The Capresso EC100 Review: Airy, Light Milk Froth, Fast, Easy To Use, And Consistent

Capresso as a brand name is renowned in the world of coffee machine makers. It’s been doing it for years. Capresso has been delivering top-notch coffee makers for quite a while. One particular model among their long line of successful machines that we’ll be looking at is the Capresso EC100.

The EC100 comes with pressurized sieves for excellent crema and 15 bars of pressure to ensure flavor-rich espresso. And then the dual frother wand offers robust steam/froth for delicious milky beverages. So read our Capresso EC100 review to find out whether it lives up to the reputation and tradition of the brand.

Capresso EC100 Summarized Pros and Cons


  • Large tank
  • Dual frother
  • Easy to clean
  • Thermoblock heating system


  • Inconsistent brew
  • The frothing wand length is short
  • Performance diminishes over time

Capresso EC100 Review: Key Features

Capresso EC100 Pump Espresso and Cappuccino Machine

  • Enjoy barista-quality brewed espresso with 15 bars of pressure from the Thermoblock Heating System
  • Versatility for one or two espressos or pre-packaged espresso pods with two filters
  • Durable stainless steel construction and integrated cup warming tray for convenience
  • Create cappuccinos and lattes with unlimited steam output from the Swivel Frother
  • Easy filling and cleaning with a removable 46-oz water container

Dual Frother

Capresso EC100 has a dual frother. This dual frother comes with separate frothing positions: one for steamed milk (latte) and the other for frothed milk (Cappuccino). The frothing sleeve lets the user swirl hot steam and air into the milk. Hence gives a rich, foamy veneer at the top of a cappuccino. While making lattes, you will need to detach the frothing sleeve. So that you can use the underlying steam tube that injects only hot steam into the milk to produce the ideal milk for a latte.

Thermoblock Heating System

Since Jura AG is the parent of Capresso, the unique Thermoblock mechanism from Jura got incorporated with stainless steel. It makes sure that the brewed coffee remains piping hot. As well as the authentic aroma and the flavors extracted from the coffee beans do not get watered down.

15-bar Pressure Pump

Like any of the best-quality espresso machines found in restaurants and cafes, the Capresso EC100 espresso machine also features a 15-bar pump. It helps to extract the deepest aromas and flavor out of the roasted coffee beans. You can also use finely ground coffee or pre-packaged espresso coffee pods to make a cup of espresso with this machine.

46 oz. Water Tank

The 46 oz. water reservoir allows for storing enough water for the user to brew several cups of coffee. It has a transparent body. So you’ll be able to check the water level while filling the tank up or even before brewing coffee. The water tank can also be easily detached in order to perform cleaning and maintenance of the machine. However, it’s not dishwasher safe. The tank only requires to be cleaned manually.

Removable Drip Tray And Warming Tray

The Capresso EC100s drip tray is also detachable. So it’s super hassle-free to clean the machine thoroughly and well. Its cup warming tray is made out of stainless steel. The warming tray does a good job keep the coffee hot for a prolonged period.

Additional Safety Features

The length of its electrical cord is kept short. Short enough so that it can remain out of the reach of the children as well as help your kitchen counter look less messy. There are indicator lights to alert you when the machine is switched on or off. Also, an auto shut-off program shuts down the coffee machine if being idle for 2 hours.

How To Use Capresso EC100

Before Using It For The First Time

Once you carefully unpack an EC100, wash all the removable parts. Use soapy warm water. Then rinse them thoroughly. Familiarize yourself with the machine by reading the official instructions manual. Plugin the power cord into a grounded wall outlet with proper safety precautions.

Always rinse the internal components before brewing an espresso. Fill the tank and then pump out a few ounces of water through its brew head and the steam wand. Read and learn the controls of the machine and how to warm up the internals and cups before serving. The official user guide explains these two parts extensively.

