Delonghi Dinamica Plus Review 2024: Simplistic Yet Fully-Automatic Espresso Machine

The latest addition to Delonghi’s Dinamica family, the Dinamica Plus is a fully-automatic espresso machine that promises 16 barista-style precise preparation beverages at the touch of a button. Its simplistic yet elegant colorful intelligent touch-display, 16 customizable drink choices, and built-in conical grinder results in delivering maximum taste, freshness, and flavor each time.

The new Coffee Link App levels up remote device control as well as personalization with this machine like never before. You’ll always be just a touch away from getting expertly brewed cups of coffee and even maintenance updates. Let’s not wait anymore and get down to all the nitty-gritty of this De’Longhi Dinamica Plus review!!!

De’Longhi Dinamica Plus Review: Key Features

De'Longhi Dinamica Plus Fully Automatic Espresso Machine (ECAM37095TI)

  • The intelligent Smart-One-Touch feature recognizes preferences and is programmed to list the most frequently selected drinks as first on the display
  • 3.5” TFT full-touch, colorful display provides an intuitive and simple experience of one-touch specialty recipes
  • Save up to 3 personalized espresso recipes in your profile via De’Longhi Coffee Link App
  • 16 one-touch or customized coffee drinks
  • Built-in conical burr grinder with 13 settings

Coffee Quality

Delonghi again delivered us another automatic espresso machine that brews beautiful espresso with a rich and tempting layer of crema. Of course, the freshly ground coffee beans help as always to produce authentic flavors and aromas than pre-ground beans.

This Dinamica Plus model uses 19 bars of pump pressure. It’s an improvement from the 15 bars pump pressure from the other Dinamica models. Please note that higher pressure doesn’t ensure better results. It helps more to preserve a better pairing of flavor and crema.

Overall, we tend to agree in this Delonghi Dinamica Plus review that, the coffee quality is one of the most appealing features when it comes to making espresso and milk-based espresso drinks.

Drink Options

If you prioritize espresso and its range of specialty drinks, the Delonghi Dinamica Plus will be a great candidate. There are 16 preset beverage options. It brews both single and double espresso shots alongside lungo. It’s equally adept at a range of milky espresso options such as latte, cappuccino, macchiato, espresso macchiato, flat white, and hot milk. The ability to froth milk automatically means you can have your cup of caffeinated delicacy at the touch of a button.

The Dinamica Plus can make a large batch of coffee too; although the coffee will taste more like Americano rather than drip coffee. You can always switch the LatteCrema system for a hot water spout to pour hot water for either tea or Americano.

Besides hot coffee, the Dinamica Plus is also carrying the Dinamica family tradition of making full-bodied iced coffee through their unique TrueBrew over-ice feature. This feature spends longer grinding beans for a higher dosage and performs longer pre-infusion, and extraction while using the water at a lower temperature to make that iced pour-over.

The Coffee Link App lets you save up to 3 individually customized espresso recipes in your profile. Meaning you never have to worry again about a perfectly customized coffee. Once you sync this machine with Delonghi’s Coffee Link app, it will allow you to control the machine from your smartphone or tablet. It also supports the Android or iOS operating systems.

With the Coffee Link app, all you have to do is just select a cup size and then choose whether to brew or froth first. You can also you can customize/select coffee quantity, strength, temperature, and milk quantity. Once you hit the “Prepare” button, all you have to do is position your cup correctly under the coffee spout and wait.

The Conical Burr Grinder

Brew your freshest whole-bean coffee and save the counter space with Dinamica Plus’s built-in coffee grinder. It offers 13 adjustable settings to ensure an even and fine grind quality to bring out coffee’s rich flavors and authentic aroma.

Smart-One-Touch System And User Profiles

Dinamica’s intelligent system recognizes your preferences so much so that it’s programmed to show your most frequently made drinks as first on its display. Another excellent feature of this machine is its fantastic programmability over the strength and quantity of milk and coffee via its touchscreen.

You can use and save up to 3 user profiles with this machine. You can customize your drinks in each of these profiles too. So, you can see how awesome it would be if you have several coffee drinkers in your home and each of them can set drinks to their specifications.

