Ninja CE251 Review 2022: Why It Is One Of The Best

Coffee drinking is an unchanging part of a practice for many. Some of us drink it to temper our senses while others ply it as a kick-starter. Being an ardent consumer of coffee, we all require a coffee maker with an up-to-the-scratch brewing capability.

It also needs to consist of a durable built quality to operate day-to-day use. Hence, comes the Ninja CE251 review into our conversation. This product is ideal for those who like to appreciate quality drinks from a customary coffee maker.

The brand comes with a strong and great recognition as well as at a great price range! The machine has a 24-hour programmable delay. That means you can have your coffee be prepared whenever you like it. Keep reading our detailed discussion to find out more about all the features that Ninja CE251 programmable brewer has to offer.

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Key Features & Technical Specifications

Ninja CE251 Programmable Brewer, with 12-cup Glass Carafe, Black and Stainless Steel Finish
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Ninja CE251 Programmable Brewer, with 12-cup Glass Carafe, Black and Stainless Steel Finish
  • Classic or Rich, each brew is flavorful and never bitter with custom brew strengths
  • Hotter brewing technology: Advanced boiler for a perfectly hot cup of coffee
  • Wake up to hot coffee. 24-hour programmable delay brew allows you to prepare your brew up to a day in advance
  • Keep coffee fresh and flavorful up to 4 hours with the adjustable warming plate
  • Conveniently carry the 60-oz. removable water reservoir to your sink for easy filling. Dishwasher-safe parts: Yes


Ninja CE251 coffee maker is made for 120V. It is usable only in the US and Canada. For non-Canadian/non-US power outlets, the warranty turns void in case any damages or defects happen while using a converter.

Basket Size: 

Ninja CE251 has a large enough brew basket to hold coffee amount 12 tablespoons. In fact, it is recommended by the manufacturer to use its own measuring scoop. Which is also equivalent to around 12 tablespoons of coffee for filling up the brew basket. The basket’s filter is made with its own fixed gold mesh. For brewing filtered coffee, you can also replace this permanent filter with a number 4-sized paper filter. The machine only fits this size of the filter, as larger filters may create overflow.

Beverage Size: 

The carafe size is about 60oz. Each cup is measured at a size of five ounces. But, the Ninja CE251 machine will brew through the full quantity of water from its water reservoir. So, you should never apply more than 60oz in total. However, in some cases, such may lead to a little flooding and an overflow.

Unit Size: 

Ninja CE251 programmable brewer has a depth of 10 inches. And 10.5 inches in width. Their height is almost 15 inches, which makes it a bit large in size. Additionally to its height, the brew basket is opened only by unlocking the lid upwards. Thus, it requires even more spacing.


This superb coffee machine weighs almost 7 pounds. This is in all honesty, a fairly light coffee-making device given its capabilities and size. The glass carafe and the stainless steel that layers the device make for a lot to the overall weight of the model.


Ninja CE251 coffee maker comes with a glass-made carafe. The carafe is great, but it can seemingly have a permanent stain. Replacement glass carafes seem not to be widely available, in case of any breaking.

Water Reservoir: 

CE251 coffee machine is equipped with a 60oz detachable water reservoir. The reservoir is set on the right side of the model, from the control panel it is to the right top side. The reservoir is easily removable for re-filling and cleaning purposes.

The water reservoir is made out of a transparent plastic material. It is marked with thin measuring lines. That shows the user how much water he/she has added to the tank. For easy filling, the top of the water reservoir flips open.

Additional Perks

We were also enthusiastic to write this Ninja CE251 review. The coffee-making machine comes with truly unique and nice attributes.

