How To Keep Chemex Coffee Hot (3 Ways That Work Like a Charm)

Chemex brewer can produce arguably one of the finest coffee especially if you like to consume pour-over coffee a lot.

This sort of brewer is so famous hence chances are you might have seen a Chemex on the countertop of your favorite movie or series character. Aside from that, minimalist folks tend to use Chemex as their go-to coffee brewer.

That’s enough about the good sides of Chemex, let’s focus on the big question, is Chemex capable of keeping coffee hot? After all, everyone in the morning craves to sip on hot coffee, isn’t it?

So, in today’s guide, we will learn how to keep Chemex coffee hot with some actionable steps that would definitely be effortless to follow.

Let’s get rolling, shall we?

Does Coffee Stay Warm In A Chemex?

how to keep chemex coffee warm

Now, before jumping into the question of whether Chemex is capable of keeping coffee hot or not; let’s have a look at how it’s built.

Chemex has a single piece of glass that makes the main body. It seems like an hourglass with an open top. This whole glass body is made of Borosilicate Glass which is known for its excellent heat resistance.

Besides, you will see a nice wooden collar tied with rawhide for easy holding. You will also notice a chamber from top to all the way down that makes the pouring job super easy. Moreover, it will allow air out from the bottom part while brewing.

Now, if you are thinking of brewing a large dose of coffee and drinking it all day then that’s not going to happen actually. It can’t keep coffee warm for long, so you need to take certain steps which we are going to talk about.

How To Keep Chemex Coffee Hot?

There you go! In this segment, we will learn how to keep Chemex coffee hot so that you can enjoy it all day long. FYI, it’s recommended to drink your coffee right after brewing in case you care about freshness. However, if you want a way to drink your coffee the entire day without letting it cool, here are the 3 steps you should try.

Warming On Low Gas Flame/Electric Burner

Undoubtedly the most common way to warm Chemex coffee. If you used to make a large batch of coffee in the morning and were looking for a nifty way to keep it warm for quite a few hours then this might be the solution.

However, you need to be a little bit cautious. Remember we said to put the brewer over a low gas flame, so if you want to place the Chemex over an electric burner you can purchase the Chemex Stainless Steel Wire Grid  to avoid breaking the brewer.

how to keep chemex warm

Now, to warm your Chemex coffee, just grab your brewer and put it over the lowest gas flame for not more than 10-15 minutes as you don’t want your coffee to evaporate and lose the authentic flavor.

Insulated Carafe

Getting an insulated carafe would probably be the best solution to drinking coffee all day long without losing its rich flavor. There are a bunch of different types of insulated carafes available to buy online, however, we would recommend you pick the most effective one.

how to keep chemex coffee hot

You can have a look at Emsa Eleganza Stainless Steel Insulated Carafe  which is a dual-walled stainless steel-made carafe, capable of retaining heat for up to 9 hours which is what most Chemex users look for.

Warming Plate

Cup warming plates are pretty handy when it comes to warming your cup of joe while you are on a hectic day. Aside from warming only your coffee cup, you can use one for heating your Chemex brewer as well.

There are quite a few options out there that can keep your coffee warm for real. But don’t forget to check out the user’s feedback before getting one. Some of them tend to make coffee a bit too warm that ruining the authentic flavor of the coffee.

how to keep chemex hot

In case you find picking the right coffee warming plate tricky, you can take a look at the COSORI Warming Plate . This particular warming plate would be compatible with the Chemex coffee maker and with an airtight lid , you can expect good heat for hours.

Now, stop wasting time by asking others, “How Do You Keep Pour-Over Coffee Warm?” and follow any of the 3 ways according to your convenience.

Lastly, don’t forget to preheat the warming with some hot water in order to get the best possible output from Chemex. Many folks have said that by doing so they can enjoy their Chemex coffee for 3-4 hours without even doing anything.

Can You Put Chemex In Microwave?

We certainly are not supporters of this party. Yes, it can indeed heat your Chemex coffee in no time. So, if you crave a quick caffeine fix and won’t bother much about the authentic flavor of Chemex coffee then you can go this way, but not all the time.

In general, microwaves break down the rich aroma of coffee and end up with an OK sort of coffee, not the enjoyable one. Lastly, if caffeine is what you care about the most, then be that your caffeine is not going anywhere because of microwaving.

keep coffee hot all day


How Long Does Chemex Stay Warm?

By preheating the brewer with some warm water some users have said that they found their Chemex coffee warm for up to 4 hours or so. You can increase this limit by following any of the three methods of keeping Chemex coffee warm. For instance, a good quality thermos will easily retain your coffee warm for about 8-9 hours, which is pretty great.

Why Does The Chemex Have A Bump?

Don’t worry, it’s not created by any of your faults. It’s just a mark that indicates the halfway point of the total volume. So, next time when you want to make half of the volume, you don’t have to measure out the amount of water.

Is Chemex Insulated?

No, it’s not. You can’t expect a Chemex coffee maker to keep your coffee warm for an extended period. If you want to keep your coffee warm for a long time the only perfect solution is to buy a good quality insulated thermos.

Final Thoughts

With the above-mentioned 3 tweaks, you can enjoy your Chemex coffee longer than before without compromising the quality. We hope from now on, you never have to ask again, “how to keep Chemex coffee hot” if you follow one of the three thoroughly.

Of course, there are some other ways as well for keeping Chemex coffee warm, but we don’t think they are quite as effective as the above-mentioned one. Many folks have tried these steps and said that these methods work like a charm!

Happy Caffeinating.

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