Breville BES840XL Review 2022: The Infuser Espresso Machine

The aroma of coffee is remarkable. The intensely sweet and bitter flavor makes the coffee delicious and nuanced. It’s a perfectly balanced taste.

It is hard to go to the coffee shop four or five times a day. Also, we love to do some experiments by ourselves. Hence, we make coffee at home. But sometimes it’s not as tasty as a coffee shop.

Breville Infuser can let you have a similar taste as the coffee shop.

A quick glimpse of Breville BES840XL review

  • Easy to clean when the cleaning cycle requires. 
  • Cup warming tray keeps your cup warm as long as you need it.
  • You can make different kinds of espresso-based coffee with this espresso machine.
Breville BES840XL Infuser Espresso Machine, Brushed Stainless Steel
2,258 Reviews
Breville BES840XL Infuser Espresso Machine, Brushed Stainless Steel
  • The Breville Infuser delivers optimal flavor in every cup creating third wave specialty coffee at home using the 4 keys formula, ensuring the right dose of beans, optimal water pressure, precise temperature control and microfoam milk for latte art
  • VOLUMETRIC AND SHOT CONTROL: Control the volume of each pour at the touch of a button and choose 1 shot, 2 shot or manually control over how much espresso ends up in your cup for the perfect dose every time
  • OPTIMAL WATER PRESSURE: Low pressure pre-infusion gradually increases pressure at the start and helps ensure all the flavors are drawn out evenly during the extraction for a balanced tasting cup
  • PRECISE ESPRESSO EXTRACTION: Maximize flavor potential with low pressure pre-infusion, digital PID temperature control, adjustable in 4 ⁰F increments complete with pressure gauge that guides you to the right extraction every time
  • MANUAL MICROFOAM MILK TEXTURING: High power 1650W element for high pressure steam wand and faster heat-up to create the microfoam necessary for a third wave specialty taste and essential for creating latte art at home
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breville infuser bes840xl review: Key Features


This home espresso machine has a Programmable brewing feature so that you can adjust the flow time as per your need. You can program both single and double-dose buttons. To do so, all you need to do is press and hold the program button until you hear a beep sound.

Now, press either the single or double dose button, and the flow of coffee will be started in no time. When you get the desired amount of coffee, simply press the button that you have selected and you will hear another two beep sounds. That’s it the machine will remember this flow time from your next coffee brewing.

PID Temperature Controlling

PID which stands for Proportional Integral Derivative which is basically a fancy name for controlling brew temperature. However, this won’t allow you to control the temperature by a huge margin. Instead, you will adjust your default temperature by a couple of degrees increments or decrements.

In the Breville BES840Xl, there are only 4 different preset values which are -4, -2, +2, and +4 degrees Fahrenheit to adjust. Although this seems like nothing, it can be the real game-changer when you are struggling to get the perfect brew temperature in order to make an enjoyable cup of coffee.

Thermocoil Heating System

This Breville home espresso machine features a Thermocoil heating system instead of the typical Thermoblock heating system which you might have seen in its predecessor BES830XL. So, what’s so good about it? Well, let’s talk a little bit about the definition thing.

In general, thermoblock heating elements have multiple heated blocks where water travels through. While traveling through those heated blocks, water heats up and ultimately goes through the coffee grounds and steamer. Since water travels through multiple heated chambers the consistency and longevity of temperature severely hurts.

In such conditions, a thermocoil would be a great inexpensive choice to avoid the lackings of consistency of water temperature. On the other hand, Inside of a thermocoil heating element, there is a single metal made (in BES840XL, Breville Used Stainless Steel) tube. Breville shifted from Thermoblock to Thermocoil as this sort of heating system is much more consistent and faster too.

Dedicated Hot Water Outlet

Another cool feature that Breville smartly added to this machine. This dedicated hot water dispenser would be great if you drink some occasional teas or Americano. In order to dispense water you just need to rotate the steaming switch clockwise. Again, we would recommend you to use this water dispenser occasionally, not for everyday use if you want optimal durability from your espresso machine.

Effortless Milk Texturing

Breville Infuser features a manual steamer that is attached to the machine using a ball joint. This ball joint gives it a 360° swivel-action for effortless milk texturing. The frothing process is pretty simple. First off, you need to turn the steam switch anticlockwise and immerse the wand into your milk pitcher.

Points to Keep Eye On: 

  • The electronic PID Temperature Control lets the temperature increased stability.
  • It has a removable water tank of 61 fl.oz (1.8L). It also has a replaceable water filter.
  • There is a dedicated hot water outlet. You can use it for preheating cups or making Americano.
  • It has a stainless steel steam wand with 360° swivel-action. It helps to make effortless micro-foam milk texturing.
  • Low pressured pre-infusion let the extraction starts with low water pressure at the beginning. So, it gently expands grinds for an even extraction.
  • An easily removable 55mm tamper is attached magnetically on the machine.
  • The Espresso pressure gauge monitors the extraction pressure of espresso. So, you get the perfect taste of espresso.
  • The volumetric control function lets you set 1 or 2 cups of shot volumes. You can also set volumes manually over-ride or re-programmable.
  • Remove excess water from the ground coffee in the filter basket with the dry puck feature. After extraction, it is easy to dispose of the coffee puck.
  • Adjustable temperature control lets you adjust the temperature for the best coffee flavor.
  • There is a Clean Me indicator. When a cleaning cycle is required, it illuminates and alerts you.
  • The machine can go to sleep mode after 1 hour when you finish brewing. After 3 hours, automatically shuts off.

