How To Reset A Keurig Coffee Maker And Discussing Various Troubleshoots

Just like any man-made device, Keurig machines have imperfections as well! This brings us to this most-asked question on it – “how to reset a Keurig coffee maker”.

We have to agree that we really have come to love Keurig coffee makers. They allow us to brew delicious cups of Joe without any mess, or fuss. Period.

Over the years, Keurig has evolved, and so has its extensibility to help its users maintain the coffee makers. Every now and then, all Keurig requires a bit of attention. The latest Keurig 2.0 models do notify themselves when it’s time to add more water or descale.

But it’s not always simple and oftentimes users deal with different problems. Like resetting the machine, leakage, no brewing, turn-on malfunctions, or inability to read the K-cups.

Such issues can be frustrating. Luckily, most of the problems need minimal endeavor to fix the machine.

In our article mainly, we’ve listed the best possible ways to help you how to reset a Keurig coffee machine and later discussed the most reported troubles and their solutions. So, let’s begin!!!

Keurig’s History

Keurig’s original founders are John Sylvan and Peter Dragone. They were college roommates in the late 1970s at Colby College, Maine. During the early 1990s in Massachusetts, Sylvan, who was a tinkerer, quit his tech job. He wanted to resolve the commonplace snag of office coffee. A whole pot of brewed coffee that sits as well as grows bitter, stale, and dense. He wanted to make a single-serving pod of coffee grounds and a machine for that to brew in it as a solution to the mentioned problem.

Through rigorous trial and error, he finally developed a pod and a brewing machine. By 1992, to help set up a business plan, he brought in Dragone. Dragone was working as a director of finance for Chiquita then. They established the company in 1992 calling it Keurig. Sylvan later stated that the name means excellence in Dutch.

What Is So Special About A Keurig?

If you are an avid coffee lover then this brand should be the love of your life. You can have your coffee instantly. No prep work like grinding, measuring, or weighing is needed. You can also utilize the machine to hot chocolate, brew tea, iced coffee, and many other hot drinks. Keurig coffee maker is designed to offer you a fine cup of java in a minute. You no longer have to deal with wasted coffee or messy grounds from over-brewing. But no invention is perfect. There are some needs for maintenance from time to time.

Is Keurig A Better Coffee Maker Than Other Regular Brands?

When you hear the term, regular coffee maker, it normally is pointing to a drip coffee maker. The first main difference between the two is the price. A Keurig coffee maker is slightly more expensive compared to the average automated drip machine. However, when we question which one is better, we shouldn’t just judge by the price tag.

The Keurig brews way faster than an automatic drip maker. But can only brew a single cup at a time. Automatic drip machines in quality are versatile. While Keurig is a singular ecosystem. Drip coffee can brew more cups at once.

So our quick and short verdict? The drip coffee maker wins. But if Keurig is more about convenience. So if you prioritize “fast coffee” as your need, then Keurig is the perfect pick for you.

How To Reset A Keurig Coffee Maker?

If you live alone or you have a super busy routine, nothing can be more convenient than a Keurig single-serve coffee machine. With a quick touch of a button, you’ll have a delicious cup of Joe. But what if the machine starts to go askew? Don’t let a malfunctioning Keurig keep you away from having a good day when you can effortlessly reset the machine!

Resetting a Keurig almost always does the job. However, it’s not the only solution to every mechanical trouble. If resetting does not solve your problem, these may be the reasons why:

  1. Your Keurig was not assembled properly
  2. Keurig machine has damaged parts or is damaged
  3. Keurig’s internal computerized system is malfunctioning

Meanwhile, here are some of the issues that will simply require you to reset:

  1. Keurig is not turning on
  2. The display screen got frozen
  3. Power loss happens before finishing the brewing
  4. Newer models, the Keurig 2.0, have indicators. It lets you know when your machine is ready to brew. If your machine cannot show from “not ready” to “ready,” it indicates that it cannot brew coffee

How To Reset A Keurig Mini

Resetting your Keurig will not break your sweat! Here’s how you can reset a Keurig Mini:

Open And Close Down The K-Cup Lever

If due to the loss of power, Keurig’s brew cycle can be interrupted, this will solve the problem.

Power Off And Unplug From The Power Source

If the brew cycle was uninterrupted, then you’d have to turn off your Keurig machine. Then unplug it and let it sit and rest for 1 to 2 hours.

Detach The Water Reservoir

If your Keurig coffee maker came with a detachable reservoir, remove it. Let your Keurig sit idle for 30 minutes or more.

Now, reattach the water tank and plug it into your power source.

Push the start button to check if it works!

How To Reset A Keurig 2.0

Having Keurig 2.0 requires that you may have to try some more steps since these machines have more advanced user interfaces and functionalities.

