Can You Put Heavy Whipping Cream In Coffee?

Heavy whipping cream is the most favorite and wanted thing in the case of cake or coffee. Do you know you can put heavy whipping cream in coffee?

Toping of the heavy whipping cream in your coffee is not for only decoration. It increases the sweetness as well. Read out the article and follow our instructions so that you can put heavy whipping cream in coffee.

Can You Put Heavy Whipping Cream in Coffee?

Yes, of course, you can put heavy whipping cream in coffee. Heavy whipping cream can enhance coffee flavor. You can decorate at the top of the coffee cup with it as well. But, as you are not familiar with whipping cream and coffee, some questions may arise.

Can you put heavy whipping cream in coffee? Is whipping cream and coffee go together well? Or is it healthy when you are putting heavy whipping cream into the coffee?

Well, all these questions have a positive answer in terms of coffee and whipping cream. Why not you go through all the sections to know more?

Why You Put Heavy Whipping Cream in Coffee?

Heavy whipping cream can change your coffee flavor and texture. The taste of heavy whipping cream is different than any other ingredients of coffee. It makes from the liquid heavy cream only by whisking. It has 30%-36% butterfat which changes your coffee taste.

You can add flavor and sweeten in the whipping cream as your wish. For sweetening, you can add both brown and white sugar. But if you are health conscious, then add natural sweeteners. Example: honey, maple syrup, coconut sugar, stevia, monk fruit, and molasses. To add flavor to your whipping cream, you have lots of choices. Example: vanilla, strawberry, orange, lemon, cinnamon, and so on. But, I will suggest you pick your favorite one. It will bring the ultimate pleasure to your coffee.

Enhance your coffee flavor

When you mix heavy whipping cream in the coffee, it brings butter flavor to your cup. This mixture also makes the coffee mouthful, soft and velvety. Heavy whipping cream reduces the bitterness of the coffee. It makes less acidic and rich coffee drink in that way. So, you can never forget this flavor. Even you always curve to drink your coffee with heavy whipping cream. Flavoring whipping cream might extend your coffee experience to another level.

A different texture with a tiny art on coffee

In general, brewed coffees are similar to drinking water. Please do not be surprised. Let me explain first. As for drinking water, brewed coffees are thinner liquid with the taste and flavor of the coffee. Adding milk, whipping cream, or other additives changes the texture of coffee drinks. Heavy creams have higher fat and calorie contents. When it mixes with coffee, it makes a velvety texture. This mixture is a little bit thicker than the original brewed coffee.

In the case of coffee art, heavy whipping cream can play well. You can use whipping cream to do latte art. Also, use it in the Cappuccino or an Affogato decoration. You can use whipping in any espresso-based coffee drinks to decorate. Even the topping of the Cold Brew with whipping cream makes your summer days chilled.

Make a diet-friendly coffee

You can make keto coffee drinks at your home with heavy whipping cream. Bulletproof coffee is an example of a keto coffee drink. It generally makes with MCT oil and grass-fed butter. You can use coconut oil and ghee as well instead of the above things.

Do Heavy Cream In Coffee Has Any Health Benefits?

It is so simple to think that creams are not a healthy thing at all. This concept comes because of the fats that impact us badly. But is it unhealthy to consume heavy creams? Or, what are the health benefits of putting heavy creams in the coffee?

Well, putting heavy creams into the coffee may not be that dangerous what we think. Let see what is inside of heavy cream. The heavy creams are available in liquid forms most of the time. It contains 30%-36% butterfat which is natural. Because heavy creams are makes from dairy products. So, the fat comes from dairy. Dairy fats are not harmful to your body. It helps to keep balance your body fat and contributes to healthy growth. 

The heavy cream contains nutrients from the dairy portion. These nutrients fight for your health against various diseases. The researchers showed that fatty acids could protect you from a stroke. So, it never put your health at risk. If you intake a large amount of this heavy cream everyday basis, then you are at risk. So, you can intake the heavy cream in limit depending on your age. If you go over the limit, then you might call a threat yourself.

So, when you put heavy cream into your coffee, make sure you do not go beyond the limit. 1-2 scoops of whipping heavy cream on your coffee are good enough. If you use sugar or high-calorie additives, then reduce your extra creamy portion. If you put natural sweeteners into the heavy whipping cream, then it makes a healthy coffee. Because using natural sweeteners, it does not have any health side effects. The flavor you use in the whipping cream can increase your appetite. So, it is not bad at all. Sometimes, it is more effective. Just be cautious about what you use and how much you use.

