Nespresso Essenza Plus Review 2023: A Quality Capsule-Based Coffee Maker

If you are thinking of getting a Nespresso machine, you’ve probably taken note that Nespresso machines have two different species of capsule-based espresso models. Vertuo and Original. The biggest gap between these two is that the Original series makes traditional espresso drinks. Whereas you can find a wider selection of coffee sizes with the Vertuo series. All the way to the 18oz cup drinks.

We are writing an Original model Nespresso Essenza Plus review, as this series is known to be constructed better. Their high-pressure pump creates more organic espresso. To top it off, they also require less expensive capsules. And you can use third-party, less expensive capsules too! Just put a capsule in, and press a button. Voila! You have a perfect cup of joe within seconds. Isn’t it pretty awesome!

Overview of Nespresso Essenza Plus Espresso Machine

As we’ve already mentioned, Nespresso has two types of capsule-based espresso machines.

Original Line: The original line uses a 19-bar pump pressure to extract coffee shots from capsules.

Vertuo Line: The newer line that applies rapid capsule spinning also known as the Centrifusion technique to extract coffee shots from barcode-enabled capsules. But it brews standard coffee sizes up to 17oz.

For your money’s worth, Original line models are better than Vertuo line machines. Because their pump generates more traditional espresso. The coffee is always hotter. And there’s no laser-scanning barcode system. This also means you can use third-party less-expensive capsules.

The Nespresso Essenza Plus is built for a compact, no-frills Nespresso experience. At just 4.7 inches in width, it’s just a hair larger than the 3.2 inches Essenza Mini. But the Plus model offers notable 3 upgrades:

  1. 34 oz water tank, instead of 20 oz.
  2. Through the Nespresso app, you can order your Nespresso capsule
  3. 4 instead of 2 cup sizes which are pre-programmed. Includes the 6.75 oz. Americano XL and 5.05 oz. Americano

These traits give the Essenza Plus an extra luxury and convenience over its bare-bones predecessor. While it still retains the Essenza Mini’s compact aesthetics.

If you do like to brew specialty drinks like lattes and cappuccinos, you can always upgrade it to the bundle. Or buy an Aeroccino4 milk frother. It is a separate tool for your home barista setting.


  1. Wireless connectivity mode
  2. Can use third-party capsules
  3. Pump pressure is better than Centrifusion
  4. The solid design comes with a decent 34oz water tank
  5. One-touch sizing function. It lets you change brew size by pressing and holding down the brew buttons


  1. ABS plastic rubs off quite easily
  2. The 19 bars pressure limit is inconsistent

Nespresso Essenza Plus Review: Key Features

In comparison to its cousins the Nespresso Pixie, CitiZ, and Essenza Mini (which brew the only espresso), the Nespresso Essenza Plus offers 4 sizes of brew. Traditional lungo and espresso, plus the new addition of Americano and extra-large (XL) Americano options. The Americano options are made feasible by an integrated water line. It can also supply warm water for brewing tea and does so without any taint from coffee. This added protean really sets the tone for the Essenza Plus apart from comparable Nespresso models. As they all share quick heating, almost similar size of water reservoirs, and automatic switch-off.

The Essenza Plus also notifies users when it’s needed to be descaled. It keeps you on routine with your descaling and cleaning to retain your coffee machine running flawlessly.

It also features wifi connectivity. An application can let you control your machine from your phone or similar smart devices. You can also adjust brewing sizes, and recipes, and rearrange Nespresso capsules through this app. Below, we’ve gathered key points for this Nespresso Essenza Plus review as promised.

Style And Size

The Nespresso Essenza Plus has a streamlined, slick design. It’s lightweight, compact, and portable. You could even carry it inside a car for your road trips. The water reservoir is more than 50 percent bigger than the Essenza Mini model. And yet they hardly take away any additional space on your countertop. It has 11 spent coffee capsule storage chambers (an upgrade from 6 on the Mini). It comes in 3 classic colors: white, black, and red. The body is made out of plastic. That’s what makes it lighter than the others, but also makes it less substantial.

