Best 5 Cup Coffee Maker With Auto Shut Off

Coffee makers with automatic shut-off can be a lifesaver if you are prone to forget to shut off the machine after brewing. It’s not unusual as folks need a quick caffeine fix before going to work or exercising in the morning.

In today’s comprehensive guide, we will be presenting you with a subtle demonstration of the best 5 cup coffee maker with auto shut off. Stick to the piece till the end, and you will be able to avail all the pieces of information, for sure.

Let’s jump right into the core without further ado…

Reviewing The Best 5 Cup Coffee Maker With Auto Shut Off Reviews

In the following portion, we will render you with our top 5-cup coffee maker with auto shut off. For your kind information, the choices we are going to elaborate on in this article have directly come to us from the experts’ top pick. So, you do not have to be tense about the service of our picks.

Let’s get in; what say?

Capresso 5-Cup Mini Drip Coffee Maker

The brand Capresso is very renowned and proficient in the coffee machine industry. Over the time being, it’s been booming as well as the product that it makes. However, the mini drip coffee maker comes with some exciting features that you might not find anywhere else. Sure, you will get to know all of the features, do not worry.

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Ergonomic Design

For users’ convenience, the manufacturer of this coffee maker has presented it compactly so that the user can find ease holding it, or in other sense, making coffee using it. To talk about the quantity it serves, the Capresso mini drip coffee maker will provide you with precisely five cups at a time. To be very specific, 4-5 people can quickly drink the coffee it provides in real-time.

Goldtone Filter

The objective of a filter is very mandatory in a coffee maker. It refrains many contaminated things from getting into your favorite cup. Though, most mediocre coffee makers come in with temporary filters that need to be replaced every now and then. It’s unhealthy and creates many fatal environmental repugnancies to the environment.

Nonetheless, the gold tone filter is not temporary and you do not have to replace it every now and then. Instead, it’s the permanent filter that filtrates contaminated substances easily and provides you with a fresh carafe of coffee.


Some manufacturers add programmable brewing features to their coffee makers for providing an effortless brewing experience. Yes, the following one we are discussing has the same feature. This implies you would be able to determine the number of cups of coffee you want before starting the machine. There are many other customizable facilities. Let’s not talk about all those. You better explore them by yourself.


You may not agree with me, but durability is a significant concern in terms of electronic products. Not just coffee makers, but every other electronic product near your hand might have to be very durable to sustain. Otherwise, if that gets wrecked by some simple accident, there’s no point in buying that.

The Capresso mini drip coffee maker is pretty durable. It has been made of durable stainless steel and polypropylene. You do not have to be worried about its durability. It won’t get wrecked by a simple mishap. Just go on, and get yourself beyond!


If you can manage to get a lightweight coffee maker, it would undeniably be a plus to you, without a doubt. Because light products are often carryable, in other sense, it creates an enormous possibility of portability. And, if the machine is portable, you will be able to take that anywhere you want.

The Capresso weighs only 2.00 lbs. Implies, it’s incredibly light in terms of weight, as well as; it’s portable.


  • The straightforward process of making coffee
  • Weighs less
  • Shuts off automatically
  • Easy to use
  • Perfect shape and size


  • Brew less than two cups eventually
  • The quality of the packaging ain’t good
Capresso 5-Cup Mini Drip Coffee Maker, Black and Stainless Steel
  • Note: 1)Too coarse a grind, too little coffee, or insufficiently tamping the grounds before brewing can all lead to inadequate pressure for a proper brew. 2)It is important to note that the amount of espresso extracted will vary depending on the grind size and amount and reprogramming may be needed when the size and amount are adjusted.Please refer to user guide or user manual or user guide (provided below in PDF) before first use
  • COMPACT DESIGN: Perfectly sized 5-cup glass carafe is ideal for 1 or 2 people
  • GOLDTONE FILTER: Eliminates the need for messy paper filters and is easy to clean
  • PROGRAMMABLE: Set the machine to automatically brew at your programmed time. Glass carafe features brew-through lid, drip-free pouring spout and an ergonomic handle
  • KEEP WARM: Hot plate stays on for 2 hours and then automatically turns off

AmazonBasics 5-Cup Coffee Maker

Compared with the previous coffee maker we discussed, this one weighs a bit much. In addition to that, it has a reusable filter that you would use without replacing or changing. This won’t let you down in terms of automatic shut-off and could do the job perfectly.

