Jura Z6 Review 2023 (9 Key Features + Pros & Cons)

The Z6 by Jura is an incredible super-automatic espresso machine that stands out from the others of its type. It’s one of the moderately priced Jura super-automatic machines available on the market.

Renowned for producing perfect coffee shots consistently, it’s the joy of drinkers and experts alike. Ideal for both home and commercial settings, the Z6 has taken the automatic specialty coffee machine game to a whole new level.

This state-of-the-art machine impressively showcases Swiss innovation, brand standards, and meticulous design.

Our Jura Z6 review has all the key features, specs, advantages, and disadvantages so that you can easily make up your mind on whether to go for it or not.

Jura Z6: Pros And Cons


  • 15-bar pump pressure system
  • Quality coffee and milk frothing
  • Adjustable water hardness technology
  • Programmable functions for brewing and frothing
  • Jura’s exclusive P.E.P. coffee extraction technology
  • Wireless-ready and comes with an RFID-readable smart filter
  • Automated rinsing, descaling, milk rinsing, and cleaning functions


  • Single thermoblock machine
  • Fairly expensive than its competitors
  • The grinder is effective but very loud
  • Not ideal for small-home kitchen counters

Jura Z6 Review: Key Features

Jura Z6 Coffee & Beverage Center With Additional Bonus

Experience the best espresso of your life with the Pulse Extraction Process

  • Get rich, delicious foam with innovative nozzle technology
  • Compact dimensions – take up minimal counter space
  • One touch maintenance button makes upkeep easy
  • Only Jura machines use Original Jura maintenance products for complete hygiene

So, without further ado, we begin our Jura Z6 coffee machine review with its 9 key features. All of these features collectively make the Z6 stand out from its competition. 

Lightweight But Sturdy Shell

Jura engineers have used polished aluminum as the key material for the exterior of the machine. With it, Jura tackled the age-old problem of avoiding plastic for an espresso machine. The aluminum makes the machine lightweight as well.

The Jura Z6 does have interior stainless steel components. This combination has secured the sturdiness of the machine without increasing the price.

Old And New Operating Concepts

Just like any other Jura machine, the Z6 is also a sleek and elegant machine. But what makes it stand out from the rest is the application of both old and new operating functions.

It’s equipped with physical buttons and a TFT color display, which is a new concept. On the other hand, it also has a rotary switch, which is a proven user-friendly operating style. The rotary dial allows the user to scroll through menu options by swiping a finger around the dial. The buttons are more responsive and more pressure-accurate.

So, swiping, sliding, and using smart functions with its touch display work even more efficiently.

Jura Pulse Extraction Process

Jura uses its very own Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P.) technology in this model. It allows the Z6 to automatically control the extraction time according to the selected drink. It has enabled specialties like ristretto and espresso to be prepared with intensities and aromas like never before. The P.E.P technology alone makes the Z6 a true super-automatic machine.

Purest Espresso Quality

With the Z6, Jura has not only perfected but also provided the complete brewing process for ristretto and espresso. You’ll have double spouts for hot espresso shots, making it easier to produce quality shots of espresso in quick succession. That’s why this machine is able to prepare specialties to the same standards as the best coffee bars.

Ideal Milk System

The Z6 has innovative nozzle technology for making fine, compact, and tempting milk foam. It switches from milk to milk foam automatically—staying true to its super-automatic nature! It has adjustable milk and milk foam temperature settings, which enables a user to create sophisticated trend specialties at just the touch of a button.

A No-nonsense Machine

The Jura Z6 is made in a way that is self-explanatory, easy, and intuitive to use. For example, its filter cartridge and coffee machine are wirelessly linked by RFID technology, meaning the machine will automatically identify the filter and select the appropriate settings.

Additionally, almost all the key parts are detachable from the main unit, making it extremely safe and easy to clean. All the cleaning cycles are automated as well, so no worries about maintenance. The Z6’s control elements are all conveniently accessible on the front panel. You can both detach the water tank and refill the bean container from the front as well. One touch of a button and it’s all that’s needed.

