How To Clean Jura Coffee Machines: The Ultimate Smart Guide

Jura specializes in making super-automatic espresso machines. This is why Jura has a relatively smaller range of machines. But as you’re already aware, all Jura machines are compact, feature-filled, and pricey.

By default, super-automatic machines handle their own cleaning cycles, no matter their brands. So you might be thinking, why is there any need to learn how to clean Jura coffee machines? The answer is, for Jura machines, it’s the sophistication that comes with Jura machines. And users also don’t want to engage with an expensive machine that’s sophisticated as well – the good old fear of “one wrong move could screw up my machine”.

Jura machines are all super-automatics, and Jura applies its own features to their machines. So, it has become easier for us to generalize and explain the cleaning cycles that apply to all of Jura’s machines.

Well, it’s time to dust ourselves off and learn how to clean Jura coffee machines safely and smartly.

What Exactly Happens During Jura Cleaning?

Jura automatic coffee machines all come with integrated rinsing and cleaning programs. All the programs can be displayed and accessed from the user panel.

At the touch of a button, a Jura cleaning tablet combined with 80° water temperature performs the automatic cleaning. The high temperature kills off the germs and removes all coffee residue, oils, and fats from the brewing unit.

If you make any specialty coffee with milk and milk foam, Jura’s integrated milk system automatically performs the rinsing and cleaning programs and ensures a very high level of cleanliness and convenience.

Please note that Jura’s official website provides all the cleaning products for their machines as well! So, we recommend you also check out their offerings before using other cleaning products for your Jura espresso machine.

Rinsing Jura Machine

  • Start the coffee system rinsing manually (at any time) from the user panel.
  • Place a bowl or receptacle under the spouts.
  • Select the ‘Rinse’ option from the settings to start the operation.
  • The rinsing will stop automatically once done.

Milk System Rinsing


  • Jura’s milk system is automatically rinsed after 8 minutes after each milk preparation.
  • Therefore, always put a bowl/receptacle underneath the dual spouts after your milk steaming and/or frothing.

Manual Cleaning

  • To ensure optimal performance from the Jura milk system and its dual spouts, you must clean them daily (if you’ve been preparing milk).
  • Go to the start screen, find, and select the “Clean the milk system” option.
  • Remove the tube from the milk container.
  • Pour one unit of Jura milk system cleaner into the container.
  • Place the container right under the dual spouts and connect its milk tube with the container correctly.
  • Slide and adjust the dual spouts to fix the container in place if necessary.
  • Select “start” from the user panel and your Jura will rinse the dual spouts and the milk tube automatically.

Manually Cleaning A Jura Machine

Your Jura machine will notify you to perform manual cleaning after 180 preparations (or 80 switch-on rinses).

Please note that you must avoid using the wrong cleaning agent for this task. Applying the wrong cleaning agent will damage the machine as well as leave behind traces of it in the water.

The cleaning program is 20 minutes long. And while you’re at it, don’t interrupt the program. We strongly suggest you use only Jura cleaning tablets.

So, here’s the step-by-step guide to manually cleaning the machine:

  1. Once your Jura starts to show the cleaning alert, locate and select the cleaning program from the user panel.
  2. Once you select that program and set it to start, the machine will show an “empty coffee grounds container” message.
  3. So, empty out the drip tray and the ground container. Put them back into the machine correctly and let your Jura machine know to proceed to the next step.
  4. Place a bowl/receptacle under the spouts and tell the machine to proceed.
  5. The machine will begin the process and pour out a bit of water out of the dual spouts initially.
  6. After that, the Jura machine will request that you add a cleaning tablet. So, open up the funnel for ground coffee and insert a Jura cleaning tablet.
  7. Close the funnel and let the machine know to proceed forward.
  8. Water will start to flow out of the dual spouts repeatedly as part of the cleaning cycle.
  9. In the end, the machine will ask you to empty the drip tray and the ground container. So, do that and properly reattach them to the machine. 

Descaling A Jura Machine

Jura automatic espresso machines also build up deposits of limescale over time. Jura machines are programmed to automatically prompt you to descale them when necessary. The degree of calcification largely depends on the hardness of the water.

Note: If your Jura comes with the CLARIS Smart filter cartridge, you won’t be prompted to descale.