Looking Into The Settings

The first thing you can check is the settings! Please go through the digital display. See if there are any settings option that doesn’t look right. If your Keurig coffee maker is getting turned off randomly, you should check out the auto-off or energy-saving features.

Removing Air Bubbles

Air bubbles inside your Keurig’s tubes can detriment the run of water. To remove these bubbles, power off the machine and unplug it from the power source. Remove the water tank if it’s removable. Flip the brewer upside down. Hit the machine firmly to displace any air bubbles.

Resetting The Display

If the display is not functioning properly or, goes blank, unplug your machine. Wait at least a minute till you plug it back in. Turn on the Keurig. Open the menu to set the clock. Adjust your settings as you had before. Return to the “Lift to Begin” screen. Now, lift and lower the lever. That’s it!

Now if such steps don’t work, your Keurig might have felt into deeper issues and resetting won’t fix that. So, in this case, you should call Keurig’s customer service. Especially if your warranty is still valid!

Advanced Techniques On How To Reset A Keurig Machine

Other ways to reset your Keurig coffee maker should be worth a try. For this, we’re specifically referencing a Keurig B60 coffee maker. But this should also be applicable in other models with digital user interfaces.

  1. Press down and release the “medium mug” and “small” buttons simultaneously
  2. Tap the “menu” three times quickly and consecutively. If you do it correctly, you will see that the clock suddenly gives you a read of “6:09”
  3. Now, tap the “menu” once again. The display panel will show “brew 0:00”
  4. Now, press and hold the “medium mug” button. Do it with one of your hands as your press while releasing the “menu” with the other
  5. While you are still holding on to the “medium mug,” press the “small mug” button. Then just release both buttons at the same time
  6. Unplug your machine from the power source. Wait for several minutes
  7. Plug it back in and check if it works!

Tips And Tricks

If your machine fails to brew coffee, it may be the time to start descaling!

If your Keurig coffee maker is not brewing properly, it may be wise to clean the Keurig needle. To do such, take out the K-Cup holder. Remove any dirt and grounds inside the needle with a paper clip.

If all else fails, time to call customer service. According to their customer service representative, if all the basic reset attempts did not help, it’s prime to finally call customer support and then perform other troubleshooting ways to avoid harming your machine even more.

Other Common Technical Issues

A Keurig coffee maker is definitely repairable. It usually comes with a healthy 1-year limited cash-back guarantee. Although take note that, this is only applicable to authentic Keurig machines. In short, this offer does not include those machines manufactured by Breville, Cuisinart, and Mr. Coffee which only offers a 30-day cash-back guarantee.

The common issues encountered by users so far:

  1. Leakage
  2. Misplaced parts
  3. Too little coffee brew
  4. Coffee gradually tastes bad
  5. Air bubbles inside the water lines
  6. Clogging up due to limescale buildup
  7. Malfunction of your coffee maker due to unknown causes
  8. Warm-up time is not sufficient. Producing coffee that’s not warm enough

Should you face some unrepairable problems, simply call Keurig’s Toll-free number or let them know in an email!

When Do You Need A System Reset?

All modern technical devices have a one-for-all solution. A system reset. If you are facing one of the listed Keurig coffee maker problems down below, then it is time to do a basic rest!

  1. The display is getting frozen
  2. The machine doesn’t heat up
  3. The machine is failing to turn on
  4. Loss of power before completing the brew cycle
  5. Keurig machine leaking water when heating up
  6. The display fails to alter from “not ready” to “ready” mode

Popular Technical Problems And Solutions

Keurig Problem 1: The Coffee Maker Is Not Working

The most common complaint about the coffee makers. It is seen all over the internet that users are saying their Keurig has stopped working or it simply stops working after a limited period of time and usage.

The key reason for this malfunction with the coffee machines is the quality of water you’re using to make coffee. If you’re utilizing tap water in the Keurig machine, the chances are that the water is packed with several other minerals including Calcium. The debris can get built within the thin water pipes of your coffee maker. Consequently making it is hard to function.

The good news is that you are not having any sort of technical trouble. It can be fixed simply and effortlessly.

Quick Fix: Blow air into the lines using a straw. It will do the clean-up.

Solution: The solution is simple for troubleshooting a Keurig coffee maker. To get the coffee machine up and running, try to run it with water only. Do it several times and also without the K-cup.

Keurig Problem 2: The Coffee Maker Has Caked-On Debris

Not cleaning the coffee machine for a long time will cause built-up minerals to stack within your Keurig. Here are a couple of solutions that can help your Keurig to function and breathe easily like anew!

Solution 1: If the Keurig malfunction is happening due to the calcium scaling inside of your machine, you can descale it with vinegar and with a lot of water mixture. Soak it in the solution for 30 minutes. After that, with fresh water flush your machine several times. Now try to start it.