Nonetheless, let’s look forward to the features of the following auto-off coffee maker-

Anti-Drip Function

Well, let’s be straightforward. The anti-drip function will allow the coffee maker to pour a carafe while the coffee is brewing. Also, it automatically shuts off the machine if the carafe gets too hot. In another sense, the thermal sensitivity here plays the lead role. Though, this one is not programmable like the previous one.


This very coffee maker with auto shut-off will allow you to have precisely five cups of coffee at once. This implies you would be able to serve the amount to approximately two or three-person. Again, you can also have less than five cups. If you feel like having a single carafe, just pull out the coffee cup, and the machine will automatically be stopped.

Apart from the anti-drip function, it also has a manual on-off switch. Using them will render you shutting the machine off manually.

Perfect Size And Easy to Use

This is the best part of using this coffee maker, not going to lie. The size of this coffee maker is exactly what you want and what you might need. In terms of having a fresh coffee cup, first of all, you have to pick an ergonomic coffee maker that can make the coffee for you. Trust me; this specific coffee cup will do that perfectly.

Just set the grounded coffee beans and set the machine. Get yourself a short walk, and the cup will get ready. Yes, making coffee using this coffee maker is much easier.

Reusable Filter

Having a quality filter is probably the most important thing for a coffee maker. Yet, most coffee makers provide a wrecked and temporary coffee maker that’s up to no good. In addition to it, quick paper filters are nearly a threat to the environment. It can cause environmental nuisances over the time being.

The AmazonBasics 5-cup coffee maker contains a reusable filter that filtrates accurately. So, you do not have to take the peer pressure against environmental threats.

Smart Plug

It’s probably the most iconic feature of all. Yes, you can sync this coffee maker with your favorite buddy, Alexa or Siri. So, next time you will feel like turning on the coffee maker, you do not have to get up from the bed to turn on the switch. Just chatter, “Alexa, turn on the coffee maker,” It will eventually get done. There you go!


  • Permanent filter
  • Easy to use and easy to clean
  • Lightweight
  • Anti-drip property
  • Smart Plug


  • Packaging is very much futile. Can get wrecked before reaching your door
  • Not compatible with K-Cups
Amazon Basics 5-Cup Drip Coffeemaker with Glass Carafe and Reusable Filter, Black
13,463 Reviews
Amazon Basics 5-Cup Drip Coffeemaker with Glass Carafe and Reusable Filter, Black
  • Coffeemaker brews up to 5 cups of drip coffee at a time; ideal for home, dorm, office, or work space
  • Includes a black 5-cup coffeemaker with a glass carafe and a removable, reusable mesh filter; no need for paper filters
  • Anti-drip function pauses the brewing cycle to allow for pouring a quick cup mid brew
  • Automatic keep warm function maintains an optimal coffee temperature
  • Automatic safety shutoff turns the machine off if the temperature gets too high

Bonavita 5 Cup Thermal Carafe Coffee Maker

One of the fascinating features of this coffee maker is it consists of a very powerful heater that contains 1100 watts inside of it. Along with it, this coffee maker has an optional pre-effusion mode. Other than that, the following coffee maker is compact in terms of design and has a very ergonomic shape. For any user, this could be a perfect match, for sure.

Anyways, let’s get into the features of the following auto-shut-off coffee maker without any further ado.

Powerful Heater

As we already said, the coffee maker contains a thermal heater to brew coffee seeds. And, it’s compelling. It consists of nearly 1100 watts in it. However, you would be able to brew your coffee using this.

Along with the heater, this coffee maker also contains a thermal carafe. If you’re planning to use that- wash the carafe with the help of water, and before putting coffee, boil some water into that. Only after then you’re all set to brew coffee using the Bonavita.

Automatic Shut Off

As you’re purchasing an automatic shut-off coffee maker, this feature has to be on your coffee makers’ bucket list. Yes, mate! You will be able to enjoy this feature in your Bonavita.

But, we separated this one because the Bonavita coffee maker shuts off early, most of the time. Why is that? Okay, as it contains a dynamic auto shut-off feature, it comes with a sensor. When the sensor gets wrecked, this problem occurs.

So, before purchasing, make sure that everything regarding the coffee maker is okay. Otherwise, you will face a terrible nuisance.