Who should buy it? Is it affordable?

You might be thinking that the Breville BES840XL the infuser espresso machine is costly. But you will be wondering to know that it is not as expensive as you think. It has a reasonable price than other coffeemakers with the same facilities. So, who is planning to buy an espresso machine for their home or office, can have this one.


  • Easy to make the perfect espresso, even newbies can do well. It helps to produce high-quality espresso and milk-froth.
  • The electric PID and thermo-coil heating system make the temperature management easy.
  • A dedicated hot water outlet lets you warm up your cups. You can use hot water to make other drinks.
  • Easy to set single or double shot volumetric control. You can also set volumes manually over-ride.
  • A simple control panel lets you know what is happening to your coffeemaker.
  • It has an auto-purge function.


  • It is not possible to control the temperature manually due to the electronic PID temperature control technology.
  • It may need some experiments to make a cup of espresso that suits your tastes.

Breville Infuser Espresso Machine: Technical Features

Build Materials & Dimensions

Almost all the parts of the Infuser are made of stainless steel except the steam knob, top part, and the water reservoir. However, those plastic parts are BPA-free so there is no room to worry about. After all, parts that come in contact with liquid are all stainless steel made.

The machine itself is pretty compact yet premium-looking therefore won’t take much countertop space but will definitely add quite a bit of aesthetics into your kitchen. Dimensions of this machine are measured (WxDxH): 13.7″ x 11.5″ x 13.2″. If you compare the Infuser with Breville’s Most Popular model Barista Express, you will notice that Infuser is slimmer.

Tamper With Magnetic Connection

It comes with a manual tamper, It’s an essential kit when it comes to making evenly extracted espresso. What is cool about this manual tamper is that there is magnetic storage next to the group head of the machine where you place it when not in use. This will avoid messes and help to organize your coffee corner.

Large Water Tank

In contrast to this compact machine, the machine comes with a big water reservoir that holds about 61 ounces of water. Inside the packaging, you will get a water filter and extension to fit inside to ensure the best possible water quality for brewing.

Top Cup Warmer

The top of the Infuser works as a cup warmer which is a nice addition, for sure. Unless the machine along with the serving vessels is warm enough you won’t get an Oh-So-Savory cup of espresso.

Innovative Drip Tray With Storage

Breville has made the drip tray of the infuser pretty intelligently. If you pull the drip tray towards you you will find another storage behind the drip tray. In that storage, you can keep your filter baskets along with the razor that you will get with the packaging. Another cool feature is that when the drip tray is full of liquids you will notice an empty me popup will be shown from inside that drip tray.

Espresso Pressure Gauge

Just like most other Breville espresso machines, the infuser also has a pressure gauge which comes in handy when making espresso. This pressure gauge will demonstrate to you what to do for getting the best possible output by showing the level of pressure while making espresso. Under and over that range is identified respectively as under-extracted and over-extracted coffee.  You have to aim for getting the espresso range after the pre-infusion phase. FYI, pre-infusion is a process to wet coffee grounds to pull maximum flavor out of coffee.

How To Use The Bes840xl

The Breville infuser espresso machine is pretty convenient to use. Even if you are just starting your journey into the coffee Brewing world you can easily play with this machine without any hassle. However, let’s take a quick look at how to use the Breville infuser to produce excellent espresso.

Start off by removing the water reservoir from its place and filling it with some clean water.  make sure to insert the included water filter inside the water reservoir in order to get the best quality water for brewing.

Now, grind your coffee beans with a good grinder and put those grounds of coffee into the portafilter. Make sure to use the right kind of filter basket according to the volume of your espresso.

After putting coffee grounds into the basket using the included razor to remove excess coffee grounds from the portafilter. After that,  grab the temper and temp firmly to make an even bed for coffee grounds. This part is very crucial if you want to get an even extraction of coffee.

It’s time to attach the portafilter with the group head and turn the machine on by pressing the power button. When the machine is turned on, select the amount of coffee by pressing either a single Cup or double cup button.

As soon as you press any of the two buttons, the flow of coffee will start within a short time. That’s it, however, if you want to program your drink you can press and hold the program button for a few seconds then press either single or the double button to start the flow of coffee.

When you get the desired amount of coffee you can simply press that button again to stop the flow.  make sure to read the instruction manual in order to get more detailed information about how you can use this machine perfectly.

How To Clean & Descale The Infuser Espresso Machine

How To Clean the Breville BES840XL

When you see the DESCALE/CLEAN light flashing a cleaning cycle is required for the BES840XL. For that, you can use either the Breville cleaning tablet, or you can use any affordable cleaning tablet if you find the Breville one a little expensive.

