Jura A1 Review 2023: A Complete, Elegant Option For The Purists

If you’re looking for a coffee machine that will make your heart race with excitement, then look no further than the Jura A1 Super-Automatic Espresso Machine. This state-of-the-art piece has everything from customizable settings to ensuring every shot tastes perfect and an ultra-modern design that makes brewing them as easy peasy (or cheesy!) as can be!

The Jura A1 has the perfect balance between power, performance, and affordability. It represents an excellent choice for those looking into investing their money wisely on appliances that will last them a long time (and provide delicious espressos).

Our Jura A1 review should give you all of this information so that well-equipped enthusiasts can make up their minds quickly about whether or not it’s worth buying right now…

Jura A1 is Discontinued By the manufacturer. If you are looking for Jura Coffee Machines, you can read our guide on Best Jura Coffee Machines.

Comparing Jura A1 With Philips 3200

Jura A1Philips 3200
Dimensions (L x W x H) inches17.5 x 9.4 × 12.79.8 x 17 x 14.6
Color(s) And MaterialPiano White / Stainless SteelBlack / Plastic
Weight (lbs.)20.321.06
Grind Settings612
Grinder TypeAroma G3Ceramic Burrs
Water Tank (oz.)36.860.85
Bean Hopper (oz.)4.49.6
Thermoblock Heating SystemYesYes
Automatic Shut-OffYesYes
Adjustable Brew TemperatureNoYes
Spout Height (inches)2.3 – 5.63.3 – 5.7
Programmable Drinks38
Used Coffee Drawer Capacity912

The Philips 3200 LatteGo is one of the celebrated affordable super-automatic espresso machines. It’s made of durable plastic and features impressive descaling options, an automatic steam wand, and temperature control. You can see it’s even better than A1 in all categories. You’re guaranteed to NOT find another automatic machine with this many features at this price.

This machine is so user-friendly for first-time users. Its modern aesthetic fits into most kitchens’ aesthetics greatly. This bean-to-cup machine is easy-to-clean, and all the while, the milk tank is dishwasher-safe.

One of the drawbacks is that it’s fairly loud while grinding and frothing. And it doesn’t come with a steam wand. So, almost no control over the milk froth for your lattes and cappuccinos.

However, the LatteGo system allows one-touch frothing, and AquaClean will keep this machine going for years without frequent descaling. This machine is perfect for your barista skills. It has more control over the brewing process and less over the latte art.

Introducing Jura A1

When it comes to choosing a one-cup coffee maker, there are many factors to consider. However, if you are looking for the best of the best, then the Jura A1 is definitely worth your consideration.

This machine has everything that the heart of the coffee purist could desire. It prepares coffee of a quality that otherwise only the best professional baristas would be able to achieve, and thanks to the highly innovative Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P.), also produces ristretto and espresso to the same standard.

This elegant espresso machine has a compact sharp design. Having Jura A1 means having three barista-level beverages in one press. The shape of the Jura A1 is relatively small to fit anywhere.

A1 has an integrated multi-level Aroma G3 conical burr grinder that preserves the aroma of espresso. It has a visible bean container in the upper section. You can also use pre-ground coffee in the powder chute.

You can adjust the coffee spout depending on your cup size. It also has a symbolized control panel where you can set functions for Jura A1. Also, select the strength of your coffee by touching the screen. It also has an automatic switch-off feature which reduces power consumption. It goes to power-saving mode while not in use. It is the lowest-priced among all Jura coffee makers.

Jura A1 super-automatic coffee machine lets you have fresh ground coffee within a few moments. It’s a better choice for first-time users. In this Jura A1 review, you will learn more information in the rest of this article.

Technical Specifications

The A1 coffee machine is designed for those who love a great cup of joe. It offers three specialty drinks- espresso, ristretto, and coffee. With its unique Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P.), you’re guaranteed the freshest coffee possible. The multi-level aroma grinder G3 and variable 6–10 g brewing unit ensure fresh coffee every time!

This super-automatic coffee machine is perfect for people who want to make their favorite drink at home. It has an interchangeable milk spout and powder chute, as well as a Thermoblock heating system with two levels of coffee strength. The A1 coffee machine is a touch above the rest with its simple yet sophisticated design. In addition to being programmable, it also features a symbol display and water quantity options for your convenience!

With the state-of-the-art CLEARYL Blue water filter cartridge, you can enjoy brewing your favorite cup of coffee without worrying about harmful chemicals or toxins. Extending its efficiency functionalities, the A1 has an energy-saving mode, a zero-energy switch (power switch), and a programmable switch-off timer function. This premium quality product is designed to ensure that all functions are at their highest efficiency so there’s no need for compromise when it comes time to make yourself some good ol’ joe!

