De’Longhi Dinamica Review 2024: Seamless Bean-To-Cup Full-Automatic Espresso Machine

The De’Longhi Dinamica model values simplicity above all others. This is a bean-to-cup coffee maker for people who crave great espresso at home but don’t want to spend time on their barista skills.

This desire to deliver simplicity to such consumers (who are the majority among all types of consumers) doesn’t mean De’longhi has dumbed down or cut corners for their machines. Yet, it’s the exact opposite – People still want the best of qualities in their machine without any headache.

So, obviously, De’longhi has to deliver a lot of interesting features into their machine not only to serve but also to maintain their brand reliability in the industry. The Dinamica series is built exactly for this purpose. Let’s not wait and dive into our De’longhi Dinamica review!

De’Longhi Dinamica Review: Key Features

Dinamica Automatic Coffee & Espresso Machine, TrueBrew (Iced-Coffee)

  • Enjoy a smooth, full-bodied Iced Coffee with the True Brew process
  • Heats up in less than 40 seconds, so you can start brewing quickly
  • Integrated adjustable manual frothier for rich, creamy lattes and cappuccinos
  • Easier and more efficient to clean than competitor models, costing less time and money

Brews The Freshest Coffee

Through Delonghi’s Tubeless technology, the coffee grounds get deposited in the brewing unit. It minimizes the grind residue possibility inside the grinder. Also eliminates contamination of subsequent grounds guaranteeing the freshest cups of coffee in each brew. One of the crucial yet underrated in many Delonghi Dinamica automatic espresso machine reviews. Well, evidently not for us!

Heat-Up Time In Less Than 40 Seconds

With its Italian 15-bar high-performance pressure pump and brew unit, the Dinamica takes only 40 seconds to heat up. You can have café quality beverages with the push of a button.

Active Temperature Control

De’Longhi’s Dinamica provides temperature control between extraction and milk texturing. This enables you to produce the perfect milk-based coffee temperature and allows a seamless preparation which results in consistent barista-quality coffee. The Active Temperature Control consists of dual heating systems – the water heating circuit and dedicated thermoblock. Guaranteeing stable temperature with precision for both milk texturing and extraction.

Integrated Grinding Technology

The Dinamica comes with conical steel burr grinders. These are calibrated with 100% accuracy to produce excellent grind precision. While the Dinamica does come with a recommended setting, the grinding levels are controllable and adjustable according to the roasts, origin, and individual taste to achieve the best aroma and flavors.

Variable Brewing Unit

The heart of the machine gives consistent dosage and uniform tamping. Through pre-infusion, it ensures full aroma extraction with ideal pressure and with precise water flow to pour a perfect espresso with a perfect crema on top.

Customizable One-Touch Drinks

Dinamica will let you adjust the size and strength with 5 strength levels from Extra Mild to Extra Strong. Also, you’d be able to program the drink sizes based on your wishes and/or to fit in your favorite coffee mug/cup perfectly.

Make Soft Velvety Froth At Home

Whether you like soy, coconut, almond, rice, or any dairy milk, you’ll be able to make a dense and creamy foam that outperforms the competition. Delonghi recommends cold skim or 2% dairy cold or non-dairy milks that are available in the refrigerated section at the local groceries. The Fixed Cappuccino system lets the user infuse their ideal ratio of steam and air into the milk – Delivering satisfaction through the highest in-cup quality and mouthfeel. Living up to the motto of “A perfect cup of coffee is one that is tailored to your taste”.

The integrated and adjustable manual frother will allow you to customize steam and foam levels. With no barista skills and experience, now you’d be able to make rich, creamy, long-lasting lattes and cappuccinos in your home comfort.

The True Brew Technology For Iced Coffee

One of the crucial features of this Delonghi Dinamica review. With the TrueBrew technology, Dinamica is the first and only fully automatic coffee machine with an iced coffee feature. It brews at a lower temperature. Then pre-infusing and infusing the coffee to offer the ability to customize the coffee strength level up to Extra Strong. The final outcome is a smooth, full-bodied coffee over ice that tastes not watered down.

