How to Set Timer on Cuisinart Coffee Maker

In our busy, fatigued, and monotonous regular life, a cup of hot and smoky coffee can drive away all types of weariness and give a Refreshing sensation. Coffee is a worldwide popular beverage which refreshing us from our tiredness. Even the beautiful aroma of coffee triggers our minds with joy.

Coffee is a very compatible drink regardless of time or place. If the beans of coffee do not roast, ground, and then brewed not perfectly then the drink won’t taste good.

If you have a programmable Cuisinart Coffee Maker, you’re the lucky one who can taste the first smoky cup before starting a day. It’s very easy to operate Cuisinart coffee makers.

To set the timer on Cuisinart Coffee Maker, you can follow the instruction booklet. you find the instruction booklet with the Cuisinart Coffee Maker. Don’t worry, if you don’t have the instruction guide or booklet. Here I’m discussing, how to set timer on a Cuisinart Coffee Maker.

Freshly Brewed Cup Of Coffee

Making a perfect cup of coffee in the traditional method is a lengthy process. In the age of modern technology, coffeemaker helps to do these steps. In this case, Cuisinart coffeemaker can be a good helper to you. Cuisinart coffeemaker has programmable features for making coffee. You can set the types of brewing and time, amount, and strength of your coffee that you want to make for and so on.

Cuisinart is a home appliance brand under Conair Corporation based on America. This company is famous for its electric food processor since 1973. They also sold other kitchen appliances. Their products are accessible to everyone. Even for those people who have limited vision and mobility. Most of their products are easy to operate, automatic, and programmable.

how to set timer on cuisinart coffee maker
Set Auto Timer on Cuisinart Coffee Maker

Cuisinart coffee makers are very reliable and resonate with price. Some of them comes with built in grinder. We have included one of them in our best coffee maker with grinder reviews.

A coffeemaker is an electric cooking appliance which is generally used to brew coffee. Some coffeemakers have a grinding option where roasted coffee beans can be ground. After that brewing with water and filtering, then put the extract into a coffee jar or a cup. Cuisinart Company set a timer in their coffeemaker.

So, the coffeemaker performs the steps of coffee making and gives you ease while you are busy with your work. This timer function lets the coffeemaker starts work at a fixed time that you set before. For setting a timer in Cuisinart coffeemaker, you need to know a few steps. After that, you can use this feature at any time when you are busy or need to take some rest.

A coffeemaker consists of a small pot which is used as a water reservoir. In this pot, boiling water is circulated through a small chamber. This chamber holds the ground coffee. There are completely two different control panels in Cuisinart Coffeemaker. One uses for hot water and another one uses for brewing coffee.

Cuisinart Coffeemaker Controls

How To Set Auto Timer On A Cuisinart Coffee Maker
Cuisinart Coffee Maker Control Panel

1- 4 cup brew functions with indicator: 

For making 4 cups or fewer, engage this button. This feature improves extraction, Temperature, and flavor.

HR and MIN Button

Those buttons are used to set program functions like Auto On and Auto Off times. It is also used to set Hours and minutes to turn the Cuisinart Coffeemaker on by itself in the next morning.

Clock Display

It displays the time of day, Auto-Off and, Auto-On time.

CLEAN function with indicator

When the indicator is lit up, it is time to clean the coffeemaker. A programable Cuisinart coffee maker has self clean button. Self clean button initiates automatic cleaning features. If there is calcium buildup in nozzle, you need to clean the coffee maker.

Always keep your coffeemaker clean to have the perfect taste. Just initiate Self clean and wait a while.

Function knob

This knob works for 5 functional options:


If the knob is set to the Auto On function, the Machine turns itself on every day at a fixed time during the 24 hours. To do so the time has to be set using Hour button and Minute Button.


If the knob is set to the PROG function, can program any functions for Automatic queues.


If the knob is set at the clock function, use this option to set program time of day.


If the knob is set on Brew function, it will start brewing and your coffee pot will slowly fill up. 


Since the AUTO ON function is activated, it is good practice to activate the AUTO OFF function too. The time can be set between Zero minute to four hours using the Hour button and Minute Button.

ON/OFF Button

Surrounded by a circular blue light, use this button to turn on or turn off the Coffeemaker.


Use this knob for setting a Carafe temperature. There are three Buttons for setting levels of Carafe temperature. Set for low temperature, M for medium temperature, H for high temperature.

ON/OFF Button

Surrounded by a circular blue light, use this button to put on or put off the hot water system.

Water dispenser with safety feature 

This dispensing lever dispenses hot water. There is a lock feature with the dispenser to protect unavoidable accidents.

WATER READY with indicator: 

When the water is getting hot and ready to use, the water ready indicator is lit up.

ADD WATER with indicator: 

If there is no water in the water pot, the add water indicator will light up.

How To Set Timer on Cuisinart Coffee Maker

5 Steps of Setting Timer on Cuisinart Coffee Maker
5 Steps of Setting Timer on Cuisinart Coffee Maker

The Cuisinart Coffee PLUS 12 Cup Programmable Coffeemaker & Hot Water System (CHW-12) is designed to use the Coffeemaker and Hot Water System separately as well as simultaneously. Before setting the timer, please close the top cover, set the glass carafe in position on the heater plate. After plugging in the coffeemaker, the default time 12.00 p.m. will appear in the clock.

Set the function knob to the CLOCK position. Until the Clock display begins flashing, hold either the HR or MIN Buttons down. After Flashing the Clock display, use either button to select the times.

For advancing one digit at a time, press and release the button. To scroll through the digits, hold any button down. While scrolling, at first the numbers advance in slow and then speed up.

When the clock display is set to the desired time, release the button. If the PM (post meridiem) time is required, you should select the PM indicator. To finish setting the clock, wait until the number stops blinking. Thus, the timer could be set for AUTO ON, AUTO OFF, BREW, or PROG function.

At first, the function knob is set at the program button. The clock displays the default 12.00 p.m. time or the previous selected Auto-On time. As described before, The HR and MIN buttons are used to program for starting brew-time. After that, the function knob is set at the AUTO ON. The Clock displays the current programmed time.

Then, press and release the ON/OFF button. The Auto-on mode is activated and the blue indicator near the AUTO ON button is lit up. Later, the blue light around the ON/OFF button will be lit up with the starting of the brew cycle.

For setting the brew time on the next day, the knob is set to the AUTO ON and the ON/OFF button is pressed and released. The knob is set at AUTO OFF and the Time should be set for stopping brew time. 

Finally, The Cuisinart Coffee PLUS 12 Cup Programmable Coffeemaker & Hot Water System (CHW-12) is easy to use and convenient. Especially for family members who want not only Coffee But also tea. It’s great to have this as a household option.

Final Words

Cuisinart coffeemaker makes the procedure of coffee making easy and saving your time. You can also set your preferences according to your taste while you are making coffee. The charcoal filter ensures water quality. Basket filter sieves the sediment of the coffee so that you can taste your coffee till the last drop. The thermal carafe keeps your coffee warm. When everything is set and ready then why are you waiting for? Only grab a box of fresh coffee ground, water, and make your most desired cup of coffee.

Enjoy Your Coffee!!

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