Mr. Coffee Iced Coffee Maker Review: Simple And Refreshing Iced Coffee Every Day

Mr. Coffee is a well-renowned brand for coffee makers since the 1970s. Mr. Coffee is famous for its drip coffee machines. They have also successfully branched out to other types of coffee machines as well. That’s why we’ve brought the Mr. Coffee Iced Coffee Maker review today.

The Mr. Coffee Iced Coffee Maker will make it easy to make refreshing iced coffee in minutes. This iced coffee maker uses RapidChill brewing technology to quickly cool down hot concentrated coffee. Leaving you with a flavorful iced coffee taste and preventing the risk of watering down. Let’s discuss how this machine and its qualities make it a worthy choice for you.

Mr. Coffee Iced Coffee Maker: Product Overview

Mr. Coffee Iced Coffee maker with reusable tumbler and coffee filter gives you refreshing iced coffee in minutes! It implements a simple measuring system with its included coffee scooper. The scooper makes it easy to maintain and brew with a precise water-to-coffee ratio. As a result, you’ll get concentrated coffee over ice, with boldness and correct flavor.

This pod-free brewing machine lets you enjoy iced coffee with less waste and taste. You can also customize it with different flavorings and milks. Enjoy iced coffee at your home, or take it to go in the reusable Tritan-made BPA-free 22 oz. Tumbler that comes with the coffee maker!

Mr. Coffee Iced Coffee Maker

  • Brews in under 4 minutes
  • Enjoy delicious, refreshing iced coffee at home or on the go
  • Easy-to-use measuring scoop and tumbler markings for consistently great taste
  • Customize with your favorite flavorings and milk, for a perfect, flavorful iced coffee

Mr Coffee Iced Coffee Maker Review: Key Features

Essentially, an iced coffee maker is a full package that allows you to instantly make iced coffee at home. With this coffee maker, you don’t have to pre-brew your hot coffee and save it in the fridge. Rather the machine will do the job for you. Here are the key features of the machine. 

Brews Iced Coffee, In Minutes!

The Mr. Coffee Iced Coffee Maker brews delicious, refreshing iced coffee at home or even on the go! —all in under 4 minutes. Cooling down your hot coffee in the refrigerator not only takes time but also can cause oxidization. Which in turn affects the flavor. With this machine, its RapidChill technology brews and cools down the coffee to pour directly into the tumbler for optimum freshness and flavor in under 4 minutes! No more waiting in the lines in hot summer for your iced coffee, have it made at your own home comfort and save money.

It Lets You Follow Strict Coffee Measurements

The simple measuring system with its included coffee scooper helps you to maintain the water-to-coffee ratio. This simple yet very crucial step allows you to brew the perfect balance of hot, concentrated coffee over a full tumbler of ice. So every sip of your iced coffee will be bold, flavorful, and never watered down.

Easy Brewing And Customization

Just add water and grounds to this Iced Coffee Maker. Add ice cubes to the tumbler and start brewing. Customize by adding your favorite milks and flavorings for a perfect, flavorful iced coffee! Mr. Coffee Iced Coffee Maker uses its own ideal hot and concentrated coffee-to-ice ratio. So when it cools down, you’ll have flavorful iced coffee every time. For an even bolder flavor, you can add an extra scoop(s) of coffee ground(s) at the beginning. It all depends on your taste bud. The drip-stop button prevents any risk of a mess on your counter. Absolute hassle-free experience.

Reusable Tumbler And Coffee Filter

Double-wall insulated and BPA-free tumbler with lid and straw is provided with the coffee maker to keep your iced coffee colder for a longer period while also reducing sweating. The Tumbler is a hand-wash-only product. The coffee maker also includes a reusable nylon coffee filter. So there’s no need for any paper filters of your own.