Reusable Filter

Again, this specific model of Bonavita does have a reusable filter to filtrate contaminated stuff out of our coffee. As you already know the importance of filters in your coffee maker, I’m not going to repeat that. Just to let you know, this reusable filter has made this coffee maker a handy one. You can easily be good to go with it. Apparently, this is probably the most authentic 5-cup coffee maker with a reusable filter. There you go!

Manual On/Off Button

Along with the automatic shut-off, this coffee maker also has a manual on/off button to get the user rid of an enormous inconvenience. Not everyone is handy with modern technology. In terms of boomers, they will barely know how to operate it. To render them with ease, this particular feature has been added. Though, in times of emergency, you will be able to use this button to shut off the machine. No problem would occur, hopefully.  

Compact Design

This coffee maker is made of very high-grade stainless steel. Yet, it’s committed to providing you with all the best possible comfort at random. Along with the leading coffee maker, the carafe is also made of stainless steel.

The ergonomic, user-friendly shape has been added to the coffee maker to give the user utter ease. So, if you’re looking for something comfy, you can go for it undeniably.


  • Compact Shape and Size
  • Auto shut off
  • Manual on/off button
  • Human interface buttons
  • Durability


  • Weighs much
  • Complex to operate
Bonavita 5 Cup Drip Coffee Maker Machine, One-Touch Pour Over Brewing w/Double Wall Thermal Carafe, SCA Certified, 1100 Watt, BPA Free, Dishwasher Safe, Stainless Steel, BV1500TS
2,712 Reviews
Bonavita 5 Cup Drip Coffee Maker Machine, One-Touch Pour Over Brewing w/Double Wall Thermal Carafe, SCA Certified, 1100 Watt, BPA Free, Dishwasher Safe, Stainless Steel, BV1500TS
  • SPECIALTY COFFEE AT HOME: Bonavita’s 5-cup coffee maker is engineered to similar brewing specifications as our popular 8-cup series brewers, is best for those who prefer to brew their coffee in small 4-5 cup batches
  • AWARD WINNING RESULTS: Golden Cup Standard Coffee Machine is curated with features to mimic the artisan pour-over brewing method. This machine brews coffee to Golden Cup Standard when following our recommended brewing instructions, and is curated with features to mimic the artisan pour-over brewing method
  • BETTER FLAVOR, FAST: 1100W heater maintains professional recommended brewing temp of 198°-205°F (91°-96°C) for optimal flavor extraction; Stainless steel thermal carafe is durable and double-walled to keep coffee’s ideal temperature longer
  • TASTE THE DIFFERENCE: Showerhead and filter basket work in harmony to evenly saturate coffee grounds for uniform flavor extraction; Optional Pre-Infusion Mode allows fresh roasted coffee to bloom before brewing to enhance its flavor
  • BREW WITH BONAVITA: Our coffee brewers and kettles create enriching and delicious coffee experiences without fuss; As your trusted home barista, our appliances are designed to fit with all kitchen decors and deliver great brews all day, every day – cup after cup!

Hamilton Beach 5 Cup Auto Shut Off Coffee Maker

To be very straight, the Hamilton Beach auto shut-off coffee maker is convenient because of its miniature shape. This is arguably the most beautiful and significant part of this coffee maker. However, this specific coffee maker is also suitable for making five cups of coffee at a time. Sounds fascinating, isn’t it?

Well, without any further ado, let’s get into the features of this following auto-shut-off coffee maker.

Auto Pause Feature

Let’s imagine a scenario. You are making a carafe of coffee, and suddenly something appears that has caused you to stop the coffee-making process. What would you do in this case? Well, you might stop the entire process and wait till you are done with your stuff.

But, when you are using this Hamilton Beach auto-shutoff coffee maker, it will allow you to pause the coffee-making process for a specific amount of time so that you can get yourself done with all of your work. Mainly, we found this feature very fascinating. What about you, though?

Minimal Dimension

As we said before, the compact shape and size have made this coffee maker pretty much fantastic. If you are a regular user, you will be able to find this perk In now and then. No matter how small your kitchen is, this Hamilton Beach auto shut-off coffee maker will definitely be going to fit in your miniature kitchen. You do not have to think about it, trust me.

Along with this, this coffee maker’s dimension is pretty much simple and ergonomic. To sum up, you will love this coffee maker, for sure.