Seamless Interactivity

Dinamica provides one-touch technology through its unique and intuitive user interface. It lets the user engage in various functionalities to deliver the best outcomes. The entire experience is seamlessly a bean-to-cup journey of coffee indulgence.

Designed For Easy Maintenance

Designed for effortless maintenance and utmost hygiene. De’longhi Dinamica coffee maker is equipped with dishwasher-safe drip trays as well as a removable brewing unit for easy daily maintenance.

De’longhi Dinamica: Pros And Cons


  • Heats up in just 40 seconds
  • Coffee tastes smooth and never bitter
  • Easy to clean and handle on a daily basis
  • TrueBrew technology for making iced coffee
  • Adjustable spout height to fit different sizes of cups
  • Compactly shaped and sized to fit under the counter spaces
  • Milk frother can do both the frothing and the heating of the milk
  • Energy-saving function turns off the machine after a certain period of inactivity


  • Can’t brew a full pot of coffee
  • Difficult to set up for the first time
  • The water tank requires frequent refilling
  • Takes time to fully figure out the machines’ capabilities

Technical Specifications

First of all, to avoid any fraudulence and confusion, we believe it’s important that you should know what comes within the box after purchase. We try to provide key information to all of our reviews and the De’longhi Dinamica review is no exception.

In the box, you’ll have Delonghi Dinamica fully automated coffee machine, a coffee starter kit, and a 10.6 oz. coffee bean container, 60.9 oz. of the water container, descaling solution, cleaning brush, coffee bean-shaped ice cube tray, water filter, measuring spoon, instruction manual, and 2-year warranty + 1 additional year related papers if you register your product.

The Dinamica is made of plastic only and carries a dimension (L x D x H) of 9.3 x 16.9 x 13.7 inches. Such results in a machine that weighs 20 lbs. (9.2 kg). Dinamica requires 120 volts and 1250 wattage to run. The water reservoir can hold about 61 oz. (1.8 L) while its bean container can hold 11 oz. (300 g) at max.

When it comes to extraction, this machine relies on a 15-bar pressure pump to deliver espresso, coffee, lungo, and cappuccino. Additionally, you’d be able to make hot water and steam milk for your coffee delicacies. The stainless steel-made cup holder can make space for most of cup and mug sizes since the max adjustable spout height is 135 mm. You’d also be able to move it around your kitchen easily as it comes with 45 inches of cord.

How To Use De’longhi Dinamica

Setup And Quick Brew

  1. On the back of the machine flip the main switch to the ON position
  2. Detach the water tank and fill it up with fresh cold water
  3. Add medium-roasted coffee beans into the grinder on top. If done correctly, a light will flash
  4. Turn the knob counter-clockwise to the “I” position
  5. Press the illuminated OK button then
  6. Water will be poured out of the milk frother and then stop
  7. Turn the knob now to the clockwise position. It will automatically switch off the machine
  8. Press the ON/ OFF bottom on the front side of the Dinamica
  9. Brew 3 – 5 cups of espressos. The machine will be adjusted to the selected beans

Test And Set Water Hardness

  1. Measuring water hardness is one of the keys to ensuring great cups of coffee as well as preserving the life of your coffee machine
  2. First, immerse the “total hardness test” paper in a glass of tap water for 1 second only
  3. Now remove the test strip from the glass, shake it lightly, and wait 1 minute to get the reading
  4. Any of 1, 2, 3, or 4 red squares will appear indicating the “hardness” level of your tap water. If the water shows 2 or more pink squares, you must install the given water filter
  5. Hold down the “2x” button on the touchscreen for 6 seconds
  6. Now, press the “coffee strength” button repeatedly until the number of lights coincides with the number of red squares on your water hardness test strip
  7. Finally, press the “OK” button to confirm the selection

