High-Tech Yet Simple Functionality And Usability – Philips 3200 LatteGo Review

Philips has been an ever-present brand in the world of consumer appliances and is viewed as a standard-bearer of quality. If you are demanding both durability and quality espresso machine, consider this – the Philips 3200 Automatic Espresso Machine. It’s an excellent example of what Philips can offer coffee lovers around the world.

The Philips 3200 fully automatic espresso machine comes with a range of different functions and a milk frother which let’s admit makes life way easier. Not impressed yet? Let’s take you through our Philips 3200 LatteGo review to change that for the better.

Philips 3200 Series Fully Automatic Espresso Machine w/ LatteGo, Black, EP3241/54
  • Enjoy 5 coffees
  • Intuitive touch display
  • 12-step grinder adjustment
  • 20,000 cups of finest coffee with durable ceramic grinders
  • Keep your beans fresh for longer thanks to the aroma seal
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Let’s Clear Our Heads – Fully Automatic VS Semi-Automatic Machine

There is a crucial difference between these 2 kinds of coffee makers. A fully automatic also known as a “super-automatic” machine focuses more on user convenience. So they usually offer inbuilt recipes and easy programs. Users have to pick the recipe or the program of their preference. The machine will do the rest. Ideal for both an amateur and veteran.

A semi-automatic, on the other hand, a trusty mate of a barista. It allows recipes too but you have more control from start to finish. Such as volumetric dosages, temperature, and pressure controls. A semi-automatic gives you more freedom over your cup of coffee.

Key Features of philips 3200 series espresso machine – lattego

  • 5 Aromatic Coffee Options – You cannot miss your favorite drinks with it. From espresso to a coffee or a milk-based recipe, this espresso machine will offer a perfect cup in no time and with no hassle.
  • Philips 3200 Series Fully Automatic Espresso Machine with LatteGo System– Divided into 2 parts. No tubes system. Makes a silky-smooth layer of froth. The LatteGo blends air and milk at high speed inside its round frothing chamber. Then adds a creamy, splash-free layer of froth to the cup at the right temperature. Can be cleaned in 15 seconds in the dishwasher or under the tap.
  • Intuitive Touch Display And My Coffee Choice – The touch display lets you select your desired coffee. Adjust the quantity and strength of the beverage with their “My Coffee Choice” menu. Select from 3 different settings to fit your preferences.
  • Large Water Tank And Adjustable Spout – Another one of its impressive features. The large water tank holds 1.8L of water. A filter can also be installed into it to cut down on the requirement for descaling or avoiding bad-tasting water. The drink spout on the machine can be also adjustable to fit various sizes of cups.
  • Aquaclean Filter – The Aquaclean water filter guarantees the best quality clear and purified water for your fully automatic coffee machine. By changing the filter (at machines’ request), avoid descaling the machine for up to 5000 cups. Once AquaClean gets installed in the coffee machine, the descaling notification will be deactivated automatically.
  • 100% Ceramic Grinders – The grinders are 100% pure ceramic. Hard and extremely precise. So you can enjoy fresh and aromatic coffee, for 20,000 cups at least.
  • 12-Step Grinder Adjustment – The durable ceramic grinders are adjustable in 12 steps. So grinding your coffee beans from ultra-fine powder to coarse is all possible.
  • Easy To Clean Up – With just a handful of units, it’s extremely easy to keep clean (explained in details later in this Philips 3200 review). The water tray and grounds bin simply slide out. They can be quickly rinsed. Even safe for the dishwasher too. You only need emptying after around 12 drinks. The machine does not need descaling until you brew up to 5,000 cups of coffee. The machine also alerts you when it’s time. It also has a removable brew group. Accessible via a door in the back of the water reservoir. Philips recommends cleaning the brew heads weekly.

Technical Specifications

As already mentioned, Philips 3200 is a super-automatic machine. The brew group is detachable. Stainless steel casing. Automatic frothing system. Weighs 16 pounds. Machine dimensions – 9.7 x 14.6 x 17 inches.

Philips 3200 offers a frontal display with touch buttons. It can store one user profile. 3 separate aroma strength and temperature settings. Adjustable 12 grinder modes. Milk/foam temperature is non-customizable. A 2-cup function available but not for milky drinks.

The water filter has a filter. Reservoir capacity is 61oz. It has a coffee grounds tray. No milk jug. The maximum discharge vertical is 6 inches.

The grinder is ceramic-made. 5 grinding levels. Its single bean container holds 0.55 lbs.