Solution 2: Also, dispensing and cleaning the line with something like a paper clip can be helpful also in taking out the leftover coffee grounds from it. Note: Do it when the machine is turned off as well as unplugged.

Keurig Problem 3: The Coffee Maker Is Not Brewing Yet Makes Brewing Sound

Another common complaint across some reviewers/users is the coffee maker not brewing properly. According to the troubleshooting guide, this issue could happen due to a handful of reasons.

Reason: The prominent reason for the Keurig machine not brewing coffee is the gathering up of debris within the machine. If this is the standalone reason, it will not brew coffee. You will end up having air bubbles. The Keurig coffee maker parts will not assemble easily or have insufficient warm-up time.

Quick Fix: Insufficient warm-up time does not allow your coffee to brew properly. Make sure that you are giving sufficient time for the warm-up.

Solution: The other move that you can try for this troubleshooting case is to check if all the parts or components of your machine are assigned properly, according to their correct placement. Just give it a thorough check and you might be able to save a couple of bucks.

Keurig Problem 4: The Coffee Maker Is Producing Air Bubbles

A common reason for a Keurig to have air bubbles is trapped bubbles inside the dispensing line.

Solution: For the removal of the air bubbles, fill the water tank to the full and give it a few shakes. Do it when the machine is switched off and unplugged. This ensures the abolition of all the air bubbles within your machine that might be obstructing the brewing.

Keurig Problem 5: The Coffee Maker Is Either Leaking Or Not Dispensing Water

Not being able to dispense the water is another common problem with Keurig coffee machines.

There are a number of customer reviews on the web that submitted complaints about the dispensing issue. Asking why their Keurig coffee maker is not dispensing water. So here is a probable cause.

No water or partial water coming out from the coffee maker is an effect of clogged water lines. In a brewing cycle, it causes a substantial reduction. So if you’re wondering why your Keurig is not brewing properly, chances are that the water line is clogged.

Quick Fix: The solution to this specific malfunction is really simple and can be fixed through a system reset that unclogs the waterline.

Solution 1: Performing the brewing cycle with just water. Do it a few times and without K-cups.

Solution 2: You can clean the spout also. By using a paper clip or a sharp sewing needle, drain the coffee maker.

Solution 3: Descale the clogged water lines also. The needles will remove all the debris and excess grounds that were preventing the water from flowing out.

Keurig Problem 6: The Coffee Maker Is Not Heating Up Properly

There could be several reasons why your Keurig is dispensing water but not heating it properly. This generally happens when:

The water pump is outdated and thus not functioning up to the standards.

The heating device inside the machine gets shut down. Because of the overheating when water is not being pumped out correctly.

The water pump is not at its maximum capacity and performing efficiently.

Or sometimes dried coffee and dirt accumulate and cause clogging. This causes the coffee machine to malfunction.

Solution 1: If you think that debris, dirt, or dried coffee has gathered inside the coffee maker, you must clean it. You can learn how to clean your Keurig coffee maker using an official manual or from internet resources.

Solution 2: For a few seconds, hold the brew button. So that the water pump can run at its maximum speed.

Solution 3: If the water pump is not functioning properly, you may have to get the water pump mended. Otherwise, you must be facing the ‘add water’ problems. You can steer clear of this by cleaning the water tank.

Keurig Problem 7: The Coffee Maker Is Not Turning On/Off Properly

This can be one of the quite terrifying Keurig coffee maker problems. Especially if the weather is a bit too cold and you don’t want to catch a cold. Some possible reasons why your coffee maker might not be handling Powering on/off:

Sometimes the magnetic water tank is not sealed properly. This causes the coffee machine to stay switched off.

The Keurig machine is not getting enough time to heat up. So, the water also isn’t getting warm enough.

The water tank is properly not getting filled up.

Solution 1: If your machine won’t power on. Check and ensure that the machine is correctly plugged in.

Solution 2: Hold on to the power button. Then check if the power icon appears below the screen along with the welcome note.

Solution 3: If the icon does not appear, there might be an issue with your model’s Keurig touchscreen.

Keurig Problem 8: The Coffee Maker Is Making Bad-Tasting Coffee

Have you ever thought of why and how can coffee go bad? Well, if you have not altered your coffee brand, you must ponder what is causing the coffee to alter its taste.

No one should have a bad-tasting cup of coffee. Especially if you are someone who can’t live without it daily. There must be some causes behind this problem too.

The difference in taste and flavor mostly happens due to the buildup of limescale inside your coffee maker.

The usage of tap water or regular water for brewing can cause scale to build up way faster.

Mineral build-up inside of your machine can cause the coffee to start tasting odd.

Solution 1: It’s necessary that a machine should go through a cleaning or descaling process every 2 to 3 months. You can apply it as a common home remedy water and vinegar solution. It’s good enough to clean the debris, dirt, and residue accumulated inside the appliance.