Fitting In The Water Filter

  1. Begin with removing the filter from its own package
  2. Rinse the filter with a half-liter of fresh tap water
  3. Rotate the calendar disk on top of the filter so that the next 2 months are displayed
  4. Immerse the filter in the reservoir full of fresh water for about 10 seconds with a sloping angle to allow air bubbles to escape
  5. Press the filter into the filter housing and try to press as far as it goes
  6. Secure the lid and re-install the tank inside the machine
  7. Put a 16 oz. / 500 ml pitcher under the cappuccino maker. Now turn the steam dial to the “I” position
  8. It will start letting out hot water into the pitcher. Once stops pouring, turn the dial back to position “O”. The water filter is now set, active, and ready for use

Please note that you have to install a new water filter every 3 months to maintain the machines’ water quality as well as to improve the taste of your beverages.

Under normal usage, the filters last around 3 months. If this coffee machine is left unused for some time, the filter will last only for 3 weeks. Depending on the type of filter this 3 weeks period may vary though.

Brewing Coffee With Milk Froth

  1. Prepare your espresso and pour it into a larger cup beforehand
  2. Fill the milk pitcher with cold skim or 2% milk
  3. Push the steam button then and the steam button will flash
  4. Immerse the frother in milk. Do not insert the frother beyond the given mark on the spout
  5. Turn the knob to start milk frothing
  6. Stop when you reach the desired temperature. For example, the perfect temperature for the latte is 140˚F
  7. Eliminate unwanted air bubbles by swirling the milk pitcher. End result should have a wet-paint look
  8. Pour the milk into the middle of the espresso-filled cup. Once the cup is half-filled, slightly move the pitcher side to side 4 – 6 times to make the Rosetta. Finish with 1 quick swirl to the opposite edge of the cup
  9. Just use a damp towel immediately to wipe clean the frother. Release the steam when you’ve done pouring the froth

How To Brew Iced Coffee

Dinamica is the 1st and only fully automatic coffee machine with a “Coffee Over Ice” function. Delonghi used the TrueBrew Over Ice technology to deliver a strong-tasting yet smooth flavored never watered-down iced coffee experience.

  1. Place a tall glass filled with 3 cubes of ice on the tray
  2. Adjust the coffee strength to MAX level (5 beans light up)
  3. Now, press the “Over ice” button again to start the brewing
  4. After brewing, let it pour, and add 3 more cubes of ice. Finish with a gentle stir
  5. Add milk, sugar, syrup, whipped cream, or any topping you like

Cleaning And Maintenance of Dinamica

Cleaning The Machine

The following components of the Delonghi Dinamica must be cleaned regularly:

Frother, Water tank, Touch screen, Coffee spouts, internal circuit, Pre-ground coffee funnel, Coffee grounds container, Drip tray, and Condensate tray, and the Infuser (accessible after you open the infuser door).

  1. Always avoid using solvents, abrasive detergents, and alcohol to clean the machine
  2. The Delonghi super-automatic coffee machines don’t need any application of chemical products for any cleaning purposes
  3. None of the parts of this De’longhi Dinamica machine can be washed inside of a dishwasher with the only exception of its drip tray grille
  4. Do not use any metal objects to remove encrustations. The same applies to any coffee deposits as they bear the possibility of scratching the metal or plastic surfaces of the machine


Descaling is an important part and parcel when it comes to taking care of an espresso machine. That’s why we’re adding this to Dinamica Delonghi’s review. Descale this coffee machine only when the Descaling light on the touchscreen flashes. Also, the OK and ESC icons will also have to remain on.