Like other auto-shutoff coffee makers we discussed above, you will be able to program the number of carafes you want In every single run of this Hamilton Beach auto-shutoff coffee maker. Though it’s not unique, you will get all of your tasks done over time.

We will not be going to say that this programmable feature has made this coffee maker the best auto-shut-off coffee maker. Instead, this feature has added an exclusive perk to your coffee-making process, without any doubt.

Brewing Capacity

With regard to the brewing capacity of this auto-shut-off coffee maker- this will provide you with five cups of coffee in a single run. Other than that, It brews faster than other coffee makers we have discussed upward.

If you are a time-conscious person, it could be the best fit for you. Not for the faster brewing capacity, but this auto’s entire performance shut off the coffee maker. You will love this, indeed.


  • Perfect shape and size
  • Automatic shut off
  • Programmable
  • The simple and minimal dimension
  • Touch screen display


  • It costs much more than the average
  • Do not have any manual on/off button
Hamilton Beach 5 Cup Compact Drip Coffee Maker with Programmable Clock, Glass Carafe, Auto Pause and Pour, Black & Stainless Steel (46111)
423 Reviews
Hamilton Beach 5 Cup Compact Drip Coffee Maker with Programmable Clock, Glass Carafe, Auto Pause and Pour, Black & Stainless Steel (46111)
  • PERFECT FOR SMALL APARTMENTS & KITCHENS — With its compact, space-saving design, the programmable coffee maker easily fits under kitchen cabinets. It's perfect for smaller kitchens, apartments, or for optimizing countertop space in any kitchen.700.0 watts
  • EASILY FILL FROM THE FRONT—The FrontFill water reservoir and swing-out brew basket are designed for easy access under cabinets, so it's simpler to add water and coffee grounds to the coffee maker. The design also reduces countertop spills and mess.
  • BREW UP TO 5 CUPS AT A TIME — This Hamilton Beach coffee maker brews the perfect amount of coffee for your daily needs, reducing coffee waste.
  • WAKE-UP READY COFFEE WITH EASY-TOUCH PROGRAMMING — It's easy to program the drip coffee maker and clock. Set the coffee maker up to 24 hours ahead so hot coffee is ready in the morning when you wake up.
  • AUTOPAUSE & POUR — The flow of coffee on the small coffee maker stops when you remove the carafe so you can pour a cup of coffee before the brewing stops without making a mess.

Taylor Swoden Programmable 4-12 Cup Drip Coffee Maker

Well, we got nothing more but this on our bucket list. As with others, this one’s also programmable. Yes, you can assume by reading the name. You have to set the brewing time while making coffee using the following one.

And this will do the rest. However, this coffee maker is up to the notch in terms of quality, no doubt. And is committed to providing you with the utmost vibe of a cup of coffee.

Anyways, let’s dive deep into the features for the following one-

Digital Control

The programmable coffee maker we are discussing now has a digital display to set the brewing time. To be more specific, it’s a touchscreen LCD that is very clear and visible. Along with all these facts, the display is also effortless to operate.


From the name you have probably assumed about this very feature, ain’t you? Yes, you got that right, mate. You can program the brewing time for this coffee maker on your own. All you have to do is set up the brewing time according to your preference, and then it will complete other tasks on its own. Also, the touchscreen display has made the procedure effortless. So, when are you lifting up then?


Apart from the perks illustrated above, this specific auto-off coffee maker is durable. It’s made of high-grade stainless steel that won’t break by some infantile breakdown. You would be able to use it with utter ease.

To talk about the shape and size, it’s also ergonomic that will definitely give you comfort while using it.

Brewing Time

Not to mention, the brewing time for this coffee maker is speedy. You will surely be amazed by its speed. However, it does not have any manual shut-off button. You have to operate the machine automatically. Do not worry; after providing you with a 5-carafe of coffee, this will stop automatically.


