9 Best 2 Way Coffee Maker of 2022 (Pick The Right Machine According To Your Needs)

Even though some folks prefer a carafe coffee maker for freshly brewed coffee, a single-serve coffee maker can fix your caffeine need while in a rush. How about a dual coffee maker that has both a carafe and single-serve brewing options simultaneously?

According to the National Coffee Association USA report, 62% of Americans drink coffee every day. So, it’s crucial to maintain the quality of coffee. This aspect vastly depends on the quality of beans and also the coffee maker you use.

In this comprehensive guide, we will look at the 9 best 2 way coffee makers that can deliver pretty good coffee on both carafe and single-serve sides. Along with that, you will learn how to pick the best dual coffee maker after reading our expert buying guide.

So, stick around, and let’s dive right in…

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9 Best 2 Way Coffee Maker We Think Worth Investing

In the following segment, we are going to share some of the best dual coffee makers one by one. Make sure to read carefully in order to pick the right one for you. But first, have a quick look on the list.

Hamilton Beach 49976 FlexBrew

Hamilton Beach 2 way FlexBrew coffee maker is arguably one of the best coffee makers in the market right now. This machine is selling like a hot cake because of its ease of use, superior functionality, and astonishing affordability.

As a dual coffee maker, you can make multiple cups of coffee using the carafe brewing option of this machine. This carafe can hold up to 12 cups of liquid. FlexBrew coffee maker uses all the water from the reservoir while making coffee. So, pour slightly more water into the reservoir as some water may be steamed because of the heat of the machine.

The carafe is made with glass and comes with measuring markings. It features a flippable lid and a sturdy handle too. Before making coffee using the carafe side, make sure to put a paper filter over the ground coffee basket.

On the right and left sides of the machine, you will notice two water windows which help you to know how much water is in the reservoir.

While using the single-serve side, you can either choose ground coffee or K-cup. If you want to use ground coffee, make sure to put the ground coffee filter in the proper place. Similarly, for K-cup, use the included pod holder in the right place then place the K-cup into it. Lift down the lid and you will hear a sound of a needle piercing the top of the K-cup.

Depending on which side of the machine you are using, select either the Carafe button or the Single-Serve button and then press Brew now to start the flow of coffee. If you want to program the machine for later brewing, press and hold the PROG button and simultaneously press the Set Time button and again until you find your desired time you wish to enjoy coffee.

Moreover, with this unit, you can adjust the strength of your coffee. By default, the machine will deliver regular strength coffee. If you press the Brew Strength button once, you can switch Regular to Bold strength.


  • Effortless control panel
  • Programmable brewing feature
  • Smart filter storage under the drip tray
  • Removable drip tray for placing tall travel mug
  • Auto pausing feature if you remove the carafe under the spout for instant servings
  • K-Cup and ground coffee compatible single-serve side


  • The body is made with plastic which might give you a cheap feel.
  • You can’t use both sides simultaneously.
Hamilton Beach 49976 FlexBrew Trio 2-Way Single Serve Coffee Maker & Full 12c Pot, Compatible with K-Cup Pods or Grounds, Combo, Black
  • 3-WAYS TO BREW: Brew up to 12 cups with ground coffee on the carafe side or use dual purpose single serving to brew a pod or ground coffee on the other. The included pod holder and single-serve grounds basket easily handle both options
  • SINGLE-CUP COFFEE MAKER: Brew a cup with a K-Cup, pod, another pod brand, or ground coffee. The included pod holder and single-serve grounds basket easily handle both options and the cup rest removes so you can brew into a tall travel mug
  • BREW A FULL POT OF COFFEE: This programmable coffee maker has Easy-Touch programming for wake-up ready coffee. After brewing, coffee stays warm for 2 hours and the power automatically shuts off. Auto Pause & Pour lets you pour a cup as coffee brews
  • CUSTOMIZE YOUR BREW STRENGTH: Control how strong you want your coffee with Select-a-Brew: regular and bold brewing options
  • 2 SEPARATE EASY-FILL WATER RESERVOIRS: Each brewing side on this Hamilton Beach coffee maker has its own water reservoir that’s easy to fill and features a water window, so you always know exactly how much water to add

Cuisinart CHW-12P1

The CHW-12P1 from Cuisinart is another elegant-looking dual coffee maker. Its brushed stainless steel finish gives it a premium look. Aside from its look, this machine also contains lots of functionalities. Although you won’t get any single-serve coffee-making option, you can make Tea, Oatmeal, and hot cocoa using the on-demand hot water outlet.