Let’s dive into the step-by-step descaling procedure:

  1. You’ll see the ‘Descale’ alert on the user panel.
  2. Once you start the procedure, your Jura will ask you to empty the drip tray and the grounds container.
  3. After emptying them, put them back into your Jura machine and proceed to the next step.
  4. Once you see the machine telling you to remove the water tank, do so and empty it out.
  5. Now dissolve 3 Jura descaling tablets in 600 ml of water completely.
  6. Pour the solution into that empty water tank and reattach it back to the machine.
  7. Place a bowl/receptacle under the hot-water spout and coffee dual spouts.
  8. Instruct your machine to proceed to the next step.
  9. Water will flow out of the hot water and dual spouts repeatedly into the receptacle and drip tray.
  10. After a while, your Jura will again ask you to empty the drip tray and grounds container. So, do that and put them back into the machine.
  11. Now the machine will instruct you to fill the water tank with fresh water.
  12. So, take out the water tank, rinse it thoroughly, fill it with fresh water, and finally reattach it back to the machine.
  13. Once done, empty out your receptacle again and replace it under the spouts. Now confirm the machine and instruct it to go onto the next step.
  14. Water will again flow out into the drip tray from the hot water and dual spouts repeatedly.
  15. Your Jura machine will now ask you to empty out the drip tray for the last time. So empty the drip tray and ground container. Fit them back into the machine correctly. Confirm it with your Jura machine through the user panel.

Note: The descaling program is almost 45 minutes long.

Descaling The Water Tank

Limescale deposits can also form in your Jura water tank. You can also perform descaling on the water tank on a regular basis. It’s easy, and here are the steps:

  • Remove the water reservoir and remove the CLARIS Smart filter cartridge.
  • Completely fill up the water reservoir and dissolve 3 descaling tablets in it.
  • Leave the water reservoir filled with the descaling solution for several hours (preferably overnight).
  • Empty the water tank and rinse it thoroughly.
  • Insert your CLARIS Smart filter cartridge again (if you’re using one).
  • Finally, fill the water tank with fresh water and reinsert the tank.

About CLEARYL Water Filter

We recommend using Jura’s very own CLEARYL filter. In addition to calcium, minerals, and fluorides, the water in many areas around the world contains traces of harmful elements like lead, copper, aluminum, and chlorine.

Water quality and water hardness vary from region to region. With the CLEARYL filter, you’ll be delivered freshly filtered water consistently. It absorbs harmful substances from the water while retaining the right amounts of important fluorides. It helps to develop the flavors and full-bodied taste experiences in the final cups.

Surprisingly, the CLEARYL filter is so good at its job that descaling is not necessary if you use a CLEARYL filter in your Jura machine. The most important new feature of this filter formula is that the calcium carbonate gets fully stabilized in the water. As a result, limescale doesn’t build up even with frequent usage.

According to Jura instructions, each CLEARYL filter lasts up to 2 months, which is equal to 50 liters of water passing through the filter. Jura machines also notify when to change the filter.

Tips On Keeping Your Jura Optimal

Regular maintenance is the key to a long and healthy lifespan for your Jura super-automatic. And we’ve got some important tips on that.

  • Set the water hardness level correctly with your Jura coffee machine. It’s so vital because the machine prompts for filter change and/or descaling at the correct intervals, based on the water hardness level.
  • Never back off from carrying out 2-3 descales per year and replacing water filters.
  • Always use the correct cleaning products for your Jura machines.
  • Don’t ignore the cleaning cycles and perform at least once per month.
  • Descale your Jura’s water tank as we’ve explained earlier in the article.
  • Always clean Jura’s drip tray weekly.
  • Clean the milk system: follow the manual cleaning process as well as the automated one.


Are Jura Machines Self-Cleaning?

Yes, all Jura machines automatically rinse themselves when turned on. However, full cleaning and descaling cycles require human assistance.

How Many Cleaning Tablets Are Needed For Each Cleaning Cycle?

One Jura cleaning tablet is enough for a full cleaning cycle but three tablets are needed for the descaling.

Can I Use Vinegar To Descale A Jura?

While many coffee machines can work with vinegar, Jura machines can’t. It’s proven that vinegar makes irreversible internal damage in a Jura machine.

How To Clean A Jura Milk Tube?

Jura’s milk system cleaning cycle takes care of that generally. You can also remove the tube from the machine and rinse it daily with warm water.

How Do I Manually Clean My Jura?

Just navigate through the user panel and select the cleaning cycle option. This will start the cleaning cycle.


Cleaning a Jura machine can become very simple, and our article intends to make that case. Jura machines are automatic espresso machines that have no-nonsense features that are almost exclusive to their brand. These features are complicated and demand a learning curve from the users.

In fact, this is why users might lose patience and consequently feel reluctant to get on with the demands of the machine. But there are no shortcuts to quality shots of espresso from these exquisite espresso machines. Needless to say, the more effort you put into your Jura machine, the fewer problems you’ll face from them, which will eventually ensure brew quality and the longest lifespan of your Jura machine.

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