Jura A1 Review 2022

Are you searching for a trouble-free espresso machine? Then, choose one from the automatic or super-automatic espresso machine. These machines are easy to use and take less time to prepare espresso drinks. 

A super-automatic espresso machine will do everything for you. All you need is fill the water tank and bean hopper. Then, press one or two buttons. It makes your coffee so precise that you do not have to think about the quality.

We are here to guide you to choose an espresso machine as you need. Jura A1 can be a good companion for your home and office. This super-automatic espresso maker produces Coffee, Espresso, and Ristretto with one touch. Please go through the Jura A1 review to know more.

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Jura A1 superautomatic coffee Machine : Overview

Jura A1 Automatic Coffee Machine Piano White
475 Reviews
Jura A1 Automatic Coffee Machine Piano White
  • ONE TOUCH: Prepare 3 barista quality specialties including ristretto, espresso and coffee at the touch of a button - coffee only
  • PERFECT ESPRESSO: Ultimate coffee quality thanks to JURA's exclusive Pulse Extraction Process
  • CONICAL BURR GRINDER: Fast and precise AromaG3 grinder grinds whole beans to the optimum fineness
  • ECO FRIENDLY: JURA is always freshly ground, not capsuled - fresh taste with very limited waste - single serve machine
  • CAPACITY: 37 ounce water tank, 4.4 ounce bean container

Jura Elektroapparate AG is a Swiss home appliances brand, founded in 1931. Besides other products, Jura is famous for its automatic espresso machines. Jura always introduces technology-based products to its customers.

Jura brings a super-automatic espresso machine A1 in two color variations. Piano black and piano white. This elegant espresso machine has a compact sharp design. Keeping Jura A1 in your place means you have three barista level beverages in one press. It serves one-cup coffee at times for the coffee purists. Jura A1 designs as small as possible so that it could fit any places. A1 has an integrated multi-level Aroma G3 grinder that preserves the aroma of espresso. It has a visible bean container in the upper behind the section. You can also use pre-ground coffee in the powder chute.

Adjust the coffee spout depending on your glass or cup size. It also has a symbolize control panel where you can set functions for Jura A1. Also, select the strength of your coffee by touching the screen. It also has an automatic switch-off feature which reduces the power consumption. It goes to power saving mode while it is not using. So, A1 lets you have fresh ground coffee within a few moments. Jura A1 is a better choice for first-time users. In this Jura A1 review, you will know more information in the rest of this article.

  • Touch once and brew your favorite cup of coffee in Jura A1.
  • With this single machine, you can get three bar standard beverages. Those are the Espresso, Ristretto, and Long black.
  • You will get fresh ground coffee each time because of the integrated cone grinder. 
  • The technological brewing process preserves the aroma. Then, serving the best-flavored cup of joe.
  • Due to the symbolize touch screen, it is easy to operate and understand.
  • After 180 preparations or 80 switch-on rinses, this machine performs self-cleaning.
  • The energy-saving mood saves a lot of your electricity. Also, the automatic switch-off makes the Jura A1 a kitchen-friendly gadget.

Jura A1 Review: Key Features

A Super automatic coffee maker as Jura A1, offers you a fresh cup of espresso or long coffee every morning. You have nothing to do at all except full the water tank, fill the bean hopper, and press a button.

This budget Jura A1 bean to cup coffee machine never let you regret. There are some key features that you need to know.

Advanced brewing system: 

The brewing unit uses the Intelligent Pre-Brew Aroma System (I.P.B.A.S.) and Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P.). This technology helps to produce Espresso and Ristretto at the bar standard. I.P.B.A.S. is a process of pre-brewing. A small amount of hot water sends to the ground coffee where the aroma compounds developed. Then, P.E.P. ensures the optimal extraction of coffee bean ground and minimizes the brewing time. It helps to protect the aroma of small specialty coffees such as espresso and ristretto.

The Laboratory and product manager of Jura develop this technology. They are Reinhard Studer and Martin Wullschleger. It passes the hot water into the coffee grounds in short bursts. So, they could reduce the extraction time. Jura A1 has a brewing unit with 6-10 grams capacity for ideal brewing.