The LatteCrema System

Dinamica Plus comes with the patented LatteCrema System. An ergonomic thermal milk carafe that textures any milk of your choice. You will also be able to store the carafe in the fridge to keep milk fresh when not in use. Undoubtedly Delonghi ECAM37095t reviews’ most crucial feature. 

Through this fully automatic milk frothing mechanism you can make microfoam for your flat white and latte as well as creamy foam for cappuccino. However, it’s not ideal for making latte art.

The latte crema system does have a fantastic output compared to other Dinamica models. The double-walled insulated carafe lets you leave it on your countertop for a more extended period as well as keep the milk at a suitably colder temperature. You’ll have a finer quality of froth because it’s better to use cold milk for frothing.

Ease Of Use

Dinamica Plus is just too simple to clean as it has a removable brew unit, dishwasher-safe milk frother, and drip tray. Daily operations are also very straightforward. Set up your preferences, get a general feel, add coffee beans, and press a button. The Delonghi Dinamica series as a whole does an excellent job of ensuring a more hassle-free experience. The touchscreen is intuitive and easily browsable by pushing the arrow icons for more options. The images are clear while the screen is neither over-sensitive nor lagging. Combined with the Coffee Link app, using it couldn’t be easier.

De’Longhi Dinamica Plus Review: Positives And Negatives


  • 16 one-touch coffee options
  • Intuitive touchscreen and user-friendly experience
  • Contains the most up-to-date Delonghi brewing technologies
  • Offers many brewing personalizations with 3 different user profiles
  • The LatteCrema feature makes airy and velvety textured froth consistently
  • Remote device control for selecting, brewing, and maintaining the machine with the Coffee Link app


  • Delonghi still used a lot of plastic on this machine
  • The most expensive model in the Dinamica family

Technical Specifications

Since we cleared out the major features of the DeLonghi Dinamica review, let’s quickly check the technical specifications to complete the full dissection of the machine’s capabilities.

The Dinamica Plus full automatic espresso machine was designed to fit into your busy life seamlessly. Its masterful blend of intelligence and convenience begins with its exterior. It weighs 21 lbs. (9.5 kg) and has a dimension of (L x W x H) 9.3 x 16.9 x 13.7 inches. For a fully automatic espresso maker, this is not a heavyweight space-munching machine on your kitchen counter. The Titanium-colored plastic-made body also contributed to cutting its weight yet kept the overall aesthete ergonomic and ultra-modern. 

Delicious cappuccinos, lattes, americanos, flat whites, doppios, and hot water for tea are all 16 drink options in it for you to indulge in. It also includes the TrueBrew Over Ice option so that you can enjoy drinks on ice without losing the full-bodied flavor of the coffee. And all of them are accessible on the 3.5” TFT full-touch, colorful touchscreen. Through this dynamic interface combined with the Coffee Link App, you can save up to 3 user profiles to create your own espresso recipes. Plus, its innovative Smart-One-Touch feature remembers the most popular choices, so the customized selections always appear first.

The machine’s conical burr grinder comes with 13 adjustable settings that expertly grind beans to preserve the richest flavor while delivering the freshest brew.

The Dual Heating System maintains optimal temperature consistency, so the machine can brew beverages while the LatteCrema system makes velvety froths with perfect precision. The Dinamica Plus has a 60 oz. water capacity with 10.5 oz. grounds container to brew big batches for you and your family.

Made suitable for USA house standards, this machine consumes 1250 watts and runs on 120 ~ 60 (V ~ Hz).

The Dinamica Plus package includes a Dinamica Plus machine, water filter, measuring spoon, LatteCrema Automatic Frother, detachable water spout, descaling solution, water hardness strips, cleaning brush, instruction manual, and 2 Year Warranty + 1 additional year registration papers.

How To Use The Dinamica Plus

Setting Up The Dinamica Plus

  1. Connect the machine to the main power outlet first. Make sure the main switch at the back of the machine is pressed ON
  2. Once the touchscreen turns on, press and hold NEXT until the desired language appears on the display. Then press the Flag corresponding to your preferred language
  3. Remove the water tank then. Fi­ll it to the MAX line (marked on the reservoir) with fresh cold water and replace it back into the machine
  4. Check if the hot water spout is inserted on the connection nozzle. If yes, then put a bowl/container of a minimum of 3.38 oz. (100 ml) beneath the spout
  5. Press OK on the touchscreen to confi­rm the setup. The machine will start delivering hot water from the spout and then will go off automatically. Once done, the coffee machine will be ready for normal use

Making Coffee Using Coffee Beans

Before you do anything, please remember not to use green, caramelized, or candied coffee beans. They tend to stick to the coffee grinder and make it unusable.

