Breville Oracle Touch Review: Breville’s Super-Automatic Espresso Machine

Breville’s Oracle Touch espresso machine is an astounding all-in-one piece of machinery that offers espresso-based drinks as well as custom creations on its touchscreen. It stores beans, pulverizes them, passes into a portafilter, tamps and pre-infuses, then finally pulls the shot. Comes with dedicated espresso and steam boilers. Can foam milk with a range of consistencies simultaneously pouring the shot.

The Oracle offers an incredible amount of modifications and hands-on time. Meanwhile automated enough that making a bad drink is almost impossible. You’ve reimbursed nearly as much for motor cars. But for those who are willing to spend over $2,500 on this espresso maker, our Breville Oracle Touch review argued that it has indeed made an outstanding machine for the customers.

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Breville Oracle Touch Review : Key Features

Breville BES990BSS Oracle Touch Fully Automatic Espresso Machine, Brushed Stainless Steel
  • The Breville Oracle Touch with touch screen delivers third wave specialty coffee at home using the 4 keys formula; It has a professional Dual Boiler construction that delivers unparalleled temperature control and simultaneous extraction and steaming
  • DOSE CONTROL GRINDING: The integrated precision conical burr grinder automatically grinds, doses and tamps 22 grams of freshly ground coffee, for maximum flavor
  • OPTIMAL WATER PRESSURE: The Over Pressure Valve limits the maximum pump pressure throughout extraction, helping prevent bitter flavors; Low pressure pre infusion gradually increases water pressure to gently expand grinds for an even extraction
  • PRECISE ESPRESSO EXTRACTION: Achieve balanced tasting espresso with the Breville Oracle Touch Espresso Machine complete with digital temperature control (PID), delivers water at precisely the right temperature ensuring optimal espresso extraction
  • AUTOMATIC MICROFOAM MILK TEXTURING: Self-cleaning steam wand, powered by a dedicated boiler, automatically textures milk to your liking and delivers barista quality microfoam that enhances flavor and is essential for creating latte art at home

Since the price is high for this machine, it’s within your right to have high expectations from it. Breville sees to it too! You’ll be excited and happy to use this machine. So, it is packed with way more functions and traits that you don’t imagine getting in a single espresso machine.

oracle touch review
The 4 keys formula

Among its superb, yet efficient functionalities and features of the Oracle Touch espresso machine are the following:

Built-in Conical Burr Grinder: With this embedded burr grinder you can flawlessly get the perfect grounds to get the full and natural flavor of your coffee. With a press of a tab, you can grind the exact amount of grounds every time.

Automatic And Hands-free Grind, Tamp, And Dose: This is the most wonderful feature of this machine. The ability to relish hands-free tamping and dosing. The grinder offers a precise amount of grounds. After that, there’s the automatic dosing part. For the automated tamping, it has an integrated tamper. A tamping fan works with pressure on top of the grounded coffee. Then, smoothens and levels it. Then you have to take out the portafilter for brewing. No spills and no messing around. No need to do any task manually apart from entering the portafilter into the group head before brewing.

Triple Heat System: It has a dedicated steam boiler. The boiler comes with the unified Heat Exchange. It helps thermal stabilization. There’s the espresso boiler with PID technology. It delivers the perfect brewing water temperature. Lastly, an implanted heated group head. It’s a PID-controlled piece. It controls the thermal stability during the entire process.

Automated Touchscreen Display: Swipe and select, and enjoy! The drink menu includes espresso, flat white, long black, latte, and cappuccino. Also, you can change the strength of the coffee, milk texture, and temperature. You can save these changes and make it your customized own drinks, name them and access them whenever.

Hands-free Milk Texturing: Oracle steam wand steams milk to the required temperature automatically. Also adjusts the quantity of air for perfect frothing. It will also store your preferences. So next time just has to recall the data you set for that type of coffee. After you’re done, it’ll do automatic purging to clear the steam wand.

Simultaneous Steam And Coffee: With this machine, you can simply do milking and brewing side by side. Its dual boilers dedicated to espresso extraction and milk texturing. So, it’s very easy and fast.