How To Use

Before First Use

Begin your Philips 3200 LatteGo Super-Automatic espresso machines’ setup after you switched on the machine. Some water may get dispensed from the coffee spout or hot water spout. It is normal, do not worry. Next, activate the water filter. Check and setup the water hardness. Assemble LatteGo or classic milk frother for specific types only.

Brewing Drinks – General Steps

  1. Fill the water reservoir with tap water. Then fill the bean hopper with fresh coffee beans.
  2. Press the on/off button and switch on the coffee machine. The machine begins heating up and automatically performs the rinsing cycle. During this heating up, the lights in the drinks icons get lit up and one by one go out slowly. When all the lights in the drink icons continuously light up, the machine is ready for brewing.
  3. Now, put a cup under the dispensing spout. Slide the dispensing spout (up or down) to adjust its height. Only do this if the size of your glass or cup requires that fitting.

Brewing Drinks – Personalizing Drinks

  1. The Philips 3200 to your own preference allows you to adjust the settings of a drink. After choosing a drink you can:
  2. Adjust the strength of the aroma. Tap the aroma strength icon. There are 3 strengths available. The lowest is labeled as ‘mildest’ and the highest is labeled as ‘strongest’.
  3. Adjust the drinking quantity. Tapping the drink quantity button or the milk quantity button. You’ll get 3 quantities – low, medium, and high. Also, adjust the temperature to your own liking.

Brewing Drinks – Brewing Coffee With Beans

  1. To brew the coffee, tap the drink icon of your preference. The quantity and aroma strength lights assist you by showing the previously selected setting. You can now customize the coffee drink to your preferred taste (see our ‘Personalizing drinks’ section above).
  2. Press the start/stop now. The light of the drink icon will flash while the coffee is being dispensed. For specific types only drink such as brewing an Americano, the machine will first dispense the espresso and then the water as the Americano is the combination of espresso and water.
  3. To halt dispensing the coffee before the machine is done, again press the start/stop button. To prepare 2 coffees at the same time, just tap twice the drink icon. The 2x light will glow up.

Brewing Drinks – Coffee With Pre-Ground Coffee

  1. You can also use pre-ground coffee instead of fresh beans. If you like a different style coffee variation or a decaffeinated drink.
  2. Press the on/off button. So that the machine is switched on. Wait until it is set to use.
  3. Open up the lid of the pre-ground coffee chamber. Pour 1 leveled scoop of pre-grounded coffee into the chamber. Now close the lid.
  4. Put a cup underneath the dispensing spout. Now pick a drink to make.
  5. Select and press the aroma strength icon for 3 seconds. As a result, the pre-ground coffee light will be lit and the start light will begin pulsing.
  6. Now touch the start/stop button.
  7. To halt dispensing the drink before the machine is completely finished, press again the start/stop button.
  8. You can only brew one coffee at a once in this mode.
  9. The pre-ground coffee mode setting is not savable. So, each time you use pre-ground coffee, you have to follow these steps. Note by selecting this mode, you cannot choose a different aroma strength.

How To Clean

Cleaning And Maintenance

Day-to-day cleaning and maintenance of the Philips 3200 LatteGo Super-Automatic espresso machine is a must. It ensures good-tasting beverages for a prolonged period with a stable coffee flow.

All the parts mentioned below are detachable.

  • Brew group. Requires weekly and monthly separate cleaning.

How To Clean (weekly) – Detach the brew group from your machine. Rinse it under the tap water.

How To Clean (monthly) – Use the Philips coffee oil remover tablet to clean the brew group.

  • Classic milk frother. Needs cleaning after every use.

How To Clean – For thorough cleaning, 1st dispense hot water while the frother is attached to your coffee machine. After this, remove the milk frother from the coffee machine and then disassemble it. Clean all parts under the tap water or in your dishwasher.

  • Pre-ground coffee compartment. Check this coffee compartment weekly to check if it is clogged.

How To Clean – Unplug your machine. Remove the brew group. Open up the cap of the pre-ground coffee compartment. Insert the spoon handle in it. Move the handle up and down till the clogged up coffee ground falls down.

  • Coffee grounds container. Empty the container when alerted by the machine. Needs cleaning weekly.

How To Clean – Detach the grounds container when your machine is on. Rinse it under the tap water. Apply washing liquid or throw it in a dishwasher. Note, the front panel of this container is not dishwasher-safe.

  • Drip tray. Empty out this tray daily or as soon as you see the red-colored ‘drip tray full’ alert flashes through the drip tray. Needs a weekly basis cleansing.

How To Clean – Detach the tray and rinse it thoroughly under the tap water. Use some washing liquid. Alternatively, clean the drip tray in your dishwasher.

