Meet The Team

Rafat Saleheen


Rafat Saleheen is an entrepreneur who loves coffee. He’s a trained barista and coffee enthusiast and develops websites and Android apps. 
Rafat is always looking for new ways to improve his coffee-making skills, and he enjoys sharing his knowledge with others. He loves to chat about all things coffee, and he’s happy to share his tips with anyone interested in learning more about this delicious beverage.

Rizvi Saleheen


Rizvi Saleheen is an entrepreneur and trained barista. He has a home setup that he loves to use. He loves to experiment with different coffee brewing methods. Rizvi is an enthusiast when it comes to making coffee, and he enjoys sharing his knowledge with others.

He’s a father of two young children, and he cherishes every moment that he gets to spend with them.

Content Team

We’re all about coffee here at the office. And we don’t just mean the drinks — we’ve got a team of baristas and experts who can guide you through everything from how to brew an excellent cup, what kinds will suit your taste buds best (and which ones might not), which machine to use, or even which bean to use!

We have 250+ articles exploring the topic of barista-quality blends, roasting techniques, and storing tips that will keep your morning cup fresh for hours!

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