Bodum Columbia French Press Review 2023: 4 Minutes To Great Coffee

Not all of us agree with how the French function in their kitchen daily. If this is why you’ve stayed away from French presses before, now is the time to blow your mind! The French press was originally invented by an Italian designer. There you go. No need to fret about the French connection anymore.

The French presses do well compared to any other coffee maker because they minimize the forfeiture of flavor. It does not apply traditional filters that entrap the coffee grounds. Rather, in the bottom of the pot, it meshes the coffee grounds. Thus all the oils from the coffee beans get released.

Now, let’s dive into the Bodum Columbia French Press review.

Benefits Of Using Bodum Columbia French Press Coffee Maker

  • Sheathed double wall stainless steel French press coffee maker with a double and durable construction for more efficient heat retention
  • Mesh and silicone plunger that saves from scratching. Offers thorough filtration as well as reduces sediment
  • Easy-grip build and cool-touch handle. It’s a pleasure to hold and pour beverages out of this maker
  • Safety lid that keeps drinks from spilling
  • The environment-friendly formula of brewing. No plastic capsules or paper filters are required
  • Dishwasher-safe coffee maker
  • Easy to clean and use
Bodum COLUMBIA Thermal French Press Coffee Maker

  • Just add course ground coffee, hot water, and steep
  • Made of double-wall, stainless steel construction to keep beverages hot for two hours
  • The 3-part stainless steel plunger has a mesh filter that helps extract coffee’s aromatic oils and subtle flavors
  • Bodum’s patented safety lid keeps contents from spilling
  • Dishwasher safe for easy cleaning

Bodum Columbia French Press Review: Key Features

Coffee Press

Bodum Columbia coffee maker within minutes brews an excellent cup of Joe or tea. Just add coarsely grounded coffee. Then hot water and steep.

Bodum Insulated French Press

Made out of stainless steel double-wall this thermal coffee maker. Also, the stainless steel build keeps your coffee or tea hot for up to two hours. So you can enjoy leisurely your tea or coffee without getting cold.

Stainless Steel

The plunger has a mesh filter made of 3-part stainless steel. Instead of being soaked up by a paper filter, it helps you to pull out the coffee’s aromatic oils as well as subtle flavors.

Durable Design

This French press features a safety lid Bodum patented to keep secrets from spilling. This device is also dishwasher safe for the user’s easy cleaning.


This premium-quality French coffee press holds 17 ounces. Well, enough for 4 cups of java or tea. 4 ounces each. Although they have 2 more different serving sizes of this model.

Pros And Cons


  • Functional-styled design
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Makes aromatic and rich cups of coffee
  • Has an iconic home décor type of exterior build
  • High-quality materials are applied in its production


  • Really fast cool-down rate
  • There are some plastic bits of parts

Product Specifications

Shatter Proof: No.

Color Available: Chrome.

Design Line: Bodum Columbia.

Item Weight: 1.32 pounds (17oz model).

Product Dimensions (inches): 6.25” x 4” x 5.25”.

Material: Polyoxymethylene thermoplastic also known as POM. Polypropylene plastic is also known as PP, double wall Stainless Steel, Silicone, and Zinc.


  • 17 oz model – 4 cups, 0.5 liters or, 17 ounces
  • 34 oz model – 8 cups, 1.0 liter or, 34 ounces
  • 51 oz model – 12 cups, 1.5 liters or, 51 ounces

How The Coffee Maker Works

  1. Place your Columbia on a flat surface first. Hold its handle firmly. Then pull the plunger up and out of its carafe
  2. Add one Bodum scoop or, one rounded teaspoon of coarsely grounded coffee. It’s for each cup per 4 ounces of water
  3. Pour hot water into its carafe. The temperature should be 92 – 96ºC range. It will leave a minimum of 2.5cm or 1 inch at the top. Then stir the mixture either with a wooden spoon or a plastic spoon
  4. On top of the pot, place the plunger unit. Then turn the lid. So the pour spout gets closed to preserve the heat
  5. Leave it for 4 minutes to brew
  6. Hold the coffee pot’s handle firmly. At the same time make sure to turn the spout away from you. Then just using the weight of your hand, add little pressure on top of the knob. It lowers the plunger down into the pot straight
  7. Slowly lowering the plunger with this minimal pressure will produce the best results
  8. If the filter becomes hard to push down the plunger or clogs, you should move the plunger from the pot. Stir the brew afterward. And then slowly plunge it again

WARNING: Applying excessive force can produce scalding liquid to shoot out of the coffee pot.

