Chemex vs v60 vs Kalita Wave – Which one is the Best?

Do you know the most valuable legally traded commodity in the world? After oil, it is Coffee. Coffee is an ancient, popular, and stimulating drink. People love coffee.

There are many popular methods for brewing coffee. When it comes to pour over, there is a complication about choice. The battle is mostly about chemex vs v60 vs kalita.

What is a pour over coffee maker?

One of the popular methods is pour-over Coffee making. Some apparatus is used as a pour-over coffeemaker. It is a conical-shaped glass made flask or coffee service vessel using with a funnel. A filter paper is used in the funnel for the brewing process.
Pour-over is a brewing method. Hot boiled water is poured gradually over the ground coffee. The filter and the dipper control the rate of water flows through and extracts flavor from your coffee grounds.
In 1908, Amalie Auguste Melitta Bentz invented Pour over coffeemaker. She used a punctured brass cup with a blotting paper. After that in 1930, the pour-over method took of the market. By 1950, the process became popular.

How does pour over coffee maker work?

Let’s learn about it step by step.

  • A pour-over coffee maker is a glass pot like conical flask attached with a funnel. In the funnel, a filter paper is used for brewing and filtering coffee.
  • You have to add a certain amount of prebaked and ground coffee in the filter.
  • Then use a kettle to pour hot water on the ground coffee. This is called the brewing process. This step needs some more time. You should know how to pour hot water from a kettle.

The taste and flavor depend on the water pouring process. The filter soaks coffee oil so that there is no bitterness in taste. You get a fresh and sediment-free coffee at the bottom of the flask. There is a spout on the upper cone so that you can pour your black coffee.

Since pour-over coffee is attractive to all black coffee lovers. Many companies produce a variety of pour-over coffee machine. The most popular pour-over coffee machines are –

  • The Kalita Wave
  • The Hario V60
  • Chemex Coffee Maker
  • Bee House Ceramic Dripper
  • Melitta Ready Set Joy
  • Clever Dripper Coffee Maker
  • Walkure Pour Over Coffee Maker
  • HarioWoodneck Drip Pot

Among them, three coffee making gears are getting very familiar in the market. They are Chemex, Hario V60, and Kalita Wave. Let’s have a look at Chemex Vs V60 Vs Kalita Wave in the following table.

Chemex Vs V60 Vs Kalita Wave
Comparison Table

Topic Chemex HarioV60 Kalita Wave
Grind Coarse or Medium Medium or Fine Coarse
Filter Round shape thick filter Cone-shaped filter 20 waved cupcake shaped filter
Filter Element Blotting paper Paper Paper
Using bleached Natural unbleached, Oxygen bleached Natural unbleached, Oxygen bleached
Funnel Attached funnel 60  V Shape cone Cone shape cup
Style A funnel attached with a conical flask Cup shape Cap shape
Size 3,6,8,10 cup 1,2,3 cup 1,2 cup
Hole No hole A big hole 3 small hole
Brewing vessel Not need Small vessel or cup Small vessel or cup
Material Non-porous, borosilicate glass Ceramic, glass, plastic, steel, & copper Ceramic, glass, & steel.
Taste Lighter, Bitterness, Sweetness, Floral note Sharper, Strong body, Sourness, Fewer fruit notes Smooth, Rich, Great flavor
Durability Quite durable Durable only steel & copper Durable only steel

Chemex pour over coffee maker

Among them, the Chemex Coffee Maker is the older one. In 1941, Peter Schumbohm invented the Chemex Coffeemaker.

Chemex Corporation manufactures Chemex Coffeemaker. Chemex is a manual pour-over style glass coffeemaker.

There are two types of models of Chemex Pour-Over Coffee Maker.

Sizes and Styles

Classic Series

Classic series is available in three, six, eight, and ten cup versions.

This coffeemaker has a heatproof polished wooden collar around the neck with a leather thong. This wooden collar allows handling it easily.

The wooden collar also helps to pour hot coffee from the flask. The wooden collars are split into two parts. This feature allows setting the collar around the neck.