  • Effective brewing temperature: Richer, stronger, and more wholesome flavors of coffee with the technology of hot expert brewing. Ninja CE251 programmable brewer comes with a complex design to make sure of effective brewing temperatures and to manage the stable temperature in the brewing procedure. It further opens up complete flavors of coffee by mixing pre-infusion and genuine coffee engorgement.
  • Manual Mid-brew Pause: Just like a very few other coffee-making machines, Ninja CE251 allows manual pauses of brewing to enjoy a cup of joe faster. This option also allows users to prolong extraction in warm water. That furthermore, brings out stronger flavors. However, we advise that the machine does a superb job with it anyhow. So no need to go to such an extent frequently. Ensuring manual mid-brew pause switch to enjoy coffee faster as well as allow a longer time for extraction.
  • Different Richness Options: Regulating the strength with classic and rich flavors. Ninja CE251 coffee machine provides the functionality to pick a desired coffee richness level. The Classic option would give a cup of standard coffee. On the other hand, picking ‘Rich’ would create deeper, more intense, and richer flavors.
  • 24 Hours Advanced Brewing Schedule: The coffee maker has the option to program 24 hours in advance to save and enjoy your precious sleeping time in the morning. Ninja CE251 coffee maker allows users to schedule the next brewing time for up to 24 hours in advance.
  • Easy Cleaning: Automatic cleaning functions for faster and easier cleaning. The clean function allows users to clean the unit conveniently and quickly. As a guideline, the manufacturer advised running a clean cycle when brewing starts to take longer than 12 to 15 minutes for a full carafe of coffee.
  • Keep Warm Feature: For longer and hotter coffee adjust the keep warm plate. The CE251 coffee model can keep coffee at an ideal temperature for an incredible 4 hours. By default, after 2 hours the machine will switch off. However, you can also program the warming plate to keep awake for more or less time. On the control panel, just press and holding the STAY WARM button to activate this mode.

Furthermore, in our Ninja CE251 review, we have also added a couple of more attributes for our readers to look at. Such as:

Easy access with the removable water reservoir and the Measuring scoop. This scoop takes your guesswork out of the picture. The makers have recommended only one scoop of coffee grounds per cup. In other words, the scoop is the equivalent measuring of one tablespoon. In ninja ce251 manual, everything is clearly stated.

How To Use ninja 12 cup coffee maker cE251

Before Your First Use

Remove all the packaging materials from the brewer. In warm water hand-wash all the removable parts. With a damp cloth wipe the warming plate. Without coffee grounds, using water only runs two full carafes with Classic brew cycles. Discard the water after finishing each cycle.

How To Brew

  1. Place the brewer on a clean, dry, and level surface. Plugin your brewer and switch it on.
  2. Detach the water reservoir by lifting it straight up from the unit. Remove the lid completely. Fill the reservoir to the desired level. NOTE: Do not fill it over the 12-Cup Line. If you have overfilled, remove the water reservoir again and pour out the excess water till the level is not more than the 12-cup line.
  3. Place a 4-size paper cone filter or the permanent filter. It comes with some models in the detachable filter holder. Along the seams fold the paper filter, open it up fully, and press it strongly into the removable holder. Make sure it is completely seated.
  4. Into the brew basket put the filter holder. Then add your desired quantity of coffee.
  5. On the carafe place the brew-through lid. Turn clockwise to lock it. Then place the carafe underneath the brew basket.
  6. Select either classic or rich brew. Also select SMALL BATCH setting, if you are brewing 4-cups or less than that. Classic Brew gives balanced, smooth balanced hot coffee. Rich Brew gives a richer than classic yet smooth flavored coffee that stands up to cream, milk, or flavoring.
  7. Press BREW to begin brewing. When the brewing is finished, the machine will beep. NOTE: Each brew style has a pre-infusion cycle. The brew will start, then pause for a short time, and again continue brewing. This cycle is used to saturate the ground coffee evenly.

Programming The Delay Brew Time

  1. Press DELAY BREW while power on. This button will glow and the clock will flash at 12:00. Or the last time that was set on Delay Brew.
  2. When the clock is flashing, use the M and H buttons to set the timer that you would like the Delay Brew to start. The AM or PM display will illuminate on the left-hand side as you are setting up the preferred time.
  3. Select desired style of brewing and selection will light up.
  4. Press the DELAY BREW button once again to activate once the brew size, the time, and type have been set. Alternatively, the brew time can lock in automatically if you wait for 5 seconds. The unit will beep to let you know the brew time has been set. The DELAY BREW button will stay illuminated. To deactivate the cycle, press the DELAY BREW button again. The button’s light will be off. If you change the selected brew size or start any other brew will cancel the Delay Brew process. Turning off the unit will also do the same.
  5. Place the carafe beneath the brew basket. NOTE: The coffee brewer must remain switch on for the Delay function to work. Do not power off after setting the brew timer.