WARNING: To open the pour spout just turn the lid. Then you should pour coffee.

How To Clean And Cautions


  1. Unscrew the filter assembly first
  2. Then clean the plunger unit
  3. Do this after each use
  4. Please note that all the parts are dishwasher safe too

Safety Instructions

  1. Not suitable for stovetop usage
  2. While using keep children away from the maker. Hot water is a danger to little children!
  3. Do not let children use the Bodum Columbia, coffee maker

Scald Hazard

  1. The extreme plunging force will cause scalding hot liquid to spill out of the pot
  2. Avoid plunging with force while in use
  3. Turn the lid to close the spout
  4. Use only coarse-ground coffee for brewing coffee

Who Should Buy This Coffee Maker

French Presses made of stainless steel have always been on the expensive side of the price spectrum. If they cost low, then they’re most definitely made of stainless steel or overall have questionable quality.

However, the Bodum Columbia French Press coffee maker is an exceptional case here. It was neither cheap nor too expensive. Making it a relatively popular economical option for customers who are on the market looking for a stainless steel model.

It’ll also fit in well with your beautiful home décor setup. It has already won many hearts of both coffee and non-coffee lovers alike.

Who Shouldn’t Buy This Coffee Maker

If you are an absent-minded or, a bit of a nonchalant coffee maker or even a free-floating around your kitchen space, then we’d think twice to recommend Bodum Columbia French press coffee maker for you.

The reason lies in the eye-candy design of this French Press coffee machine. In fact, the base of the machine feels a little small next to the glowing body. Though it stands quite solidly on an even surface, it can be one of the easier targets to tip in your kitchen. Which can cause any sort of injury.



In the process of this Bodum Columbia review, we’ve found it difficult to find and enlist any downsides to this coffee maker. But what would create an engrossing alternative to this product might be a full see-through model. Some people like to observe their coffee while it’s brewing. So the customers are willing to sacrifice the aspect of insulation for that particular experience.

If you’ve found yourself among these people, you might need to check out the Bodum Chambord model. It has a lower price and yet comes with the same 12-cup capacity as the model. What makes it surprising though for this model is, instead of using complete stainless steel it used borosilicate glass. This will allow you to observe the brewing process from beginning to end, assuming you have the time to spare for such.

Bodum 1928-16US4 Chambord French Press Coffee Maker

  • Chambord French Press brews a premium cup of Coffee in just 4 minutes
  • The 3-part stainless steel plunger has a mesh filter that helps extract your coffee’s aromatic oils and subtle flavors
  • Bodum Patented safety lid to keep contents from spilling
  • Extracts the perfect amount of essential oils and acids from the Coffee bean for maximum flavor


How Long Do You Wait To Plunge A French Press?

Generally, give 6 to 8 minutes with the coarse grind. You may go for 5 minutes also. After that, it’s time to plunge. It’s because categorically, a French press is a slow, nice, and gentle brewing.

Which Is Better Glass Or Stainless Steel French Press?

Glass French presses are ideal for most users. Besides brewing great coffee, additionally, they provide visual observation. They’re rewarding and fun to use. Metal French presses are best for users who are either on the clumsy side or live in a household where things get easily broken. Also advantageous for folks who love to have their French press coffee on the road.

Is Bodum A Good Brand?

Overall, Bodum’s coffee makers are high-quality products with a long to prove the claim. But it does have some minor flaws that halt it from being a perfect brand.

Can You Use French Press Grounds Twice?

The French press is a unique way of brewing. So, you can definitely reuse coffee grounds if you are feeling for a 2nd cup of Joe. But you better stick to using the grounds once only.

Should You Stir French Press?

Yes! You have to stir your French Press afterward the water goes in. It helps the grounds to get soaked completely. Otherwise, you could get clumps of dry ground and leave with weak coffee.


Bodum Columbia is a feminine and attractive French Press machine that is great at doing many things. The brew quality, to start with, is top quality and is constructed to last way past what your money’s worth. The Bodum Columbia coffee maker can be declared as an almost perfect French press.

It has a variant of 12 cups maximum capacity. Also, it comes with a silicone seal for its very fine mesh filter. The double walls offer awesome insulation. For up to two hours this maker is capable of keeping the coffee hot. It also guarantees that Columbia remains a very durable coffee machine.

We haven’t crossed paths with a French Press as this is easy to clean and maintain as well; hence drawing the conclusion of our Bodum Columbia French Press Coffee Maker review, confirming it’s a kitchenware worth going for.

Enjoy Your Coffee!

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