With its condensed design with a height of 9.4 inches and a width of 5.3 inches, the Essenza Plus fits on any kitchen counter. It’s perfect for limited countertop space or small kitchens.

In the process of the Nespresso Essenza Plus review, we’ve found it’s available in white, black, and cherry red. And two separate shapes to match any kitchen interior design. The machine offers a sleek design as well as a glossy finish. Making it complement your decor and be aesthetically elegant.

Cup Sizes

Essenza Plus has 4 different cup sizes. It includes Americano, Americano XL, espresso, and lungo. You also can have a warm water setting if you need to fancy a cup of tea.

The detachable drip tray lets you use various sizes of glasses and cups. So, if your cup is taller, just simply withdraw the drip tray. That’s it you’re set to go.

The machine is pre-programmed. It delivers the best-quality in-cup results. But you can reprogram the coffee volumes fitting to your taste. Press and hold the coffee button to begin brewing. Release it when you reach your desired volume. The machine obliges and stores the new settings for future use.

Ease Of Use

No complicated settings while using the Essenza Plus. There are just 3 simple buttons to prepare your coffee. These buttons are lungo, espresso, and hot water buttons. Just put it in the capsule. Push the button. Enjoy your coffee.

For making the additional Americano settings, press either the lungo or espresso buttons along with the hot water button. Hold on for either a short 4.2oz Americano or the 5.4oz XL option. These are the default size. The Essenza Plus comes with a proper set of instructions for programming these buttons for a customizable volume that will fit your favorite-sized mug.

Since you don’t need to modify any settings, you’re well guaranteed to get the same coffee every single time. If this is your first time using an espresso machine, the Essenza Plus ensures that the experience is delightful with its simplicity.

The Essenza Plus, along with most other Nespresso versions, turns off automatically after 9 minutes. So you can save energy if you forget to turn it off.

Water Reservoir

The 34oz water reservoir lets you serve several coffee cups. Without refilling the reservoir after every brew. The quantity of cups hangs on the size you select. Indeed, a higher capacity tank brings more suitability, but you need more dedicated space for it. Given the Essenza Plus’ impressing design, it occupies a small space all the while the water tank serves quite generously.

Additionally, the water reservoir is adjustable. Meaning you can switch it around your machine to fit on your countertop. When the water is situated at the back of the machine, the deepness is 16.5 inches. But you can cut it short if you position it on the side.

The cylinder-shaped removable water reservoir has a glassy body. So that you can see the amount of water. And you will know when it needs a refill or it’s empty.


Coffee taste relies on various variables. One of them is the brewing mechanism. The 19-bar pressure-pump probes the pod. Then releases a full coffee aroma during the extraction. A high level of water pressure, accurate temperature, and exact time flow ensure that you acquire a top-quality drink without setting foot in a coffee shop.

Besides, Nespresso has made its capsules in a way that the water evenly flows through ground coffee through the brewing process.  

Although you don’t have full control over the coffee grinding, volume, and temperature, you’ll get a delicious espresso with a pleasant aroma and rich flavor.  

Milk Frothing

The Essenza Plus doesn’t provide a milk-frothing functionality. But you can purchase it as a separate accessory with Nespresso’s Aeroccino milk frother. This will let you prepare cold or hot frothy milk. Or foamless hot milk. The Aeroccino is outstandingly simple to work with.

Many folks like the texture and taste of Aeroccino’s micro-foam compared to the Nespresso machine’s canisters of integrated milk. Especially if you are new to milk-based coffee drink making. Otherwise, if you do have little barista experience and really desire to level up your latte crafts, you might need to spend in one of the high-quality machines with an integrated steam wand. If you just need that ease of one touch of a button, then Essenza Plus with Aeroccino is a prime option.