Precision Temp Warming Plate

The warming plate will switch on once the brewing starts. Press the STAY WARM button after brewing to switch off the warming plate. It can be turned back on by pressing the STAY WARM button again. Wait till the surface cools fully before touching. NOTE: Do not add extra water to the reservoir when using this function. You can set the warming plate to keep on for 4 hours maximum.

  1. Until the clock flashes, press and hold the STAY WARM button.
  2. Quickly press the minute (M) or hour (H) button to adjust the time. The warming plate is automatically programmed to keep on for 2 hours.
  3. Press the STAY WARM button again to lock in the new time duration. Or wait 5 seconds for automatic lock-in.

Cleaning After A Brew

  1. After each brew is over and the grounds have cooled down, remove the paper filter. Then, take out the detachable holder of the filter. Rinse and scour with warm soapy water. If you are a user of the permanent filter, dump the grounds. Wash the filter by yourself with soapy warm water. Alternatively, place it on the top rack of your dishwasher. NOTE: Remove the filter holder and rinse it, if coffee grounds spill over into your filter holder.
  2. We advise you to wash the carafe with soapy warm water or, place it on the top stand of your dishwasher. If you want to fully clean the carafe, use a soft foam brush.
  3. Empty out the water reservoir.
  4. Hand-wash it with dish soap. Rinse or put it on the top stand.
  5. Unplug your machine and let the warming plate cool down before cleaning it. Wipe with a soft fabric and warm water. Do not soak the base in water.

Descaling Your Ninja CE251 Programmable Brewer

  1. Use any descaling solution formulated only for cleaning coffeemakers and follow the steps on the package. Fill the reservoir up to, but not beyond, the 60 fl. oz. (12-Cup Line). Or put 16 oz. of white vinegar into the water reservoir. Then fill up the rest with only water. Do not exceed the 12-Cup Line or the 60 fl. oz. limit.
  2. After the water reservoir is filled with a vinegar mixture or cleaning solution, press the CLEAN tab. The clean cycle takes about 25 to 35 minutes. To cancel the cycle, either press the Power button or press the CLEAN button again.
  3. The machine will beep when the cleaning cycle completes successfully. With freshwater refill the reservoir. Again, up to, but not over the 12-Cup Line. Below your brew basket set the empty carafe. With water only, run a full classic brew cycle. It removes any cleaning solution that could agitate the flavor of the coffee. NOTE: Ensure to not select or illuminate the SMALL BATCH button. Then set the carafe under the brew basket.

Care & Maintenance

  1. Unplug from an outlet before cleaning and when not in use. Let the unit cool down before removing the water reservoir, brew basket, or filters.
  2. With a sponge or soft brush clean the glass carafe. Do not use steel wool pads, abrasive cleansers, or other abrasive material for the cleaning.
  3. To avoid illness from bacterial growth in this machine, maintain all cleaning instructions. They are in the Care & Maintenance section.
  4. On a weekly basis clean the system by wiping down the exterior of the machine.
  5. Avoid operating the machine with a damaged plug or wire. Avoid usage after any machine malfunctions, or a state of damage of any sort. Return the machine to the nearest authorized customer service establishment for due examination, adjustment, or repair.
  6. If the lid is removed while an ongoing brewing cycle, scalding can happen.
  7. The use of accessory attachments that are not recommended by the manufacturer may cause electric shock, fire, or injury to a user.

Evaluation of ninja coffee maker CE251


As one of the crucial evaluation factors behind our Ninja CE251 review, we want to draw our readers’ focus to the external design and appearance.

The Ninja CE251 comes in with one color option. That is black with a stainless-steel tone. Additionally, there’s a huge dose of transparent materials. Such as a plastic water reservoir and a glass carafe. The combination of the colors and materials makes the machine look elegant, modern, and versatile.

The model is made quite tall. And, we are not fans of the brew basket as it requires to be opened up to refill. Rather than swinging it out from the side. Because of this reason, we had to basically pull the machine from underneath the top of the cabinet.

The control panel is situated right next to the carafe. The control panel has large digital buttons and a digital clock. Easy to use and easy to see.

