A Brief History of Coffee Timeline

Where did coffee originate? When coffee was originally discovered?

When do you take the taste of your coffee, do you ever think about that?

Almost everyone will say, No.

Honestly, we do not think much about that while enjoying the sip. But it won’t do any harm knowing a bit deeper about our lovely coffee.

Actually, no one knows the coffee origin for sure.

But it is strongly believed, coffee history started in Ethiopia. To be more specific, in Kaffa, a medieval kingdom in Ethiopia. 

Legend says, Kaldi, an Ethiopian goatherd, in 850 A.D., discovered coffee plants. According to legends, his goats ate coffee berries and that gave them extreme energy and prevented them from sleeping at night.

He informed local monks about this new type of plant. The monks processed and created drink out of coffee beans. One of the monks drank and it helped him pray all night. After that, the information spread through the monks to the world.

The process of making coffee and drinking them was started earlier in the 15th century. At first, coffee was consumed basically in Yemen. Soon, it spread through the Middle East, Persia, Turkey, Some portions of Africa, and the Southern part of India. Arabic coffee history is the earliest credible evidence of coffee drinking.

In the 16th Century, coffee was introduced in Europe. The island of Malta is the first place to start drinking coffee. Soon the goodwill of coffee spread to the Balkans, Italy, and the rest of Europe. 

By the 16th Century, coffee became available in England. Coffee became so popular that, by the year of 1675, there were around 3000 coffee houses opened all over England. 

Important Years in History of Coffee Timeline

History of Coffee Timelines

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  • 15th Century (1401-1500) – First exported to the world from Yemen, who are the first to produce and commercialize coffee. They exported coffee through the port of Mocha.
  • 17th Century (1601-1700) – The British brought coffee to New York. This is where the history of coffee in America starts.
  • 1616 – First cultivation started in Europe. Starting with the Netherlands, who later started commercial production of coffee through their colonies and became the main supplier of Europe. 
  • 1629 – First coffeehouse started in Venice.
  • 1651 – The coffee in England’s history started with the opening of the first coffee shop.
  • 1654 – Queen’s Lane Coffee House, Oxford, England started its journey which exists till today.
  • 1658 – Coffee cultivation started in Sri Lanka by Dutch. Sri Lanka was called Ceylon at that time.
  • 1672 – First coffeehouse established in Paris.
  • 1673 – First establishment of a coffee house in Germany.
  • 1670 – First cultivation started in India. There is the district of Chikmagalur where the cultivation started, is located in the state of Karnataka, the southern part of India.
  • 1675 – More than 3000 coffeehouses in England.
  • 1676 – First coffeehouse in America started its journey in Boston.
  • 1683 – Austria opened their first coffee house in Vienna.
  • 1699 – First cultivation in Java (Indonesia). Java was a Dutch colony and that time Java became one of the main suppliers of coffee.
  • 1715 –1730 -First cultivation in the Caribbean (Cuba, Hispaniola (Haiti and the Dominican Republic), Jamaica, Puerto Rico)
  • 1720 -First cultivation in Dutch East Indies.
  • 1723 – First coffee plant/seeds introduced in America.
  • 1730 – First cultivation in South America
  • 1734 – First cultivation started in Haiti. That time Haiti was known as Saint-Domingue, a French colony.
  • 1763 – More than 200 coffee shops opened only in Venice.
  • 1773 – A large number of Americans started drinking coffee instead of tea, after the Boston Tea Party. During the American Revolution, it was believed that drinking ‘Tea’ is unpatriotic.
  • 1788 – Haiti (Saint-Domingue) supplied half of the world’s coffee.
  • 1820 – First isolation of pure caffeine from coffee beans by German chemist Friedlieb Ferdinand Runge.
  • 1852 – Brazil became the largest producer of coffee.
  • 1865 – First Roasted beans sold on the retail market (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania). 
  • 1888 – First coffee house opened in Tokyo, Japan.
  • 1903 – First commercially successful decaffeination process performed by German merchant Ludwig Roselius and his co-workers.
  • 1933 – First Moka-pot invented by Alfonso Bialetti in Turin, Italy.

The history of coffee is so rich. The whole story of coffee history cannot be described in few words.  These timelines indicate the ultimate passion of coffee which helped to spread coffee worldwide in such a short time despite the transportation issue.

There are many variations of coffee based on bean types, roasting levels and others. Despite all that. Coffee has various health benefits.

Well, after the timeline, let’s have a brief look about today’s world.

Coffee Beans in Coffee Farm

Today’s Coffee Facts

  • On average, an American coffee drinker consumes three and a half cups of coffee (in various forms) every day. 
  • 25 Million+ people are related to cultivation, processing of coffee.
  • People of Finland, on average, each year, consume 26.5 pounds (12 kg) of coffee, which is the most in the world.
  • Annually, the global coffee industry earns around 60 billion dollars, which is second most after Oil.
  • World’s Largest coffee producer is Brazil.
  • Two states of the United States – Hawaii & California produce coffee. 
  • ‘Panama Geisha coffee’, the most expensive coffee in the world, costs $800 a pound.
  • Average American spends around $1,100 per year on coffee.

Enjoy Your coffee!!

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