The Super-Automatic Espresso Machine Of 2021: The Jura Z10 Review

Jura is known as the masterpiece of Swiss engineering. Its new Z10 super-automatic doubled the range of coffee specialties. At the touch of a single button, it offers a whole host of hot drinks from intensely strengthening espresso to an on-trend flat white.

It also opens up a whole new plethora in the enjoyment of java with the addition of cold brew specialties. This has become possible thanks to their Product Recognizing Grinder (P.R.G.) functionality. Which recognizes the selected specialty then instantly and precisely alters the fineness quality of grind accordingly. We’ll discuss this and all of the features in Jura Z10 review.

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Jura Z10 Espresso Machine Review – Key Features

Jura Z8 Aluminum Automatic Espresso & Cappuccino Machine with Touch screen
  • RANGE OF BEVERAGES: 21 Specialty drink options
  • SIMPLE TO USE: Intuitive operation using 4.3" Touchscreen or App
  • CONVENIENT: One-Touch, Americano function for long coffees
  • TECHNOLOGY: Flavorful ristretto and espresso with P.E.P technology
  • GRINDER: AromaG3 grinder is 2X faster than previous models

The New Product Recognizing Grinder (PRG)

JURA engineers have engineered this Z10 model with a “Product Recognizing Grinder” (PRG). It ensures the best possible grist for each different drink specialty. Controlled electronically, the precision grinder adopts itself individually to the pre-programmed degree of bean grinding within fractions of a second. More frequently and much faster than doing it manually.

Its spectrum varies from very fine, for short classic drinks to very coarse for long specialty drinks. But coffee connoisseurs don’t even have to fret about that as the adjustment happens fully automatically with each separate preparation. Additionally, if desired, can be picked individually too before each brewing thanks to its aroma selection.

Jura Z10 Hot And Cold Coffee Specialties – Cold Brew

So, thanks to the cold extraction system, the Z10 makes real cold brew specialties too! While many standard cold coffee drinks mostly consist of hotly brewed, cooled coffee; the extraction of the Z10 is performed with cold water. Pulsing, under high pressure and coarsely ground powder. The outcome in the cup is an energizing, natural soft drink with the fruity aromas of the coffee without being overwhelmed by any bitter undertones.

Intelligent Water System (IWS) – CLARIS Smart Filter Cartridge

Part 1 – The Intelligent Water Filter

Since coffee is 98 percent water, its prime quality is dependent on the water quality too. With the CLARIS Smart, JURA is revolutionizing the water filtration factor. For the 1st time, a fully automatic machine with the ability to communicate with its water filter with the help of modern RFID technology. It identifies whether a filter is installed and automatically gets activated with the corresponding mode. It constantly gathers information on filter usage. Then reports when the capacity is exhausted. Thus changing the filter is easier than ever.

Part 2 – Suitable For All Tap Water

CLARIS Smart works maintain professional up-flow principles. It always filters the exact required amount of water that is needed. The filter cartridges are suited for any tap water worldwide. The adapted granulate filters perform to an always optimal amount, even with low water hardness. Reduces all possible pollutants more effectively than ever before.

Fluorides and minerals that act as important flavor carriers remain fully preserved. Thanks to the efficient filtering of harmful substances and optimal lime stabilization, the aftermath is always optimal quality water for a perfect coffee aroma.

Part 3 – Automatic Filter Detection

JURA uses modern RFID technology to perform dialogue between the filter and the automatic machine itself. The IWS automatically identifies when a filter is installed. Then it automatically switches to filter operation and begins the flush. If the filter performance comes to its end, the machine indicates that the filter is needed to be changed. Otherwise, the device self-activates the descaling mode.

After the appropriate usage, the request for decalcification appears. Because one must remove the filter 1st to perform decalcification. No room for misunderstandings or incorrect manipulations.

Brewing Unit Generation 8

The brewing unit is the heart and soul of all fully automatic machines. JURA has designed its eighth-generation brewing units for this Z10 model. With its 3D brewing technology, it guarantees the water flows through the ground coffee evenly over several layers. Brings out the maximum exhaustion of the aroma; both for hot specialties and cold brews.

Long-Lasting Elegance

The design and the build choices of the right elements actively contribute to the sustainability of this product. JURA longs for a design that would awaken the owners’ pride as well as would look modern and fresh after many years. Uncompromising mechanical build, durable materials, high quality, and the highest level of accuracy in processing guaranty both aesthetic and culinary enjoyment over the entire lifespan of this machine.

The sophisticated aluminum convex-concave front bears testify to the art of craftsmanship. The elegant wave design of the water tank and the harmoniously designed filter casing are just 2 examples of their attention to detail behind this machine. And if you touch Z10, you will literally feel what JURA means by value.