The A1 coffee machine is beautiful and sleek. The 4.4-ounce bean container holds up to 9 servings worth of grounds, which you can easily pour into your cup by pressing the easy-to-use button on top! This ultra-modern-looking piece weighs 20.3 pounds and has dimensions (W × H × D) 9.4″ × 12.7″ × 17.5″, so it’s not too bulky for small kitchens or countertops.

Let’s look at some data –

Number Of Specialty Coffees3
DisplaySymbol display  
GrinderAroma G3 grinder
Thermoblock Heating SystemYes
Filter CartridgeCLEARYL  
Milk FrotherN/A
Programmable And Individually Adjustable Coffee Strength2 Levels
Programmable and individually adjustable amount of waterYes
Energy Save ModeYes
Zero-Energy SwitchYes
Water Tank36.8 Oz
Bean Container Capacity4.4 Oz
Country Of ProductionMade in Switzerland
DimensionsW- 9.4″ X H-12.7″ X L-17.5″
Weight19.2 Lbs

Jura A1 Coffee Machine Review: Pros And Cons

What we like

  • Full-automatic and convenient user interface
  • Quick grinding, rapid brew cycle, and serving time
  • Compatible with small mugs up to large travel mugs
  • Functions and designs are environmentally friendly and efficient
  • Very easy to use & clean
  • Sleek and modern design that will look great on any countertop
  • 37-ounce water tank and a 4.4-ounce bean container

What we don’t like

  • This is another high-priced machine with limited functionality
  • It’s a heavy espresso machine and difficult to shift from place to place
  • Not suitable for milky espresso-based drinks

Jura A1 Review: 6 Things To Love About It

Imagine waking up in the morning, fixing yourself a cup of coffee, and getting ready for work without thinking about it. That is what an automatic coffeemaker such as Jura A1 can do for you! All that’s left now are filling the water tank, loading beans into the hopper, and pressing one button–and voila: great-tasting espresso before 9 am every day.

The Jura A1 coffee maker is perfect for those who love to drink high-quality coffee. It has many features and benefits, which we’re going over in this article so you can make an informed decision on whether or not it would be worth purchasing!

For Coffee Purists

The Jura A1 espresso machine is a dream for coffee purists and those who are buying their first specialty machine. The A1 is a small, yet powerful espresso maker that can make delicious espressos as well as ristretto-style drinks thanks to its adjustable spout height.

The coffee maker is perfect for coffee purists who want a machine that is easy to use and produces excellent coffee. It has a minimalist control panel that allows you to choose between three cup sizes and two coffee strengths with just the touch of a button. The machine also has an automatic energy-saving mode that ensures that this machine is very energy efficient.

This budget-friendly machine never lets you down with its many features that will satisfy any enthusiast!

Advanced brewing system

JURA is the go-to coffee machine for those who love a rich and flavorful cup of joe. The Intelligent Pre brew aroma system (I.P.B.A.S) works in tandem with their Pulse Extraction 4Process, which creates café-quality drinks without sacrificing the taste you want from your morning pick-me-up!

The I.P.B.A.S technique uses a small quantity of boiling water to extract the odors from the ground coffee before brewing begins. P.E.P., on the other hand, helps to assure that the coffee bean is fully extracted while reducing brew time as much as possible.

The Pulse Extraction Process distinguishes JURA machines from their competition by optimizing extraction time while preserving the entire aroma of the coffee.

The Jura A1 is a sleek and stylish espresso machine that produces excellent drinks with its easy-to-operate user interface. It’s perfect for your home or office kitchen, so you can enjoy high-quality beverages at any time!

Symbolize touch screen

Jura A1 has a symbolic touchscreen display on the upper side of the device. You can get updates on the cleaning, descaling, filter, and water tank. The symbol indicator lights up to inform you. You can select the coffee strength levels and the drink type. The display screen also tells you to empty the coffee grounds container when it gets full.

Energy-saving mood

Jura sets the energy-switching mood in their A1 automatic espresso machine. It goes to the energy-saving state in 5 minutes of inactivity. So, zero energy uses at this moment. After 2 hours of last use, it completely turns off. You can change or reset the turn-off time with the programmable feature.

Aroma G3 Grinder

The Aroma G3 grinders have perfected the cutting angle inside of the grinding cones. As a result, the optimal ground levels and authentic aromas can be naturally achieved at double speed. It ensures pure and perfect coffee indulgence with an overall shorter brew time. It allows fresh grinds with a capacity of 6–10 grams at all times.

