Maestri House Detachable Milk Frother Review: The Premium Appliance For Your Daily Cups Of Frothy Drinks

A fresh airy frothy cup of Latte or Cappuccino can set your mood for the rest of the day. But it’s always trouble since you’ve to froth milk not only for you but others in your house. Then you’ve no control over the hotness and density of the froth too. Wouldn’t it be a life-saver if a frother could offer control over the heat and density of milk froth?

Well, no worries! The Maestri House Detachable Milk Frother comes to the rescue!!! For the first time, this automatic frother provides customizations that will let you adjust the warmth and thickness of the milk foam. So, the sky is the limit now! In our Maestri House detachable milk frother review, we’ll take a look at how this advanced machine with a distinctive touch screen will bring frothy joy to our cup every day.

maestri house detachable milk frother review

Maestri House Detachable Milk Frother Review: Key Features

Variable Foam Density Control

Out of the 2 key features in our Maestri House Milk Frother review, the foam density control is truly a game-changing addition. Maestri House offers 4 different foam densities with 3 different density control buttons on the LED front control panel. We’ve provided a table below to show how effective yet easy it is to do different foams.

Strength LevelWhisk SetMilk QuantityFoam DensityRecommended For…
MinimumHeating200 ml. or Less10% foamFlat White, Latte
MinimumFrothing/Hot Chocolate200 ml. or Less30% foamFlat White, Latte
MediumFrothing/Hot Chocolate100 ml. or Less50% foamLatte, Cappuccino
MaximumFrothing/Hot Chocolate100 ml. or Less80% foamCappuccino, Macchiato

Variable Temperature Control

The 2nd crucial feature of this detachable frother. Maestri House has offered 4 different temperatures for the beverages. Let’s take a look below.

Temperature (Degree – Fahrenheit)Recommended Drink
OrdinaryCold Latte
140Hot Latte, Cappuccino
160Hot Latte

Easy To Use Control Panel

The whole LED control panel in the front has 3 function buttons. Temperature Settings, Power Switch, and Froth Thickness button (from left to right). All are designed for easy touch control. Easy to use and understandable at a glance. The display lets you monitor the temperature selection and working status. Each button and its function icons have LED indicator lights to indicate the status.

Boil Dry And Overheat Protection

The frother will automatically cease to operate if the jug overheats.  Such causes may include an empty jug, below MIN level of milk pouring, and consecutive frothing without resting the machine. Once the operating temperature exceeds the control range, the overheating protection will be activated and automatically shut down for rest. Wait for at least 15 minutes for the frothing machine to cool down. Alternatively, you can fill the jug with water to fasten the cool-down process. Once cooled down, you can resume as usual.

Smart Memory Function

The Maestri House milk frother comes with a memory function to store previous temperature and frother settings. So you can customize 4 temperatures and 3 froth densities for a drink of your tastes.

Dishwasher Safe Components

The milk jug and its lid, measuring cup, and frothing whisk set all can be washed on the top shelf of your dishwasher. So enjoy your delicious latte, cappuccino, or hot chocolates without any worries.

Pros And Cons

What We Like

  • Not a noisy machine at all
  • Whisks and Jug are extremely easy to clean
  • Stainless Steel-made ergonomic milk Jug with handle
  • Memory function to record and customize previous settings
  • First milk frother to feature with 4 temperature settings and 3 froth densities
  • Automated Boil Dry overheating protection to shut down the machine when needed

What We Don’t Like

  • The machine only warms milk and can’t steam/boil it
  • Works best with finely grounded chocolate powder for any chocolate milk/froth
Maestri House Detachable Milk Frother

  • The ability to control the temperature makes for a superior coffee experience
  • Feathers a touch control panel, easily choosing between functions
  • Appealing stainless look and easy-to-use nature
  • Made out of scratch-resistant material, dishwasher safe
  • Maximum milk capacity of 10.1oz (300ml) for frothing, 17oz (500ml) for hot chocolate, and 21oz (600ml) for heating

Technical Specifications

maestri house milk frother review

The Maestri House detachable milk frother comes in 4 different colors: Moonlight White, Plumeria Yellow, Maestri Green, and Carbonado Black – all of which are outstanding choices for your kitchen aesthetics. The package itself has a dimension of 8.7 x 6.7 x 6.7 inches while it weighs about 3.5 lbs. You can also move and fit it around your kitchen counter easily as it comes with 30 inches cord.

The milk frother jug is made of durable 304 stainless steel and is absolutely BPA-free. The whole 304 stainless steel-grade milk jug and its lid are dishwasher safe too!

This powerful yet almost silent machine consumes 120 Volts 60Hz electricity and 550 watts of power.

The frother can heat up a maximum of 600ml (21oz) of milk. On the other hand, it can do 300ml (11oz) of milk for frothing. Either way, you shouldn’t go under 150ml (5.3oz) of milk with this machine. This machine will give you soft velvety airy froth from 2 – 7 minutes depending on your preferred amount of milk, temperature, and foam density settings.

