What Drink has the highest caffeine content?

You have a very important night ahead. But feeling very sleepy.

Grab a coffee!! You will become more focused and alert. The magician here is caffeine.

When we hear the word ‘caffeine’, we find it very relatable with coffee. We consume caffeine (more or less) with coffee.

Not only in coffee, you consume caffeine if you drink tea, soda or have chocolate and many other things mostly drinks. Specially energy drinks contain a lots of caffeine content.

highest caffeine energy drink

When anyone asks, what Drink has the highest caffeine content? It’s not a one word answer. Let’s know everything gradually.

At first, what is caffeine?

Simply speaking, a psychoactive drug, most widely consumed in the world.

A psychoactive drug effects on our brain function, results changing our mood, consciousness, perception, cognition, behavior.

Now, the word drug can be very menacing. We hear a lot of bad things related to drugs.

But caffeine is different. Caffeine is legal and unregulated unlike other psychoactive substances.

The source of caffeine content is mostly natural.

  • Coffee Beans
  • Tea Leaves
  • Cocoa bean
  • Kola Nuts, Guarana Berries etc.

Commonly we discuss mostly about caffeine content levels in different types of coffee. Coffee caffeine content varies on many things. Like – type of coffee bean, roasting level, decaffeinated or not, etc.

But we do drink other drinks regularly. Caffeine has a great number of health benefits but with some side effects if taken excessively. So, we should know about their caffeine content also. Some of the other sources contain much more caffeine than coffee sometimes.

What drink has the highest caffeine content?

Liquid Caffeine has the highest caffeine content. 1 US fl. oz. liquid caffeine contains 500 mg caffeine. That’s 500 mg/fl. oz.

Previously, DynaPep was considered the most caffeine exuberant drink. Per 4 mL (0.14 US fl. oz.) of DynaPep energy shot contained 100 mg of caffeine. That means that drink had 714.29 mg/fl. oz. caffeine.

But this is discontinued now. Many of top caffeine rich energy shots are discontinued. They were not very healthy products. Too much caffeine can cause you massive harm.

Usually, energy shots contain most caffeine. Though, they are not in our regular food habit, let’s have a quick glimpse on some energy shots’ caffeine content –

List of energy shot with highest caffeine content

NameUS Fluid OunceMilligrammg/fl. oz.
Liquid Caffeine1500500
Vital 4U Liquid Energy0.5155310
Screamin Energy Max Hit0.61185303.28
Kaffn8 Liquified Caffeine0.2575300
10 Hour Energy Shot1.93422218.65
X-Mode Energy Shot1150150
Cocaine Energy Shot2280140
Phoenix Energy Shot2280140
Redline Power Rush2.5350140
Table of energy shots with highest caffeine content

Let’s come to the point of how much caffeine can be found in our regular food habit. We regularly or sometime drink energy drinks or soft drinks (soda). Performance Caffeine is the highest caffeine energy drink available. Contains 90 mg/fl. oz. of caffeine.

Disclaimer: Most of the energy drinks and soda contains lots of sugar. Out of limit sugar is not good for our health.

Energy drinks with with highest caffeine content

NameUS Fluid OunceMilligrammg/fl. oz.
Performance Caffeine218090
Redline Xtreme Energy Drink831639.5
SPIKE Shooter8.430035.7
Cocaine Energy Drink8.428033.3
Monster M3 Energy Drink516032
Redline Energy Drink825031.2
Redline Princess825031.2
PerformElite Pre-Workout822528.1
Energi-ZING Shake by Nutrisystem820025
Blood Energy Potion3.48023.5
EBOOST Workout Crusher817521.9
Hyde Power Potion1635021.9
Spike Energy Drink1635021.9
Wired X344 Energy Drink1634421.5
Pure Cofain 6998.4617520.7
Loud Energy Drink1632020
Java Monster 30015.530019.4
Adrenaline Shoc1630018.8
BANG Energy Drink1630018.8
Celsius Heat Energy Drink1630018.8
Table of energy drink with highest caffeine content

Some of us may not drink energy drinks at all. But it is very difficult to find out a person who does not drink soda.

Imagine, it’s July. Very hot outside. You would prefer a lemonade or soda to be cool for a little bit.

So, we should know how much caffeine we are consuming while having our cool soft drinks. The highest caffeine soft drink available is Caribou BOUsted Sparkling Water, contains 10.4 ml/fl.oz. caffeine.

Soft drinks (soda) with highest caffeine content

NameUS Fluid OunceMilligrammg/fl. oz.
Caribou BOUsted Sparkling Water11.512010.4
Jolt Cola1616010
Soda Stream88010
Bawls Exxtra161509.4
Yerbae Sparkling Water121008.3
Zola Sparkling Energy Water121008.3
Afri Cola12897.4
Fritz Kola11.16837.4
Premium Cola11.16837.4
Phocus Sparkling Water11.5756.5
Bawls Root Beer161006.2
Pepsi Cafe12756.2
Monster Mutant Super Soda201155.8
Pepsi Zero Sugar12695.8
Ski Soda12695.8
Mountain Dew Zero12685.7
Sun Drop Soda12645.3
Mountain Dew Black Label16835.2
Doc Soda201005
List of highest caffeine sodas

Soft drinks (soda) with lowest caffeine content

NameUS Fluid OunceMilligrammg/fl. oz.
Boost Nutritional Drink850.6
Canada Dry Green Tea Ginger Ale1290.8
Ritz Cola12100.9
PC Cola12121
PC Cola Diet12131.1
Diet Sunkist Orange Soda12191.6
Faygo Moon Mist12201.6
Sunkist Orange Soda12191.6
Barq’s Root Beer12221.8
Pepsi Slurpee8141.8
Moxie Soda12242
Red Rock Cola12262.2
Coca-Cola Life12282.3
AHA Sparkling Water12302.5
Caleb’s Kola10262.6
Pepsi Next12322.7
Big Red Soda12342.8
Caffeinated Club Soda12342.8
Cherry Coke12342.8

Soft drinks (soda) with Zero caffeine content

NameUS Fluid OunceMilligrammg/fl. oz.
A&W Cream Soda1200
A&W Root Beer1200
Barq’s Red Creme Soda1200
Bubly Sparkling Water1200
Coca-Cola caffeine free1200
Diet A&W Cream Soda1200
Diet Barq’s Root Beer1200
IBC Root Beer1200
Kinley Soda1200
La Croix Sparkling Water1200
Mug Root Beer1200
Orange Crush2000
Pepsi Caffeine Free1200
Polar Seltzer Water1200
Sprecher Cherry Cola1600
Squirt Soda1200
Sunkist Sparkling Lemonade1200
Tonic Water11.900
Tropicana Twister Soda2000

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