  • LatteGo. Requires cleaning after every use.

How To Clean – Rinse the LatteGo under tap water or clean it inside of a dishwasher.

  • Lubrication of the brew group. Needs cleaning after every 2 months.

How To Clean – Consult the lubrication table first. Then lubricate the brew group using the Philips grease.

  • Water tank. Weekly basis cleaning is needed.

How To Clean – Rinse the water reservoir under the tap water.

Activation Of The Aquaclean Water Filter

One of the crucial unit for the machine. Hence, we’re explaining in our Philips 3200 review. The machine cannot automatically detect if a filter has been set in the water reservoir. Therefore, you have to activate each new Aquaclean filter you will install with the AquaClean icon. This process needs 5 minutes.

Aquaclean Light And Icon

The machine is equipped with a light for the AquaClean water filter. It indicates the status of the filter. Below we explain what actions are needed when the light is on or flashing.

  • For the 1st time use, the AquaClean light begins flashing orange color. Indicating you can begin using the water filter. If you do not activate the AquaClean filter, the light will go off automatically after a bit.
  • After the installation and activation of the filter with the AquaClean icon, the icon light will turn blue to signal that the water filter is active.
  • When the filter needs to be replaced, the AquaClean icon light will start flashing orange again. Simply implying that you need to replace the filter with a brand new one.
  • When the orange AquaClean light is gone, you will still be able to activate the AquaClean filter. But you will have to descale your machine first.

Your Philips 3200 series espresso machine LatteGo needs to be fully limescale-free before you begin using the AquaClean water filter.

Activating The Aquaclean Water Filter

Before you activate the AquaClean water filter, you must prepare it by soaking it in the water as described below. If you don’t follow this set of instructions, air will be drawn into the machine and will make it noisy and will degrade the coffee quality.

  1. Shake up the filter for 5 seconds to get started.
  2. Inside a jug immerse the filter upside down with cold water. Shake/press it a bit. Wait until all of the air bubbles come out.
  3. The filter is now primed for use. You can insert it into the water reservoir.
  4. Insert the filter vertically onto the filter port inside the water tank. Make sure to press it down to the lowest possible point.
  5. Fill up the water reservoir with fresh water and re-install it in the machine.
  6. After attaching the tank remove the LatteGo. Place a bowl under the milk frother/hot water spout.
  7. Press AquaClean icon for 3 seconds. The start light will be pulsing. Now press the start/stop to begin the activation.
  8. Hot water will be dispensed for 3 minutes from the spout/milk frother.
  9. When the activation phase completes, the blue light will be on to confirm that the water filter has been activated accurately.

Replace each water filter after every 3 months. Even if the machine does not remind/alarm you of it. Remember when the orange light flashes, just take out the old AquaClean filter. Install a new filter. Then activate it as we’ve described above.


One of the most integral part of maintenance for an espresso machine. So, we feel obliged to describe descaling steps in the Philips 3200 review. Must use the Philips descaler only for the 3200s’ descaling. Do not use hydrochloric or sulfuric or sulfamic or acetic acid-based (vinegar) descaler. The descaling needs 30 minutes to get done.

Not applying the descaler or fail to descale the machine will revoke your warranty.

  1. When the Clean light begins flashing slowly, you have to do the descaling of your machine.
  2. Remove the LatteGo or milk frother (if attached).
  3. Detach the coffee grounds container and the drip tray. Empty them and reinstall them back.
  4. Remove the water reservoir and empty it out. Now also remove the water filter.
  5. Pour the full bottle of Philips descaler into the water reservoir. Now fill it with water exactly to the Calc / Clean indication mark. Finally, place it back into your coffee machine.
  6. Place a large bowl/container (atleast 1.5L) beneath the water spout and the coffee dispensing spout.
  7. Press the Calc / Clean icon (for 3 seconds). Then press the start/stop.

The 1st part of the descaling starts. It lasts for approx. 30 minutes. It has a descaling cycle and then a rinsing cycle. During the descaling cycle, the Calc/Clean light keeps flashing to indicate that the phase is in motion.

  • Now, simply let your machine dispense the descaling solution. Wait until the display alerts you that the water reservoir is empty.
  • Check and empty the tank (just for good measure). Rinse it and then refill the tank with clean fresh water up to the Calc / Clean mark.
  • Empty out your dispense bowl/container. Put it back under the spout and the water spout. Press the start/stop again.

The 2nd phase of the descaling begins the rinsing phase. It lasts for 3 minutes. During this period the lights on the control panel will go on and off as an indication of the rinsing phase.

