Material

Selecting a machine’s drum made with carbon steel material, or ceramic coated will help build more stable surface heat.

Warning: Do not go for the stainless steel roasting drum. Because of its nature that heats up rapidly. But also quickly lose heat. Also, do not buy a machine that has a drum with a high rate of cast iron. Because, for cast iron material, the heat is steady and the heat reduction is too lengthy.

Note When Using The Coffee Roaster

For the machine to perform well and produce the best coffee roast batches, the selection of ingredients is way too important. So, for the perfect roasting batch, pay attention to the roasting procedure and find the most satisfactory temperature. Clean the machine after each batching to keep hold of the quality of the coffee beans and establish the longevity of the roaster as well. Start the machine first and then put down the beans to circumvent the coffee beans getting in the engine.

Coffee roasters are like instruments that require to be used decently to secure product longevity, durability as well as the prime quality of the coffee. Here are the tips when using a quality roaster that our readers need to know.

Coffee roasters use gas or electricity as energy. So, users need to give an ear to the ability to fend off explosions and fire. When choosing roasting equipment with automatic switching attributes to guarantee the safety of a coffee machine.

best coffee roaster machine for small business

Install a safety spigot for a gas roaster. Use a roaster with a capacity just ample to use during the day. It avoids losing the taste and quality of the coffee by unmasking it in the air for way too long.

Cleaning the machine after each use to completely remove the remaining coffee, oxidize and corrode the body of the machine, ensure the standard of the new coffee taste; Short the gas valve to ensure its well-being, or disconnect the power supply after use.

The Cost

Various coffee roasters come at a range of different prices. Remember, cheap doesn’t always convey low quality. The same applied to expensive machines. This means being expensive doesn’t imply it’s always going to be the best.

The cost of your roasting machine is a pivotal deciding factor. It shapes part of your capital. So, we highly recommended that you place a defined amount on how much you are inclined to invest in your coffee bean roasting machine.

Keep in mind that the grade of the roast plays a critical role in the success of your small coffee roasting business.

Heat Sources


Electric coffee roasters have a more restricted roasting capacity. Which is ideal for launching a small home-based/small coffee roasting business.


Gas-powered coffee roaster machines may use propane or other sources of heat using an open fire. These types of coffee roasters can be found in different capacities and sizes.

Since gas can generate unlimited heat, many large-capacity machines are powered by gas. Hence, if you are looking for capable of large roasting, a gas-powered roaster could be your perfect pick.


Is coffee roasting going to be a new passion or an occasional hobby? Most small roasters are designed to roast little amounts of coffee. But it’s a good idea to contemplate how often you need to roast. And the volume of beans you intend to roast at a time.

Automatic or Manual

You can find a coffee bean roasting machine that fits your needs from fully manual to fully automatic. Roasting is made easier with fully automatic machines but they are more expensive. On the other hand, manual machines are more budget-friendly. Though during the roasting time, they need constant attention.

Pollution Treatment Equipment

Equipping the machine with a dust pollution care system, burning smoke, and filtering moisture is very important. Because the process of roasting releases an array of toxic wastes that can pollute the air, cause cancer, and bring unpleasant odors to those around you. In any case, any sensible businesses must make sure the quality of life and environment of the people.

Smoke Control

best coffee roasters for small business

Smoke is unavoidable in coffee roasting because of the natural oil of the raw coffee beans. When producing light roast smoke may not be a problem, but if you’re making a dark roast, coffee oil will come out and will cause a lot of smoke. A roast machine with a smoke suppression system should be ideal if you plan to roast coffee indoors. Or better, establish a range hood or other types of exhaust for airing.

Roaster Types

Perforated Drum

A perforated drum offers both convective and conductive heat. Some coffee roasting machines with perforated drums may use fans for extra airflow.

Solid Drum

A coffee roast machine with a solid drum depends on fan-forced air. Hence, it only creates conductive heat for roasting the coffee beans.

Air Roasters or Fluid Bed

The fluid bed roaster or air roaster relies on heated airflow. Typically, the continual agitation of the coffee beans permits fluid airflow in between beans for an even roast. Coffee roasters of this type roast faster than the drum type.

Daily Capacity

Coffee roasters are sometimes graded by the weight of a solitary batch of roasting. However, it’s important to remember that the actual roast is less than the rated volume. The reason is that 20% to 25% of the weight is bygone during roasting. So you might want to remember this factor when computing the average daily volume of your roaster.

Other Features

Heat Control

Heat control is a key part of the roasting process as different roast types differ in the required temperature to create the ideal roast. Therefore, whether you are using a gas or electricity-powered roaster, we recommended checking the heat control attributes.

best coffee roaster for small business

Drum Speed

The speed of the drum is another important factor in achieving your desired roast type. If you’re planning to buy a roaster with an automated drum, check if that has a variable drum speed command.

Air Flow

Airflow affects the traits of a roast. Typically, airflow is restricted or controlled with a damper.

Chaff Collection

Coffee dandruff, also known as silver skin makes coffee roasting grubby. A chaff collector may not be a must, but you should consider getting a machine with a silver skin catcher to avoid any inconvenience.

Coffee Roasters Categories

Classic Drum Roaster

The type of coffee roasters will comprise a rotating drum that holds the coffee beans. Above the gas flame, the drum rotates. The hot air from the flame will be pulled by a fan and pass it out through the drum of the roaster. This method will offer some convective heat to your coffee beans to roast them.

