Jura Cup Warmer Review [2023]: For Preserving Coffee Potency And Aroma

However or wherever you are consuming coffee, you have got to stop drinking from a cold cup! A cold cup diminishes the taste and temperature of hot coffee when poured in. So, to conserve and stabilize, you need a cup warmer. Numerous espresso machines do come with warming plates beneath their coffee spout or on top of them.

But, what if you don’t have such an espresso machine? Or, you may have one but it doesn’t house enough cups for you. Solution – the Jura 72229 Cup Warmer. The Jura Cup Warmer review will tell you why you won’t have to worry about losing optimal temperature, flavor, and aroma daily. Jura Cup Warmer is here to make it possible for home as it can house various sizes of cups, mugs, and glasses.

Below we’ll briefly and concisely state why a cup warmer is needed in the first place.

Why Use A Cup Warmer?

  • If you serve coffee in cold porcelain cups, the taste experience turns to inferior quality. And it gets worse when the cup size is smaller (for example espresso or ristretto)
  • The cold porcelain cups instantly take away the heat from the hot, freshly brewed coffee. So much so, that reduces its temperature by 10°C – which makes it cool down faster
  • When you add sugar and cold cream to espresso and then stir it with a cold spoon, the coffee temperature falls by another 10°C – making it less pleasurable to drink
  • The delightful aromas from the coffee brewing will lose their intensity and fragrance if served at room temperature or in a colder cup
  • A warm cup also helps to retain the crema for a longer period
  • Porcelain cups can also be pre-warmed with hot water or steam. But, the most convenient solution is to use a cup warmer

Now, let’s see how this Jura Cup Warmer is made to warm cups and prevent all of the big no-no’s stated above.

Jura Cup Warmer (Platinum Finish)

  • 131°F – the optimal temperature for all espresso and cappuccino preparations
  • Two drawers with a modern cushioning system allow for smooth and silent closing
  • Programmable switch-on and switch-off times enable eco-intelligence and energy efficiency
  • Automatically switches off after 12 hours if no switch-off time is programmed
  • An extra cup tray on top provides additional storage space
  • Accommodates cups up to a diameter of 3.5 inches and a height of 4.3 inches

Jura Cup Warmer Review: Key Features

The Optimal Temperature

Made for conscious-minded espresso aficionados, the Jura Cup Warmer is designed to keep the cups inside exactly at 131°F with 2 heating elements — an ideal brew-ready temperature level from a fiery espresso to a cappuccino topped with milk foam.

Optimum Cup Storage Space

The sizeable yet slim machine comes with a modern cushioning system. It makes the 2 drawers close silently and smoothly. Absolutely optimal for domestic usage. The maximum size capacity for a cup is 3.5 inches and 4.3 inches (width and height respectively). Each level houses 5 espresso cups, 4 coffee cups, or 6 cappuccino cups. The closed structure prevents heat loss and keeps the cups from getting dusty.

Guaranty Of Having Delicious Coffee

As we’ve explained already coffee tastes best when served hot. If you pour hot coffee into cold porcelain cups, the heat will get lost. Way too much, to be honest. On the other hand, in pre-warmed cups, the mouthwatering aroma will be able to fully release and reside in its entirety. Jura cup warmer offers to be that ideal accessory for ensuring authenticity.

Smart And Pre-Programmable

The eco-intelligent cup warmer offers a programmable automatic on/off feature. It can adapt to your schedule and pre-warm the cups suited to that timeline. It also automatically switches itself off after 12 hours.

Jura Cup Warmer: Technical Specifications

First and foremost, it can store plenty for you. With 2 drawers, each drawer is capable of housing 6 cappuccino, 4 coffee, or 5 espresso cups in it.

It’s a sizeable machine for its storage prowess, so it takes a (H x W x D) dimension of 12 x 4.8 x 13.7 inches while it weighs 8.36 lbs. A decent 3.6 feet cable length compensates for any movement. To run this warmer you’ll need a 60 Wattage power supply and 120 Volt with 60 Hz frequency. Jura also offers a 2-year warranty on this 72229 model.