  1. Fill the bean container with coffee beans
  2. Place a mug/cup under the coffee spouts
  3. Adjust the spouts as near as possible to your mug/cup. This will help you to get a creamier coffee
  4. Now select any of the following recipes: ESPRESSO, LONG, COFFEE, DOPPIO+, 2X ESPRESSO
  5. Brewing will begin after the selection. An image of the selected drink will appear on the display with a progress bar to also show the overall preparation stage

Making Coffee Using Pre-Ground Coffee

Never add any pre-ground coffee when the machine is OFF. Doing otherwise can damage the machine severely.

Apply no more than 1 level measure to avoid damaging the machine or blocking the funnel.

When brewing with pre-ground coffee, Dinamica Plus can only make 1 cup at a time.

  1. Press the STRENGTH selection button until the “Ground” symbol is displayed
  2. Now open the pre-ground coffee funnel lid
  3. Ensure that the funnel is not blocked and then add 1 level scoop of pre-ground coffee
  4. Place a cup/mug under the coffee spouts and select any of ESPRESSO, LONG, and COFFEE
  5. Preparation will start once you select a drink choice. An image of the selected drink will appear on the display with a progress bar. Once the coffee has been poured, it will be ready for further use again

Making Iced Coffee

  1. Select “Brew over ice” on the home screen
  2. Select the quantity and strength by pressing the “+” or “-” symbols. Once done, press NEXT
  3. Add ice to fill a large (resistant to thermal shock) glass about halfway. Now place that glass under the brewing spout
  4. Press OK to start brewing
  5. Add extra ice plus any syrup, sweetener, or milk, and enjoy

Making Milk-based Drinks

  1. Remove the LatteCrema milk container lid. Fill it with cold milk not exceeding the MAX mark
  2. Check if the milk intake tube is correctly inserted beneath the lid. Once checked, close the carafe lid
  3. Detach the hot water spout and attach the milk container to the connection nozzle. If installed correctly, the machine will sound a beep
  4. Set a cup/mug/glass (large enough for the drink) in a way that it’ll be under both the coffee spout and the milk spout. Adjust the heights of the spouts also
  5. Then select any of the drink options (8 drink options) shown on the screen
  6. Turn the froth adjustment dial and select any of the NO FROTH, MIN. FROTH, and MAX. FROTH options. The touchscreen will also instruct you which option is best according to your selected drink
  7. Preparation will begin after this and the progress bar will keep you up-to-date

Cleaning And Maintenance

Cleaning The Machine

The following components of this machine have to be cleaned regularly:

  • Internal circuit, water tank, coffee spouts, pre-ground coffee funnel, coffee grounds container, drip tray and condensate tray, drip tray grille, a tray full indicator, infuser, a milk container, hot water nozzle, and the touch screen
  • Avoid using abrasive solvents or detergents or even any alcohol for cleaning the coffee machine. Delonghi super-automatic coffee machines do not approve any chemical products for cleaning purposes
  • None of the units of the machine can be washed inside a dishwasher other than the drip tray grille and the milk container
  • Do not use any metal objects to clean or remove encrustations or coffee deposits

Descaling Process

As with all of our reviews, we add the related descaling section to remain ever so informative. This Dinamica Plus review hence also getting one.

  • Descale the machine when the “DESCALING NEEDED” message is shown on the touchscreen
  • To descale immediately, press “PRESS OK TO START” and follow the steps from Phase -1, step 2 stated below
  • To descale later, press “ESC”. The “DESCALING” symbol will be on the display to remind you that the machine needs descaling each time you turn the machine on

The entire descaling process is 45 minutes long.