Ideal Water Temperature: Breville Oracle Touch coffee machine offers such by having digital temperature control, also known as PID technology in it.

Precise Water Pressure: During coffee extraction, high pressure leads to a bitter-tasting coffee. Thus, the Oracle touch coffee maker comes with the Over Pressure Valve (shortly, OPV) that shortens the maximum pressure when extracting. This trait is only found in a few commercial-grade espresso machines. Also, its low-pressure pre-infusion gives an eventual rise of the pressure. So, coffee grounds will tenderly expand for the even and best extraction.

Adequate Steam Pressure: The steam wand will texture your milk automatically according to your selected temperature and style. Thus, you can get the café-grade rich and silky milk-foam that will surely amplify the taste of your coffee. So, an immaculately extracted coffee, with your silky-smooth milk-foam will offer you one of the best cups of joe you’ve never had before at home.

There are still other amazing attributes of this machine. We could actually take forever in this Breville Oracle review article, but, it’s better you appreciate and discover them by yourself, we’ll only talk about how to set it up and of course, to actual fundamental uses of it.

Technical Specifications

breville oracle touch espresso machine review

Design And Specifications

Out of the package, you can see that this machine is big. And really demands space on your table or counter. Width is 14.5 inches, 17 inches deep with the portafilter. And height is 17.75 inches. It’s a bit heavy to move around since its weight is 37.26lbs.

A premium-made appliance like the Oracle Touch is built with brushed stainless steel casing. Ensuring durability and wiping out dirt and spills easily. There’s a detachable water tank at the back. It has 84oz of water capacity. And it can be filled up to the top. It has a backlit-level indicator and a merged water filter.

It runs at 120 Volt with a power limit rating of 1800W. It comes with a touchscreen display that offers you settings for pre-programmed favorite coffees, customizable drinks, froth level, and milk temperature, adjustable grind controls, coffee strengths, hot water options, and so on. It has non-pressurized and 58mm bottomless portafilters.

Warm-up for estimated brew time is around 10 minutes. While the warming-up for steam is almost 25 minutes. With dual boilers of stainless steel, you can do brewing and milk texturing together. It has an auto-on/off function with a pre-infusion system. It gets an even quality extraction of your grounds.

It has a swivel foot for dripping down that is very neat and can easily lift the machine for action. The Oracle Touch espresso machine also has a heated tray for cup warming. Dedicated warm water outlet that supplies hot water for Americano as well as preheating the cups and descaling the access point. It has a removable and capacitive drip tray. The trays’ Empty Me! indicator signals when it is full. A tool storage tray also to keep all the tools.


In the process of doing our Breville oracle espresso machine review, we got this bundle of accessories for the main product that you won’t have with other super-automatic espresso machines:

  1. Double spout portafilter handle.
  2. Milk pitcher, stainless steel-made.
  3. For cleaning purposes, a blind basket.
  4. A knock box for racking up used coffee pucks.
  5. Pro basket for a single shot for the single espresso.
  6. Pro basket for a double shot for the double espresso.

The baskets are not the amateurish double-walled types. But the professional barista kind. All of these mentioned products have the top-quality feel and look of components you’ll get in the coffee shops.

Even though this brushed stainless steel-made appliance weighs about 38 pounds, it’s not quite an immovable machine we had forethought. The roller bearings can be released or locked by revolving a knob on the machine are a help. Especially when it needs cleaning or repositioning.

Brewing Capacity And Process

Preparation of espresso-based drinks, customized coffee drinks, and frothing are made seamless and easier with the Oracle Touch espresso machine. The process is straightforward! Starts from the bean hopper. Beans will be put on the grinder. Then coffee grounds will be dispensed into the portafilter. Which will already be tamped and at the prime dose. Then, you can set the portafilter into the group head. Start brewing. Then, finally do the frothing.

It is indeed easy being said. The point about super-automatic machines is that you should set the variables that prepare a perfect cup of café quality coffee. Set each or some variables parameter. Then, it will give consistent results every time you make your coffee. So, below, we will talk about a detailed brewing procedure and what factors you need to get good with when making coffee with this particular machine.