Descaling Alarm

The descaling alarm proves how much Nespresso cares about your device maintenance and coffee quality. The accurate time for descaling relies on your water hardness level and the frequency of usage. Fortunately, Essenza Plus lets you know when the descaling is needed with the LED that blinks.

Running this process is pretty simple. It takes about 15 minutes to finish. You can apply a Nespresso Descaling Solution. It is compatible with all Nespresso-certified machines.

One-Touch Re-Ordering System

You can order or reorder capsules with a touch. Press the one-touch order button on your machine. They will deliver your pre-defined capsules to your doorstep.

To use this feature, first, download the Nespresso app and pair the machine with your smartphone via Bluetooth, then connect your coffee machine to a WiFi network. Once done, you can order your template by selecting your favorite capsule. It also requires the submission of payment information and address.

Ease Of Cleaning

You must not immerse any part of the Essenza Plus inside of a dishwasher. But the cleaning procedure is quick and straightforward enough anyway. Because the parts are detachable.

It’s better to empty and remove the drip base, drip tray, and used capsule container every day. Remove and then wash the water tank. Use a gentle detergent. Or just wash with warm water.


Essenza Plus consists of an eco-mode. It reduces energy-draining after two minutes. And the machine automatically will switch off after 9 minutes of idleness. So, there’s no need to be anxious about accidentally forgetting to switch the machine off after making your coffee.

Moreover, Nespresso for its capsules has a recycling program. So you don’t need to feel guilty about throwing away pods. The recyclable pods help you feel better about yourself as you’re cutting down your environmental impact.

Used Capsule Container Capacity

Despite its slender design, the Essenza Plus has a big container for the used capsules to offer more convenience. It holds up to 11 used capsules. This means you don’t have to empty it after each usage. This trait is especially useful when making multiple cups in a row for the guests.

Cable Length

The almost 35 inches long cord might be too long for you if you are putting your machine close to the outlet. To balance the cable length, you can coil it around the channel underneath the machine.

Heat-up Time

The quick heat-up function allows your machine to get to the perfect temperature in 30 seconds. So you will have your cup of coffee instantly. However, a few customers have complained about their coffee temperature and believed their drink was not hot enough.


Essenza Plus is not on the list of the most affordable machine on the market. But based on its attributes, its price point is very reasonable. It’s a solid selection for small-budget coffee enthusiasts.


Nespresso Essenza Plus will serve you maintenance notifications if you connect your machine to your WiFi network. And if on your smartphone you have its companion app installed. Also, you can modify the pre-programmed recipes. Common complaints, however, about the device consists of the fact that the Bluetooth connection is frail. Or the device can’t join the machine properly to WiFi.

Technical Specification

Product series – Original Line. CA/US partners are Breville and DeLonghi. UK partners are Krups and Magimix. Brew sizes are 1.35oz espresso, 3.70oz lungo, 5.05oz Americano, and 6.75oz Americano XL. Water tank capacity 34oz. A milk container is not available.

Frothers are sold separately. Pressure 19 bars of pump pressure. The capsule capacity is 6. A wireless connectivity feature is available. The external body material is ABS plastic. Dimensions (W-D-H) are 4.7″ x 15.6″ x 10.0″. The machine weighs 7.9 lbs. Power consumption 1270W. The bonus feature includes an Auto-Off feature after 9 minutes.

Sale: 7% De'Longhi Nespresso Essenza Plus Espresso Machine (Black)
Nespresso BEC320BLK1BUC1 Essenza Plus Coffee Machine by Breville (Black)

How To Use Nespresso Machine Essenza Plus

First Use

Factory Settings: Espresso 40 mL, Lungo 110 mL, Americano (25 mL coffee and 125 mL hot water) 150 mL, Americano XL (40 mL coffee and 160 mL hot water) 200ml, and Hot water 200mL.