Unlike the FlexBrew coffee maker, you can use both sides of the Cuisinart CHW-12P1 simultaneously. So, there’s no waiting needed between coffee and tea making. The included carafe is also 12 cup size, similar to the FlexBrew.

One extra thing you have is its 1-4 cup coffee option. For instance, if you don’t need too much coffee you can easily press this button for making a single or up to 4 cups of coffee. We guess Cuisinart has intelligently added this feature to provide a solution of single-serving coffee.

The Control panel of this 12 cup coffee maker is also pretty effortless. Certain buttons and dials are available for running specific functions. You can program your carafe side just by pressing buttons a few times. Moreover, you can adjust the exact hour and minute when you need the machine to On and brew coffee as well as when the machine should turn Off after brewing. That’s pretty impressive, isn’t it?

This machine has a self-cleaning system. A dedicated clean button is available on the control panel alongside a cleaning indicator light which lets the user know when it needs to be cleaned. Besides, inside the water reservoir, you have to install the included charcoal water filter in order to get the best possible water quality.

You can also adjust the temperature of your coffee by rotating a dial to Low, Medium, or High position to ensure the optimal coffee temperature.


  • Elegant Looks
  • Versatile drink-making options
  • Removable drip tray for a tall travel mug
  • Independent heating system for both sides
  • Auto pause system while flowing coffee into the carafe
  • Heating plate for keeping the carafe warm for a longer time.


  • Most of the parts are made of plastic
  • No dedicated coffee-making option using K-cups
  • Some buyers have complained about leaking water from the reservoir.
Cuisinart CHW-12P1 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker Plus Hot Water System Coffee Maker, Black/Stainless
  • 12-Cup Carafe with a drip-free pour spout and a comfortable handle. Cord length : 36 Inches
  • Fully Automatic with auto-on and auto shutoff, self-clean function and 1-4 cup setting
  • Carafe Temperature Control offers a heater plate with High, Medium and Low settings to keep coffee at the temperature you prefer
  • Hot Water On Demand heats up fast to let you enjoy oatmeal, soup, tea, cocoa, and more any time you like. Simply press the lever to dispense hot water
  • Separate Hot Water System has its own power button and 54-ounce water reservoir; operates independently or at the same time as the coffeemaker

Keurig K-Duo Plus

Keurig K-Duo Plus is a compact-looking, dual coffee maker from Keurig. With this machine, you can make a full carafe of coffee as well as single-serve coffee using K-cups or ground coffee. The carafe is 12 cup-sized.

However, you can adjust the size of your coffee from 6-12 cups by pressing the buttons available on top of the machine. Moreover, you can also select the amount of coffee for the single-serve side from 6-12 ounces.

You can program the carafe side easily by pressing the Auto button. Besides, you can even set the exact time and minute when you need the machine to brew your coffee. Also, there’s an option for changing the strength of coffee regular or strong. Strong coffee tends to take a bit longer compared to regular strength coffee.

Keurig K-Duo plus comes with a reusable gold-tone mesh filter so you don’t need to purchase extra paper filters. You can also use your own ground coffee in the single-serve position by using a Keurig My K-cup universal reusable coffee filter.

Another cool feature of this machine is that you can change the position of the water reservoir from right to left, or back according to your countertop space. The drip tray is removable therefore you can easily place a tall travel mug in that position.

Overall, it may seem an almost similarly featured machine compared to the previous two. The only key difference is that this machine comes with a thermal carafe that can keep the coffee warm for up to 2 hours at the max temperature. After that 2 hours, you will feel that the temperature is slightly down but fair enough to enjoy as a drinkable cup of coffee.


