Turkish Coffee Gift Set Review [2023]: Another Turkish Delight comes with a Turkish Delight Bowl!!

Originating from the Arabica bean and with a very fine grind, Turkish coffee is famous around the world for both its robust taste as well as its special method of service. But there’s more to Turkish coffee’s delicious taste. In fact, its coffee set is a luxury gift set in itself too! From what, why, and where to buy such – all in our Turkish coffee gift set review article here.

Traditionally Turkish Coffee Pot Gift Set Includes…

  • COFFEE: Coffee preparation originated actually in the Middle East and some parts of Europe such as Greece. It’s made by blending finely ground coffee beans with water. Often some sugar is also added. The process brings the liquid to a frothy foaming level, just under boiling
  • COFFEE GRINDER: Turkish coffee is an exquisite treat. But most North American grinders can’t simply grind the beans fine enough for proper Turkish coffee. On top of that, Turkish copper-made manual coffee grinders look really cool too!
  • POT/CEZVE: Traditionally brewed in a pot called a Cezve. A Cezve is a small pot with a long wooden-made handle. A pouring lip is designed specifically to make the Cezve of Turkish coffee. Traditionally materials like brass or copper, and occasionally silver or gold are used to make them. In recent times the Cezveler (plural of Cezve) is also made from aluminum, stainless steel, or ceramics. Sometimes a Cezve is also called an Ibrik
  • CUP/DEMITASSE: Turkish coffee cups are an absolute necessity for serving Turkish coffee. It lets people enjoy this strong coffee in small quantities. These Demitasse cups must have all the properties that are required to keep the beverage hot for a prolonged time. Hence, an espresso cup is not always the right choice

Note: Formal Turkish coffee pot gift sets may not offer trays and definitely will not provide grinders. But to complete a set you may purchase a grinder that is capable of finely grinding for Turkish coffee. Usually, it requires one of the finest settings on your grinder.

Why Choose Turkish Coffee Gift Set…

  1. CONSTRUCTION: A Turkish coffee set includes a handmade coffee pot, 2 porcelain cups, 2 brass cup holders, 2 saucers for the cups, 2 cup lids, and 1 coffee grinder (optional). The traditional Anatolian craftsmanship and labor that goes into crafting these cute-sized items are nothing but a joy to anyone’s eyes – both at a social gathering or in your kitchen
  2. HOME DECOR: The floral patterns, colors, and copper engravings turned this coffee set is a wise home décor item
  3. GET THE FULL EXPERIENCE: Turkish coffee has an air of Romanticism. The hands-on brewing process feels ancient and to be honest, it is! The mystical cezve pot brewing, and the exotic porcelain cups with copper holders and lids add nothing but thrills to your coffee-drinking experience. This time-tested brewing method will make you fall in love with coffee, so why don’t you get started?
  4. PART OF HISTORY: Turkish coffee’s unique brewing method, preparation, and rich communal culture made it worthy of being inducted into Unesco’s Intangible Cultural Heritage List in 2013. It has been recognized as a symbol of friendship and hospitality
  5. PERFECT CONVERSATION STARTER: Once you bring out this freshly brewed coffee with the set to your family, friends, or business acquaintances, it will turn their heads. Also, the set construction encourages sitting together, savoring the aromas and flavors, and having a vigorous conversation! Turkish coffee is all about relaxing and socializing

Turkish Coffee Gift Set Review: Our 4 Favorites

Bosphorus Turkish Coffee Gift Set 16 Pieces

An Engraved Turkish full set of 16 pieces. Produced in Turkey by Bosphorus. Check the Bosphorus logo underneath their copper pot to avoid imitations.

One 2mm thick hand-stamped Copper pot by the Bosphorus. It contains 8 Oz of coffee. Its made with food-safe tin for extensive durability as well as ease of cleaning. Two porcelain-made cups with saucers. Two cup holders and lids. One engraved tray for serving. One big or one small sugar or Turkish Delight bowl with lids. Two 3.3 Oz of premium Mehmet Efendi Turkish Coffee.

Please note that this product has total 4 variations. The characteristics we described above are for the set of one variant. The entire pack gets doubled with its two-pack, tripled with three-pack, and quadrupled with its four-pack variation. Also the price increases with the number with one pack being the cheapest and four being the most expensive.

Turkish Luxury Ottoman Coffee And Espresso Set 13 pieces

Package includes 1 piece of 3.5 Oz (100 gr.) Kocatepe Turkish Coffee. Also, 2 pieces of porcelain cups and saucers, holders, and lids. The porcelain cups hold 2 Oz. 1 piece of Copper-made pot for 2 persons. 1 piece of Turkish Delight Bowl including lids. 1 piece of an engraved serving tray. A total of 13 pieces. Found in two colors: silver and brown. The set is made with the thickest Zamak sheet available which ensures maximum durability.

This fantastic engraved coffee set will be a perfect gift for any coffee lover. The set includes everything required to make your 1st cup of Turkish coffee!

Copperbull Thickest Copper Heavy Duty 10 Pieces Turkish Coffee Set For 2

Turkish coffee full set for 2 produced by CopperBull. 2 porcelain cups of 2 Oz, 2 brass cup holders, 2 saucers with 2 cup lids. All of them are engraved pieces. 1 hammered 8 Oz copper-made coffee pot. Thick 2 mm copper was used. Check the manufacturer logo under the pot to prevent imitations.

Includes 1 pack of 3.3 Oz. Premium Mehmet Efendi Turkish coffee. Efendi Coffee is one of the best Turkish coffee Brands.

HANDCRAFTIDEAS Turkish Coffee Espresso Set 27 Pieces

Elegantly carved and painted by hand. This Turkish coffee pot gift set is a pure copper-made labor of love! Perfect to be in the kitchen, parties, or even as home decoration. The colorful floral print is just an apple of the eye. Ideal for tea, coffee, or espresso for up to 6 people! The set includes 6 cups with lids and saucers. 6 inner porcelain cups and 1 sugar bowl with lid. 1 tray with 2 bonus replacement porcelain cups.

Traditional design and exquisite details are designed and crafted by world-class Turkish artisans. Ideal gift item for birthdays, Christmas, and many more. Handcraft ideas make these sets in Turkey with high-quality copper. Unique teacups are sturdy and strong but delicate at the same time! Brass is used as the premium material for cup handles and porcelain for inner cups. A set good to use for generations.


What Is So Special About The Turkish Coffee?

It’s a rich and highly caffeinated drink. It’s unfiltered and has a higher concentration of caffeine. It carries beneficial compounds that have several health benefits.

Is Espresso Stronger Than A Turkish Coffee?

In terms of taste, it’s stronger than espresso. On the other hand, espresso wins if we consider the strength of the caffeine content.

Why Turkish Coffee Is So Finely Ground?

The powdery grind size lets for the dissolution of the soluble solids. Hence it’s very flavorful. Also, the Turkish grind makes the brewing process way faster but not as fast compared to the espresso.


Rich and highly caffeinated Turkish coffee is enjoyed around the world. The best part is that any coffee lover will appreciate the love and tradition that goes with making a pot of Turkish coffee. It’s simple and found in the comfort of your own kitchen. Enjoy the best coffee experience with your full lavish set of Turkish coffee sets and stamp your coffee culture to the world.

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