The digital clock is able to be set to show the timer. But it is also utilized when setting the Delayed brew and the Stay warm features.

There are in total 9 buttons on the control panel:

  • STAY WARM button to adjust the duration of the plate staying on warm after brewing.
  • DELAY BREW button for programming the next scheduled brew.
  • Minutes and hours to set up the minutes and hour on the digital clock.
  • SMALL BATCH button to adjust brewing strength and settings for brewing 4 or fewer cups of coffee.
  • RICH and CLASSIC brew buttons to determine the strength of your coffee.
  • Clean Cycle button for performing automatic cleaning cycle.
  • Power Button to begin brewing.


  • Brewing time: We can state in our Ninja CE251 review that this coffee maker takes a little longer to brew coffee than what similar coffee makers should generally take. The exact brewing time hangs on the volume of coffee you want to brew. However, our tests showed that we were able to make 12 cups in 12 to 14 minutes. If your unit takes longer than 12 to 15 minutes to brew the same amount of coffee, then your unit might need descaling at that point.
  • Flavor: Ninja CE251 comes with two brewing style settings: Rich and Classic. The classic style is a standard drip-like coffee maker style strength and flavor. However, Ninja CE251 lets you achieve a stronger and more flavorful tasting cup of coffee. On the control panel just select the Rich option by holding the “Rich” button. “Rich” coffee is great if you want to add cream or milk to your cup. All in all, the Ninja CE251 coffee maker brews absolutely delicious coffee.
  • Temperature: With its complex technology, Ninja CE251 offers a nearly ideal brewing temperature. The model not only warms up water properly but also holds the temperature throughout the brewing procedure. Thus, the last drop will be as good and hot as the first drop in the entire brewing process.
  • Noise levels: The CE251 makes gurgling and beeping noises. As the gurgling noise is expected to be, the beeping noise can be bemusing for some users.
  • Cleaning: We have summarized the performance of the Ninja CE251 review with the cleaning processes. Cleaning is extremely convenient and easy.

We advise you to follow the cleaning instructions in the Care & Maintenance section. The makers advise cleaning after every use. After the coffee machine has cooled down, you need to clean the showerhead, wipe down the unit, and clean the reservoir with warm water and a fabric. The permanent filter, the water tank, and the carafe can be cleaned with soapy water.

Remember, if your machine takes longer than 15 minutes to brew 12 cups of coffee, you must do a full cleaning with a descaling cycle.

Note: Many parts of the Ninja CE251 programmable brewer are dishwasher safe. However, despite the fact, we DO NOT advise our readers to wash the glass carafe in the dishwasher. The carafe appears to be very fragile and may crack or break easily.

Health & Safety

This product is made with various materials. The boiler is made of aluminum. The carafe is made with glass, and there is some plastic which is, claimed by Ninja is BPA-free.

As our readers are expected to be aware that we are also very concerned about using products in which boiling water comes in contact with any sort of plastic.

The BPA-free claim is helpful to know to a certain degree. But it does not ensure that there will be no other prospectively detrimental substitutes were used in the production process.

Historically, we’ve seen that manufacturers replace BPA with other kinds of plastic. These types exist but aren’t limited to triphenyl phosphate (TPP), fluorene-9-bisphenol (BHPF), and bisphenol S (BPS). The exact health effects of these BPA substitutes, we’ve mentioned are unknown at this point.

Price Point

There is a clear reason why we’ve classified this automatic coffee maker as one of the best coffee makers under $100. The machine equipped with an extraordinary set of technology and features, which were pre-installed to brew better quality coffee at home more conveniently.

CE251 are sold in a lower range of price, which we find superb for the drip coffee style machine of such class.

Of course, there are other cheaper options among the drip coffee makers on the market. But they lack in quality compared to Ninja CE251.

Why You Should Buy It?

As we were observing and testing it for this review, we really wanted to grasp why someone would fall in love with this machine.

Ninja CE251 is top listed among the best coffee maker under the $100 price range. Not only it brews delicious coffee, but also it offers unparalleled flexibility. We feel that many customers would fully enjoy this machine.