Specialty Coffee With No Hassle

The minimized user interface of A1 results in maximized enjoyment thanks to its “one touch is enough” motto. You can select, brew, and customize three different cup sizes and two different coffee strengths. The automatic energy-saving mode is also programmable with a switch-off timer. Additionally, its patented Zero-Energy Switch ensures high energy efficiency at home.

Jura A1 How To: Setup And Make Coffee

Setting Up

  1. Plug your A1 into an appropriate power outlet and press the ON/OFF button to turn it on
  2. The Descaling and the Filter symbols will light up. Touch the Filter symbol only, which will consequently light up the Water Tank symbol
  3. Detach the water tank and open up the filter holder
  4. Attach the water filter cartridge to the water tank precisely; apply slight pressure to ensure proper assembly the first time. Close the filter holder, which will make a clicking sound if closed properly
  5. Set the date on the date plate of the filter holder. The filter will need to be changed after 2 months from the set date
  6. Now fill up the water tank with fresh, cold water and reattach it. The Filter symbol will light up again
  7. Touch the Filter symbol to begin auto-rinsing. The filter will be rinsed and the water will flow right into the drip tray. This filter rinsing will stop automatically too
  8. Now the machine will rinse itself and the water will flow out of the coffee spout. This is also an automatic process
  9. After this, the “Coffee Grounds Container” symbol will light up. Detach and empty out the grounds container and the drip tray to rinse them with warm water. Once dried, reattach them
  10. Finally, the Ristretto, Espresso, and Strong Coffee symbols will light up. Your Jura A1 is now ready for daily use

Using Fresh Ground Beans

Before and during its grinding operation, you should select the coffee strength for your cup of coffee.

The machine always works with its preset amount of water for the specific type of selected drink. You can change the preset amount also. Read the “Permanently Setting The Amount of Water” section from the user manual.

Ristretto, espresso, and coffee are all brewed and prepared the same way, following the steps mentioned below.

  1. Make sure the machine is ready for use
  2. Place your favorite cup under the spout
  3. Touch the Coffee symbol to begin coffee preparation. Select the coffee strength (1-bean or 3-bean symbol) too!
  4. The brewing will begin and end automatically. The preset amount of water will flow into the cup
  5. Your Jura will be ready for use once again

Using Pre-ground Coffee

You can also choose to use your favorite pre-ground coffee, for example, decaffeinated coffee, as the A1 has a powder chute for pre-ground coffee.

Always avoid using fine pre-ground coffee for this. Very fine grinds can block up the system.

Remember not to add more than a 1-level measuring scoop of pre-ground coffee. Once you pour the scoop of pre-ground coffee down the chute, close the lid. The rest of the brewing steps are the same as before.

How To Clean And Descale Jura A1

Cleaning The Machine

After 180 preparations (80 switch-on rinses), the A1 will prompt you to clean it.

The cleaning cycle only lasts about 15 minutes. So, make sure not to interrupt the cleaning cycle. Use only Jura cleaning tablets.

  1. When the Cleaning symbol lights up, touch and hold the Cleaning symbol for 2 seconds. As a result, the Coffee Grounds Container symbol will light up
  2. Empty out the drip tray and the grounds container and reinsert them accordingly. Once done, the Cleaning symbol will light up again
  3. Place a bowl or receptacle under the spout. Now, if you touch the Cleaning symbol, the ristretto, espresso, and coffee symbols will flash, and water will flow out of the spout
  4. The operation will halt when the Ground Coffee symbol flashes up. Once you see that, open the powder chute lid, drop in a Jura cleaning tablet, and close the lid again
  5. The Cleaning symbol will light up again. Touch the Cleaning symbol and the 3 drink symbols will flash again. Water will run out of the spout several times
  6. This pouring out will end when the Coffee Grounds Container symbol begins flashing up. At that stage, empty out the drip tray and grounds container Reinstall them after cleaning them. If done correctly, the 3 drinks’ symbols will flash up
  7. Your Jura is cleaned and ready for use

Descaling The Machine

The Jura A1 builds up limescale deposits over time and will automatically prompt you to descale it when necessary. The degree of decalcification will depend on the water hardness of your region.