Phase – 1

  1. To enter the Descaling menu, press the “SETTINGS” button to enter the menu and then press “DESCALE”
  2. Extract the water tank, detach the water softener ­filter, and empty the tank. Press “NEXT” on the screen
  3. Pour the Delonghi descaler into the empty tank to the marked ‘Level A’ (equal to 3.38 oz. / 100 ml). Add 1 liter of water (up to Level B). Reinstall the water tank. Press “NEXT”
  4. Remove, empty out, and replace both the drip tray and the ground container. Then press “NEXT”
  5. Place an empty 2-liter bowl/container under the hot water and coffee spouts

Phase – 2

  1. After adding the descaling solution to the tank, press “OK” to confirm. If done correctly, “DESCALING UNDERWAY” and “PLEASE WAIT” messages will be shown
  2. The descaling process starts and as a result, the descaler liquid will pour out of the spouts. A series of rinses will be automatically performed. It’ll remove all the scales and residues inside the machine. It’ll take about 25 minutes to end
  3. The machine is ready for freshwater rinsing. So, empty out your 2-liter container holding the descaler solution
  4. Bring out the water tank, empty it, and rinse it with running water. Fill it to the MAX level with cold freshwater before putting it back into the machine
  5. Place the 2-liter container under the spouts again and press “OK” on the screen
  6. Hot water first will pour out from the coffee spouts and then from the hot water spout. The screen will show a “RINSING UNDERWAY” message at this stage
  7. When the water tank runs out of water, empty out the 2-liter container that was collecting the rinsing water
  8. Press “NEXT” and detach the water tank again. Now re-insert the water filter if removed previously (Phase – 1, step -2)

Phase – 3

  1. Fill up the water tank to the MAX level with cold fresh water. Put the tank back in the machine
  2. Again set the 2-liter container under the hot water spout only. Now press “OK” to continue
  3. Hot water will be delivered from the hot water spout. Meanwhile, the “RINSING UNDERWAY” and “PLEASE WAIT” messages will be displayed
  4. Once this 2nd rinse cycle ends, remove, empty, and replace the drip tray as well as the grounds container. Press “NEXT” to advance
  5. The screen will display a “DESCALE COMPLETE” message. Press “OK” to end

Remove and empty the 2-liter container under the hot water spout. Also, remove and refill the water tank up to the MAX level. Finally, put it back into the machine. Now ready to brew again!

Why You Should Buy It…

De’Longhi manufactures for a diverse range of consumers. Not many full-automatic espresso machines can claim that. Delonghi’s Dinamica series is no exception to the rule.

You can see it when you compare the price point with its features. Talk about its 16 drink options with 13 different grind settings. And not only that, the conical burr grinds very well across the range.

The drink options with or without milk, remain consistent. You can adjust the strength, amount, and even froth amount too with these drinks.

It’s also super convenient with multiple users in a household. Not only does it store recipes but also provides 3 different user profiles to use altogether. The aesthetic standpoint was approved by many critics and enthusiasts on many Delonghi Dinamica Plus reviews and this plus point has become worth mentioning.

Then the LatteCrema feature and frothing. Smooth velvety airy froth gets made by both dairy and non-dairy milks. Also, the carafe is well-insulated. Meaning you can store the milk and use it afterward. Also, this walled insulation preserves the ideal pre-frothed milk temperature which is absolutely essential for perfect froth.

Everyday convenience with the machine is also a big plus. The Dinamica series in general kind of really easy to work with anyways but the latest inclusion of the Coffee Link App has been a revelation. With this app, you can make coffee and monitor the machine’s status from your iPad or cellphone.   

Why You Shouldn’t Buy It…

Its price can a sore point for a lot of entry-level consumers. Yes, it’s convenient and full of the latest features but all of these do hike up the price. So, if you’re in a binder like this, we recommend it’s absolutely okay and look elsewhere. If you’re interested in a substitute Delonghi in this case we can forward you to the Dinamica model (Read Here full review).

Delonghi has used a bit too much plastic to construct this machine for our liking. We understand the reasons but we are in a market where others can top this limitation and keep the price reasonable. So, we hope Delonghi takes note of this shortcoming and improves on it next time.

Again, with full automatics, it’s bliss and a curse at the same time. Consumers want something fast, and easy that provides quality coffee. But also moderately or fully seasoned consumers want more control over their coffee. So, even if an automatic machine is good, with a lack of manual control, experienced users will look somewhere else that demands some manual labor in the brewing process.