Drink Options

The Z6 offers various specialty coffee recipes, as well as milk and hot water options. On the start screen, just press the corresponding preparation button and you’re set.

From the start screen, you’ll be able to access recipes like espresso, coffee, hot water, cappuccino, latte macchiato, and 1 portion of milk foam. From the rotary selection, more recipes like ristretto, macchiato, flat white, and 1 portion milk can be accessed.

The J.O.E. App

Jura is one of the leaders in manufacturing smart espresso machines connected with other home devices. The Jura Z6 is the perfect choice in terms of smart controls from remote devices (cell phones or tabs). Jura Z6 is powered by artificial intelligence and it connects with the free Jura Integrated Experience (J.O.E) app. So, making coffee right from your phone is a reality with the Z6.

Energy-Friendly Modes

The Jura Z6 is an energy-conscious machine too! Its Save Energy mode lets you permanently set an ESM timer after 5 minutes of each last preparation. Moreover, the Z6 can also automatically switch itself off to cut down on energy consumption. It switches off automatically after the preset time. It can set the timers from 15 minutes to 9 hours.

Technical Specifications

As features are the functions of a product, the specifications are its parameters. So, it’s only logical now to focus on them in this Jura Z6 espresso machine review.

You can find the Z6 in two colors only: Polished Aluminum and Diamond Black.

Its key components include a 5–16 g brewing unit with a thermoblock heating system. Its water reservoir capacity is 81 oz., while the bean container is 9.9 oz. The Z6 has a sizeable used coffee grounds container good for 20 servings.

When it comes to programmable functions, the Z6 is packed with choices. The front user panel has a clear TFT color display with tabs and a rotary to navigate with. You can also save, copy, and customize different recipes on this machine. You can individually program and adjust crucial functions such as the water amount, coffee strengths (10), milk and foam temperatures (10), hot water temperatures (3), and brew temperatures (3).

As we’ve already mentioned, it controls and adapts various recipes with its very own P.E.P technology. A couple of other boastful technologies are J.O.E app compatibility and a powerful Aroma G3 cone grinder. To top it off, the Z6 also has a powder chute for taking in ground coffee.

The Jura Z6 is a compact one, as it weighs only 25.4 lbs. and has a dimension of (H x W x D) 14.8 x 12.6 x 17.7 inches. It has a convenient 3.2–6 inch height adjustable spout as well.

In total, the Z6 offers 13 specialty coffees and recipes. Latte, macchiato (2x), flat white, cappuccino, coffee (2x), espresso (2x), ristretto, milk, milk foam, and hot water.

Comparing Z6 With Z8

The Jura Z6 and Z8 are direct competitors in the Z lineup. So we have brought and covered all the bases for comparison in the table below.

Jura Z6Jura Z8
GrinderStainless Steel Aroma Cone GrinderMulti-level Stainless Steel Aroma Cone Grinder
Grinder SettingsAdjustableAdjustable
Specialty Drinks1321
ControlsColor Display, Buttons, & RotaryColor Touchscreen Display
Milk Temperature1010
Bean Container (oz.)9.99.9
Strength Level22
2-Cup Option (w/o Milk)YesYes

We can clearly see how similar these models are. This has meant that their differences are clear as well.

Speaking of differences, the Z8 offers 2 pressure pumps and 2 heating elements, whereas the Z6 has only one of them. Unfortunately, this has also increased the price of the Z8 model compared to the Z6 model.

Having 2 pumps allows simultaneous brewing and frothing actions from the Z8. Unfortunately, the Z6 can’t do that.

This simultaneous action also opened more recipes for the Z8 compared to the Z6. This is why it can produce 21 drinks, whereas Z6 can only do 13 drink options.