  • Compact size
  • Quite a few coffee size options
  • Position adjustable water reservoir
  • Programmable brewing feature
  • Stainless steel made thermal carafe
  • Can be used ground coffee in the single-serve side


  • You may face trouble placing the water reservoir from side to back
  • Keurig reusable universal filter installation is fairly hard
  • None of the parts is dishwasher safe
Keurig K-Duo Plus Coffee Maker, Single Serve and 12-Cup Carafe Drip Coffee Brewer, Compatible with K-Cup Pods and Ground Coffee, Black
  • What’s in the box: 12 cup thermal carafe and mesh reusable ground coffee filter included with your brewer
  • Brew a cup and a carafe: Use both ground coffee and k cup pods
  • Strong brew: Brew a stronger, more intense single cup and carafe
  • Multiple brew sizes: Brew a 6, 8, 10, or 12 cup carafe and a 6, 8, 10, or 12 ounce cup
  • Multi position 60 ounce; Water reservoir: Can be positioned to the right, left, or along the back of the brewer to optimize counter space

Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System

Ninja Hot And Cold Brewed System is a pretty solid option if you want to get a dual coffee maker with versatile brewing features. With this unit, you can make 5 different types of drinks including coffee, tea with tea bags, tea with loose leaf, cold brew, and froth milk.

You can adjust the richness of your coffee simply by rotating a certain dial available on the control panel. The machine has 6 coffee-size options: a single cup, xl cup, travel mug, xl multi-serve mug, half carafe, and full carafe. Here the single-cup means 9.5 ounces of coffee, and other serving vessels hold 11.5 ounces, 14 ounces, 18 ounces, half carafe, and a full carafe respectively.

Since the included thermal carafe holds 10 cups of coffee, half carafe means 5 cups of coffee. Both tea and coffee have 5 different taste options. You can easily select any of these using the rotating dial.

Like the previous three machines, you can program your drink 24 hours ahead using the delay brew button. You can select the exact time and minutes when you need to brew coffee. Overall, the operation of this machine is not that much tricky. Anyone can operate the machine with a little bit of help from the user manual.

With this unit, you will get two separate filter baskets for tea and coffee, ensuring the optimal taste of each type. Also, you will get a scoop with markings for effortless tea and coffee measurements.

There’s a foldable arm for milk frothing. You can easily open the arm while you need to froth milk. The frother can be removed easily for cleaning by twisting. There’s also a place for storing the scoop which can give you a mess-free experience.

First off, to use the machine, select the size of coffee or tea by rotating the upper dial. After that, select the brew style of your drink by rotating the start select dial and push the dial to start the flow. There’s a clean button available right after the start select dial. This will illuminate when the machine needs to be cleaned.


  • 6 brew size options
  • Quite a few drink style options
  • Effortless control panel
  • Stainless steel thermal carafe
  • Included frother and measuring scoop
  • No need to use pod coffee for making single-serve coffee


  • The frother will froth but won’t heat your milk
  • Selecting the desired brew style might be a bit tricky at first.
Ninja CP307 Hot and Cold Brewed System, Auto-iQ Tea and Coffee Maker with 6 Brew Sizes, 5 Brew Styles, Frother, Coffee & Tea Baskets with Thermal Carafe Black 50 oz.
  • Coffee and tea brew settings: Brewing technology offers an array of coffee and tea options
  • Cold brew coffee and tea: Brew over ice at a lower temperature for smooth, naturally sweet flavor in 10 to 15 minutes
  • Smart basket recognition: System recognizes basket and displays coffee or tea drink options
  • Separate coffee and tea baskets: Brew coffee or loose or bagged tea to keep flavors separate
  • 6 brew sizes: Brew anything from a single cup or travel size to a half carafe or full carafe in your coffee maker

CucinaPro Double Coffee Brewer Station

The CucinaPro Double Coffee Brewer Station is a basic type of coffee maker with dual carafe brewing options. So, there’s no scope of making single-serve coffee using your own ground coffee or even a K-cup. The functionalities of this machine are pretty straightforward. As there is not much room for operation, you won’t find lots of buttons and dials on the control panel.

At the top of the machine, you will find two push buttons for opening the filter basket door. The water reservoir sits at the back of the machine. You can access the lid of the reservoir from the top of the machine. The transparent water window with markings will let you know how much water is available in the reservoir. With this unit, you will get two glass carafe with certain markings, two permanent filters, and a scoop.

The Double Coffee Brewer Station from CuicinaPro features two independent heating elements, hence, you can use both sides simultaneously. Some folks used to make regular coffee on one side and decaf coffee on the other side. You can also make plain hot water for making tea or hot chocolate as well. In this sense, anyone can utilize this machine as a versatile gadget.