Heavy Cream vs. Half-and-Half vs. Coffee Creamer

All three items, heavy cream, half-and-half, and coffee creamer are popular. You may think these are similar, but the truth is they are not. Though they may have similar uses purposes, the contents are different and distinctive. These 3 items are using for boosting the flavor of your desserts and drinks. Using these 3 items enhances the final product with unique textures. Let see the fundamental differences among these 3 items.

Heavy CreamHalf-and-HalfCoffee Creamer
Dairy ProductYesYesNo
IngredientsFresh milk fatCream and whole milkWater, sugar, and vegetable oil
ThicknessThickLess ThickerThinner
Calorie Content51 cal/Tablespoon20 cal/Tablespoon20 cal/Tablespoon
Fat Content30-36%10-18%<1%
Added SugarNoNoYes
FlavorVery richCreamerVarieties
TasteLess sweetSimilar to milkSweetest
Culinary UsesSour cream, butter, ice cream, and saucesCereals, desserts, coffees, and teasHot chocolates, teas, cereals, and pancakes

Heavy Cream

Heavy cream or whipping heavy cream is a dairy product. It collects from the top of the fresh milk during the production process. Depending on the collection process in a different country, the fat content may vary. The total fat in the heavy cream is between 30-36%. And, you will get 51 calories from a single tablespoon of heavy cream. There is no added sugar in this thicker creamy product. So, the taste is sweet less but, it has a wonderfully rich flavor.

You can use heavy cream in multi-purposes. Butter, sour cream, sauces, and cream-based soups are the instance. Making ice cream with it would be incredible as well. You can make cheeses, paneer, and ricotta using heavy creams. Because of high fat, it is perfect for whipped cream and stable for long periods. It is best to use in butter-based biscuits, pudding, and rich flavorful items.


Half-and-Half is a lighter product than heavy cream but has similarities. It is a dairy product, makes from the equal part of whole milk and cream. So, it makes a thinner product with much lower fat. The fat content in half-and-half is 10-18%. You will get 20 calories from 1 tablespoon of half-and-half. The taste of half-and-half is more likely milk. But it has a mouthful feeling due to the presence of cream. And, the flavor tensed to creamer than usual milk. There is no added sugar in it. So, it is safe to mix with your foods as well. It is perfect for people who want to cut extra sugar from their daily food.

You can add half-and-half in your morning cereals, coffees, and teas. Even you can make pasta sauces, egg items, and desserts with the half-and-half. It is also a good substitute where you need both milk and cream together.

Coffee Creamer

Coffee creamer is a non-dairy product. The main ingredients are vegetable oil, water, and sugar. Depending on brands, ingredients may vary and add more. It does not contain any creamy portion. So, the product is much thinner and lighter. But, it prepares heavily with tons of sugar. That is the only reason to become a sweetener product on the shelf of grocery. There are lots of flavors available because of different flavored additives. As sugar is one of the main items, you will get 20 calories from 1 tablespoon of coffee creamer. And the fat content is pretty low.

From the name, you already know that it uses in coffee drinks casually. Except for coffee and teas, you can use them in other beverages to make them sweeter. You can use it in cereal bows, pancakes, and other recipes. Sometimes, you can drizzle it over the fruits before serving.

Nutrient Chart of Heavy Whipping Cream

Since we talk a lot about heavy whipping cream and its uses, you still have confusion about it. Is it healthy? Is it contains enough nutrient? Okay, let me clear your doubts. Here is the nutrition content of heavy whipping cream at a glance.

NutrientAmount per 119 grams
Fat (Saturated)43g
Vitamin A35%
Vitamin D10%
Vitamin E7%
Vitamin K3%

I hope this nutrient chart will help you to put heavy whipping cream in your cups or foods. You can compare that what you need and what you will get from it. Stay healthy always.


We commonly use additives in our cups of coffee. And, it is not a big deal. But, can you put heavy whipping cream in coffee? Yes, of course. I already discussed it in the above sections. Heavy whipping cream not only enhances the taste of coffee but also changes its texture. A mouthful, soft, and smooth taste lingers for long after the last sip. And, you will become a tremendous fan of heavy cream as well. So, it is your choice whether you want to put heavy cream in your coffee or not.

Enjoy Your Coffee!

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