Jura GIGA 6 Review: Combination Of Craftsmanship And AI

The formula of a perfect brew contains the freshest ingredients which end up creating optimal extraction. In our new Jura GIGA 6 review, we’ll discuss how it has mastered such art of brewing coffee as well as frothing milk perfectly. Your coffee brewing euphoria is about to hit high with a whopping 28 drink varieties with this machine. It prepares state-of-the-art espresso with 2 heating systems and 2 pumps combined with an incredible amount of automated customizations. It also offers two specialties brewing simultaneously! Let’s not wait anymore and dive into the features of Giga 6.

Jura GIGA 6 Review: Key Features

Brewing Capabilities

The brewing system is simply a top-notch addition to the Jura Giga 6 full-automatic machine. We simply have no complaints! This is what you call the “Creme De La Crème” of the super automatics! Jura’s showed their impressive innovation at play with this model. Their A.I.-based machine core stores and provides user-based preferences as well as custom menus based on daily usage.

Jura’s unique Pulse Extraction Process, or the PEP shoots streams of water through the grounds to extract all of the aromas and flavors. Then there are 2 Thermoblocks and 2 15-bar pressure pumps to ensure heating, extraction, and 2 other things:

  • Rapid heat-up time
  • Simultaneous coffee brewing and milk steaming

The whole brewing process encourages heavy customization which can become overwhelming. But Jura tries to soften this challenge with its 4.3” highly intuitive touchscreen user display that works as an excellent guide.

Coffee For Days…

Here are all the beverages that you can make with Giga 6 super-automatic espresso machine. Flat out, the most impressive feature of the Jura Giga 6 review.

Coffee2x CoffeeMacchiato2x Macchiato
Espresso2x EspressoCortado2x Cortado
Cappuccino2x CappuccinoLatte Macchiato2x Latte Macchiato
Caffè Latte2x Caffè LatteFlat White2x Flat White
Caffè Barista2x Caffè BaristaAmericano2x Americano
Espresso DoppioHot waterMilk Foam2x Milk Foam
Jug Of CoffeeHot Water for
Green Tea
Portion of
2x Portion of

Two Adjustable Ceramic Disc Grinders

The 2 electronically adjustable precision-made ceramic disc grinders ensure optimum fineness for grinding the coffee beans. Jura’s A.G.A. (Automatic Grinder Adjustment) technology delivers phenomenal results every time over the machine’s entire service life. The 2 separate grinders allow users to grind 2 different coffee varieties simultaneously. Because we’ve already mentioned that you can brew 2 different drinks at once. It doesn’t end here. You can also mix the 2 grinds to make one drink. The mixture of the grinds follows ratios such as 1:3, 3:1, 1:1, 0:1, and 1:0 to make a new blend for you.

The Water Reservoir

The Giga 6 super-automatic has an 88-oz reservoir. It is above average for its size. Jura should have provided a bigger one here to match the full capabilities of this machine. But compared to other super-automatics, you’ll need fewer refills. Because most other super-automatics provide 64-oz tanks. This reservoir is still ideal for large families or even for an office setting. And of course, Jura has included its CLEARYL Pro Smart Filtration System in this machine. It can automatically monitor the water hardness level and report to you when to change the filter. This also cuts down the overall requirement of descaling – definitely made easier with less maintenance.

Strength And Temperature Control

There are only 3 different brewing temperatures. We did expect more here, to be honest. But again, the Giga 6 cuts that skepticism by ensuring an ironclad temperature consistency, regardless of the drink you’d be brewing. Also, you can select 10 different coffee strengths. Just select, save, copy, and personalize any recipes anytime. You can also do this via their J.O.E app – synced and fully operable on the Jura Giga 6 machine. Just a heads up, the touchscreen is a tad bit sensitive in edit mode. Hold down the selection to avoid auto-brewing. And you can’t alter mid-brew.

Artificial intelligence

With the Giga 6, Jura has perfectly incorporated its own Artificial Intelligence. The 4.3″ high-resolution touchscreen display only provides user-relevant information. A self-learning algorithm analyzes each user’s personal preferences. Then adapts the start screen accordingly. It would start to show 2, 5, or 8 preferred specialties. Images and icons are minimal but essential, self-explanatory, and well thought out. You can also customize the recipe names that can also be shown or hidden.