Key Accessories

Since Jura Z10 is a high-end, highly technical, and impressively super-automatic espresso machine it requires some crucial day-to-day accessories for keeping it in its prime form. So we’ve included them in this Jura Z10 review.

Milk Hose With Stainless Steel Casing

The milk hose coated by a high-quality spiral spring (made of stainless steel). It connects the milk container and the milk spout. This completes the all-around elegant design of this fully automatic machine. The opaque fine material coating guarantees optimum protection against the effects of light and UV rays.

The precise fitting of the plug connections ensures airtight flow. Always ready for use, the milk hose serves as the perfect solution for optimal milk hygiene. The milk hose can be cut to any size, but the pre-assembled length of 23 cm is highly recommended. You can easily remove the milk hose with stainless steel coating to the fully automatic coffee machine also.

Accessory Set For Milk Systems

Jura Z10 prepares coffee specialties with milk is equipped with a set of milk systems accessory. With normal usage, every 3 months this should be changed. Each set comes with connection parts, milk hoses, and exchangeable milk outlets. Depending on the milk system from HP1 to Hp3, a different accessory set must be applied. You can check out whether this accessory set suits your machine with the Compatibility tab.

Cup Warmer S

The barista advises to always preheat porcelain cups. Because, if the freshly made coffee poured into a cold cup, it immediately decreases about 10 degrees of heat from the coffee drink. The aroma can only fully mature inside the cup at the right temperature. With the pragmatic, small cup warmer, JURA offers the prime addition to this fully automatic machine. The cup warmer S keeps the interior of the cups at a stable temperature of 55 ° C. A lid halts the heat loss and saves energy.

Interchangeable Milk Spout

This set has 10 interchangeable milk spouts. For hygienic reasons, we advise changing these replaceable milk spouts regularly every 2 months.

Special Benefits

  • Automatic Milk – For perfect layers of milk foam, coffee, and milk.
  • Intelligent Preheating – For your hot cup of coffee from the very 1st cup.
  • Brewing Temperature – Programmable 3 levels of different brewing temperatures.
  • Programmable Milk Temperature – 10 different milk temperature modes installed.
  • Fine Foam Technology — Nice and compact, no air bubbles. As good as advertised.
  • Hot Water Temperature – Programmable and 3 different levels of hot water temperatures. 
  • Thermoblock Heating System – For short heating up period and ever-fresh heated up warm water.
  • Variable Brewing Unit – It’s here for your individual coffee intensity and making of two cups in one brewing setup.
  • Programmable And Individual Adjustable Levels Of Coffee Strength – Available with 10 varying strength levels.
  • Active Bean Monitoring – It helps you to ensure that there are always enough coffee beans available. No grinders turning empty.
  • 3D Brewing Technology – This technology guarantees that the water flows evenly through the coffee ground over multiple levels.
  • Jura Operating Experience (J.O.E.) — The Jura mobile app. A wordplay on the slang word ‘Joe ’ for coffee. Nicely played Jura!!!
  • One-Touch Lungo Function — Press it once for a “longer” version of your coffee (it means “lighter” at Jura, as the final coffee is thinner).
  • Intelligent Pre-Brew Aroma System (I.P.B.A.S.) — Pre-infusion for a consistent, even simpler pre-brewing system. It brings out the absolute best of aroma.
  • Automatic Grinder Adjustment (A.G.A.) – A self-adjusting grinder, which automatically adjusts overtime for a consistent prefect coffee grinding outcome.
  • Cold Extraction Process – The extraction process for cold brew specialty drinks are carried out with cold water, palpitating, under high pressure, and a more coarsely ground powder.
  • 3D Brewing Technology — It lets the water flow evenly through the ground coffee at multiple levels. This gives the most and best of the aroma. Works both in hot specialties and with cold brewing.

Also, it has Smart Mode, Jura cockpit with its maintenance status display, Transmitter includes WiFi connection and WiFi connectivity to the home network.

Coffee Specialties By Jura Z10

  • Doppio – espresso doppio.
  • Portion – froth portion and milk portion.
  • Cortado – cortado and cold brew cortado.
  • Latte – latte, cold brew, and latte extra shot.
  • Coffee – coffee, 2x coffee, and cold brew coffee.
  • Espresso – espresso, 2x espresso, and cold brew espresso.
  • Cappuccino – cappuccino, cold brew, and cappuccino extra shot.
  • Macchiato – macchiato, latte macchiato, and latte macchiato extra.
  • Flat White – flat white, cold brew flat white, and flat white extra shot.
  • Caffe Barista – caffe barista, 2x caffee barista, lungo barista, and 2x lungo barista.