Pros And Cons

What We Like

  • Easy to use, wash and maintain.
  • Create iced coffee in just 4 minutes
  • Simple measuring system with its scooper
  • Drip-stop feature to prevent coffee overflow
  • You can use ground espresso for this machine
  • RapidChill brewing technology prevents the watering down of the drink

What We Don’t Like

  • You can’t use instant coffee on this machine
  • Can’t leave this machine plugged in for too long. The unit gets too hot quickly

Technical Features

Even though it’s on the cheap side Mr. Coffee has still cared enough to bring varieties of this machine with different color features. Matte Black, Matte Black and Gold, Cool Grey, Warm Burgundy, and Soft Lavender – all available for you to choose from!

This machine weighs just 3.8 lbs. with a dimension of 15.24 x 10.79 x 7.68 inches. It also has a good 20 inches cord length. You’ll need to ensure 700 wattages to run this product. The tumbler, on the other hand, is 8 inches tall and can hold 22 oz. of iced coffee in it. The tumbler is double-wall insulated and has a dimension of 4.6 x 4.4 x 11.6 inches.

The machine’s material is Plastic only. It has 2 buttons on it: The start button and the Drip-stop button. The given accessories with this machine are the straw and lid for the tumbler, the reusable coffee filter, and a measuring scoop (equal to tbsp.).

How To Use

Mandatory Flushing Before The First Use

  1. Wash the tumbler, coffee filter, tumbler lid and straw, and brew basket
  2. Use a mild detergent and water solution. Rinse thoroughly
  3. Fill the tumbler with water to the max and pour it into the reservoir
  4. Set the brew basket in position. Then place the nylon filter into the basket. Slide on the brew spout
  5. Position the tumbler under the spout and plug-in unit. Now press the START button. When the LED is lit, the unit is on
  6. When the flushing is done, discard the water from the tumbler. Rinse it thoroughly with fresh water
  7. The coffeemaker is now ready for use!

Making Iced Coffee

Keep the unit unplugged. Do not plug in the unit until the water is in the reservoir. And the tumbler is placed under the spout (point 7).

  1. Fill the tumbler up to the “WATER” mark with clean and filtered water
  2. Lift the lid and remove the brew basket and pour the tumbler water into the reservoir. Never fill water above the MAX line
  3. Place the brew basket back on. Now, put the reusable coffee filter on the brew basket
  4. Slide the drip-stop switch to the open position
  5. Using the scooper, pour 1 level scoop of coffee grounds into the filter and close the lid. If you like a bolder iced coffee, use 1½ – 2 scoops
  6. Fill the tumbler with large ice cubes. Not beyond the “ICE” marking though
  7. Place the ice-filled tumbler under the spout. Now plug the unit in with the main power outlet. Press the “START” button. Plugging in this step prevents hot-steam-related injury for the users
  8. Wait 3 – 4 minutes for the brewing to be completed. Once dripping slows down, slide the drip-stop switch to the closed position
  9. Add any coffee mix-ins or toppings. Insert the tumbler straw, place the lid on the tumbler, and enjoy!

Please take note that, this machine is compatible with paper coffee filters (standard 12-cup basket-style) too!! So, if you want, you can use paper filters instead of the default reusable coffee filter.

Cleaning The Coffee Maker

Minerals like calcium and limestone in water will leave deposits in the iced coffeemaker. It affects the quality and performance. So, decalcifying the coffeemaker is important for ensuring optimal coffee tastes. Decalcifying once per month for peak performance is recommended. Read the steps below.

  1. Pour 8 oz. (1 cup) of undiluted, white vinegar into the water reservoir
  2. Place the reusable filter into the brew basket. Now close the lid
  3. Now place the tumbler under the spout. Press the START button to run the cycle
  4. Once the machine has shut off, discard the solution from the Tumbler
  5. Remove the coffee filter or paper filter from the brew basket. Rinse the tumbler and the filter with clean water
  6. Now, fill the tumbler with clean water up to the “WATER” marking and pour the water into the reservoir
  7. Place the tumbler under the spout. Press the “START” button to run the cycle again
  8. Discard the water and with fresh clean water, rinse the tumbler thoroughly
  9. Repeat steps 6-8 one more time, to guarantee a thorough rinsing
  10. The coffeemaker is now clean and ready to be used!