The Z8 should be chosen over the Z6 model if you really need to make huge volumes of beverages in quick succession. Otherwise, we recommend you stick with the Jura Z6 model. 

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The Jura Z6 Is Ideal For…

If you’re looking for a reliable, long-term investment in an espresso machine, then the Jura Z6 ticks that box anytime. Jura machines are compact, and they provide excellent customer service for their products.

If you’re looking for your first super-automatic machine or an easy step-up machine from your semi-automatic, we highly recommend the Z6. It covers all the fundamental characteristics of a super-automatic with a reasonable price tag.

If you want delicious, high-quality espresso-based beverages but don’t want to have absolutely any involvement in brewing them, a super-automatic like the Jura Z6 is an ideal machine for your home, office, or even a small cafe.

If you’re looking for a no-nonsense smart espresso machine, the Jura Z6 will tick that box too, comprehensively. Its AromaG3 grinder, powder chute, auto-rinse, auto-filter, auto-cleaning, and P.E.P. functions will satisfy your desires without any doubt. You can also hook it up through the J.O.E app for remote brewing. 

The Jura Z6 Is Not Ideal For…

If you’d like to acquire a more budget-friendly super-automatic machine, you can pick any of the Gaggia Brera, Phillips Carina 3200, Magnifica ESAM 3300, and Jura D6.

If you like more hands-on brewing experience, then this super-automatic is not for you. Obviously, a lot of home consumers like to manually control various aspects of the brewing process, and that’s absolutely acceptable.

If you want more options for your espresso machine, you can pick its closest competitor, the Jura Z8. A lot of automatic machine owners love to have a long list of programmable functions and recipes for their espresso machines. In this case, yes, there are machines that offer more than Z6.

General Consensus On The Jura Z6

The majority of reviews were pleased with how well-built and feature-packed this Z6 model is. Even though it doesn’t meet the price expectations as well as it should have, the build quality and features do make a strong justification for its own price tag.

In terms of more positive aspects, industry critics praised the machine’s effectiveness and ease of use. All the maintenance features are automated and follow a set schedule.

Critics and consumers alike agreed on the fact that the Z6 carries the brand’s reliability and longevity as well. The machine comes with a 2-year warranty, and with proper care, this machine will be worth every penny.

Now on to some negatives. Having only one single thermoblock, this machine won’t be able to offer simultaneous brewing and milking – which is a big bummer. Also, consumers think Jura can make it even more sizeable—one that’ll fit into small spaces.

There is also some room for improvements to this model, according to the general consensus. First, the Aroma grinder is good, but it’s loud and has a limited number of settings.

Then the Z6 can only save 1 customization per drink. So, market experts suggested that the Z6 should’ve offered more user profiles to fully take advantage of its customizations.


What drinks does the Jura Z6 make?

The Z6 can prepare latte, macchiato (2x), coffee (2x), espresso (2x), flat white, cappuccino, ristretto, milk, milk foam, and hot water.

How do you grind coffee in the Jura Z6?

It can’t get any simpler than this. Just turn it on and pour coffee beans into it. Close the lid and select a grind setting.

How long is the Jura Z6 warranty?

The Jura Z6 comes with a 2-year product warranty.

Why is a Z8 more expensive than a Z10?

The Jura Z8 costs more than the Z10 because it has two thermoblock heating systems and two 15-bar pumps. The Z10 only has one thermoblock and one pump.


We can safely conclude our Jura Z6 review by saying that it’s almost impossible to deny how amazing and revolutionary a machine it is. Its innovative technologies, refined processes, and smart features have turned it into one of the most popular machines on the market.

If you focus on the super-automatic coffee machine market exclusively, the Jura Z6 is practically a bargain. This is also true for other Jura machines, in general. But the Z-series in particular has been extra special over the years.

Now it all comes down to you. If you think these credentials have met your expectations, then go ahead, and ornate your coffee setup with this exquisite super-automatic espresso machine.

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