  • Pretty simple to operate
  • Independent heating elements
  • Two carafes, two permanent filters, and a scoop are included
  • Both sides can be used simultaneously
  • Both the carafe and water reservoir has certain markings


  • No programmable brewing feature is available
  • A dedicated single-serve coffee making option is not available
  • No automatic shut off
CucinaPro Double Coffee Brewer Station - Dual Coffee Maker Brews two 12-cup Pots, each with Individual Heating Elements
  • Double Coffee Maker- Brews two 12 cup pots
  • Dual Coffee Brewer- Includes 2 permanent filters and coffee scoops
  • Spring out coffee filter basket for easy refilling and cleaning
  • Double Coffee Brew Station- Water window with level marks
  • Heating elements can be controlled individually. Great for large celebrations, parties and gatherings!

Brim Trio Multibrew System

Another nice-looking coffee maker with dedicated K-cups compatible single-serve brewing options. The Brim Trio Multibrew System features a 1200 watt heating system to ensure the optimal temperature of every cup of joe.

On the front of the machine, there’s an easy-to-read backlit LCD display. With this unit, you can program your drink ahead up to 24 hours. Besides, you can adjust the temperature of your coffee from low to high by pressing the carafe temp button. 

Some folks used to drink their coffee a bit stronger. With this machine, you can change your coffee strength to regular, gourmet, or bold. The single-serve side, on the flip side, is compatible with both K-cups and ground coffee.

For using ground coffee on the single side, you have to use the ground coffee adapter which is included with the machine. Other included parts are a scoop, a gold-tone filter for the carafe side, and a K-cups holder. By using ground coffee, you can make three different brew sizes: 6oz, 10oz, and 15oz.

The drip tray of this machine is adjustable as well as removable. Therefore, you can place any tall travel mug or small mug effortlessly. Similar to some other standard coffee makers, the Brim Trio Multibrew System also features an auto-pause and serve option as well as auto shut off.


  • Backlit LCD display
  • Brushed Stainless steel finish on the front
  • Programmable brewing option
  • Both K-cups and ground coffee compatible single-serve side
  • Variable brew size options while using ground coffee on the single-serve side
  • Brew strength and temperature adjustment options


  • You can’t use both sides to produce coffee at the same time
  • Only one water reservoir for both sides
  • The water reservoir is not removable for effortless cleaning
Brim Trio Multibrew System, 12 Cup Programmable Coffee Maker, Brews a 6oz Cup of Coffee in 1-2 Minutes, Convenient Variable Brew Size, K-Cup Compatible, Stainless Steel/Black
  • MULTIFUNTION COFFEE MAKER: Brim Trio Multibrew has a programmable 12 cup function with pause and serve feature. DC Pump single serve function is specifically designed to offer superior taste for K-Cup capsules & supports 6oz, 10oz & 15oz ground settings.
  • PROGRAMMABLE SETTINGS: Wake up to fresh coffee with programming up to 24 hours in advance & auto shut off customizable from 30 minutes to 2 hours. A sustainable & reusable permanent filter basket comes included with a measuring spoon.
  • VARIABLE BREW SIZES: Adjustable height drip tray accommodates travel mugs & cups of various sizes and is removable for easy cleaning. Features an easy to read backlit LCD display and brew strength selector.
  • THE ART OF COFFEE: Grinding to perfection. Measuring with precision. Mastering the brewing process. Our engineers at Brim have reinvented and simplified the instruments of artisan coffee making.
  • BREW LIKE AN ARTISAN: Inspired by coffee traditions since 1961, Brim's line of coffee & espresso makers, French presses, burr grinders, kettles & pour over kits let you brew with classic techniques.

Cuisinart SS-15P1 Coffee Center

Coffee Center from Cuisinart is one of the most popular coffee makers of Cuisinart. Most of the parts of this machine are made of plastic. However, the front panel is covered with brushed stainless steel which gives it a premium look.

The Control panel of this machine is pretty easy to operate. There are certain buttons and two dials are available for controlling the carafe side. You can program your coffee to the exact hours and minutes easily by rotating the dial, which is pretty convenient.

Furthermore, you can adjust the temperature of your coffee to low, medium, or high. Some folks used to add milk with their coffee, so it’s better to select the high-temperature option to enjoy an excellent cup of coffee.

Aside from the temperature adjustment, this machine also features coffee strength adjustable options to regular or bold. In general, bold coffee takes a little bit more time compared to regular strength coffee.

