Can You Put Honey In Coffee? A Research-Based Comprehensive Guide

Yes, you can put honey in coffee. Honey is a natural sweetener that can add flavor and sweetness to the coffee. It’s also a good source of antioxidants, which can help protect the body against disease.

None can deny the health benefits of honey. Folks use honey instead of sugar or other sweeteners because of its vast amounts of nutrients.

In today’s guide, we will try to get a satisfactory answer to “Can you put honey in coffee?”. Using honey in coffee is not a recent trend. People who start this trend are still unknown, therefore, we can guess that it’s been quite a while.

After completing this guide, you will understand why honey could be a better alternative to your regular cup of joe. You will find a handful of information about the components of honey and sugar, health benefits and risk, the maximum limit of adding honey, and many more. At the end of the guide, you will get some FAQs that will quench your curiosity, for sure.

Ready? Let’s dive right in.

honey in coffee instead of sugar

Honey In Coffee

According to the Daily History, people first used honey about 8000-9000 years ago. As we have mentioned earlier, using honey in coffee is not a recent trend. It could be the craving for testing different flavored coffee. This invention is definitely a positive change among coffee lovers throughout the world who used to make coffee using sugar. Let’s get some quick answers to some relevant questions.

Is Honey In Coffee A Healthier Alternative To Sugar?

Indeed, It’s a pretty good alternative. Sugar and honey contain glucose and fructose which are 2 types of sugar. Both these 2 types of sugar have the tendency to rise up the blood pressure level as the human body can absorb them effortlessly.

Although glucose and fructose are available in honey and sugar, the percentage is different. In sugar: Glucose 50% and Fructose 50%. On the other side, in honey: Glucose is 30% and Fructose 40%. Clearly, honey contains less sugar compared to regular sugar, hence, less risk to rise up blood pressure as well.

Besides, honey contains pollen which can be a shield against seasonal runny noses, allergies, and many other diseases. Due to the less fructose level, honey has less risk of obesity, diabetes, and fatty liver disease. Check out the Benefits of Honey In Coffee section for more information.

can you put honey in coffee

How Much Honey Should You Put In Coffee?

We would recommend you use 1-2 tablespoons of coffee for a single cup. Honey is pretty strong and it does contain sugar as well. Although the amount of Glucose and Fructose is lower than Sugar, excessive amounts can be harmful let alone offer health benefits.

Is It Bad To Put Honey In Hot Drinks?

Adding honey to hot drinks might be less beneficial as it might reduce various nutritional values. Some research has shown that adding honey to hot drinks can be toxic for the human body. As we know that honey contains sugar, therefore, heated-up honey can release 5-hydroxymethylfurfural which can be as harmful as causing Cancer.

For getting a healthy cup of coffee it’s better to put honey after letting it cool.

Is Coffee With Honey Good For Weight Loss?

Coffee itself is pretty good for losing weight. We all know the stimulant effect of coffee which can boost our energy level but how can it help you with weight loss? Caffeine which is a key component of coffee often used to make weight loss supplements.

Coffee can lose weight in 2 different ways: by mobilizing fat and by increasing the metabolism of our body. Now, let’s take a look at whether coffee with honey can give a better result.

Honey has a similar sort of activity. It can help to lose weight by reducing triglycerides, mobilizing stored fat, and burning excessive calories. Stored fat can cause overweight or obesity and coffee with honey can turn those fats into energy for daily activities.

Can We Add Honey In Black Coffee For Weight Loss?

black coffee with honey for weight loss

Black coffee is the regular type of coffee that typically tastes slightly bitter as folks don’t add sugar in order to keep it a low-calorie drink. However, some people used to add some nut milk or honey for enhancing the taste profile. Honey has quite a few health benefits. It has the ability to lose extra weight.

On the flip side, black coffee is also great for losing weight. It can increase the metabolism rate by about 50% and is known as a fat-burning drink. Black coffee and honey could be a great combination if you are looking for a safer sweetener option while you are trying to lose weight.

Key Benefits Of Drinking Honey-Coffee

Coffee has lots of benefits including burning fat, making you smarter, improving your energy level, etc. It can reduce the risk of diseases like Parkinson’s and Type 2 Diabetes as well. In short, coffee alone is a great drink. However, when we add some honey instead of sugar the coffee could be even better and more beneficial too. In the following section, we will talk about some benefits of honey. Let’s get started.