Specifically, here at our Ninja CE251 review, we argue that it might become a compelling choice for those coffee lovers who are looking for:

  1. Stylish, elegant and modern coffee maker.
  2. Easy to use the machine but with advanced features for a quality cup of coffee.
  3. Delicious and rich coffee thanks to its variety of controls in strength and temperature.
  4. Ability to schedule a 24-hours in advance brewing so your morning routine can become less chaotic.
  5. Coffee to remains hot for 4 hours in the carafe.
  6. Can brew 12 cups of coffee at a time.

For Whom Ninja Ce251 Is Not Perfect

Just like with any other coffee maker reviews of ours, we remain honest in this review of the Ninja CE251 coffee maker. We believe that there are some instances where Ninja Ce251 might not be a perfect pick for you. Such as:

  1. A machine that utilizes capsules. Like Nespresso, k-cups, capsules, or any other coffee pods.
  2. A machine that will give you a vibe like a barista.
  3. A portable size machine for a small space.
  4. An incredibly quiet machine.

ninja cE251 coffee maker review: Bottom Line

As we tried to show in this article of Ninja CE251 review, this is a coffee-making machine that balances great price with attributes that allow users to brew awesome coffee.

The machine has a modern design as well as it brews great coffee. Further, it comes with technical traits that set it apart from other drip-style coffee machines.

We highly recommend the Ninja CE251 coffee maker is worth giving a proper try. Ninja offers only a one-year limited warranty. Whereas other manufacturers offer 2 to 3 years. But, despite all this, Ninja CE251 looks like a dependable purchase option. It comes with useful traits, it promises flavorful, hot coffee, and it comes with a extremely affordable price tag.

The Thermal Flavor Extraction technology allowed deeper, richer, and more subtle coffee flavors. Everything about the build quality makes sense. The machine is easy and intuitive. Comes with advantages that make brewing coffee convenient and easy. Full programmability, strength control, mid-brew pause, and brew size are such features.

All in all, this machine comes in highly recommended and has an incredible ratio of price-to-value. Ninja CE251 proves that affordability and quality can go hand in hand.            


  • Keep the coffee hot for 4 hours max.
  • 2 brew strengths and 12-cup capacity.
  • 24-hour advanced programmable option.
  • Lightweight and advanced boiler for warmer brewing.
  • Carafe made out of glass so you can see the amount of coffee in it.


  • No frother with it and not highly durable for the usage of plastic.

Comparison With Similar Product : Ninja CE251 VS Cuisinart DCC-3200P1

Brewing Capacity

There are quite a few distinctions between these two machines and the brewing capacity is one of such. The Ninja coffee maker ce251 can offer a maximum of 12 cups of coffee at once. But the Cuisinart model can make up to 14 cups at once.

This two-cup gap might not be the most important factor if you are going to be the main user of the coffee maker at home. However, if you’re aiming to brew cups of coffee for large gatherings, the extra two cups can be a lifesaver. It also might save you from having to make multiple batches to serve all.

Ninja CE251 Onboard Scoop Storage

Both of these coffee makers have coffee scoops for the sake of comfort. Though, only the Ninja has built-in scoop storage. It means to brew your coffee you can keep everything you need in one spot. By keeping your scoop with the Ninja CE251 coffee maker, you won’t have to worry about misplacing/losing it.

Cuisinart Ready Tone

If you are busy getting ready in the morning, it can be easy as pie to overlook few things. Even if you calibrate your coffee maker to brew coffee shortly before, you might get engrossed in something else. Consequently, forget to go check back when the machine is done brewing. That is exactly why the Cuisinart installed a ready tone. As soon as the coffee is ready, the machine will play a tone to notify you that fresh coffee is on standby for you. On top of ensuring that you don’t forget about the carafe, it’s also cutting off the waiting around the machine till it’s done. You’ll be notified whenever you can pour yourself a cuppa.

Ninja CE251 Brewing Flavor Straw

Sometimes, pots of coffee, unfortunately, can be inconsistent. If one cup is perfect, then the next might be too watery or even too strong. The Ninja model is designed to avoid this possibility. As your coffee brews, it’s forced through a flavor straw. Situated in the center of the glass carafe that goes the rounds coffee. This promotes flavor consistency by mixing the liquid. Each cup of joe will be as tasty and warm as the last.