Before you can step into grinding, from 5 pre-programmed coffee drinks, you have to select a drink. You need to warm up your glass or cup to hold the coffee’s prime temperature. Likewise, it’s also required to preheat your filter basket and portafilter for an indifferent reason. Cold portafilter can bring down the extraction temperature. That will also deter the quality of a drink.

Insert the bean hopper on top of the machine. Then, lock-in into its place. You can fill it up with fresh espresso beans. Now let the machine handle the rest. You can apply either a double or single filter basket to be paired with the portafilter, before locking it into the machine.

Oracle Touch espresso machine can grind just the correct quantity of coffee grounds. After this, dispense it into the portafilter. It will face automatic tamping and dosing. Thus, when you take the portafilter out of the cradle, all you have to do is accurately insert it back into the machine’s group head. Before you set the portafilter, it is compulsory to clear out the group head. It will allow water to run for about five seconds to move any residual coffee.

Once you lock in the portafilter correctly (see LOCK TIGHT position), touch the “Brew” tab. It will start the extraction. As already mentioned, you can select between custom, single, or double when you can set the brew timer. Press and hold the “Brew” button if you need to get into the manual extraction setting. You can tap again the “Brew” button to stop it.

Auto And Manual Milk Frothing

For the milk texturing and frothing, you can also do it manually or automatically. For automatic, fill up the jug with cold fresh milk just under the spout position. Then, lift up the steam wand and put it into the jug. Now, lower the steam wand and check that if it’s all the way down. Now tap the “Milk” button. It’ll automatically start the milk texturing. The process continues until it rises up to the selected temperature.

For the manual approach, it is almost the same steps. You just need to disable the automatic milk texturing and auto shut-off. How? Lift the steam wand. For around two seconds tap and hold the “Milk” button to get into manual mode. Once there, simply select the “Milk” button. It will start the manual frothing. Tap again when you feel like it’s done.

Now get the milk jug. Wipe the steam off the wand with a fabric. Lower the steam wand and push it downward. Doing so will start the automatic purging to clean the wand for the next use.

How To Use breville oracle touch fully automatic espresso machine

Getting The Breville Oracle Touch Up And Running

If you’re unpacking your immaculate new Breville the oracle touch coffee machine and anxious to have it make coffee noises, prior knowledge about a super automatic machine is an absolute advantage. Much like with other similar machines, begin with these pointers:

  1. Wash and scour all loose/removable parts thoroughly.
  2. Calibrate the grinder to a finer mode.
  3. Check out the settings and menu using both the display and the user manual.
  4. Fill up the detachable water tank.
  5. Test and then change the water hardness parameters, if it’s necessary.

You can pick and choose between a water tank that from the back pulls out, or one with a jug that is fillable. Most users tend to go for the jug approach. Remember, water tanks can rapidly turn dank. So make sure to clean it between uses.

After hitting the power tab for the first time, you’ll be taken to the setup menu automatically. It will guide you through the essentials. Thanks to their clearly orchestrated touch menu and the large display icons, it’s hard to get lost.

This is how you have come to the big moment. Load the beans, finish the first automated rinse and start brewing!

Before Using Breville oracle espresso machine

To fully value what makes espresso brewing with the Oracle Touch so comprehensive, you need to learn how to pull a shot with milk froth manually. So here are the steps:

  1. Grind coffee beans in a different grinder. In advance, set the right grind texture and determine the right dosage. You do that by carefully doing incremental adjustments while you test them on your machine’s portafilter.
  2. Manually tamp the grounds. Again, this is the aftermath of having achieved the perfect amount of wrist action and pressure with a kitchen scale.
  3. Setup the portafilter into your machine. Another task through repetition should be drilled into you that is cleaning your machine when the portafilter gets blasted off by the pressure.
  4. Begin the brewing process now. You should have already trial-and-errored your way to the accurate temperature, time of processing, and quantity of water for the portafilter.
  5. Froth the milk with the steam wand. But only after gallons and hours of milk have gone into acuminate whipping up perfect microfoam.
  6. Apply your experience and knowledge of the various milk and coffee ratios in many specialty beverages. After all, a cappuccino is not a flat white.