The leather thong is used to tie the wood collar pieces together. This modernizes design and precision make the coffeemaker popular at the post-war time.

Handle Series

Another one is the glass handle series of Chemex Pour-Over Coffee Maker. It is also available in three, six, eight, and ten cup versions. There is no wooden collar but has a glass handle.

Both the classic and the glass handle models are hourglass-shaped glass flask with an upper cone. This upper cone is called a cleaner cup. Non-porous, Borosilicate, high tempered glass is used for making both the Chemex Pour-Over Coffee Maker models. It is easy to use for its simple design.

Both the entire set consisting of

  • A bonded Chemex paper filter
  • Chemex glass flask

A bonded Chemex paper filter is thicker than the standard filter paper. This filter paper soaks most of the coffee oil, filters the sediment, and removes bitterness. It also removes extra Cafestol and cholesterol-elevating compound. Not much fine blended but also a few coarse blended ground coffee use to the Chemex filter.

What size is the best

For both series, the 6 cup version is more suitable for regular use. Users can brew less than 6 cups using it. To brew more than 6 cups, users have to brew twice. It is quite small so easy to handle.

Notable Differences Among Chemex Versions

Chemex coffee maker 3 cup Vs other cup Versions

There are some differences between 3 cups and other cup versions.

For 3 cups, the special cone-shaped paper filter is used which has a long and narrow shape. Other versions use the special paper filter, which is a flat round shape. The round shape filter should be folded before use. A 3 cup size filter can’t fit the other cup versions. Or the round shape filter can’t fit the 3 cup size.

3 cup size is suitable for personal use only, whereas the bigger cup version is perfect for a gathering.

Chemex classic vs handle

The main difference is the wooden collar between the classic and the handle series.

There is a wooden collar around the neck in the Classic series. A leather thong ties the wooden collar. It helps the user to grab it and protect users from extremely hot. It also helps to pour coffee from the flask.
On the other hand, there is a glass handle instead of a wooden collar. Users pour coffee by grabbing this. It also protects the user from extreme hot.

How to use chemex coffee maker

For brewing in Chemex, you need the followings

  • A Weight Scale
  • A Timer
  • 25 grams of coffee (for preparing a single cup)
  • 300-400 ml of water
  • A Gooseneck Kettle
  • A burr grinder
  • A Chemex brewer (any cup size)
  • A Chemex filter

Now follow these steps and enjoy your coffee.

  • At first, Grind your coffee beans (coarser)
    • Prepare hot water in a kettle.
    • Then, set a proper size paper filter in the Chemex funnel.
    • After that, use some hot water to rinse the paper filter. This process drives away the paper-like flavor.
    • Remove the drained water from the carafe.
    • After that add your coffee ground inside the filter and level it by your finger.
    • Now start your brewing process.
      • Add 40ml water to the coffee ground, stir the ground, and wait for 20-30 seconds.
      • Then add 120ml water in a circular motion. Thus, do the steps for three batches. It depends on your Desire.
      • Brewing time should be 4 minutes. When the brewing process ends, you get dripped coffee in the carafe below.

If you want a perfect taste of coffee from Chemex, you shouldn’t forget some things.

  • Firstly, use a little bit of coarser coffee ground. Don’t use the finer coffee ground.
  • Secondly, use only the Chemex filter for the perfect extraction. Don’t use other brands of filters.
  • Thirdly, handle with care. It’s a glass made product. So it is fragile.

Specialty of Chemex Coffee maker:

This is a unique and classic pour-over coffee machine. You don’t need any brewing vessel or carafe for collecting brewed coffee. The special paper filter produced a clean, sweet, bitter as well as sediment, and fat-free coffee.

Frequently Asked About Chemex Pour Over

How much coffee do you put in a Chemex?

The following table shows the amount of coffee and the amount of water for different versions of Chemex.

Chemex Brewer size 3 Cup 6 Cup 8 Cup 10 Cup
Amount of Ground coffee 25g 42g 64g 85g
Amount of water 400ml 800ml 1100ml 1400ml

How long should a Chemex brew take?