The Single-serve side of this machine, on the other hand, is compatible with both K-cups and ground coffee. With the included reusable ground coffee holder you can make a single cup of coffee using the single-serve side. There’s also three different coffee sizes (6,8, and 10oz) making options available for brewing coffee.


  • Comes with a scoop, gold-tone permanent filter, and a Home Barista Reusable K-cup ground coffee holder.
  • Programmable brewing
  • Temperature adjustable brewing feature
  • Elegant looking design
  • Separate water reservoir with charcoal filter
  • Removable drip tray for placing a tall travel mug and effortless cleaning


  • You can’t use both sides at the same time
Cuisinart SS-15P1 Coffee Center 12-Cup Coffeemaker and Single-Serve Brewer, Silver
  • 12-cup glass carafe with stainless steel handle. Material: Metal
  • Gold-tone coffee filter lets only pure coffee flavor flow through.UC Cubic Feet: 1.26
  • Single-Serve serving sizes: 6, 8, 10 oz; Charcoal water filter
  • Includes Cuisinart's Home Barista Reusable Filter Cup which lets you use your own coffee, K-Cup pod compatible as well

Braun MultiServe Coffee Machine

MultiServe coffee machine from Braun is a Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) certified coffee maker. SCAA is used to certify coffee makers by taking into consideration the machine’s water temperature, coffee to water ratio, understandability of the user manual, and some other standards.

Although we have added this machine to our list of the best dual coffee makers, there’s no dedicated single-serve coffee-making option. However, it features 7 different coffee brewing options from a 5oz of coffee to a full carafe. So there’s actually no need to having an extra brewing option, to be honest.

You can adjust the style of your coffee just by pressing the buttons available under the size selector dial. There you will find, over ice, light, gold, and bold options. Typically, people stick with the gold option most, however, you can select the right option according to your personal preferences.

This machine also comes with a programmable brewing system. You can easily set the exact hours and minutes when you need the machine to make coffee automatically. The water reservoir is removable therefore easy to clean.

Near the brewing spout, you will notice a Drip Stop button which lets you stop the flow of coffee even if the carafe is halfway full. There’s a foldable cup shelf for placing small cups underneath the spout which you can easily fold to place a tall travel mug.


  • Manual pause option while brewing coffee.
  • Versatile brewing size options
  • 3 level coffee strength selecting options
  • Eliminate the use of plastic k-cup
  • Foldable cup shelf for placing tall travel mug or small cup
  • Included permanent gold-tone filter


  • Comes at a little too expensive price tag
Braun MultiServe Coffee Machine 7 Programmable Brew Sizes / 3 Strengths + Iced Coffee, Glass Carafe (10-Cup), Stainless Steel, KF9070S
  • Exact brew system: The exact brew system delivers consistent optimal brewing performance in every cup automatically calculating the precise water flow temperature and speed for every coffee preference
  • Brew choice plus: Customize your coffee to your liking (hot or cold brew) with the over ice light gold bold setting with the touch of a button
  • Fast brew exclusive heating technology delivers a full pot of coffee in under 8 minutes without sacrificing taste
  • Temp sensor system: 3 sensors closely monitor temperatures throughout the brewing process to achieve SCA brewing standards quickly and keep coffee at the perfect temperature
  • Specialty Coffee Association Golden Cup: SCA certification ensures optimal brewing performance to great tasting drip coffee with every brew

De’Longhi BCO430BM All-in-One Combination Coffee Maker

The BCO430BM is the only machine in our best 2 way coffee maker list that comes with a full pot brewing option along with a 15 bar espresso-making system. Operations of this machine are again pretty straightforward, we have to say. Everything on the control panel is well-marked so that any can operate this machine without making any mess.

The carafe brewing option is on the right part of the machine while you will find the standard 15 bar pressure espresso system on the left part of the machine. Pull the door of the filter basket and you will see a water reservoir right next to the filter basket.

You can program the carafe side up to 24 hours ahead in case you don’t want to wait for your morning cup of joe. There is also a 1-4 cup option, so if you don’t want a full pot of coffee you can select this option easily.

This machine also features a dedicated steam wand for making luscious milk-based espresso drinks such as Latte, Cappuccino, or Macchiato. On the control panel, you will find push buttons for the espresso side. By pressing the upper push-button, you can start the flow of espresso shots while the lower one is for frothing milk. Don’t forget to turn the steam knob on while frothing.


