What Is An Upside Down Espresso Shot? Everything You Need to Know!

If you’re a coffee lover, you’ve probably heard of an upside-down espresso shot. But what is an upside down espresso shot? In short, an upside-down espresso shot is simply an espresso shot that’s been inverted. This means that the espresso is poured over the milk instead of the other way around.

The result is a rich, creamy espresso drink that’s perfect for those who love a strong coffee flavor. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about making an upside-down espresso shot!

What Is An Upside Down Espresso Shot?

An “upside down” espresso refers to a specific way of preparing an espresso-based drink, typically a cappuccino or a latte. In a traditional cappuccino or latte, the espresso shot is poured first, followed by steamed milk and a layer of milk foam on top. However, in an upside down espresso, the order of pouring is reversed.

In an upside down espresso drink, the steamed milk is poured into the cup first, followed by the espresso shot, and finally, a layer of milk foam is added on top. This creates a different flavor and texture profile compared to a regular cappuccino or latte, as the milk and espresso mix differently.

The term “upside down” is used to indicate the reverse order of pouring compared to the traditional method. It’s a variation that some people prefer, as it can create a different balance of flavors and potentially offer a unique drinking experience.

Note that it’s another innovative creation by the coffee magicians at Starbucks. It’s a coffee brewing method where a barista simply reverses the order of ingredients in an espresso shot, latte, or macchiato. This changes the flavor, layering, and composition of said drinks.

Special Note: Upside-down coffee drinks are part of Starbucks’ secret menu.

The Origin Story…

Starbucks first came up with this devilish idea of reversing the order of the ingredients in a latte! On their secret menu, it’s labeled as “Venti upside-down Latte”.

Some experts have claimed that upside down coffee beverages also started in Japan. But it’s not clear whether it occurred at a Starbucks chain in Japan. The Starbucks management wanted to demonstrate they can serve different drinks using the same machine. Thus, the upside-down drink was born and created a trend among customers as a popular way to give a regular latte a twist.

How to Make an Upside-Down Espresso Shot

Making an upside-down espresso shot is easy! All you need is milk, espresso, and a cup. Simply heat up your milk until it’s steaming and then pour it into the cup. Next, add your espresso shots on top of the milk. That’s it!

You can enjoy your upside-down espresso shot as is or add a little bit of sugar or flavoring to taste. If you want to get fancy, you can even top your drink with some whipped cream or cinnamon. No matter how you enjoy it, an upside-down espresso shot is sure to give you a caffeine boost that’ll last all day long.

How to Make an Upside-Down Latte

This drink is identical to a regular latte drink. Except the steamed milk goes at the bottom first. Then the barista puts the espresso shot in next. And finally, tops it off with a foamy layer.

How to Make an Upside-Down Caramel Macchiato

This is the most popular upside-down drink at Starbucks (among all the other upside down drinks). The big difference between a regular and an upside-down version comes down to the application of caramel.

Instead of drizzling it across the top, the barista pumps the caramel into the base of the drink first. Then the espresso gets poured over it. Finally, the barista pours milk and then ice cubes (if necessary).

Final Thoughts

Although it’s possible to order any coffee drink upside-down at Starbucks, we want you to keep in mind that it’s probably not going to amplify your Frappuccino’s look. Because the milk, foam, or whipped cream will sit on the bottom of your cup. 

Regardless, the upside-down espresso shots are a delicious and easy way to enjoy your favorite coffee drink. So next time you’re in the mood for something a little different, give this unique twist on the classic espresso a try!

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