  1. Wait until the dispensing of the water ends. As the machine stops dispensing water the descaling procedure is complete.
  2. The machine will once again heat up. Notice when the lights in the drink icons continuously light up, your machine is set for usage again.

Install and activate a new AquaClean filter into the water reservoir. (Follow the Activating the Aquaclean Water Filter section above). When the descaling is completed, the AquaClean light will flash for a while if it needs a new AquaClean filter.

Note: Using the AquaClean water filter reduces the chance for high-frequency descaling (which is a good thing)!

Summarizing – The Pros And Cons


  • Build quality is top class.
  • A compact coffee maker.
  • Classic-styled milk frother.
  • 3 different coffee aroma modes.
  • 3 different drink temperature settings.
  • Makes good-quality espresso and milk froth.
  • AquaClean filter works great against impurities.
  • Operations are highly intuitive with simple touch screen buttons.
  • 4 different preprogrammed coffee recipes and 1 hot water option.


  • Very dense milk froth maker.
  • Generally the operation is noisy.

Why You Should Buy Philips 3200 LatteGo

The Philips 3200 is made as a full-automatic machine. Meaning, it is built for convenience – a straightforward summarization of any Philips LatteGo 3200 review out there and we are no different. Simply put, if you don’t fancy spending too much time behind making your coffee, this machine is one of the best options for you. It is also an incredibly popular choice among the folks who like top-notch coffee in between their hectic schedules.

If you are always in a rush yet want a quick cup of coffee but with various options to keep you afresh throughout the day, this is the machine that has the perfect offerings for you. The ceramic grinder grinds your fresh beans. The 4 coffee options with temperature and strength control as well as good milk frother will cover your daily cravings.  

Also if you are a daily coffee drinker at night after your dinner, all you need is to press a button, grab your favorite cup, and tuck into your bed and enjoy. Everything is functional with its touch menu. There is no sophistication associated with the options. Select, wait, and drink.

Why You Shouldn’t Buy the Philips 3200 LatteGo

If you like to try and test out various temperatures, pressures, and volume settings then Philips 3200 may not be the right option for you.

If you are a seasoned coffee maker who comprehends different settings at work in a coffee machine to produce perfect aroma and flavor, you should go for a higher grade fully automatic machine.

Also, Philips 3200 is not an ideal option for an office setting. Because of as it needs a lot of refills per day and a bit noisy.

Philips LatteGo 3200 Reviews By Customers And Critics

Philips has been a symbol of quality for ages. It has been manufacturing espresso machines with the utmost care, upgraded technology, and phenomenal service. The overall reviews of the users and critics agreed on it was an ideal espresso machine. The majority has appraised the quality of coffee.

The main complaint was that it receives 10 to 15 minutes for shut-off. It’s a major nuisance for almost all. Then, it doesn’t support all of the mug sizes. No auto shut-off timer in this espresso machine. Users and critics have appealed to improve on these issues. Customers were impressed as to how easy it is to handle and clean the espresso machine. A great full automatic machine with a reasonable price. Most viewed this as a flagship model for Philips.


  • Does The Philips 3200 Make Iced Coffee?

    Yes. The Philips 3200 espresso machine with LatteGo, allows you to prepare delicious iced coffee from fresh coffee beans.

  • Where Do You Put The Water In A Philips Coffee Maker?

    Facing the machine from the front to your right-hand side grab the sidewall of the machine. Along the edge, you will be able to grip the wall. Once you find the grip pull it towards you and you’ll the water reservoir sliding out. It is part of the right wall of the machine. Now test water hardness and install and activate the AcuqaClean filter. Once you complete these steps, you can put water into it. 

  • Does This Come With A Aquaclean Water Filter?

    Yes. Only one Aquaclean water filter will arrive with your purchase.

  • Is Lattego Really A New Method Of Frothing?

    No, it’s not. All milk frothing systems have tubes. LatteGo is a tubeless system. But it uses the same spray bottle technique.

  • Do You Froth Milk For An Iced Macchiato?

    No, you do not need to. Standard macchiato requires steamed milk and iced macchiato needs cold over the ice milk.


The Philips 3200 fully automatic coffee machine is one of the finest kitchen appliances you can find on the market. Simple to use and it does not make you go through any hassle to clean it. Also comes with an automatic shutoff function. The machine is lightweight and you can easily move it from one place to another if necessary.

The functions are easy to comprehend and the machine offers you a full bean-to-cup experience with a push of a button. We conclude hoping this Philips LatteGo 3200 review will guide you towards having a greater experience in the world of fully or semi-automatic coffee machines.

Happy Brewing!

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