Making Espresso

  1. Check and make sure there is enough water in the water container
  2. Next, check if the filter holder with the sieve and ground coffee is properly in place. See if the cup(s) is/are already pre-warmed
  3. Place 1 or 2 espresso cups under the portafilter
  4. When the green ready light is lit, turn the selector dial on the left side toward the cup symbol
  5. When you brew the desired amount of espresso, halt the flow. To do such, simply turn the selector dial back to the center (pause/dot) position

It is usual for the green light to turn off while brewing. Indicating the thermoblock is heating up the water.

  • Remove the cup(s), sip, and enjoy. Within a few seconds, the green light will be illuminated, indicating that it’s ready for the next batch of brewing cycles

After ceasing the flow of espresso, the EC100 automatically makes a bit of steam and pushes the remaining water out of the thermoblock into the tray. This is done to ensure the discarding of any remaining water inside the heating system. After making a few cups of espresso you have to carefully pull out the tray from the machine, empty it, and reinstall it.

  • Discard the portafilter from the machine. Lift over the thumb guard from the sieve and hold it down. Turn the portafilter upside down. Tap out the used coffee grounds
  • Rinse the sieve under warm water. Make sure the holes are free of any coffee residue. Now it’s ready to prepare the next cup(s) of espresso

Making Cappuccino

Cappuccino is the blend of 1 or 2 shots of espresso. It’s an equal or larger amount of hot milk and milk froth. Frothing Milk always begins with cold milk. Skim or fat-free milk will make the most froth and give a stronger espresso taste. 1% and 2% milk will give less froth. Whole milk will make less than half the amount of froth compared to skim milk.

  1. Fill up a steel pitcher with 6 to 8 oz. of milk. This will offer enough froth for 2 to 3 cups of cappuccino. You have to ensure it has left enough available space in the pitcher for the milk as well as the milk froth to expand. Although we recommended using a stainless steel pitcher for milk frothing; ceramic or porcelain cups can also be used in this case
  2. First, make your espresso (see the above section). But use pre-heated, larger cappuccino cups instead of regular espresso cups
  3. Swivel the frother to the right. Immerse the black frother sleeve inside the pitcher about 2/3rds into the milk. Make sure the black sleeve during frothing does not hit the bottom of your pitcher
  4. Turn the selector dial to the right side (the steam symbol). Within 10 to 15 seconds your Capresso EC100 espresso machine will begin releasing the hot steam into the milk. During this release, the EC100 pump will produce intermittent noise. It happens when the droplets of water are inserted into the heating system for steam conversion. During this process, the green light will be off as the system will be heating up
  5. To halt the steam dispensing, turn the selector dial to the center position. Now remove the pitcher
  6. For a few seconds set the pitcher aside to let the froth get thickened
  7. Spoon the frothy milk over your espresso. Fill the rest of the cup with warmed milk
  8. Garnish with chocolate sprinkles or cocoa powder

To upend the temperature of the frothed milk, you have to stop the frothing action. Set the pitcher aside. Pull off the black milk frother sleeve. Now insert the frothing wand into the milk and begin steaming. The milk will get hotter without any frothing action.

You can also froth the milk first directly inside a cappuccino cup. Then add a shot of espresso. Prepare the portafilter and fit it into the machine. Now froth the milk inside the cup. Move the cup with the frothed milk beneath the portafilter. Add the shot of espresso. In this way, the milk does not get wasted.

Making Latte

Latte is the mix of 1 or 2 shots of espresso. With a larger or an equal amount of hot steamed milk and without or very little froth. Without the black frothing sleeve, the steam wand will generate steam only, no froth for the milk. Thus detach the black frothing sleeve. Then go on with steaming and brewing espresso as explained in the aforementioned sections. Proceed with caution as the steam wand can be extremely hot.