Roasters having thin-walled drums will give more heat to the beans which may deform the taste. So, we recommend buying roasters with double-walled drums to get the task flawlessly done.

Recirculation Roaster

These kinds of roasters are the most energy-saving coffee roaster machines for small businesses in the market today. In this type of roaster, the exhaust air will be cycled back to the drum ensuring energy efficiency.

The drawback of this roaster is that the coffee will acquire a smoky taste. To avoid such a taste, you should cycle the exhaust air after rewarming it to a temperature steeper than the chamber temperature.

Indirectly Heated Drum Roaster

In this type of roasting machine will have almost the same traits as that of a classic drum coffee roaster. But the difference is the drum will not revolve directly on the flame. The burner will be far from the drum. Without any direct contact with the drum, the hot air flows through the drum. The handling of this roaster needs some skill since airflow adaptations are there.

Fluid Bed Roaster

In this type of roaster, the beans are roasted by allowing them to hover in a fluidized hot air bed. The continual hot airflow without directly touching the metal makes the coffee bean roasted evenly. There will not be any alterations in the taste of coffee after roasting is finished. It can manage the temperature of individual coffee beans.

The best coffee roaster machine for small businesses requires a multitude of aspects to be considered. When you need a coffee roaster where you have little space available, you might want to purchase a small drum roaster or any other roaster provided it is little enough to fit perfectly in the area you want it. Most drum coffee roasters make a batch of coffee each time.

All roasters have the ability to produce excellent coffee. You should purchase one that fits your available space and one that you should be able to use comfortably. The cost might also be wise to consider and you can buy a kind of coffee roaster that does not hurt your pockets considerably.

How Does Coffee Roasting Work?

So how does the coffee roasting process on the whole work? Seasoned coffee roasters have adequate experience that allows them the ability to muse fast on their feet during any coffee roasting process.

The best coffee bean roasters come with many variations of different roasting processes. The most common ones use either hot air or drum machines. Although, tangential, packed-bed, and centrifugal roasters are sometimes applied as well.

In a drum roaster, coffee beans are filled into a cylinder-shaped chamber that rests sideways or a drum. The drum rotates in a circle while electricity, gas, or an open flame heats the coffee beans from beneath.

A hot-air coffee roasting method forces hot air through a partition under the coffee beans so that heat is got spread evenly. The freshly roasted coffee beans are then chilled in a process called quenching. The cooled beans are wrapped up immediately in bags to allow for degassing. Then they are shipped to stores for sale.

Home Coffee Roasting

It is quite common to start roasting coffee beans at home and follow the basic trend that many people did. Buying a $2 used popcorn maker from a thrift store and some basic unroasted coffee beans. You will learn very quickly that roasting good or even great coffee is more complex than simply turning some green coffee into brown. There are other key variables involved.

Here’s an exemplary video that explains the basics of home roasting. It’s quite important to comprehend this key information before starting to roast.

So, we must admit coffee roasting is an absolutely interesting thing to learn on your own. If you are a fan of your own coffee brewing then it would not hurt to take it up to the next level at roasting too.

You will be able to have your own tuned roasted coffee every day and also you can use it as a gift item for your friends and family.

It can save you money too! The average roasted coffee cost per pound can be $20. But if you buy green coffee beans for roasting, they will cost you from $3-$8 per pound. But do remember that they will last unroasted only for 3-6 months.

Once you get to know more about coffee in this process, you get to roast coffee perfectly to your liking. You will always have the freshest coffee at your disposal and you will be able to make your own blends.

If you’re a hardcore coffee fanatic ready to spike your home barista career to the business level, you’ll want to invest in one of the best coffee bean roasters to start roasting your own beans.


Is it worth it to roast your own coffee?

For those who value flavor and freshness above all else, roasting your own coffee beans can be really worth the effort and time.

How do you add flavor to coffee beans?

By storing your coffee beans with whole spices you can achieve such. Just mix your favorite spices into the coffee beans. Whole cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon sticks. The spices will eventually infuse directly into the coffee beans.

How long does it take to roast coffee?

Popcorn machines and air roasters typically take 8 to 12 minutes. Whereas drum roasters may take 14 to 20 minutes.

How long do unroasted coffee beans last?

Green coffee or unroasted can last around 2 years or beyond. Freshly roasted beans can stay fresh for around 2 to 6 months. This mostly depends on the type of coffee and taste preferences.

How much do Coffee Roasters get paid?

Currently, most Coffee Roaster salaries range between $29,000 to $39,500 (25th percentile to 75th percentile). Meanwhile, the top earners make $44,000 (90th percentile) per year across the United States.

Wrapping Up

According to our gathered information on the market recently, there are many different kinds of coffee roasters ranging from traditional roasters such as bridge roasters, gas roasters, and homemade firewood roasters to the modern horizontal coffee roasting machines modeled after European style, the Rio drum coffee roasting machines, or imported coffee roasting brands from Germany, Turkey, India with all capacity and prices varies.

This variation gives small businesses more choices. But sometimes it also turns complicated for the owners to select the best coffee roaster machine for small businesses. Because there are a lot of different machines with different implementations. However, with the aforementioned enlisted roaster machines for your small business, we believe you will have made the right choice.

Happy Brewing!

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