Things You Should Know Before…

  • To perform an immediate descaling, press the OK and follow the instructions from Phase – 2 mentioned below
  • To perform the descaling cycle later, just press the ESC. The Descaling light will flash on the touchscreen to remind you later that the machine needs to perform the descaling
  • For any confusion or further detailed instructions, please refer to this machine’s user manual
  • We recommend using the Delonghi descaler only. Using an unapproved and unsuitable descaler and/or doing the descaling incorrectly will result in faults that will not be covered by the manufacturer’s guarantee

Phase – 1

To descale the Delonghi Dinamica, proceed as stated below:

  1. Turn off the machine (standby) by pressing the ON/OFF button
  2. Empty out the drip tray along with the ground container. Put back both of them into the machine once done
  3. Press and hold on to the “Strength Selection” icon until the Descaling light and the OK and ESC icons light up

Phase – 2

  1. Empty out the water reservoir completely. Then remove the water softener filter, if installed beforehand
  2. Pour the Delonghi descaler into the water tank up to level A. It equals 3.38 oz. / 100 ml pack marked on the interior surface of the water tank
  3. Add 1 liter of water up to level B. Re-install the water tank back into the machine
  4. Put a bowl/container under the frother and coffee spouts with a minimum capacity of 1.8 liters
  5. Hot water-carrying acid will flow out of the frother and the coffee spouts. Please beware to avoid contact with the splashes of this solution in this step
  6. Press the OK icon. It will confirm that you have indeed added the descaler solution. And the descaling procedure will commence

Phase – 3

  1. After a few minutes, the ESC icon will flash. It indicates that you have to turn the Steam/Hot Water Dial to the “I” position
  2. When the dial is turned to the “l” position, the descaling program will start. The descaler solution liquid will start to pour out of the frother. A series of rinses and pauses will be automatically performed to remove all the limescale residues inside the machine
  3. Approximately after 35 minutes, the machine will halt the descaling. The “Water Tank” icon will start flashing at this stage. This means you have to refill the water tank
  4. The machine is now ready for the 2nd layer of rinsing with clean water. So, first, empty out the bowl/container that you placed under the frother and the spouts for collecting the descaler solution
  5. Then detach the water tank, empty it out, and rinse it under running water. Refill the tank with cold freshwater all the way to the MAX level. Finally, re-install the tank back in the machine
  6. Place the bowl/container to collect the dirty water under the coffee spouts and the frother like before
  7. Press the OK icon. As a result, the ESC icon will flash. It means you must turn the Steam/Hot Water Dial to the “O” position
  8. Once you turn that dial to the “O” position another round of rinsing will begin. Hot water will start to come out of the coffee spouts
  9. After a preset time period, the ESC icon will flash. Now, you have to turn the Steam/Hot Water Dial back to the “I” position again. Water delivery will continue from the frother. When the water inside the tank finally runs out, the “Water Tank” light will come on
  10. The machine is now ready for a rinse with clean water only

Phase – 4

  1. Empty out your placed bowl/container for rinsed water collection. Also extract the water tank to empty out, rinse under cold running water, and finally refill it with fresh water up to its MAX level
  2. Replace the water softener filter (if you’ve previously removed) and refit it back into the machine
  3. Place your bowl/container under the frother for collecting the rinsed water
  4. Press the OK icon and the machine will begin rinsing again from the frother only
  5. When the water in the tank has run out fully, the “Water Tank” light flashes
  6. Empty out the bowl/container used to collect the rinse water. Remove the water reservoir and fill it with cold fresh water up to the MAX level before then put back into the machine
  7. The ESC icon will flash. After that, turn the dial to the “O” from the “I” position
  8. Empty out and replace the drip tray and the ground container. The Descaling is fully done!

Why You Should Buy It…

The most important aspect of buying a full-automatic espresso machine is the price. You want your money to be invested in a machine that’ll serve you long and offer consistency equipped with your preferred drink options. Well, guess what! Delonghi Dinamica comes under the $1000 price range and checks all the boxes you should have from a full-automatic machine in this price range. Yes, we’re saying you should totally go for it.