  • Don’t interrupt the descaling operation, or there’ll be damage to the machine
  • Always let the descaling program run to the end
  • The descaling process lasts 40 minutes. Always use Jura descaling tablets for descaling
  • If you’re already using a CLEARYL Blue filter cartridge, you won’t be prompted to descale
  • Always clean up any descaling solutions’ splashes immediately

Descaling Steps

  1. Power on the Jura A1 machine. The Descaling symbol will light up and hold the Descaling symbol for 2 seconds
  2. This will light up the Coffee Grounds Container symbol. Empty out the drip tray and grounds container before reinserting them
  3. The water tank symbol will flash then. Remove and empty out the water tank
  4. Completely dissolve three descaling tablets in 17 oz. (500 ml) of water. Now pour the solution into the empty water tank before reinserting the tank
  5. The Descaling symbol will light up again and touch the Descaling symbol. The 3 drink symbols (ristretto, espresso, and coffee) will flash up, and soon after the water will start to flow directly into the drip tray
  6. The operation will end when the Coffee Grounds Container symbol lights up. Empty out the drip tray and grounds container and reattach them again
  7. At this stage, the Water Tank will light up. You have to remove the water tank and rinse thoroughly. Refill it with fresh water and reinsert it, which will light up the Descaling symbol
  8. Now touch the Descaling symbol, which will flash up the 3 drink symbols. Water will flow directly into the drip tray. Again, the 3 drink symbols will flash, and the water will start flowing out of the coffee spout
  9. The operation will end when the Coffee Grounds Container symbol starts flashing up again. Empty out the drip tray and ground container. Once done, reinsert them. Now the Jura is once again ready for use

Who Should Buy Jura A1 Coffee Maker…

Do you want an automated, daily brewing experience?

Are you obsessed with an easy-to-use, minimal-touch user interface?

Do you determine not to compromise on design and quality for pricing?

Are you looking for machines that serve good coffee quickly and efficiently?

Then the Jura A1 is the perfect fit for you! It has many features like an aesthetically pleasing design, full-automatic brewing controls, and supreme taste standards.

With its simple touch screen and thirst for caffeine, the Jura A1 is a great choice. The machine offers three cup sizes with two strengths of coffee to choose from and has an automatic energy-saving mode that’ll keep your electricity bill low!

The intuitive design makes this appliance aesthetically pleasing and ensures that everyone can find their own space within the kitchen countertop environment without feeling cramped by all these technological advancements we’re witnessing!

What Customers Are Saying…

The Jura A1 is receiving praise from critics and customers in the same way for its amazing coffee quality. Many have lauded its easy setup and low-maintenance operation, noting that the espresso tastes great and comes down with an astounding flavor and crema in the final cup.

In terms of “improvements,” some have lamented that the machine should have included larger water, bean, and used coffee containers considering how frequently it needs to be refilled.

Additionally, many have taken issue with Jura’s refusal to honor their 2-year warranty if the machine is purchased from a 3rd party retailer. Though it makes a good cup of coffee with just 8 oz. of coffee grind, the final cup can be underwhelming in terms of its hotness. Hopefully, Jura will fix these issues in future iterations of the A1.


Is Jura A1 Discontinued?

Yes. Jura A1 is discontinued in 2022.

How long does Jura A1 last?

With proper care, the Jura A1 will last 5–6 years easily.

Can I make cappuccino with Jura A1?

No. Jura A1 is not suitable for making milky and frothy drinks as it doesn’t come with any steam wand or similar milk steaming setup.

Can Jura A1 Use Ground Coffee?

Yes. Jura A1 has its own pre-ground coffee chute, but it only takes one scoop each time.

Can you adjust the heat of your brew with the Jura A1?

No, there isn’t any programmable function. But you should warm your cup and let the machine heat up before making a brew to get the best out of it.

How often should I clean my Jura A1 coffee machine?

After 180 coffee preparations or 80 switch-on rinses, the A1 should be cleaned.

Is The Jura A1 Loud?

No, the Jura A1 is not a loud machine at all.

Is The Jura A1 An Espresso Machine?

Yes, as it can make a high-quality espresso.

Does Jura A1 Dispense Hot Water?

Yes, it dispenses hot water. It’s the most crucial for making hot coffee with this machine.

Final Words

The A1 is a compact and reliable super-automatic machine from the Swiss powerhouse, Jura, for coffee purists. If you’re interested in high-quality espresso, ristretto, and black coffee, this one is definitely for you!

Its updated design combines the premium Pulse Extraction Process, the Intelligent Pre-Brew Aroma System, and a high-quality conical burr grinder – all to maximize flavor and aroma in a final cup.

Our Jura A1 review cements the fact that it’s a compact and reliable espresso machine without any frills!

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