After each use, thoroughly clean the coffee filter and the brew basket into the top rack of your dishwasher.

Troubleshooting: Why Is Mr. Coffee Iced Coffee Maker Leaking Out The Bottom?

If water is leaking out of the bottom of the machine, check:

  • Filter position
  • Brew basket position
  • If the filter is folded over or collapsed
  • Whether you have added too much water
  • If you’ve poured too much coffee ground or the wrong used grind
  • If you’re using finely ground coffee. Only use coffee that is for automatic drip makers

Why You Should Buy It…

For those who are looking for a reliable and versatile coffee maker, this Iced Coffee Maker can be called upon. This is also a great alternative for those who didn’t fair well with the K-cup machines.

Since this machine is also minimal yet modernistic overall cleaning and maintenance are easy. If you are a fan of using paper filters, you can also use them here. It also comes with a great recipe book.

If you’re struggling to make proper iced coffee and its variations at home, Mr. Coffee Iced coffee maker can get you through the problem with proper aroma and consistent taste. It’s also well-suitable for camping or outdoor usage.

Why You Shouldn’t Buy It…

Due to its cheap plastic build quality, the machine requires setting up properly before plugging in. Meaning, its interior units are not well protected and are prone to melting or other electrical hazards. Also, the ice seems to get melted faster. It has also leakage issues after lengthy usage.

Overall, Mr. Coffee Iced Coffee Maker is an easy, quick coffee maker with a friendly price. So, if you are indeed looking for such a combination – you are in luck!

Customer And Critics’ Feedback

Customers from most of the Mr Coffee Iced Coffee Machine reviews have shown their love for this product. Mainly, because of the machines’ lightweight build and super easy-to-use functionalities.

Both the customers and the critics liked the fact that it’s so easy to store the machine somewhere and get out every day. The provided tumbler not only keeps your drink ice cold but also lets you go out with your favorite iced drink.

The ability to brew and pour coffee in just 4 minutes has awed everyone. On top of it, the RapidChill technology brews and cools down to the perfect temperature for the coffee to be poured into the tumble and has gained recommendations from many critics and customers.

Many first-time customers stated that this machine has stopped them from going to Dunkin for iced coffee! – Which is an impressive claim, to be honest. It goes to show how easy and high-quality iced coffee can be made with this machine at home! Also, almost everyone liked the drink recipes it comes with, which was found so helpful to many.



How Can You Make Good Coffee In A Mr. Coffee’s Iced Coffee Maker?

Strictly maintain the exact amount of water and iced cubes. Add 1 scoop (scooper is given) of ground coffee into the brew basket. If you like stronger coffee then add 1½ – 2 scoops.   

Is Iced Coffee Just Coffee With Ice In It?

Iced coffee is made of regular hot coffee that has been cooled and then served on ice. So, yes, it’s basically just coffee with ice in it.

Is Cold Brew And Iced Coffee The Same?

No, they are not the same. Cold brew is brewed in the refrigerator for 18 hours and then poured into a glass for drinking. Iced coffee on the other hand made hot, cooled down for minutes, and then poured into a glass full of iced cubes. Iced coffee also takes in flavorings and toppings, cold coffee doesn’t.  

How To Turn Off My Iced Coffeemaker?

The coffeemaker will turn off on its own once the brewing cycle has finished. If you like to pause the brewing cycle manually, you have to unplug the unit. Plugin the unit back to resume brewing and let the machine finish brewing before it turns itself off.

How Long Does A Mr. Coffee Maker Last?

Mr. Coffee Iced coffee maker should serve you fine for about 2-3 years (as much as 1000 cups). It can go up to 4-5 years if you maintain and descaled regularly.


If you’re an iced coffee fan, this Iced Coffee Maker by Mr. Coffee has the qualities to become an essential addition to your kitchen. In this Mr Coffee Iced Coffee Machine review, we explained how it’s the fastest and easiest way to brew quality iced coffee at home available with a pocket-friendly budget. Not only on hot summer days but also quench your iced coffee thirst with this machine all year long in your home comfort!

Happy Brewing!

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