A Chemex coffee brewer takes near about 4 minutes for brewing coffee.

The Chemex Coffee Maker became so much popular, in the mid-1900s, many spy literature, film, and television series featured it. 

In 1958, the Chemex Coffee Maker got recognition as one of the best-designed products of modern times. Chemex was included in the collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York City.

Hario V60 pour over coffee maker

Hario was a heatproof glassware manufacturer. In 1921, this company was established in Japan, under the name Hario Shibata Works. 

In 1964, the company had launched a separate laboratory glassware division named Hario Co.Ltd. At first, the company produced its coffee brewing device. It was called the coffee siphon. This device had caught the attention of the coffee industry and households.

Hario v60 sizes

In 2004, the Hario Company introduced a new pattern of ceramic coffee brewer. A parabolic shaped ceramic cup named Hario V60 coffee dripper. It was a porcelain made cone cup.

There is a big hole at the bottom part of the cup. This hole controls the water flow so that the taste and flavor vary, depending on the pouring speed. 

There is a base near the bottom part. This base helps to set the V60 brewing cup on a carafe or a mug. The Ceramic body is durable and prevents heat loss during the brewing cycle.

This popular brewer is found in different white and red colors. At present, the Hario V60 can be found in porcelain, clear glass, plastic, and steel. It is available in three sizes – 1, 2 & 3 cup size.

A paper filter is used for the brewing and filtering process. This paper filter is not as thicker as the Chemex paper filter. It is specially made for Hario V60. A few fine blended coffee grounds are used for the filter for getting a perfect flavor. 

Hario V60 – 1 Cup Size

Hario V60 – 2 Cup Size

Hario V60 – 3 Cup Size

What size is best

Among them the cup size 2 is popular. It helps to makes a double shot of coffee. Sometimes a single shot of coffee is also made. It is available in glass, plastic, metal & Ceramic.

How to use hario v60

The use of a Hario V60 brewer is very easy. For brewing in Hario V60, you need the followings

  • A Weight Scale
  • A Timer
  • 25 grams of coffee (for preparing a single cup)
  • 250 ml of water
  • A Gooseneck Kettle
  • A burr grinder
  • A Hario V60 dipper ( 2 cup size )
  • Brewing vessel or cup

Hario v60 brewing guide

Let’s have a look at the brewing process.

  1. At first, Grind your coffee beans ( medium size grind )
    • Put the V60 dripper on the brewing vessel or cup.
    • Then, set a paper filter in the V60 cup. After that, use some hot water to wet the paper filter. This process is called rinsing the filter. This process drives away the paper-like flavor.
    • Remove the drained water from the brewing vessel or cup.
    • After that add your coffee ground inside the filter and level it.
    • Now start your brewing process.
  2. Add 35ml of boiled water to the coffee ground and wait for 20-30 seconds.
  3. Then pour 120ml more water on the top of the ground coffee in a con-centric cycle. Wait again for 30 seconds.
  4. Then after, do the steps for the rest of the 250 ml water. Brewing time should be 3 minutes. When the brewing process ends, you get dripped coffee in the brewing vessel or cup

And thus, enjoy your coffee.

Specialty of Hario V60

The Hario V60 is lightweight and suitable for traveling. It is not a unique set. It uses a dedicated cone shape filter. A single cup or Mug can be used as a brewing vessel. It produces a fine and light acidity flavored coffee. It tastes like slight orange peel sweetness. In the end, it tastes like a ripe berry.

Frequently Asked About Hario V60 Dripper

Why it is called V60?

The name V60 came from the parabolic natural V shape. This V shape adds depth to the ground coffee layer. Inside the V-shaped cup, there are some spiral ribs. These ribs help to expanse the greatest amount of coffee. The V-shaped cup wall has designed at 60  so it is called V60.

How many grams are used in a v60?

The following table shows the amount of coffee and the amount of water for different sizes of Hario V60.

