What Is a French Press Coffee Maker? And Why Used For?

We all love to have several cups of coffee every day. Coffee washes away our tiredness in a second like magic. After a busy working day, a fresh cup of coffee is the best solution. If you have a French press coffeemaker in your home, you can easily make a cup of coffee.

It will take only 4 minutes to make a cup of coffee in French press coffeemaker. You only need to know what is a French press coffee maker and how to use it.

how to use a french press coffee maker

What is a French Press Coffee Maker?

A French press coffeemaker is a coffee brewing device. The taste of French press coffee depends on the time of steeping coffee grounds. It is consisting of a carafe, cross plate, mesh filter screen, spiral plate, lid, and a plunger. Below we discuss these parts of a French press coffeemaker for your understanding.


Carafe is a glass pot or jar where brewed coffee is stored. This carafe can also make of stainless steel. 

What Is a French Press Coffee Maker
Anatomy of A French Press Coffee Maker

Mesh filter screen 

Mesh filter is a one-way thread of metal wire or plastic strands. It stops particles passing through openings in the mesh, such as the fishing net. A mesh filter screen works as a surface filtration media. It captures the coffee ground on the surface of the mesh. The number of mesh filters may vary from one brand to another.

Cross plate 

Cross plate holds the mesh filter screen in place. Bodum also put filters with the cross plate in some of the French presses that it produced.

Spiral Plate 

Spiral plate fits over the mesh filter. It keeps the mesh filter screen intact when pushed down by the plunger.


Lid isa removable cover for the top of the carafe. It seals the carafe while brewing the coffee. This lid also holds the plunger in position for French press coffeemaker.


A plunger is a push-down tool of Coffee press coffeemaker. It pushed down the filter at the bottom of the glass carafe to hold the coffee ground.

how to use a french press coffee pot

The French press coffeemaker has different names which come from different places.

Country or PlaceNames
North AmericaFrench press or Coffee press
New Zealand, Australia, South AfricaCoffee plunger
Great Britain, IrelandCafetière
FranceCafetière à piston
ItalyCaffettiera a stantuffo

Melior or Bodum is the generic trademarks for French press coffee makers.

The basic idea of the French press may come from France. They used a metal or cheesecloth screen for sieve coffee drink. Cheesecloth put the end of a rod which used to press downward into a coffee pot. Coffee press patented in 1929 by a Milanese designer Attilio Calimani.

After that, in 1958, Faliero Bondanini patented another modified design under his name. Martin SA, a French clarinet factory started manufacturing his coffee press under the brand name Melior. A British company “Household Articles Limited” and the Danish company Bodum increased its popularity across Europe.

Coffee press coffeemakers are portable and easy to use than the other coffeemakers. It is a popular coffeemaker to hikers, backpackers, or people who like to go camping. French presses also have travel mug versions for travelers. 

  • Sturdy Plastic Mug: This mug has a drinkable hole in its sealed lid, such as a water flask.
  • Stainless Steel Mug: This metal mug has insulation like a thermal flask. This insulated pot keeps coffee hot for a while.

There is another type of French press that uses the “pull design”. In these pull-up French presses, the coffee grounds are put into a mesh basket and let it brew into water. After brewing, the mesh basket pulled up to the lid. It is like trapping the coffee grounds by a mesh basket from the coffee drink.

Whatever the design is, French presses are easy to make coffee. You can make your coffee anywhere because of its small size and portability. Before you use the French press, you need to know how the coffee brewed in a French press.

Steps of Coffee Making in The French Press

how do you use a french press coffee maker

French press coffee is one of the easiest ways to brew coffee. You only need fresh grounds to make your most wanted cup of hot coffee. It will take only four minutes to make French press coffee.

1. Choose the Perfect Grind

For the French press, you need the medium-coarse ground coffee. Try not to use the small-coarse or fine grinding. You can also grind coffee beans right before making your coffee. This coarsely ground coffee beans provides the best taste of the coffee.

2. Preheat the Carafe

Preheated the French press by pouring hot water. Put coffee grounds into the glass carafe. Wait for a while and let warm up the carafe. Doesn’t preheating the French press by putting it into the microwave or on the oven.

3. Measure the amount of coffee ground

Measure the amount of coffee ground that you want to make. But it should maintain the perfect ratio. The perfect ratio of coffee ground and water for the regular french press coffee is 1:17. If you like a strong one, then adjust the amount of coffee ground according to your taste. It’s 1:11.

4. Adding the Coffee Ground

Put the measured coffee ground into the preheated French press. Add a little amount of boiled water to soak the coffee ground at the bottom. Stir gently with a spoon or a bamboo paddle and mix well. Wait for 30 seconds while covering the lid of the French press.

5. Let Your Coffee Bloom

Add the rest of the hot water and full your French press. Give another gentle stir and put the lid with the plunger on the top of the French press. Wait for 3 minutes and 30 seconds more.

6. Press Down the Plunger

After the time is over, press the plunger down. The plunger will hold the coarse ground of coffee at the bottom of the French press.

7. Drink Your Coffee

Pour the coffee from the French press into a coffee pot or a cup. Then, serving immediately to get the best taste.

These are all. But also be very careful about perfect temperature for french press.

Enjoy your fresh cup of coffee at any time. You can add milk and sugar if you want according to your taste preferences. You can also use your French press for other purposes.

Use of French Press For Other Purposes

  • Making Cold-brew Coffee
single serving french press

Use room temperature water instead of hot water. Put the French press into the refrigerator overnight or 5-8 hours. Use best coffees for clod brew for better result.

  • Straining Broth 

You can use it for straining broth from shellfish.

  • Infuse Herbs or Others 

French press could use to infuse water with cucumber, lemon, herbs, citrus peels, and spices.

  • Making Tea 
french press coffee machine

You can use your French press to brew loose tea. It is ideal for making herbal tea.

The best French press coffee maker lets you have a cup of joe anywhere at any time. You can also use French presses in multi-purpose. So, having a French press in your home is the best choice.

Happy Brewing!!

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