Customer Reviews

According to most Delonghi Dinamica Plus reviews, this machine is mostly favored because it has combined all the good features of previous Dinamica models.

The critics and consumers alike, the overall verdict on the coffee quality is, the machine has decent crema, color, and aroma. The grinder does well to grind various beans while maintaining the purity of the flavor.

The drink options do hold a decent spectrum. But most of the consumers do seem to go for this machine for its ability to make milk-based espresso drinks.

Talking about milk, finally, Delonghi did the right thing by providing the LatteCema milk carafe with this machine – according to the critics. Not only this formula works very well with all types of milk but also provides 3 different froth options.

The machine is also highly rated among users for being a compact enough appliance that doesn’t take up too much space. It’s sturdy enough and has premium aesthetics.

One of the handy addition to the Dinamica Plus model according to the customers is the intuitive touchscreen, which adds to the overall user experience significantly.

And the icing on the cake is its Coffee Link App. It connects through Wi-Fi to enable modification on your smartphone or tablet. Ensuring a truly hassle-free experience – a sentiment shared by busy mom and dad owners of this machine who had a lot of things to take care of in the morning (i.e. work, kids).

Comparing Dinamica Plus With Original Dinamica

FeaturesDelonghi Dinamica PlusDelonghi ECAM 350.20
Preset Beverages165
User Profile(s)YesN/A
Pump Pressure1915
Frothing SystemAutomatic frother with LatteCremaSteam Pipe
Control PanelTouchscreenIcons Display
Iconic FeatureCoffee Link AppTrueBrew Over Ice Technology
Weight (lbs.)2321
Dimension (inch)17.3 x 9.5 x 14.216.9 x 9.3 x 13.7

The ECAM350.20 and ECAM350.25 come with a manual steam wand. Their Panarello wands let you steam milk with control and comfort for either a latte or cappuccino. Dinamica Plus works with Automated LatteCrema technology.

The ECAM350.20 has an icon display. On the other hand, the Dinamica Plus (ECAM370.95) has a 3.5in touchscreen – easier and better to function.

The Dinamica Plus has a dual heating system. So there’s no waiting period between brewing and steaming. In contrast, the Dinamica ECAM350.20 takes between 30 ~ 40 seconds to reach the optimum temperature for milk frothing.

The Dinamica Plus is the only Dinamica model that supports a Wi-Fi connection to the Coffee Link app.

Some of the Highs and Lows of the Dinamica ECAM350.20 include the authentic pre-infusion technology that guarantees rich shots for every cup of coffee. The built-in grinder with multiple settings is available in the original model as well. So preserving grind quality is kind of a trademark for the Dinamica series. Detachable components are dishwasher-safe. And just like Dinamica Plus, it has automatic and manual customizations but with only 1 user profile. It’s also a smaller and lighter model of the two.


Does The Delonghi Dinamica Plus Make Regular Coffee?

Yes, Dinamica Plus can make regular coffee as well as doppios. In total, this machine offers 16 drink options.

Does Delonghi Dinamica Plus Make Iced Coffee?

Yes, because it does have the TrueBrew feature in it. Delonghi Dinamica models that have this feature can brew iced coffee.

Is The Delonghi Dinamica Worth It?

If you consider the features this series offers and how consistent they are for each cup of coffee – then Yes, Dinamica is very much worth it.

Is Delonghi Better Than Philips?

From the price perspective, Philips wins. Because it offers a greater range of products, at an average lower cost than Delonghi models. From the quality perspective, Delonghi comes out on top handily. Although Philips has high-end machines Delonghi guarantees consistent quality across their models both build and feature-wise. When it comes to variation, both brands provide a great variety of appliances. Delonghi focuses a lot on the personalization aspects of its machines. Philips does this too, but it’s clear that they have a little way to go since they were not originally an espresso-making brand.


The Dinamica Plus compares very favorably against most other mid-range super-automatic espresso machines out there. It offers great functionality, ease of use, and a good range of drink selections at the touch of a button. We can definitely declare in this Delonghi Dinamica review that if you’re content to pay the extra buck over the other Dinamica models, you’ll get a machine that’s certainly a pleasure to use and will allow you to brew exceptional espresso and coffee without having to go in the kitchen.

Happy Brewing!

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