According to the USDA, 1 tbsp or 21 grams of honey contains 64 calories. On the flip side, 1 tbsp or 21 grams of sugar contains 81 calories. More calories can be the reason for gaining weight as our body can’t turn excess calories into energy

Honey contains some essential Vitamins and Minerals that you won’t get from Sugar. As honey is sweeter than sugar, therefore, you don’t have to add the same amount that you would for sugar.

benefits of honey in coffee

Honey can be great natural medicine for healing coughs. It’s possible because of honey’s antimicrobial characteristics. Honey’s high viscosity can protect wounds from spreading infections. Some study has shown that honey is better compared to mainstream medication. Along with the healing of cough, it can offer you sound sleep as well.

Honey is known to be a pretty good anti-inflammation agent. It can heal inflammations by downregulating some inflammatory transcription factors such as MAPK and NF-κB. It can also prevent the production of pro-inflammatory cytokines.

Consuming honey can help you to reduce Triglycerides. This harmful component can resist the flow of insulin and cause type 2 diabetes. Having excessive amounts of sugar can increase the level of Triglycerides. In such a case, honey could be an amazing alternative.

Honey is also great for controlling Cholesterol. It can reduce the level of bad Low-Density Lipoprotein or LDL at the same time increase High-Density Lipoprotein significantly. A high amount of LDL can lead to clogging arteries which is the core cause of heart attacks and strokes.

Honey contains antioxidants that have significant benefits on our health. Research has shown that it has polyphenols which are pretty powerful antioxidants to reduce the risk of cancer or other heart diseases. Honey can lower the level of blood pressure and save you from any sudden health risks.

Using sugar in your coffee can only provide you with some calories while honey can provide Vitamins and minerals along with some calories. Calories are definitely helpful to energize our body but excessive amounts are strictly prohibited. As we have said, honey is sweeter therefore you don’t need to use more honey for sweetening your coffee, that means, there’s no chance to consume lots of calories at once. 

Besides, honey is not a complex food for our digestive system as it can be broken down into simple particles while it’s being processed by bees. It’s also pretty good for offering some relief from Allergies.

Now, take some time and think about making coffee using honey. You are not just making coffee using honey, instead, you are making such a drink that has all the health benefits of both coffee and honey. Amazing, isn’t it?


  • What Do Coffee And Honey Do To Your Face?

    Both coffee and honey work amazing for skincare. Coffee is a rich source of antioxidants which helps to stimulate blood flow through the cells and reduce the puffiness on the face. Similarly honey does a great job of moisturizing the face. Its valuable vitamins and minerals help to reduce signs of aging like wrinkles, dryness, and dark spots.

  • Is Honey In Hot Tea Good For You?

    Undoubtedly honey is an awesome substance for health but when you add it to any hot drinks, It won’t be very wholesome for your health, rather it may be hazardous. Various research has shown that there is a significant rise in hydroxymethyl furfuraldehyde (HMF) in 60° and 140°C heated honey samples. So, adding honey to hot tea can bring a toxic effect on your drink.

  • Can We Mix Honey In Milk?

    Of course, You can add honey with milk. This combination is pretty good and is often used to bring a nice flavor into your drinks. Folks are used to decorating foods and can be featured in desserts. However, we would recommend you to not add honey with hot milk as it might reduce the nutritional value of honey and might bring some toxic effects too.

  • What Is The Healthiest Thing To Put In Your Coffee?

    There are a huge number of healthiest things available to put in your coffee. You can add your favorite dark chocolate and nuts to your coffee. No doubt unlimited sugar consumption in coffee is definitely a harmful habit. In that case, maple extract, honey, coconut sugar, etc can be more healthy options instead of regular sugar. Moreover, you can use cinnamon, vanilla extract, coconut milk, and cocoa powder in your coffee in order to add an extra bit of flavor.

  • How Can I Make Coffee Taste Better Without Sugar?

    You can use any sweetener as an alternative to sugar. If you are looking for natural alternatives then you can go with honey, maple syrup, molasses, coconut sugar, stevia, etc. For getting a better flavourful and creamy taste almond milk, dark chocolate, coconut cream, cinnamon, etc would be the better options. Moreover, if you have any health complexities you can use artificial sugar such as sucralose, aspartame, saccharin, etc.


Hopefully, you have got a satisfactory answer to “Can You Put Honey In Coffee”. We have tried to keep this guide simple to understand yet quite informational. Along with the answer, we have written about some of the benefits of making coffee with honey instead of using sugar.

If you still have any queries regarding this topic make sure to leave them in the comment section below. Don’t forget to share your thoughts as well and share this guide with your coffee lover friends who love coffee but are looking for alternative ways for making coffee without using sugar.

Happy Brewing!

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