After Having a Super Automatic Oracle Touch Espresso Machine

The aforementioned steps are hard-won skillsets. But you can save yourself from this trouble completely. Jump into an awesome cup of coffee with the Breville Oracle Touch. Their helpful automatic shortcuts are:

  1. From viewing left to right, you have the grinder of the machine. Also brewing and frothing sections. Use the touch display to pick and operate on the stations. What steps needed to be done at each section is showed in the specific beverage’s menu. Work your way through them step by step or even go concurrently. The choice is in your hands.
  2. Dock the portafilter under the grinder. The beans will be automatically grounded and then compacted.
  3. Now, enter the portafilter at the brewing platform. It locks into the place easily and perfectly.
  4. If you wish, you can set your milk to froth. It is also a hands-free task. Meanwhile, your coffee is brewing as the stainless steel dual boilers operate individually.
  5. Each step is clearly defined on the touch display.

Honestly, you’d really have to do your worst to produce a bad cup of coffee with this machine.

Working With Portafilter

We also had our doubts about the factory mode on the dosage. It produces a little overfilled baskets. Just reduce the amount of coffee in little increments until the grinds create a fully flat surface just under the basket’s rim.

On the auto-tamp system expand the auger lock nut to do that. The machine will identify that the basket is full anyway and turn off the grinder’s dispenser.

Sometimes a change of coffee beans will require you to recalibrate your machine. With a little patient and practice, you’ll get it done.

And just like that, you will be ready to engage the portafilter in the brew group. Select if you like to pull a manual, single, or double shot.

The default settings for the single shot at 25 seconds and for a double at 30 seconds are right on the money. For a decent crema simply adjust the period in augmentation of one second.

Worried about the temperature? Rather leave it well alone if you are yet a newbie to this portafilter game. You really need to have your know-how before stepping into the subtleties of modification degrees for varying roasts.

Ultimately, you will have a very competent espresso machine that certainly looks the part with its quality crema. Plus, it can absolutely hold its own when compared to its competitors. Without a seasoned palate, you will be hard-pressed to separate the difference. Best of all, even a total amateur can do it right.

The Breville Oracle Touch Espresso Machine’s Milk Frother

Among the biggest wow factors of the Oracle Touch coffee maker is its automatic steam wand. At the touch of a single button, one can change the microfoam consistency according to the different temperatures ranging from 104 to 167 degrees Fahrenheit.

At 113 degrees Fahrenheit, milk is hardly denatured. Increase the heat from 131 to 140 degrees and you will be in the goldilocks latte art zone. Beyond 104 degrees Fahrenheit, you will be boiling your milk to death. Yet sometimes we do need really scalding hot liquid.

Ranged from 1 to 9, the levels of foam consistency are a sign of how firm your foam will be. At level 9, you will get a bubble bath. Level 3 is exactly where most of the latte artists practice.

And there’s no requirement to rethink the settings. When the machine turns off, the froth is set, no ifs and buts. You just have to clip the wand back into place. The important burst of cleansing steam is commenced automatically. You have to wipe the exterior of the wand with a fabric.

If you really have an urge to unfurl your barista wings, you can perform the full frothing process manually.

Remember, each of the special drinks on the menu has optimal settings set for you including the milk froth. Yet you can self –customize according to your desire. There’s no set right or wrong recipe.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning this machine doesn’t require much pondering. Since you can perform operations without any mess, all you have to do is scour the casing with a clean fabric. To remove some residues, it has an automatic eviction system both in the group head and the steam wand. So all you have to worry about are the cleaning cycle and the descaling.

The cleaning cycle back flushes the group head and cleans the screen. There’s a pop-up notification on the touch display to notify you that it’s time for the cleaning. On the other hand, the descaling cycle stops the buildup of scale and minerals. Again, the machine is clever enough to alert you when the next descaling is required.

For further tips and maintenance read the oracle touch espresso machine’s manual.