Symbolize touch screen: 

Jura A1 has a symbolic touch screen display on the upper side of the device. You can get the updates of the cleaning, descaling, filter, and water tank. The symbol indicator lights up to inform you. You can select the coffee strength levels and the drink type. The display screen also tells you to empty the coffee grounds container when it gets full.

Energy-saving mood: 

Jura sets the energy-switching mood in their A1 automatic espresso machine. It goes to the energy-saving state in 5 minutes of inactivity. So, zero energy uses at this moment. After 2 hours of last use, it completely turns off. You can change or reset the turn off time with the programmable feature.

Integrated program of rinsing, cleaning, and descaling:

Jura A1 has an integrated application for rinsing, cleaning, and descaling. It performs self-cleaning at 80 switch-on rinses. Use cleaning and descaling tablets during the corresponding operation performs. Also, follow the instructions of the A1 manual to avoid any loss.

Compact conical burr-grinder: 

Jura A1 has a compact conical multi-level AromaG3 burr-grinder. Jura engineers make the grinder faster twice so that it takes half the time to grind the beans. It preserves the aroma of espresso beans during grinding. By this efficiency, coffee purists can enjoy the natural fullness of each cup of coffee. You can select your grinding size by adjusting a knob. 

Clearyl Blue filter: 

Jura A1 uses a Clearyl Blue filter cartridge. This filter helps to remove the chemical substance, odor, and bad taste from the water. At the same time, it preserves the necessary health fluorides and minerals of the water.

Adjustable coffee spout: 

Jura A1 has a height adjustable spout. You can use any size of coffee cups or mugs in A1. You can move the spout from 2.3 inches to 5.6 inches.

Specialty Coffee: 

The Jura A1 coffeemaker produces the standard Ristretto, Espresso, and Coffee. You can fix three different cup sizes forever using a programmable facility. Also, you can select two different coffee strengths as you like to have. 

Build & Design: 

The A1 is one of the stylish and slim coffeemakers of Jura. It fits anywhere in your place. The body is made of high quality stainless steel. Product Dimensions are 20.5 x 12.7 x 18.6 inches. As the width is 12.7 inches, it can fit in small space. It weighs 20.3 lbs. Also available in two colors, piano black  and piano white .

Technical details

Although Jura coffee machines are expensive none can deny their top-notch product quality. In this section, we are trying to look at some of the subtle technical features of Jura A1 that work behind every excellent shot of espresso or coffee. Let’s get into it.

Variable Brewing Unit

The Variable Brewing Unit of this machine holds 7 to 10 grams of coffee powder to ensure the optimal brewing condition at all times. No matter how you like your coffee, 2 certain buttons will let you control the strength of coffee without any hassle.

Bypass Chute

As always this Jura coffee machine comes with a bypass chute to use pre-ground coffee. But keep in mind that you can only use 1 scoop of pre-ground coffee instead of the typical 2 scoops that most of the other Jura fully automatic coffee machines do.

Effortless Cleaning

Cleaning a Jura A1 is just like some other high-end Jura machines. You don’t need to pull out the brew unit to clean it manually. All you need to do is put a Jura cleaning table through the bypass chute when the machine asks for a cleaning cycle. Besides, you will get a smart water filter that will ensure you scale-free water for brewing.

Aroma Preservation Lid

The bean hopper has an Aroma Preservation Cover which can keep your coffee beans fresh optimally. As a result, you will feel the authentic rich aroma from the coffee. Moreover, the Aroma G3 grinder plays a crucial role to preserve the aroma by gently yet quickly grinding coffee beans.

Some minor technical details to let you know a little more about the Jura A1. So, you can get the idea of the consequence values.