  1. Take out the water tank as well as the capsule container for cleaning. (Please read the Cleaning section below)
  2. Adjust your cable length. Store the extra under your machine. Insert the remainder of the cable in the guide beneath the water tank’s right or left socket, depending on the position you’ve chosen for your water reservoir. Make sure the machine is positioned straight
  3. Now, plug your machine into the mains
  4. Fill up the water reservoir with fresh potable water
  5. Place the tank on its arm. Then place the drip tray. Finally, the capsule container is in position
  6. To turn on the machine, press either the Lungo, Espresso, or Hot water button. 30 seconds for heating up and you’ll see blinking lights. When ready it will signal steady lights
  7. To wash out the machine, place a container of min. 1L below your coffee outlet. Press the Lungo button now. Repeat it 3 times. Then press the Hot water button. Repeat it 2 times
  8. To connect the machine, follow the user manual sections “Get the App” and “Pairing”. To pair any additional devices, please also read out the instructions in the sections ‘’Pairing“ and “Get the App”
  9. To turn off the machine before the automatic Auto Off mode, press the Espresso and Lungo buttons together. Remember to press shortly – less than one second

Coffee Preparation

  1. To turn on the machine, press either the Lungo, Espresso or, the Hot water button. After such, there will be blinking lights. Meaning it is heating up. Takes up to 30 seconds. Then you will see steady lights which indicate it is ready to use
  2. Lift the lever fully and insert a capsule
  3. Close the lever now. Place a glass/cup under your coffee outlet. To accommodate any tall coffee glass, just remove the drip tray
  4. Press the beverage button of your liking to begin. Preparation will halt automatically. To pause the coffee flow at any moment, just press any of the beverage buttons
  5. The options are Espresso 40ml, Lungo 110ml, Americano 25ml coffee and 125 ml hot water (simultaneous press), Americano XL 40ml coffee, 160ml hot water (simultaneous press), and just Hot Water 200ml
  6. Take out the cup. Lift and close down the lever. It will eject the capsule into the container of used capsules


  1. You have to unload the drip tray. Then the drip base and finally the capsule container every single day. Also, withdraw the water reservoir with its cap. Clean them all using odorless detergent. Rinse with hot/warm water
  2. Dry them with a clean and fresh cloth, towel, or paper. Reassemble all the parts. Clean your coffee outlet and the interior of your machine regularly with a damp fabric

Warnings: Risk of fire and fatal electrical shock. Never soak the machine or part of it in water. Make sure before cleaning to unplug the machine. Avoid using any solvent cleaner or strong cleaning agent. Do not apply any sharp objects, sharp abrasives, or brushes. Do not place the machine inside a dishwasher.


Note: The duration of this process takes about 15 minutes.

  1. Descale your machine when in ready mode the descaling alert starts blinking
  2. To eject the capsule, lift up and close the lever. It will send the capsule into the used capsule container
  3. Empty your drip tray, the drip base, and your used capsule chamber
  4. Fresh potable water fills up the water reservoir to the half-level. That is approximately 0.5L. Into the water tank pour 1 Nespresso descaling liquid sachet
  5. Set a container minimum of 1L volume under your coffee outlet
  6. To set the descaling mode, turn on the machine. Press for 5 seconds the Espresso, Lungo, and hot water buttons
  7. If you have done everything right so far, all three LEDs will blink. A descaling alert will keep on throughout the whole descaling process. To exit the descaling mode at any stage, press either the Lungo or the Espresso button
  8. So, to begin the descaling cycle, press the button – Hot water. Wait till the water tank is fully empty
  9. Empty and wash your water tank. With fresh potable water fill it up to the maximum level
  10. Empty out the 1L container before placing it back. Press the hot water button when the tank is empty. Repeat steps 9 and 10 once more
  11. When the rinsing cycle is over, your machine will automatically switch off
  12. Now unload the drip base


If you are in need of an easy-to-use brewer with the least and simple buttons to make you a great cup of joe, our Nespresso Essenza Plus review should convince you to do so. It serves four cup sizes. Plus a hot water button for making espresso, Americano, Americano XL, lungo, and tea. 