Its variable brewing unit and active temperature technology are combined to give you full-bodied cups of coffee any time of the day. It only takes just 40 seconds to warm up too!!

Delonghi has put a lot of effort to make this machine not only easy to clean but also easy to maintain on a daily basis. The crazy thing is you wouldn’t have to take out most of its components for that matter either!

We must also talk about its milk system and froth quality. Soy, coconut, almond, rice, or any dairy milk – you name it, the Dinamica will give you dense and creamy foam every time. But ideally, Delonghi has always recommended cold skim or 2% dairy cold or non-dairy milks for the absolute best frothy outcome from this machine. This information was also backed by various Delonghi Dinamica Coffee Machine reviews.

On top of that, Dinamica’s Fixed Cappuccino technology lets the user control the ratio of steam and air during frothing. So if you have no barista skills or experience, Dinamica will let you make rich, creamy, long-lasting coffee delicacies in your home comfort.

The featured TrueBrew technology. This gives an edge over Dinamica’s competitors. Not many $1000 range full-automatic espresso machines will entertain a proper Iced Coffee function in their machine.

Not only does it offer excellent drink variations but also different cup and mug sizes too as the coffee dispensers’ height is fairly adjustable. Suitable for all cup types other than the tallest latte glasses.

Why You Shouldn’t Buy It…

If you’re a serious coffee aficionado then Dinamica won’t be appealing to you. Because it’s a full-auto. Aficionados love manual controls over their machines. But Dinamica is about as hands-off as you can get! It’s an ideal machine for anyone who values the Nespresso-like everyday simplicity but is also too fussy about the coffee quality.

Also, if you are looking for a full-automatic machine that offers more options and customizations then this Dinamica will also fall short. After all, it comes with versatile 5 drink options with temperature, strength, and size controls. One of the Successors of the Dinamica family – the Dinamica Plus should grab your attention in this case. Read our full Dinamica Plus review here!


Comparing With The Other Dinamicas

FeaturesDe’Longhi ECAM 350.20De’Longhi ECAM 350.25.SBDe’Longhi ECAM 350.75.SIDe’Longhi Dinamica Plus
Preset Beverages551316
User Profile(s)N/AYesYesYes
Pump Pressure15151519
Frothing SystemSteam PipeSteam PipeAutomatic frother with LatteCremaAutomatic frother with LatteCrema
Iconic FeatureTrueBrew Over Ice TechnologyTrueBrew Over Ice TechnologyDual ThermoBlock TechnologyCoffee Link App
Weight (lbs.)21202323
Dimension (inch)16.9 x 9.3 x 13.717.3 x 9.5 x 14.216.9 x 9.3 x 13.717.3 x 9.5 x 14.2

As always, Delonghi does like to convolute its appliance names. And it creates havoc on various ECAM35020b reviews out there. Hence, here we’re in our Delonghi Dinamica review will clear things up for you.

Look at the comparison chart above first. In the Dinamica class, they have these 4 prominent models. When we say just Dinamica, it refers to the Delonghi ECAM 350.20 model.

Now we’re pretty certain, you’ve spent a significant amount of time reading and comparing various Dinamica review articles. And with more reading, you’re getting more confused watching all these 20, 25, 75, and Plus models.

To end all of that confusion, you need to hear this: it doesn’t matter which Dinamica automatic coffee and espresso machine you choose from them. The name variations actually make no difference in terms of the brewing and operational experience between these machines.

So, where’s the difference? Yes, some clear differences we’ve already pointed out in the aforementioned chart. But the key distinction among them is the milk system.