  • 15 bar pump
  • Power: 120V
  • Ampacity: 10amp
  • Energy consumption: 40 kW/h
  • Cable length: 3.6 feet
Jura A1 Super Automatic Coffee Machine, 1, Piano Black
475 Reviews
Jura A1 Super Automatic Coffee Machine, 1, Piano Black
  • ONE TOUCH: Prepare 3 barista quality specialties including ristretto, espresso and coffee at the touch of a button - coffee only
  • PERFECT ESPRESSO: Ultimate coffee quality thanks to JURA's exclusive Pulse Extraction Process
  • CONICAL BURR GRINDER: Fast and precise AromaG3 grinder grinds whole beans to the optimum fineness
  • : JURA is always freshly ground, not capsuled - fresh taste with very limited waste - single serve machine
  • CAPACITY: 37 ounce water tank, 4. 4 ounce bean container

More on Jura A1

  • Jura brings two smooth color variations of A1. The piano black and the piano white. 
  • Jura A1 has a 36.8 oz capacity water reservoir in the back slot.
  • The bean container can hold 4.4 ounces beans and ready to send those into the grinder. Before start grinding, make sure you close the lid.
  • You can also use ground coffee into the powder chute.
  • The grounds container size of A1 is nine serving. After nine serving amount of extraction, you need to empty the grounds container.
  • You can set the functionality into permanent settings. Then, you do not have to adjust your requirements each time making your favorite coffee.
  • The drip tray contains extra liquid from the ground coffee after making a cup of joe.
  • The body is made of high quality stainless steel. Product Dimensions are 20.5 x 12.7 x 18.6 inches.

Jura A1 Coffee Machine Review : Pros Ands Cons

What We Like:

  • Rapid in making your favorite coffee in a super-automatic machine
  • 3 in 1 coffeemaker for the coffee purist at standard
  • Unified conical burr-grinder with aroma preservation technique
  • Manually adjustable grinder to select the grinding category of the ground beans
  • Has powder chute section for using ground coffee
  • Easy to operate with touch control panel 
  • Maintenance is easy with symbolizing indicator
  • Switching to energy-saving mode when left unused
  • Simple design with Jura’s Pulse Extraction Process
  • Height adjustable spout fits any cups or mugs

What We Don’t Like:

  • Single serving coffeemaker at a time
  • Has smaller capacity for both bean hopper and water tank
  • Does not have any milk processing unit
  • Manual temperature control is not possible
  • Does not fit for low-budget coffee lovers

How To Use The Jura A1 Espresso Machine

So, you have gone through quite a few aspects of the Jura A1. In this segment, we will be looking at how you can operate this machine efficiently in order to get the optimal brewing output with a rich crema on top. Keep in mind that these step-by-step procedures are not the replacement of the Instructions Manual provided by the manufacturer. Therefore, make sure to utilize it to avoid any critical issue. For now, let’s find out the easiest way of using the Jura A1 in some simple steps.

For the first use, start off by connecting the coffee machine with an electric outlet and fill up the water tank up to the Max line. Now, check the water hardness level using the water hardness test strip. You should get one with the packaging. After checking, set the hardness level from the settings and the machine will work in its own way to deliver the best possible water quality for brewing.

Whatever the hardness level is, we would recommend you insert the included water filter inside the water tank. This will eliminate many harmful deposits from the water and eventually you won’t have to descale the machine ever.

For making an excellent cup of coffee you must add some freshly roasted coffee into the bean hopper available on top of the machine. There’s a bypass chute for using pre-ground coffee whether you make decaf coffee or you just like to use pre-ground coffee for brewing. You will also see a grind size adjustment right to the bypass chute. You can adjust the switch depending on the type of beans you are using and the drink you are making.

After doing these things, your Jura A1 coffee machine will be ready for making the first shot of espresso. Well, Ristretto and Coffee too. Since Jura A1 is an entry-level machine of Jura, you won’t actually find many programmabilities. There are 3 certain buttons for choosing drinks and another 2 buttons for adjusting the strength of the drink. The single bean button is for 7 grams of coffee(normal), and the 3 beans button is for 10 grams of coffee(strong). The 3 drinks buttons are (from the left side) Ristretto, Espresso, and Coffee. You can press any button according to your preferences. The coffee spout of this machine is adjustable therefore effortless to place tall coffee mugs and small espresso shot glasses.

That’s pretty much it. Remember, this machine doesn’t come with a milk system so you won’t be able to make any milk-based Latte or Cappuccino with it.

Who Should Buy Jura A1?

Jura A1 is a product of bit expensive ranges. Though it is a slight high-cost coffeemaker, its price is around a grand. Low-budget people never go for this high price when they decide to buy coffeemakers. If you increase your budget and want to keep a super-automatic coffee machine, then Jura A1 can be a great choice. It takes care of your coffee with the help of the latest technology while preparing.