It has a practical design for fitting into limited spaces. It comes in white, black, and cherry red with two separate looks provided by Breville and De’Longhi to capture wider tastes.

If you are convinced that Nespresso Essenza Plus is the perfect coffee machine for you, don’t wait and rush to your favorite appliance stores or check out on their official website or any certified vendors.

Sale: 7% De'Longhi Nespresso Essenza Plus Espresso Machine (Black)
Nespresso BEC320BLK1BUC1 Essenza Plus Coffee Machine by Breville (Black)

Alternatives For The Essenza Plus

If you are still having second thoughts from reading our Nespresso Essenza Plus review about picking the right machine, here are two alternatives you should check out before making up your mind.

Nespresso Essenza Mini

This machine is quite simpler than a model. It only has two buttons: lungo and espresso. It functions in a similar way as Essenza Plus. Also provides similar tasting quality and coffee. So, if you’re a fan of espresso, this machine is an absolute affordable option.

The dissimilarity is that the Essenza Plus has two more cup sizes available.  Americano and Americano Extra-Large (XL). Moreover, the Essenza Plus has a warm water button for making tea. But the Essenza Mini does not feature this option.

Nespresso Vertuo Plus

Nespresso Vertuoplus has ranked as the number 1 best seller in the category of the coffeemaker and espresso machine combination. It brews a various range of coffees. Such as 5oz, 8oz, and 14oz. In terms of espressos both single and double. So you have more choices compared to the Essenza Plus model. And you can make your drink strength from intense and dark to smooth and mild.

It doesn’t make any milk-based recipes. But you’ll get a great-tasting coffee and a quality creamy texture. If you’re going for a bigger water reservoir, the VertuoPlus is also an awesome pick because it is made up of a two-liter water tank.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Nespresso machine is the best?

Overall, Nespresso VertuoPlus is the best Nespresso machine available.

What capsules are compatible with Nespresso Essenza?

Any original Nespresso-certified and third-party capsules are compatible with Essenza.  

Which is better Nespresso original or Vertuo?

Overall, go for a Nespresso Original machine if you drink espresso or espresso-based drinks only and don’t make coffee. Otherwise, pick a Vertuo machine if you crave the ease of making coffee and espresso from the same machine.

Which Nespresso machine is better Breville or DeLonghi?

There is/are no difference(s) between them. Or any of the other producers in that regard. They apply the same Nespresso technology and add the same technical specs.

Do all Nespresso pods work in all of the Nespresso models?

If you own Original-Line capsules, they won’t be usable for the Vertuo-Line, and vice-versa.

What’s the difference between Nespresso pods and capsules?

The Easy Serving Espresso paper pod is a ground espresso cramped into a two-sided disk-like paper pod. Capsules are cramped within a ‘capsule’. It’s a one-time-use pack. These capsules are made from plastic or aluminum and have a foil top.

Can I use Lavazza capsules?

Yes, you can. Nespresso-compatible Lavazza capsules are available.

Wrapping Up

Most folks can go for only the Essenza Mini. But if you’ve come this far in our Nespresso Essenza Plus review, you’ll see that Essenza Plus is a more all-rounded machine. In addition to the standard Nespresso repertoire of espressos, ristrettos, and lungos it can also brew two sizes of Americano.

A bit more counter space is required for this model than for the Mini. But its extended water reservoir and drawer for the used capsules bump it a better option for serving coffee to a large mass of people. Even if you’re making for one, you won’t need to refill water or vacant capsules as regularly.

The Essenza Plus also has a hot water button. But it’s not warm enough for tea. Plus app connectivity for ordering new capsules is found less useful. But its capability to brew pre-programmed Americanos is a solid upgrade. Especially if you like to enjoy both less-concentrated coffee drinks and concentrated espressos.

Happy Brewing!

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