Made perfectly for home use the Jura cup warmer is suitable for cups with a 9 x 11 cm. diameter and height. Inside the 2 drawers, it has a modern cushioning system for smooth and silent closing.

Precise diameter spacing for 4 coffee cups (6.6 cm diameter), 5 espresso cups (diameter 5.7cm), or 6 cappuccino cups (9 cm diameter). Two heating elements maintain a constant temperature of around 55°C which is ideal from an espresso to a cappuccino. For maximum usage of space, capacity, and power it has a passive aluminum warming tray.

It has not only programmable auto switch-on and off options but also automatic switch-off features that work after 12 hours of inactivity.

Pros And Cons


  • Suitable for different cup sizes
  • Plenty of space for mugs and cups
  • Pre-programmable timer made it super easy in the morning
  • Maintains optimal temperature for your cup, mugs, or glasses


  • Larger-sized cups can’t fit in
  • It takes up extra counter space
  • Pre-program features are not easy to set
Jura Cup Warmer (Black)

  • Keeps cups at a constant, optimal temperature of 131 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Features silent and smooth closing drawers with a modern cushioning system
  • Programmable switch-on and switch-off times ensure the eco-friendly operation
  • Automatically switches off after 12 hours for added convenience and safety
  • Great addition to any modern kitchen setting

How To Use And Maintain Jura Cup Warmers

Setting Up

  • Always set the machine on a flat surface
  • Choose a spot where the machine won’t get overheating from other electronic entities
  • Turn the machine upside down carefully and set it down
  • Connect the machine with the mains and store the spare cable under the cup warmer
  • Turn and set the machine right up again. Once you insert the mains plug into a socket the OFF is displayed under the cover

Manually Warming The Cups

  • The storage surfaces inside the drawers will get hot during operation. So, do not touch the storage surfaces
  • Open a cup drawer, place the cups in the drawer, and close it
  • Switch the machine on by pressing the on/off button. The operation indicator will light up and will begin the cup warming process. ON sign is displayed underneath the cover
  • Press the on/off button again to switch off the machine. The operation indicator lamp will go out and OFF will be displayed
  • If the “Automatic switch-off” program is not activated then the machine will switch itself off after 12 hours

How To Set Automatic Switch On And Off Program

  • Open up the cover and press the clock button
  • Press one of the arrow buttons ONCE
    • For the Automatic switch-off time setting mode, press any of the arrow buttons TWICE. The rest of the steps before and after are the same
  • Find and press the clock button and the hours will flash. Set the hour with arrow buttons
  • Press the Clock button to confirm the change
  • Now the minute’s section will flash. With arrow buttons set the minutes and press the Clock button to confirm
  • AUTO ON or AUTO OFF will appear in the display depending on if it’s switched on or off


  • Avoid using sharp, corrosive, and abrasive cleaning agents as well as hard objects for maintenance
  • Disconnect the mains before performing any cleaning work
  • Use only soft and damp cloth for cleaning


Is There A Timer In The Jura Cup Warmer?

Yes, the cup warmer is programmable to turn on and off automatically.

Can This Cup Warmer Be Used Without A Jura Espresso Machine?

Absolutely, you can use this machine without having a Jura espresso machine!

What Is The Maximum Cup Height That Can Be Warmed Inside This Machine?

A diner-style heavy mug can fit in really well. But tall cups will not. It can hold 4 3/8 inch tall cups inside it.


You deserve to start every morning with a fresh cup of espresso or a latte in a warm cup. The Jura Cup Warmer review here showed how it can become your favorite coffee accessory in this regard. The cup warmer preserves your brew heat and aroma every single time. This is why you’ll see that professional baristas and café houses prefer using pre-warmed cups for their espressos. And Jura two-tier cup warmer gives you the opportunity to achieve this café proficiency at home.

Enjoy Your Coffee!

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