How To Clean

Cleaning And Maintenance

  1. Empty out and clean the drip tray regularly
  2. Do not soak the machine in water or any other liquid
  3. Clean the steam wand and frothing sleeve after each use
  4. With freshwater rinse the water tank, the support grid, and the tray frequently
  5. Do not use any harsh abrasive material for cleaning. Wipe down its housing with a damp fabric
  6. If the inside of the brew head gathers coffee oils, you can unscrew it for a thorough cleaning
  7. Always remember to disconnect the plug from the wall outlet. Let the machine cool down fully before cleaning
  8. With a damp cloth wipe the brew head. Be careful as the brew head is hot and carries the danger of scalding or burning
  9. Please note that when removing the water tank, small water droplets may gather on the receptacle for the valve. Simply wipe off the water droplets to avert water from running down the backside of your machine


Use cold clean water. The filtered or spring water will slow down calcium buildup. We advise descaling the Capresso EC100 espresso machine after 200 to 300 uses or at least every 6 months interval.

When applying commercial decalcifying agents, it’s compulsory to follow the required steps. You can also liquefy 4 tablespoons of Citric acid or Tartaric acid in 30 oz. of water. Do not apply vinegar as it will considerably decrease the life of the interior seal of the brew head.

Descaling The Brew Head

  1. Begin with removing the portafilter
  2. For optimum results, unscrew the screen inside the brew head. Wipe off left-over coffee residue with a damp cloth
  3. Fill the water reservoir with the decalcifying solution
  4. Place a large bowl under the brew head
  5. Push the On/Off button. Turn the selector dial to the left (cup symbol). Allow 1/3 to 1/2 of the solution to be pumped through the brew head and the system. No need to wait for the green light to signal
  6. Turn the selector dial to the center (pause) position to end the process
  7. Let the machine rest for about 10 minutes

Descaling The Frother

  1. First, remove the black frothing sleeve
  2. Fill up a pitcher with cold water (6 – 8 oz.). Soak the steam wand in the cold water
  3. Turn the selector dial to the right (steam) symbol. Let the steam pass through for 30 seconds. Repeat this step 3 or 4 times
  4. Process the remaining solution through the brew head

Cleaning The System

  1. Remove the water tank and rinse thoroughly. Fill it with fresh cold water
  2. Repeat the 4 – 7 steps of Descaling The Brew Head section with fresh cold water
  3. Replace the brew head screen and tighten the screw properly

Why Go For The Capresso EC100

  • The dual filters help guarantee the coffee is of the finest quality
  • It performs exactly what it is made for while being economically friendly
  • The machine will last with you throughout the greatest number of your coffee sessions, without complaints!
  • There are only 4 options, 2 of which are on and off buttons. One option is for brewing and another one is for steaming. Can’t be any simpler
  • The milk frother is one of the best parts of the Capresso EC100. Because a good frother can elevate an ordinary espresso into a quality latte or cappuccino

Why You Shouldn’t Go For The EC100

  • The Capresso EC100 espresso machine does not brew your coffee extremely hot. If you are someone who loves sipping on steaming, hot coffee, then this might not be the one
  • At times brewing coffee with the EC100 can require a little more effort. You have to give them a hard push with the tamper to get the most out of the flavor


Are Capresso Good-Quality Espresso Machines?

Yes. It makes a great-tasting espresso. Some of the other models can produce cafe-quality flat whites, lattes, and mochas too. The machines are designed simple and easy to use.

How Long Does A Capresso Machine Take To Warm Up?

The Capresso EC100 heat-up time is impressive. It only takes about a minute to get warm. Sometimes it may take 2 to 3 minutes depending on your own temperature preference.

What Type Of Coffee Pods One Can Use With A Capresso Coffee Machine?

ESE pods can be used with a Capresso Pump Espresso. Nevertheless, for the best-tasting coffee, we advise using coffee grounds (espresso or French roast coffee).


This Capresso EC100 review tried to focus on key aspects such as its dual swivel steam wand. It gives you the creativity and freedom you have to make your desired topping for your beverages. The water tank doesn’t come in contact with aluminum. Ensuring the full flavor and taste of the coffee.

The warm-up tray ensures that you’ll always have your cup of coffee hot. All in all, a great espresso machine capable of serving you high-quality coffee. Some customers have complained about the depreciation in its performance with time. But at its price point, it still holds a good deal to go with.

Happy Brewing!

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