  • Automatic shut off
  • Ergonomic design
  • Comfy shape and size
  • Faster brewing time
  • More serving size  


  • No manual shut-off
  • It costs much more than the average
Taylor Swoden Programmable Coffee Maker, 4-12 Cups Drip Coffee Machine with Glass Carafe, Regular & Strong Brew, Pause & Serve for Home and Office
3,377 Reviews
Taylor Swoden Programmable Coffee Maker, 4-12 Cups Drip Coffee Machine with Glass Carafe, Regular & Strong Brew, Pause & Serve for Home and Office
  • 【Programmable Coffee Maker】Wake up to fresh coffee with programmable timer. Simply set up the brewing time in advance. Regular and Strong 2 brew strength options for choosing from.
  • 【Mess-free Serve Coffee Brewer】1.8L Large capacity can make 12 cups of fresh coffee for family or party. The pause and serve feature allows you to serve coffee during the brewing cycle by removing the carafe to pour a cup.
  • 【Cleaning Cycle Reminder】You can know when it’s time to clean the drip coffee maker by the flashing green light.
  • 【Keep Warm Carafe Plate】The nonstick carafe plate of the coffee machine keeps coffee warm for 40 minutes after brewing is complete. 2-hour auto switch off function added safety and used peace in mind.
  • 【Dual Function】The permanent filter works with your favorite coffee grounds and teas like Oolong tea, black tea, white tea. Not only a coffee pot, also can be a tea maker. Programmable coffee machine is easy to clean.

How To Pick The Perfect 5-Cup Coffee Maker With Auto Shut Off

Assuming you have come to this part after reading the entire article. If yes, you might have already decided which one to buy. And, if you read all the perks carefully, then you will know the basic terminologies of a 5-cup coffee maker with auto shut off.

Anyways, do not worry at all if you don’t. Buying a coffee maker is not that easy, though. You have to think of lots of terminologies to get your desired one. However, in this very portion, I will show you the list of things you should keep in mind while buying an auto-shut-off coffee maker. Go through the list and observe everything.

Brewing Time

Who wants to waste time, right? Not waste. The word “wait” would be much better in this scenario. Actually, we do not want to wait to have a fresh coffee cup. We want to get over it and start our day as soon as possible. So, considering that, try to pick a coffee maker that brews faster than the average coffee maker. It will save your time for later, and you can also have a refreshing cup.


Durability is the real thing, mate. You might disagree with it, but it is. Make sure to choose a stainless steel-made coffee maker. Check the carafe if possible. However, most carafes have been made of plastics in recent times. But stainless steel carafes provide much better service than plastic-made ones’.

Nonetheless, crosscheck all the stuff illustrated upward and select your coffee maker. You’re now good to go!

Shape and Size

These auto-shut-off coffee makers are made for use in the office or small spaces; you should not choose a big one that will occupy more space. Instead, go for a miniature one that can get itself fitted in a bit of area.

Reusable Filter

Though, I’m not a big fan of filtering elements of a coffee. But, this pandemic is making me do so. However, using a reusable filter is much better and more efficient than using a temporary one. In terms of using transient filters, you will need to change them occasionally, and it honestly requires a lot of energy and time. Also, paper filters render a threat to the environment.

So, it’s better to go for a reusable filter.

That’s all, to be precise. Check all these before placing your order and dap into the plane anew.


Does Mr Coffee Turn Off Automatically 4 Cups?

No, Mr coffee does not take time off automatically after making four cups of coffee. Instead, it makes precisely five cups of coffee at a single run and then stops automatically.

What Is The Auto Button On A Coffee Maker?

An auto button on a coffee maker stops the coffee maker when it makes an adequate amount of coffee. Apparently, it’s one of the latest editions of modern coffee makers.

What Happens If You Leave Mr Coffee On?

Nothing special. It will automatically stop after a certain amount of time.

Can A Coffee Maker Catch On Fire?

It depends on the situation, actually. If the voltage gets higher, your coffee maker might catch on fire.

How Much Coffee For A 5 Cup Coffee Maker?

A mediocre 5 cup coffee maker will provide you with an exact amount of coffee that he would be able to serve to two or three people at random.

How To Clean 5 Cup Mr Coffee Maker?

You don’t have to take much hassle as long as you use Mr Coffee Maker. Just give your coffee maker a cleaning session after every real-time use. Boil some water in the carafe, and there’s that. Your coffee maker is now good to go.

Do All Coffee Makers Have Automatic Shut Off?

No, not really. Only some of the specialized coffee makers come with this same feature.

Final Thoughts

It has been a big time, isn’t it? We have come through a lot. Till now, we have rendered a detailed demonstration of the best 5 cup coffee maker with an auto shut off. Hopefully, this directory will reduce your trauma in selecting a good one.

Before packing my bags, if you have missed any single information, kindly go through the article again and read everything carefully. Otherwise, you might miss something so important.

That’s all for today. Happy Brewing!

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