  • A 10 cup-sized carafe along with authentic espresso-making functionality
  • Comes with 2 filter basket for single and double shot of espresso
  • Sturdy portafilter
  • 1-4 cup coffee brewing option
  • Comes with permanent filter for carafe side
  • Programmable brewing feature


  • No dedicated single-serve coffee making option
De'Longhi BCO430BM All-in-One Combination Maker & Espresso Machine + Advanced Milk Frother for Cappuccino, Latte & Macchiato + Glass Coffee Pot 10-Cup
  • 1 machine does it all: 1 side makes authentic 15-bar espresso, cappuccino and latte, while the other side brews exceptionally delicious coffee.
  • Flavor savor brew system: De’longhi’s patented coffee brewing system extracts maximum flavor and aroma for a robust coffee experience.
  • Front-loading system: Both water and coffee reservoirs are conveniently located with frontal access for drip coffee – no need to move the machine.
  • Your foam, your way: The advanced cappuccino system mixes steam and milk to create a rich, creamy froth for evenly textured drinks – just the way you like them.
  • Filtered water for a better brew: The advanced active carbon filter keeps water fresh and free of impurities for better-tasting brewed coffee.

How To Choose The Best 2-Way Coffee Maker


In this comprehensive guide, we are focusing on the best 2 way coffee maker precisely that has two types of brewing system. However, who doesn’t love to have some extra bit of features without breaking the bank? In most of our listed machines, you have seen they share more than two brewing functionality.

Some manufacturers indeed try to put as many features as they can to make the deal lucrative without thinking much about quality. So, it would be wise to pick a machine by matching your needs. If you think that a carafe brewing option and another single-serve option are enough for you then don’t try to go for a machine that has tons of functionalities but is poorly built.

Ease Of Use

This should be one of the major considerations which purchasing a coffee maker. Unless you are comfortable with operating your coffee maker how can you make a rich cup of coffee with that? So, before purchasing a new coffee machine, make sure to take a look at its control panel and see if it seems an easy-to-use machine to you.

Sometimes, cleaning a coffee machine can be a troublesome task. If the manufacturer’s instruction manual is not very easy to understand you may face serious trouble. So, keep these in mind while going for a new coffee maker.

Brew Size

Brew size can be a key consideration for some folks as they travel, get together a lot. For these people, 6-10 ounces coffee options, 15-20 ounces travel mug options, and a full pot of coffee is a must.

Some coffee makers do come with quite a few brew-size options while some others come with only a full carafe and a single-serve option. So it’s up to you and your needs of which one would be a perfect match for you. In general, coffee makers that come with lots of size options tend to have a premium price tag.

Product Size

Product size could also be a major consideration if you are out of space and need a compact-sized coffee maker. Some coffee lover places their coffee maker under the cabinet. If you want to do the same, make sure to consider the height of the machine that you are going to purchase.


We know how annoying that moment is when you need an instant caffeine kick but you have to wait for a couple of minutes to make your morning cup of joe. Needless to say, a programmable coffee maker can solve this problem in no time.

You can program your coffee up to 24 hours ahead of when you need the machine to make an automatic cup of coffee. This feature is pretty useful for those who don’t want to wait even a sec before drinking their morning cup of coffee. If you are also in that group, don’t forget to check if your machine has a programmable brewing feature.

Thermal VS Glass Carafe

Thermal carafes are a sort of carafe that can keep the coffee warm for an extended period compared to a glass carafe. Basically, this double-walled container is made of mostly stainless steel, however, plastic, aluminum, and other materials are not rear as well. Thermal carafes don’t over-extract coffee as they don’t need any heating plate. They are much more durable too.

On the flip side, coffee makers with glass carafes tend to come with a lower price tag. Besides, certain markings on their body let you measure your coffee effortlessly which you won’t see on a thermal carafe. So, which one do you prefer? Thermal Carafe or Glass one?


So, we have come all the way to the end of this comprehensive guide. Hopefully, this guide will help you in picking the best 2 way coffee maker easily. We would recommend you to invest in such a machine that will save money in the long run. Cleaning is a must in order to get superior coffee, so don’t forget to run a cleaning cycle every month.

If you have any questions regarding this guide, feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below. We would love to hear from your side. Also, don’t forget to share this guide with your friends.

Happy Brewing!

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