Deep Personalization

Giga 6 has so much personalization that even though it’s a super-automatic machine, adapting to this machine is a learning curve. Each of the Giga 6’s 28 specialties can be customized to each of the users’ preferences with several impactful options. It gives access to strength settings, milk temperatures, and brewing temperatures. Mix and match as you wish!

5-Star Handling

The JURA has engineered the Giga 6 with special attention down to every nut and bolt. Take, for example, the drip tray. This dishwasher-safe drip tray can easily be removed, emptied, and reinstalled with just one hand. The center of gravity is ideally located. Thus, canceling any spills. Simple, quick, clean, and convenient – this 5-star concept has been incorporated down to the very last detail.

Jura GIGA 6: Pros And Cons


  • Superior build quality
  • Excellent espresso and froth quality
  • 2 adjustable electronic disc grinders
  • Dual and automatic foam/milk spouts
  • A.I.-based preference and customizations
  • An automated switchover from milk to foam mode
  • Intelligent preheating and active bean monitoring
  • Aluminum and stainless steel parts for maximum durability
  • Connectable to home WiFi as well as syncable to other devices
  • A lot of variations and customizable options are possible with each drink


  • One hell of an expensive machine
  • No direct water connection feature
  • It comes in heavy and also takes up a lot of counter space
  • The features need a lot of time to fully unfold and learn

How To Use Jura GIGA 6

First Time Use

Avoid using this machine with a defective power cord. Never use a damaged machine. Milk, sparkling water, and other liquids will damage the water reservoir. So, apply only fresh cold water.

Step – One: Plugging The Machine

  1. The water volume will be shown in standard ‘oz’. You can alter this to ‘ml’ by going to Permanent Settings –> Unit for the amount of water
  2. Fill the bean container(s), plug in the machine to the mains, and switch on using the power switch on the back

Step – Two: Time And Date Settings

  1. Open the cover of the On/Off tab then press to switch on
  2. You’ll see ‘Choose language’ / ‘English’
  3. Scroll up/down to browse more languages, pick, and then save it
  4. Next, you’ll have ‘Date’ settings. Just enter the current date (YYYY/MM/DD) and save it
  5. Next, select the ‘Time format’ in ‘24 hrs.’ or ‘AM / PM’. Now enter your current time and save it

Step – Three: Water Hardness Setting

  1. Browse across the touchscreen to find this setting
  2. Enter the setting and follow the instructions with the test strip. Once changed, save it

Step – Four: Installing Water Filter

  1. Now, insert the water filter
  2. Place 2 separate receptacles under the dual and hot-water spouts
  3. Detach the water tank and rinse it with cold fresh water
  4. Now, fit in the filter cartridge extension
  5. Insert the cartridge with extension into the tank and close the holder
  6. An audible click will be heard if correctly fitted in
  7. Now fill the tank with fresh, cold water and reinstall it into the machine

Step – Five: Filtering

  1. The machine will automatically detect the filter’s insertion and start the filter rinsing
  2. Water will directly flow into the drip tray, dual and hot-water spouts
  3. Empty out the drip tray once done. Put it back into the machine again

Step – Six: Connecting It To The Internet

  1. Go to ‘Accessory’ and touch ‘Connect’ to connect your Giga 6 to your local internet network
  2. You can also download the JURA app (J.O.E.)

Step – Seven: Final Rinsing

  1. Place a bowl/receptacle underneath the dual spout
  2. You’ll see ‘Machine is heating’, ‘Machine is rinsing’, and ‘Milk system is being rinsed’ on the screen
  3. The rinse will stop automatically. Once done, your machine is ready

Basic Brewing

Drink Selection

  1. The Giga 6 offers various methods for making specialty coffee, milk, or hot water
  2. Touch the desired drink on the start screen
  3. Either turn the Rotary switch or, move your finger across the display to browse
  4. Touch the preferred drink icon or press the Rotary switch to begin brewing

Making Specialty Coffee

  1. Place a cup under the dual spout
  2. Select the ‘Coffee’ option. Preparation will kick-off
  3. The coffee will flow into the cup and the brewing will stop automatically

