Size Chart of Coffee Cups, Mugs, and Tumblers

Coffee cups are essential for holding coffee drinks. But, it also needs to adjust with the drink size. You are not drinking water in regular glass as per your wish. That’s why the coffee cup sizes chart has its presence.

Espresso and Latte need different sizes of cups. Various coffee chain shops offer their special sizes. Similarly, travel mugs also need size preferences. So, no alternatives for the coffee cup sizes chart.

So, different cups and mugs for serving are mandatory. Since there are enormous varieties of coffees, you should follow the coffee cup sizes chart.

Various Types Of Coffee Cups And Mugs

Lots of cups and mugs are utilized for serving coffee drinks. Regular mugs usually contain 240–350 ml (8–12 fl oz in the US or 8.3–12.5 imp fl oz in the UK) of liquid. Coffee cups vary according to the volume of coffee beverages. You must notice 3 variations of coffee drinking containers.

  • Cups
  • Mugs
  • Tumblers

Cups are usually utilized in cafés and on former occasions. But, mugs are casual, regularly usable, and large containers for coffee lovers.

Tumblers are neither categorized as cups nor mugs. It is something else, a long and cylindrical drinking pot. It may come with a lid or without it. Tumblers are popular among travel guys.

Why Do We Need Different Sizes Of Coffee Cups?

In cafes, we all see different cups coming with various coffee drinks. Yes, it is just a beverage, but each cup or mug has a significant role to play. Coffee beverages are served hot. So, it means to drink hot as well. So, it is not wise to pour a small amount of coffee into large mugs or cups. This space in the mugs cools down the coffee beverages quickly. So, we need a perfect-sized cup or mug to pour and serve coffee beverages.

There are more reasons to have differently-sized cups. For example, a cappuccino is an espresso-based drink, but you cannot make it in the demitasse. Demitasse can hold only 2-4 fluid ounces in it. But, cappuccinos are 5-6 fluid ounces with multiple layers. It contains layers of espresso, steamed milk, and foamed milk. For Latte, you need a larger cup of 7-8 ounces with a vaster rim. Otherwise, Latte art is not easy in a tiny space. As for these various requirements, we need to use diverse cups for different coffee drinks.

Sometimes serving styles vary from one café to another. Also, coffee items influence cafés to select a beverage container for serving. For example, ridged glass or rock glass is used to serve slightly hot coffee with creams. Affogato is also served in Irish glasses in some places. You will find the coffee mug and cup sizes chart in the next section. 

Instead of the standard coffee mug or cups, the coffee chain shops use fixed cup sizes. So, if you are going to open a café, you must learn about the coffee mug sizes chart prior. You might through a party at your house and plan to serve coffee on your own. Then, you also need knowledge of standard coffee cup sizes. So, keeping a coffee cup sizes chart will be very helpful.

Chart For Different Coffee Cups, Mugs, And Tumblers

This section is about the chart of coffee cups, mugs, and tumblers. Besides, we will explain Starbucks coffee cup sizes as well. We will try to include a few other coffee shop glass sizes for your understanding. The first one is standard coffee cups and mug sizes.

coffee cup sizes chart

Coffee Cup Sizes Chart

Type of CoffeesSizes (fl. oz.)Sizes (ml)Serving Container Type
Espresso2-360-90Demitasse or Espresso cup
Cappuccino5-6142-177Dome-shaped Cappuccino cup
Latte7-8220-240Reverse Dome-shaped Latte cup
Brewed Coffee6-15177-443Larger mugs or Tumbler glasses
Iced Coffee12355Larger mugs or Tumbler glasses
Caffè Macchiato260Demitasse
Flat White5-6142-177Tulip-shaped cappuccino cup
Café Mocha12350Irish coffee glass
Cortado4-5113-148Double-layer glass cup
Affogato5-7142-199Glass Dessert Dish
Turkish Coffee2-375Small Turkish cup
Travel Coffees12-20350-600Travel Tumbler

We have tried to cover the volume ranges worldwide in the standard coffee cup sizes chart. This prolonged listing is because different country serves coffee beverages in different amounts. And, we do not know from which corner you are following my suggestions. So, being fair is a good thing. There are other coffee beverages, but these 12 can help you out for the rest.