Cuisinart Charcoal Water Filter

The quality of the water can vary depending on where you are habituated. If you’re worried about the flavor of the tap water hindering the taste of your coffee then you need not be if you have the Cuisinart coffee maker DCC 3200.

Because it has a charcoal water filter. With this installed filter, any foul tastes and odors present in your tap water will be cleared away. Making sure you can enjoy the best-tasting brew all the time.

Ninja CE251 Removable Water Reservoir

Every coffee machine needs to possess a water reservoir for brewing. Refilling the water reservoir when it is running low is just a task of daily operation. However, the job of refilling the coffee machine should not have to be a hassle. With the Ninja ce251 coffee maker, adding water when required is as simple as it can be. Just pull off the reservoir. Carry it to the sink for a quick clean or refill.

Cuisinart Color Options

Your home is your castle. The kitchen is not excluded, as a part of your house. Many folks pour substantial amounts of effort and time into the way their own homes are graced. If that mindset matches you, you’ll likely adore all the colors with the Cuisinart DCC model is sold in. With all the available color choices, you’ll have no trouble finding one that suits right into your extensive kitchen decorations.

Ninja CE251 Cord Storage

If you are not thinking about leaving your coffee machine on your kitchen counter at all times, storing it will be the first thing on your mind. That’s one issue in which the Ninja truly shines brightly. Because of the built-in cord storage partition, storing the machine is easy. You can tuck the cord into the niche to keep it out of your way while you store or carry the device.

Final Thoughts

The Cuisinart and Ninja are both excellent quality coffee makers for coffee radicals at home. They’re both packed with traits that make it evident that the makers were thinking about benefits.

So how do you finally make a decision on which one is ideal for you? That will rely upon your individual circumstances.

If you’re looking to offer a larger number of servings at once, you should prefer the Cuisinart. Because allows you to make up to fourteen cups at one go. It’s two more than the Ninja can brew (12 cups) in one go.

If you want a coffee maker that is designed to be stored in between each uses then you might buy the Ninja model in this comparison. Because you can scoop inside and store its cord.

Additionally, you may prefer to go for the Cuisinart model if you are in need of a specific decorating style coffee maker that can fit in with your aesthetics. As they offer many colors, which is a bit more visually protean than the Ninja coffee brewer CE251.

We have detailed review of Cuisinart DCC 3200, if you are interested, please check out!

From this Ninja CE251 review, we can conclude that it is a nice selection for users who are looking for the easiest cleaning experience. Its removable water reservoir and other parts make cleaning easy like never before.


  • How long do ninja coffee makers last?

    The average lifespan of a Ninja coffee maker lasts for around a year.

  • How do I clean my ninja coffee?

    First, pour in the white vinegar or cleaning solution. Then put the glass carafe under your filter basket. Now, press the Clean button. Empty and wash out the water reservoir, carafe, and filter. Run the cycle, twice if you can.

  • Can you put milk in the ninja coffee bar?

    Not all models have this feature. But the ones have, will come with a built-in cold and hot frother. You can froth heavy cream, milk, and even creamer cold or hot.

  • Does Ninja coffee bar steam milk?

    No. They have milk frother but they can’t be used for steaming milk.

  • Does Ninja coffee bar use K cups?

    No, it does not use K-Cups. The Ninja Coffee Bar uses coffee grounds only to brew all of its sizes, from a single-serve to the full carafe.

Final Thoughts on ninja cE251 programmable brewer review

Ninja CE251 coffee maker is an exceptional choice because it keeps tasks simple and comes with a vast capacity. But for anyone who loves an orthodox tasting coffee this machine doesn’t produce any useful highly satisfactory results. You will not have a frother to make espressos and cappuccinos.

In terms of taste, automatic coffee makers are not inordinate as compared to semi-automatic coffee makers, the Ninja CE251 does not taste anywhere near awful. However, it is not going to contain a true coffee connoisseur. This model is efficient for those who have a very busy daily routine and don’t have time to spend on the details associated with a cup of coffee.

So, if you’re not a coffee radical and just need good-tasting coffee and get going, CE251 is the best pick for you.

Happy Brewing!

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  1. Ninja CE251 Programmable Brewer basket leaks after you remove carafe and makes cloudy coffee—it leaks from the top of the drain button NOT through the hole of the button

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