Why It’s Perfect For You

  1. Has automatic grinding, dosing, tamping, and steaming.
  2. Has automatic purge on the steam wand and the group head.
  3. The built-in tamper. It ensures consistent pressure and result.
  4. You can pick and choose between manual and automatic processes.
  5. It comes with a dual boiler. You can steam and brew simultaneously!
  6. Delivers great coffee. Makes it look like real barista-level brewing every time.
  7. Very easy to clean. Has reminders for the next descaling and cleaning cycle.

Why It’s Not Perfect For You

  1. It’s an expensive espresso machine.
  2. The model needs a big space on your kitchen countertop.
  3. Since it is automatic, troubleshooting is a greater headache.
  4. Warm-up length is way longer than other super-automatic machines.
  5. Some users grumbled that the replacement of the water filter is not available.
  6. There are trivial software bugs. Especially when listing modified coffee drinks.

Comparing With Similar Product

Oracle Touch VS Jura S8

3 Reasons For Oracle Touch

  1. Milk Tank: The Breville Oracle comes with a milk tank. But the Jura S8 model does not have this advantage.
  2. Bigger Water Tank Capacity: The Breville Oracle’s water tank capacity is 2.5L. That’s 0.6L more than the Jura S8s’s (S8’s capacity is 1.9L).
  3. Cheaper: The Breville Oracle Touch costs less than the Jura S8.

4 Reasons For Jura S8

  1. Built-in Milk Frother: The Jura S8 owns an integrated milk frother. But the Breville Oracle touch does not have this.
  2. Better Kagoo Score: The Jura S8 has a Kagoo score of 82. On the other hand, the Breville Oracle has only scored 74.
  3. 20 Months Newer: The Jura S8 was released in the market 20 months later than Breville Oracle touch.
  4. Better Brand: Jura coffee machines have a rating of 83.8% (average). However, Breville Oracle Touch espresso machine averages 75.1% ratings only.
JURA S8 Automatic Coffee Machine, Chrome
  • ONE TOUCH: Prepare 15 barista quality specialties including espresso, coffee, cappuccino, flat white and latte macchiato at the touch of a button
  • PERFECT ESPRESSO: Ultimate coffee quality thanks to JURA's exclusive Pulse Extraction Process
  • CONICAL BURR GRINDER: Fast and precise AromaG3 grinder grinds whole beans to the optimum fineness
  • ECO FRIENDLY: JURA is always freshly ground, not capsuled - fresh taste with very limited waste - single serve machine
  • CAPACITY: 64 ounce water tank, 10 ounce bean container

FAQ on Oracle Touch Review

  • Is Breville Oracle Touch worth the money?

    A hefty $2,500 price is above any entry-level portafilter and super-automatic machines. Yet, we admit that this is a great investment. Because the Oracle Touch has combined the best of both worlds.

  • What are the differences between Oracle and Oracle touch?

    The buttons are in the front for Breville Oracle. The Oracle Touch has no buttons because it has a full touch-screen control panel. The Breville Oracle model has dual knobs for the bean extraction and texturing of the milk. The Breville Oracle Touch only has a single knob for both of those tasks.

  • How long should a Breville espresso machine last?

    Five to ten years, providing you are willing to take care of the machine properly.

  • What espresso machine does Starbucks use?

    Starbucks has an exclusive brand for their machine named Mastrena. It is a Swiss company called Thermoplan AG that dedicated the brand only to Starbucks.

  • Which is better Jura or Breville?

    If you’re thinking about the most value for your money, Breville is a definite winner. However, if money is not really a concern for you and you just want to hit the highs, consider Jura.

  • Are Breville espresso machines worth it?

    High-quality espresso, modifiable settings, and modern design all make it well worth the price when it comes to Breville.

  • Do people add shots of espresso to black coffee?

    No. Because adding after it has been brewed, a shot of espresso will nullify the difference in your grind. If, before brewing, you are to mix the coffee that would be a foolish mistake. It will lead to a poor quality espresso drink.


All that being discussed here on the Breville oracle touch reviews, if you are searching for an espresso machine that delivers you with plenty of hand-holding yet comes up with a splendid amount of modification and an almost professional feel with it, the Oracle Touch is exactly what you need.

Happy Brewing!

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