Size of Hario V60 Size-1 (1-2cup) Size-2 (1-4cups)
Amount of Water 375ml 600ml
Amount of Coffee 25g 40g

The Hario V60 delivers astonishingly clear flavors and aromas with a strong body. It allows coffee lovers to enjoy the subtlest notes in their coffee. Only for this, the V60 becomes a favorite brewing dripper.

Kalita Wave Pour Over Coffee Maker

There are various types of pour-over coffee brewer out there. But at present, one of the favorites is Kalita Wave. The Kalita Wave is one of the most offerings from Kalita Co. Ltd. Kalita Co. was founded on 25th July 1959 in Tokyo, Japan. This company has produced coffee equipment since the 1950s.

kalita wave

Kalita Wave Sizes:

The most streamlined style is characteristic of the Wave’s products. It is a series that is available in two different sizes for you. These sizes are 155 and 185. You will find this unique cone shape cup brewer in three different materials, like ceramic, glass, and steel.

Differences between Kalita Wave 155 Vs 185

The 155 is smaller and is suitable for a single cup brewer whereas 185 is quite bigger. Users can brew from 2 to 4 cups using the 185 wave brewer.

The Kalita does not use standard size filters. So you should purchase customized Kalita Wave filters either the 155 or 185 depending upon the model do you have.

Kalita Wave #155

Kalira Wave #185

Kalita Wave Brewing Guide

The Kalita Wave brewer is famous among the third wave coffee cognoscente for its rich, smooth taste. This dripper takes the classical pour-over method and enhances it with a flat base with three holes to control water flow.

  1. Measure 24-32 grams of roasted coffee beans and grind them as well.
  2. Add 300-400ml filter water to the kettle. Let the water boil.
  3. Place the Kalita wave 155 dripper on a cup or a mug or a brewing vessel. Set a 155 dedicated special 20 wave paper filter into the 155 dripper.
  4. Pour a little bit of water to rinse the filter to remove the papery flavor from the filter. Drain out dripped water from the vessel.
  5. Now add the ground coffee in the 155 filter and level the bed.
  6. Pour 65g of water in 15 seconds, followed by a waiting period of 15 seconds, and let bloom the coffee ground. Repeat 5 more times and pour the remaining 240g hot water in a circular motion.
  7. Finish pouring in 3 minutes. Do not overfill the basket.
  8. Wait more 30 seconds and let drain the filter. Remove the dripper from the cup or mug or brewing vessel.

Get ready for a warm smoky cup of coffee. 

Important Note: Too much coarser grind allows draining too much water. Too fine and it won’t drain at all. 

Specialty of kalita wave:

This brewing process takes 3minutes and 30seconds. The kalita wave allows you to brew with fuller flavor and more balanced extraction. It also gives you control over brewing.

Verdict of chemex vs Hario vs kalita

So, in the end, all of you know about what is a pour over coffee maker. You also know about its mechanism. Pour over coffeemaker is designed for manual and pour-over style coffee brewing. This hands-on brewing method allows users to control brewing temperature and time.

Do you find something useful for camping? Kalita Wave would be your best tent-mate.

Do you want to brew regularly more than one cup each morning? Chemex would be a reliable friend.

Do you want to customize your cup with a steady hand? Hario V60 would be a perfect assistant.

Anywhere and anytime do you want something quick, reliable, and delicious one? The Bee House would be a perfect choice.

People can choose one from the Chemex or the Hario V60 or Kalita Wave series as their needs. With these three pour-over coffeemakers, anyone can prepare delicious and better coffee like any other barista or coffee shop.

So the question of Chemex Vs V60 Vs Kalita totally depends on personal taste.

Final Thoughts on Chemex vs v60 vs Kalita

All of those coffee gears bring quite a uniqueness to the coffee table. People are also asked that, which brewer or coffee gear is the best for them. But I would like to advise you to find a suitable one, which meets all of your moods and let it be as your guide.

If you want to be your barista like most of us, you must have many of these nice-mates in your collection.

Enjoy Your Coffee!!

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