  • Delonghi ECAM350.20 (Dinamica): only available in White and Black with a normal manually controlled steam wand and the TrueBrew technology for Iced Coffee
  • Delonghi ECAM350.25.SB: Dinamica version but only available in Silver color. It also comes with TrueBrew Over Ice Technology for full-bodied iced coffee. And yes, you’ve guessed it, comes with an adjustable milk frother also
  • Delonghi Dinamica ECAM350.75.SI (Delonghi LatteCrema): Also popularly known as the Delonghi LatteCrema model. This Dinamica is available in Silver color only. It has an update – an automatic milk frother. The previous 2 models had a manual milk frother. The automatic LatteCrema module has a long shipping time of about 3 weeks if you order it from Delonghi, please remember that
  • Delonghi Dinamica Plus: Available in Titanium with the TrueBrew Over Ice Technology with the highest number of drink presets while also capable of facilitating the LatteCrema option

Critics And Customers’ Feedback

Most commonly, both the critics and customers were happy to see De’longhi did not sacrifice their quality espresso-making trait with the Dinamica series in general. Not only that, but De’longhi also squeezed in 4 serving sizes in this machine (espresso, coffee, lungo, and cappuccino) too!!

Another plus with the Dinamica is that it’s incredibly easy to maintain. When you’re not using it this machine will sit neatly on your kitchen counter to add to the room’s aesthete too.

A lot of customers were in agreement that this Dinamica really checked their boxes. They were keen to have a machine that is capable of making coffee and espresso with foaming capability. The manual built-in frother for such really drove the point home for them.

Critics from various Delonghi Dinamica reviews did admit that the price point for this machine is not friendly. But they also countered that when you check out its overall features and lifespan, Dinamica certainly becomes an easier buy compared to its close competitors.

Okay, this talking point can be a pro or con to many of you out there but you need to know about it fully first. Customers stated that Dinamica requires a fair amount of attention. Since it has a fairly small reservoir, you might have to refill after having 3 cups of coffee. Then users also had to frequently empty out the grounds and drip tray after making 6 cups of coffee. It seemed to need more beans after 12-15 cups. However, the users did not see it as a malfunction but rather a high-maintenance issue.

Another interesting thing we’ve found is that there were some customers who picked this machine to be their 1st automatic espresso maker. Most of them stated it absolutely reduced their morning hassle (kids, work, etc.). They were genuinely happy that Dinamica was giving them hot, delicious cups of coffee, espresso, and latte in less than a minute!

There were also a couple of feedbacks regarding the limitations of the machine. Such as, some complained that the coffee taste can be burnt even with finer grind settings and the lowest temperature. Another issue was the cup size. The largest cup size for this machine is 5 oz. which is small by American standards. So for bigger cups, you have to brew twice.


How Do You Empty The Ground Container In Delonghi Dinamica?

Remove the drip tray first, then empty and clean it with running water. Now bring out and empty the grounds container to clean it thoroughly. Finally, check the condensate tray (red-colored) and empty it also if necessary.

How Do You Foam Delonghi Dinamica Milk?

Press the ESC icon (the steam function). The “thermostat” icon will flash to indicate the machine is heating up. When the ideal temperature is reached, the “thermostat” light will go off and the “ESC” icon will start flashing. Now turn the Steam/Hot Water Dial to the “I” position. Steam will be delivered from the frother onto the milk to make the creamy, frothy, and more voluminous appearance. For a thicker froth, rotate the milk container slowly in an upward direction.

Does Delonghi Dinamica Make Hot Coffee?

Yes, Dinamica series models all in general can make produce hot coffee.


If your main concern about your next espresso machine is convenience, then we can confidently conclude in our De’longhi Dinamica review that you can go ahead and pick this machine for yourself. Its convenient size, design, and operational procedures are all there for you to find out. Add freshly ground espresso or cappuccino in less than a minute to that list too!

The Dinamica is a great full automatic machine that’s a perfect match for people who like espressos, iced drinks, and coffee with velvety frothy milk on top.

Serious baristas or seasoned coffee aficionados will look elsewhere for more in-depth controls and customizations – and that’s fine too. But if you just want to get the bean-to-cup experience without having to think too much at 7 in the morning every day, this is the fully automatic machine for you!

Happy Brewing!

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