How To Use

maestri house frother reviews
Maestri House Detachable Milk Frother – Skeleton

Before First Use

  • Check for all the parts and accessories – Powerbase, milk jug, jug lid, whisks, whisk cover, whisk holder, and the whisk disc
  • Safely discard all the packing materials and labels
  • With soapy warm water wash the jug, its lid, and the frothing whisk set. Then rinse and dry thoroughly
  • Wipe the exterior of the machine with damp soft fabric and dry it thoroughly

Different Whisk Set Combinations

Whisk SetSet CombinationsUse
Milk Heating SetWhisk holder and diskFlat White and Latte
Milk Frothing SetWhisk holder, disk, and springFlat White, Latte, and Cappuccino
Hot Chocolate SetWhisk holder, disk, spring, and coverFlat White, Latte, Cappuccino, and Hot Chocolate

Different Milk Levels

MAX600 ml. / 21 oz.Milk heating
MAX300 ml. / 11 oz.Milk frothing
MIN100 ml. / 3.5 oz.Heating and frothing

Milk Frothing

  1. Place the machine on a flat surface and plug it in with your mains. The LED control panel will illuminate and you’ll hear a beep for 1 second
  2. Select a frothing whisk set for your recommended coffee/hot chocolate. Read our recommended “Different Whisk Set Combinations” table above to find which ones to use for different drinks
  3. Place the whisk set securely into the milk jug. It will get stuck because of its magnetic properties
  4. Pour the required amount of fresh cold milk into the jug. We’ve added the “Different Milk Levels” table above also to help you understand different milk quantities
  5. Securely attach the jug lid and place the milk-filled jug onto the power base
  6. Select the desired temperature as well as milk foam density
  7. Press the POWER switch once to start or stop the frothing
  8. When frothing is done, the machine will stop automatically and you’ll hear 5 beeps
  9. Clean the jug and the whisk set immediately after each use
  10. The machine will be in STANDBY mode after 30 seconds of non-use. To reactivate, just touch or press the POWER switch again

Cleaning And Maintenance

  • Avoid using abrasive cleaning agents, steel wool, or scouring pads
  • After each use, clean the milk jug and the frothing whisk set immediately
  • Wipe the exterior of the machine with damp soft fabric and dry it thoroughly   
  • Unplug the power cord from the main outlet before performing any type of cleaning
  • You can use the top shelf of a dishwasher to clean the jug, the jug lid, and the whisk set. But it’s better if you hand-wash the whisk set
  • Both the milk jug and the whisk set will be hot after frothing. So wait for them to cool down a little bit before going for the cleaning
  • Carefully, detach the jug from the base and fill it up with fresh cold water to have a full cool down. Then remove the whisk set and rinse off in warm water
  • Use soapy warm water for washing the jug, its lid, and the frothing whisk set. Use the sponge brush that comes with the machine to clean any milk residues. Then let them dry out thoroughly

Tips For Optimum Frothing Experience

  • Always keep the froth whisk set and the jug clean
  • Do not pour milk beyond the MAX label for optimum quality
  • Always pick fresh or freshly opened and cold milk for frothing
  • Gently tap the jug to remove excess air bubbles from the frothed milk
  • Before pouring the frothed milk into a glass/mug, swirl the milk circularly
  • Use the frothed milk immediately after frothing to avoid the milk getting separated. Also, do not reheat the unused frothed milk
  • Let the frother have a few seconds of a head start before pouring milk into the frothing jug. It allows the milk to heat up and consequently helps dissolve the additional ingredients
  • Some milk types and even brands will give you better outcomes than others. For example, Soy milk will produce very thin and airy froth compared to other milks. So, try out different types of milk for your preferred quality of milk froth

Why Should You Buy It…

Let’s face it, we all actually wanted somebody to make a detachable milk frother that can control foam and temperature at the same time. Well, Maestri House Detachable Milk Frother has done it, so this is exactly why you should go for it if you need one in your kitchen.

Not only good for your milky coffee beverages but also you can easily whip up chocolate shakes with this machine for your kids at home.

This machine is incredibly easy to handle and clean. So, if you’re looking for a smart low-maintenance frother, this one must top your list.

Auto standby mode to halt electricity wastage, boil dry protection to avoid overheating, and finally the detachable jug to carry around your froth from the kitchen to anywhere around your house.

Why You Should Not Buy It…

It’s a smart machine but it has some room for improvement. Such limitations are severely few.

One of the limitations is that you can’t boil/steam milk like standard espresso frothers. And another limitation is its frothing duration. It’s still quick but could be quicker. Finally, it doesn’t do well with chocolate bits, chips, or coarse-grinding chocolate powder into the frother.

Customer Reviews

Customers and critics alike have praised the Customer Service from Maestri House. It’s always a big plus when the manufacturers are caring and engaged with their customers.

Even though, customers did state that this machine is a bit pricey; Maestri House did stick to its promises. They justified the extra price by successfully delivering the most demanding feature for any milk frother – the customizable heat and foam settings. Now home caffeinating euphoria can be reached in no time!

Overall post and pre-operational procedures are really simple. Not only that customers seem to enjoy how easy this machine is when it comes to cleaning and maintaining. The minimalistic and ultra-ergonomic design of this machine is almost the talk of the town.

Comparing it with Maestri’s Integrated Frother

Maestri House’s closest sibling model is its Integrated Milk frother version. It’s also a considerable alternative. The integrated frother model has all similar technical and functional modes. The froth/heat range works from 100ml to 400ml. Our detachable version can heat 600ml. The integrated model is lighter too, weighing 2.53 lbs. as opposed to the detachable version’s 3.5 lbs. The only issue with this integrated model is that cleaning the jug is a bit laborious since it’s not dishwasher-safe.


Can I Add The Chocolate With The Milk In This Frother?

Yes, you can. But for the best result, use chocolate powder rather than chocolate chunks or chips.

How Do I Heat The Milk Only And Keep It Warm?

This machine comes with a heating whisk (without the spring ring). If you want to heat up milk, please use that whisk.

Can I Use Non-Dairy Milks For Frothing With This Product?

Yes, all types of dairy and non-dairy milks are good for frothing in this machine.


We conclude our Maestri House milk frother review by admitting that this one-of-a-kind frother is totally worth it! As it can simultaneously adjust the heat and density of milk froth – making you and your family’s day way more enjoyable! Not only you’ll be able to froth milk for espressos but also you’ll be able to make chocolaty delights with this frother any time you wish.

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