  • The concentrated Espresso shots are full-body and small amounts of coffee beverage. So, it needs a tiny cup or rock glass that can be full with this short amount. Similarly, Caffè Macchiato needs a small cup-like demitasse
  • LatteCappuccino, and Flat white are medium-sized drinks that need dome-shaped large-sized cups. You can use medium-sized coffee mugs as well to serve
  • Café Mocha is a gigantic serving that uses Irish coffee glasses to serve
  • Cortado is a small number of coffee drinks usually put in glass cups. You can also fit it in small glass mugs
  • And, Affogato is not coffee, but a dessert served with coffee and others. So, it suits glass dessert dishware in most places. In some cafés, they use porcelain or ceramic cups for serving

Coffee connoisseurs love brewed coffee more than any other fancy coffee beverage. Depending on preferences, they consume different amounts of brewed coffee. So, it is easy to order various portions of brewed coffee from a café. We usually have small, regular, and large ordering options in most cafés. Same for the Americano drinks. Travel coffees are none other the brewed coffees. Just the difference is selling it in travel tumblers. You can buy tumblers and fill them up with home-brewed coffee as well.

Cup Sizes Of Starbucks Coffee Drinks

Name of sizeSizes (fl. oz.)Sizes (ml)Serving beverage
Short8227Coffee travelers
Tall12350Flat white
Grande16455Americano, brewed coffee, Cappuccino, Latte
Venti20568Any coffee beverages in a larger portion

Starbucks introduced its size categories all over the world. So, you do not get confused when you are about to order your favorite drink. Any size of Starbucks coffee glasses is suitable for the cup holder of your vehicle.

Except for these 4 types, they also had other categories. It includes solo, doppio, triple, and quad. These types are for espresso drinks.

Cup Sizes Of McCafe Coffee Drinks

Type of sizeSizes (fl. oz.)Sizes (ml)

McCafé is the coffee beverage chain shop of McDonald’s food company. In 1993, the company first introduced its beverages in Melbourne, Australia. They focus on espresso-based coffee drinks. It conquered both Australia and New Zealand with its service.

Then, they expanded their coffee chain in the USA, Europe, Africa, Canada, and Turkey. They usually serve every drink in these 3 sizes. So, you can order coffee beverages of any size from the McCafé.

Coffee Cup Sizes Chart: Comparing Europe And American Standards

Coffee cup sizes can vary between countries and even individual coffee shops, but there are some general standards for coffee cup sizes in Europe and America. It’s important to note that these sizes may not be uniform, and you might encounter variations. Additionally, some coffee shops use Italian or European sizing for espresso-based drinks. Here’s a general comparison of coffee cup sizes in Europe and America:

Type of DrinkEurope
(fl. oz.)
United States of America
(fl. oz.)
Espresso1 – 21 – 2
Café Americano4 – 68 – 16
Cappuccino68 – 12
Latte8 – 128 – 16
Flat White8 – 128 – 12
Macchiato2 – 32 – 4
Drip Coffee (Filter Coffee)8 – 128 – 16
Standard coffee cup sizes chart in Europe and America

It’s important to remember that these are general guidelines, and individual coffee shops may offer different sizes and variations based on customer preferences. Additionally, the trend toward specialty coffee has led to more diverse coffee sizes and styles in both Europe and America.


What is the standard coffee cup size?

The standard coffee cup size is 8-10 fl oz (US) or 236-296 ml. But if you go for coffee mugs, it might increase the volume a little bit. The standard coffee mug size is 8-12 fl oz (US) or 236-296 ml.

How do you measure a coffee cup’s size?

Measuring a cup size varies from country to country. You solely need to measure the liquid coffee drinks that the cup holds. A standard coffee cup contains 240 ml (8.12 US fl oz) liquid. And, it is 8.45 imp fl oz in the UK. You can measure cups according to dry measure or others.

What is a large coffee cup size?

The large coffee cup size is 568-591 ml (20-22 US fl oz). This range is used in Starbucks (Venti) and McCafé. It is the largest coffee cup size in chain coffee shops worldwide. But, Starbucks has 16 US fl oz cup sizes. It is called Grande. Most drinkers consider these as large serving cups from Starbucks.

What size is a flat white cup?

The usual serving size of a flat white coffee cup is 142-177 ml (5-6 US fl oz). It is almost a similar size to a regular cappuccino serving cup size. And it is smaller than the latte cups. You can pick a Tulip-shaped cappuccino cup for serving flat white.


As a final word, incompatible cups are not suitable for your coffee drinks. At home, you may ignore the standard coffee cup sizes chart. But, the same doing outside might not reflect that you are knowledgeable enough. We hope our research will help you get rid of these embarrassing situations. In the end, you are more concerned about different coffee cup sizes. So, why don’t you save my charts for further use?

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