Pot of coffee, Hot water, and Hot water for your Green Tea. In total, officially you can make 32 coffee specialties with this machine.

Cleaning, Descaling And How To Use

Basic How To Use And Prepare Drinks

  1. Change The Coffee Strength Of A Single Product – During the coffee grinding process, move your finger across the machine display. Or, turn the Rotary Switch.
  2. Change The Amount For A Single Product – During coffee preparation, move your finger across the display. Alternatively, turn the Rotary Switch for this too.
  3. Change The Grind Consistency, Strength, Quantity, And Temperature – For any given drink, just tap and hold a drink selection sign for about 2 seconds. Now configure the settings accordingly under the ‘Product settings’.
  4. Display More Products – Turn the Rotary Switch to get the product selector view. You can also move your finger across the display screen to find more products.
  5. Stop Preparation – Press the Rotary Switch or touch ‘Cancel’.
  6. Place A Product On The Start Screen As Your Favorite – Tap and hold the product option for around 2 seconds. Place another drink under the ‘Replace product’ option then.


ActionDailyIf NecessaryNotes
Emptying the drip tray and coffee grounds container. Rinse them with warm water. The drip tray and the grounds container are dishwasher-safe.Yes Empty the grounds container when the machine is ON. Only way of resetting the grounds counter.
  Wiping the surface of your machine with a soft, clean, damp fabric, like a microfibre cloth.Yes  
Rinsing the milk pipeYes  
Rinsing the water containerYes  
Cleaning the milk system. If heavily soiled, then dismantle it too. YesRead the user manual’s chapter 7.
Cleaning the bottom and top of the cup grille Yes   
Cleaning the inside of the water reservoir with a brush Yes 
Cleaning the containers of drip tray and coffee grounds Yes‘Maintenance information’ alert appears in the ‘Maintenance’ section within the Jura Cockpit.
Changing the milk HP3 pipe About every 3 months 
Changing the interchangeable CX3 milk spout   About every 3 months   

Cleaning The Bean Container

Look out for the ‘Fill Bean Container’ alert. Switch the machine off. Remove the aroma preservation cover. Clean the container with a soft dry cloth. Fill it with coffee beans now and close the lid.

Descaling The Water Tank

Remove the water tank first. If you have a CLARIS Smart filter cartridge, remove that too. Fill up the water tank fully. Now throw In 3 Jura descaling tablets. Leave it for hours. After that, empty the tank and rinse it. Insert the cartridge back, then fill the tank with fresh cold water. Re-install the water tank back.

Descaling The Machine

Look out for the ‘Descale’ alert. Touch the descaling button. Then select start. Now empty the drip tray and bean container. Once done, install them back.

Remove and empty the water reservoir. Now make a descaling solution by adding 3 Jura descaling tablets into 600ml of water. When the solution matures, pour it into the tank and re-install it.

Place a bowl or mug under the hot water and dual spout.

Pressing the rotary will start the process. Throw out all the water in the bowl or mug. Now take out the drip tray and bean container, empty them out and re-install them.

Remove the water tank, rinse it, and then fill it with cold freshwater. Now install it back.

Press rotary after putting a bowl or mug under the spouts. The water flow will clean the machine from the last ruminants of the descaling solutions. After that, empty out the water tank and then re-install.   

Pros And Cons


  1. Incredibly high-quality design.
  2. Much quieter electronic coffee grinder.
  3. Completely electronically controllable machine.
  4. Hot and cold coffee brewer in a single machine.
  5. Excellent quality espresso and milk foam maker.


  1. Very expensive piece of machine.
  2. Not a machine for any causal or entry-level users.
  3. No milk container is included with the model.
  4. Cold brew is misleading as it tones down the pressure and temperature to make it quick.

Bottom Line

No matter if you choose, the Dark Inoxor or the Aluminum White, each indeed comes with full indulgence. And with the technologies like PEP, IWS, and IPBAS Jura makes sure that it’s completely worth it to spend more than two bucks on this kitchen appliance. Also, you should have fully understood the concepts for maximum pleasure while using them daily.

From the Z series, our Jura Z10 review shows it definitely made a leap forward. Let’s just wait and see how well it works on the market and in the hands of the customers.

Currently, no other brand focuses as much on excellent coffee extraction as Jura. No other machine manages as aromatic Lungo or Cortado extraction in a Z series model from Jura. Also, the Jura Z10 comes with a full battery of new coffee specialties that you can experiment with and enjoy. For such reasons alone, it passes with superior marks from each of the quality index measurements.

Enjoy Your Coffee!

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