Solution 2: Always use filtered or boiled water for making your coffee. Because tap water has lots of minerals and residue that can gather up inside your machine and start scaling.

Solution 3: Keep a descaling product and wash your machine properly. Always disassemble each and every part while cleaning.

Keurig Problem 9: The Coffee Maker Won’t Reset

If you need to know how to reset your Keurig and need help with the Keurig 2.0 reset process, we’re here for you. Learning how to reset Keurig 2.0 is pretty easy but if your Keurig coffee maker continues to malfunction, you must contact customer care as it might need a repair or replacement.

The details for this problem have already been explained in the aforementioned section of How To Reset Your Keurig Coffee Machine.

Keurig Problem 10: The Coffee Maker Is Showing The “Prime” Error Message

This message generally appears when the water does not flow out of the tank. The water fails to do so out of the reservoir because of many reasons such as clogging or improper alignment. Luckily, this can be fixed easily by yourself.

Solution 1: First and easiest Keurig troubleshooting. Clean the dirty tank.

Solution 2: After you place the water tank, run a water-only cycle. It will help you check whether your machine draws water or otherwise.

Solution 3: When replacing or removing it, make sure that there are not any trapped air bubbles inside as well as everything is properly aligned.

Solution 4: Fill the tank with the max amount of water and then place an empty mug to fill in below. This way your machine will be flushed out. Hence, it will begin drawing water properly.

Keurig Problem 11: The Coffee Maker Is Showing The “Add More Water” Error Message

The error message ‘add more water’ mostly happens due to water tank issues. When there are issues with your Keurig coffee maker leaking water when heating up, that is the moment you will see this message pop up.

Solution 1: You’ll have to take out the tank to clean it. Clean the tank properly using soap. Wash it and let it dry. Rinse the excess water using a cloth. Now place the tank back and again fill it up to the maximum line. Turn on your Keurig 2.0 to check if the error message is there or not.

Solution 2: If the issue has not been resolved, for Keurig 2.0, you can fix this by doing a basic Keurig resetting.

Keurig Problem 12: The Coffee Maker (2.0) Is Not Turning On

Luckily, most Keurig 2.0 issues just like this one is easily fixable. For that, you have to know how to perform a reset of your Keurig 2.0.

Solution 1: Start with the power button. Switch it on. You can find the button on the lower right side of the machine’s LCD screen.

Solution 2: In any case, if the aforementioned Keurig troubleshooting has not worked, try resetting the Keurig 2.0.

Step By Step Process Of Descaling A Keurig

Many of the common problems you may face with your Keurig coffee maker are related to descaling. Descaling is a process where you get rid of all of the mineral build-ups. Otherwise, this mineral build-up clogs your machine. And consequently ruins the quality of the coffee. Here is the accurate way to descale your Keurig.

Step – 1: Make sure to power off your machine

Step – 2: Add the Keurig descaling solution. Or homemade vinegar solution to the water tank

Step – 3: Add water to the reservoir

Step – 4: Switch on your machine. Perform the cleansing brew

Step – 5: Pour out the liquid into the mug

Step – 6: Continue the steps from 1 to 5 until the “add water” light comes on

Step – 7: Let your brewer sit idle for 30 minutes

Step – 8: Rinse and wash properly

If you need the quality of your coffee brewing to last longer, you must not skip this part of the Keurig troubleshooting routine. By keeping the machine descaled, you will be able to avoid all of the unwanted minerals and toxins from ruining the flavor of your daily k-cup. A descaled Keurig is a happy Keurig!

Things That Need Improving

  1. It needs constant daily maintenance
  2. You can only brew coffee in one cup at once. The cost of the pods can pile up
  3. Difficult to have certain textures. But such can be found normally in other drip coffees

A Keurig coffee maker can be a great friend to your kitchen. Only if you are who enjoys their coffee taste the same every single time. As long as you remain vigilant with your Keurig troubleshooting’, you are in for some daily fast morning cup of java. So, you need to go out and try a Keurig for yourself. Since you have already acquired a solid background on how to tinker with a Keurig machine and how it works and can be maintained owning a Keurig will be a breeze for you.


Our article has been a lengthy guide on how to reset a Keurig along with how to take care of your Keurig coffee maker. If you happen to get diagnosed with the mentioned problem(s); try our offered solutions. Do also keep in mind that Keurig customer support is still available if your machine faces severe issues.

Yes, there are a lot more convenient and durable coffee makers out there. But not many can match the consistency or simplicity of the Keurig coffee maker.

Please remember that Keurig machines require routine maintenance and attention. So unless you desire to go back to loving cowboy coffee, we suggest you start taking care of your Keurig.

On a final note, the Keurig online community is large. There are tons of forums and guides to help you keep informed. Not only that, but you can also discover and compare different flavors. Learn little hacks to make your Keurig experience a better one.

Happy Brewing!

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