Ok, to start the process make sure the machine is turned off. Now, grab the portafilter and a single shot filter basket and place the included rubber gasket on top of the basket. After that, place a cleaning tablet and lock the portafilter with the group head. It’s time to start the main cleaning cycle.

First off, press and hold both single and double cup buttons simultaneously along with the power button for about 10 seconds. The cleaning cycle should start immediately and last about 5 minutes. When the cycle is complete you will hear 2 beep sounds that indicate the cleaning is complete.

How To Descale the Breville BES840XL

When you notice the DESCALE/CLEAN is solid on you have to descale the machine as early as possible. For that, you need a pack of Breville descaler, a spoon, and a 1-liter container. Start off by detaching the water reservoir and then removing the water filter from inside the reservoir. Fill the reservoir halfway and empty the Breville Descaler into the reservoir.

Now, grab the spoon and stir back and forth until the water is clear. After that, insert the water tank in its place and place your container under the group head. Make sure to put your steam wand in that container.

To enter the descaling mode, press and hold both the 2 cup button and power button simultaneously while the machine is off. Release both buttons when you see the power button is flashing. This indicates that the unit is heating up internally. When you see that the power and 1 cup button are solid on, press the 1 cup button and the descaling solution will flow through the group head.

After finishing the flow through the group head, turn the steam knob anticlockwise and let the solution come through the steam wand. Similarly, turn the knob clockwise to let the solution flow through the hot water dispenser. Repeat the complete cycle until all the solutions are used.

In the final stage, detach the water reservoir and remove the container from under the group head. Make sure to remove the drip tray as well and clean all three of the parts properly. Now, add about a liter of fresh water in the water tank and place the water container under the group head, water dispenser, and steam wand.

Press only the single cup button and the flow of clean water will come through the group head. Let the water flow through the water dispenser and steam wand by rotating the knob. Repeat the process until the water tank is empty. That’s how you have to descale your machine. Pretty easy, huh?

More on Breville bes840xl/a the infuser espresso machine

The Australian brand Breville is a kitchen appliance company founded in 1932. They deliver products to over 70 countries around the world. Though the headquarters of Breville is in Sydney, the company expands its regional offices to Europe and America. The manufactures include coffeemakers, kettles, blenders, toasters, microwaves, and so many.

The Breville BES840XL the infuser espresso machine is a semi-automatic espresso machine. It has both automatic and programmable features, respectively temperature settings and volumetric control. The price of the Breville BES840XL or Breville BES840XL/A is very reasonable and will be within your budget plan. Let’s see what you will get to do with this budget Breville BES840XL product.

Breville provides a 1 Year Limited Product Warranty. There are some more accessories with the Breville Infuser espresso machine.

  1. Water filter with holder
  2. Single and dual wall filter baskets
  3. Coffee scoop
  4. Stainless steel jug
  5. Allen key
  6. Cleaning tool with disc and tablets
  7. The Razor™ precision dose trimming tool

Experience of Users

Users, who use the Breville BES840XL, most of them are satisfied with this espresso machine. According to them, they like the material quality of the Infuser espresso machine. Most of the users shared that this machine has long durability if you clean it regularly.

They also mentioned that the cleaning process is easy. It is easy to control the temperature and volumetric shots. The Control panel lets users know the state of the machine at a glance.

The only upsetting thing is, you can’t buy the parts of coffeemaker out in the market. You have to replace or bought parts from Breville. They are very responding and quick at service if they have a company office in your country. Breville’s customer service is satisfactory.

Why A good choice?  

The semi-automatic Breville BES840XL Infuser espresso machine starts extraction with steady and low water pressure. This pre-infusion function gently expands grinds for an even extraction. So, you get the well-balanced flavor of espresso within your budget range.

Breville BES840XL Infuser Espresso Machine, Brushed Stainless Steel
2,258 Reviews
Breville BES840XL Infuser Espresso Machine, Brushed Stainless Steel
  • The Breville Infuser delivers optimal flavor in every cup creating third wave specialty coffee at...
  • VOLUMETRIC AND SHOT CONTROL: Control the volume of each pour at the touch of a button and choose 1...
  • OPTIMAL WATER PRESSURE: Low pressure pre-infusion gradually increases pressure at the start and...
  • PRECISE ESPRESSO EXTRACTION: Maximize flavor potential with low pressure pre-infusion, digital PID...
  • MANUAL MICROFOAM MILK TEXTURING: High power 1650W element for high pressure steam wand and faster...

Final Thoughts on breville infuser review

All these discussions and Breville Infuser review makes the product understandable. The low pressured infusion lets the coffee grinds extraction in a better way. The steam wand with 360° swivel-action makes micro-foam milk texturing.

Combining all these steps, you can get your desired cup of espresso as same as the coffee shop. Hope Breville BES840XL/A the infuser espresso machine review will help you a lot. You can pick this semi-automatic machine as a part of your kitchen at home or office. Now it is your time to have a cup of espresso.

Enjoy Your Coffee!!

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