How To Make Red Eye Coffee: 5 Easy Steps

Red Eye coffee is a drink made with drip coffee and either single or double shots of espresso. The name refers to a “red eye flight”—an overnight airline flight that causes the passengers to have tired reddish eyes. This is also an indicator of what kind of situation this drink is suitable for. Mixing these two types of coffee creates an incredibly strong caffeine mix. Drink this with caution and only if you absolutely require this level of caffeine intake.

The Recipe Specifications

  • Time required: 10 minutes
  • Drink size: 10 – 12 oz. (1 serving)
  • Ratio: 1:1 (1 cup of drip coffee to 1 shot of espresso)


  • A drip coffee machine
  • An espresso machine
  • A coffee grinder
  • A serving glass


  • Espresso beans for making espresso
  • Fresh coffee beans for drip coffee

Step-By-Step Instructions

Step 1

Grind the coffee beans for your drip brew and espresso brew. Use a medium coarse grind for drip machines and a fine grind for espresso machines

Step 2

Start your drip coffeemaker and start the drip coffee brewing

Step 3

Once done, pour it into a tall serving glass

Step 4

Now, pull your single shot of espresso with the espresso machine

Step 5

Pour the espresso over the drip coffee you just made. Stir the drink and serve!

Note: The espresso must be poured over the coffee to conserve the espresso crema effect on top.

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