Making Two Specialty Coffee

  1. Set 2 cups under the dual spouts. Touch the ‘2x Espresso’ to begin brewing
  2. The coffee will flow into the cups

Making Milk Specialty Coffee

  1. Go to the Start screen. Check and connect your Milk jug to the dual spout
  2. Set a glass/cup under the dual spout now
  3. Touch ‘Latte macchiato’ (as an example)
  4. The milk and milk foam flow into the glass after that
  5. There will be a short interval for the hot milk to separate from the milk foam
  6. Now the brewed espresso will flow into the glass and the brewing will end automatically

Why You Should Buy It?

Jura has put their best into this model to show the coffee lovers that they mean business and we believe they succeeded too.

If you like a super-automatic no-nonsense large capacity, heavy-duty performance Jura Giga 6 should be on your list.

A plethora of customization options as well as every luxury feature you can think of. Sizable bean hoppers to double smart ceramic grinders combined with powerful brewing capabilities.

You are ready to splash the cash on a long-term espresso machine. All of that comes at a jaw-dropping cost. Not everyone can afford to spend over $5000 on an espresso.

If you want an automatic machine with learning sophistication, then Giga 6 is a perfect investment for you. It has so many ways of customizations, it will take some practice brewing 28 specialty coffee drinks and as well as customizing the recipes.

It’s an incredible AI technology that helps to track drink selections and update the menu for you. It’s also easy to maintain daily for cleaning and handling.

Why You Shouldn’t Buy It?

Even though Jura advertised this as capable of handling high-traffic establishments, its absence of the direct water plumbing feature has really disappointed the aficionados and café owners/baristas from purchasing it for their businesses.

The insane amount of complications has made this machine exclusive to veteran consumers only.

The Giga 6 is a super-automatic that does everything for you at a touch of a button. So, if you want manual control over your brewing, this will not suit you in the slightest.

Comparing GIGA 6 With GIGA 5

Jura 13623 Giga 5 Automatic Coffee Machine, Aluminum Includes Jura 131 Degree Cup Warmer, Jura Milk Container, Jura Cleaning Tablets and Two Espresso Cups and Saucers
Number of Specialties
Built-in A.I. System
Buttons and Rotary
Silver, Chrome
Prime Benefits
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Jura 13623 Giga 5 Automatic Coffee Machine, Aluminum Includes Jura 131 Degree Cup Warmer, Jura Milk Container, Jura Cleaning Tablets and Two Espresso Cups and Saucers
Number of Specialties
Built-in A.I. System
Buttons and Rotary
Silver, Chrome
Prime Benefits
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Jura Giga 5 is very much similar in size and features compared to Giga 6. Both utilize 2 hoppers, 2 boilers, and 2 grinders. They both have similar coffee specialties and a price range of over $5000.

So, is there any difference(s) between these two?

Yes, apart from some little changes, the Giga 6 edges Giga 5 by having the Jura’s state-of-the-art built-in A. I. It basically tracks user preferences and adapts the drink options automatically based on the gathered data and customizations over a certain period. Thus the learning curve varies from user to user with Giga 6. We would recommend Giga 6 for higher convenience since the price difference is slim.


Which brand is better between Miele and Jura?

Jura’s machines are more cost-effective than Miele’s. Especially for entry-level to mid-range machines. Jura is far more competitive and caters to a broader market.

Where are the Giga 6 machines made?

The Jura GIGA 6 models are made in Switzerland.

Can we use almond milk in Jura machines?

Yes, you can. Jura can make almond microfoam for short specialty coffees from 0.5 to 2.7 oz. perfectly.

Can we make decaf and a regular espresso at the same time with Giga 6?

Unfortunately not, because that would require 2 brewing chambers.

What are the Giga 6 grind burrs made off?

The two grinder discs on this GIGA 6 are made of ceramic.

Final Words

We can conclude in our Jura GIGA 6 review that, it’s one of the flawlessly automatic machines we’ve reviewed so far. Its amazing display and technology work seamlessly to brew delicious coffee drinks and are able to create the perfect coffee euphoria every day.

Enjoy Your Coffee!

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