If you are a newbie in the coffee world, you can trust Jura A1 blindly. You only need to fill up the water reservoir as well as the bean hopper. Then touch the button as what coffee you need. It will serve your drink within a few seconds, just like a few blinks of eyes.

Another target of this coffeemaker is to produce Ristretto, Espresso, and Coffee. If you are not interested in these three types of drinks, then the Jura A1 coffeemaker is not for you. 

What People Think About Jura A1?

The users of Jura A1 satisfy with the design, though it is heavy. The IPBAS and PEP brewing system never let its user a second option to think. Most users love Jura’s brewing system because of its leading technology. The auto cleaning and maintenance make the Jura A1 most favorite coffeemaker. Users are also happy about the fresh blending powder and flavor. With these facilities, people wouldn’t mind spending money on Jura A1.

Some users don’t like A1 because of the single-cup service. Not having the milk processing unit is another reason for demotivating some people.

Why It’s a good choice?

Having Jura A1 in your office or home never let you regret. It produces freshly ground espresso drinks in the most level of components. Since it has no milk processing section, it is best for office uses. This automatic maker sets everything at the right point and just waiting for your touch. One-touch and few seconds worth the high price and make your life easy. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does Jura A1 super automatic coffee machine last?

    Jura A1 coffeemaker usually lasts for five years or more. If you clean it regularly and maintain properly, then the lifespan can increase 2 or 3 years more for sure. After 180 preparations, it performs cleaning and descaling. Even regular rinsing helps the A1 last longer. Never use an excessive amount of ground coffee into powder chute. Also, don’t put milk or other liquor into the water tank if you don’t want to lose your favorite Jura A1.

  • Can I make cappuccino with Jura A1?

    Frankly, no. You can’t make cappuccino with Jura A1. The reason is Jura A1 has no milk frothing or steaming unit. As we all know, cappuccino needs 2 ounces of espresso and 2 ounces of steamed milk. Jura A1 can’t help you in case of milk preparation. So, you can’t make cappuccino. Even you can’t make a single variety of coffee that contains milk. If you have other options for milk processing except for Jura A1, then you can go for the cappuccino.

  • Can Jura A1 intake ground coffee?

    Yes, you can use ground coffee in the powder chute section of Jura A1. Do not use the finest ground coffee in powder chute. Finest ground coffee can clog up the system and stop the machine from working. Also, use only one measuring spoon amount of ground coffee at a time. Put the right amount of coffee in the powder chute to get your desired coffee within one minute. You can also use coarse ground coffee in the powder chute for drip coffee or others.

  • Can you adjust the heat of your brew with the Jura A1?

    No, you can’t adjust the heat of your brew with the Jura A1. Jura A1 has fixed and smart technology based on a single thermo-block heating system. So, you can’t adjust it. Jura made their automatic products in a good synchronization of temperature. So, the right heat could achieve during the brewing process. It also stops the heating process right after your brew to save energy. If you need to brew more, then the machine again starts the thermo-block heating system.

  • How often should I clean my Jura A1 coffee machine?

    If you want your Jura A1 will serve you for a long time, then you have to maintenance your coffeemaker daily. Daily care also guarantees coffee quality at the best level. Take out the coffee grounds container, the drip tray, and the water tank. Rinse with warm water after your daily use. Remove the coffee grounds container while the machine is on. It will reset the counter to zero for the next use. Also, wet clean the surface after every use with soft and micro-fiber cloths.

Final Words on jura a1 automatic espresso machine

Since Jura offers modern technology with its every product, A1 is one of them. The IPBAS and PEP technology take care of your coffee during the brewing process. You can also get the three different coffees with a flexible coffee spout.

Though the price is in a little bit high ranges, we like to recommend this A1 coffeemaker. It is not only for its tech facilities but also for the user-friendly mode. Also, it is easy to clean and maintain, which gives a longer lifespan to your Jura A1.

It is also easy to operate even if you are new to the coffee world. Perhaps, not having a milk processing unit disappoints you. Trusts us, Jura A1 is worth everything. 

Enjoy Your Coffee!

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