Maestri House Integrated Milk Frother Review: Bringing The Frothing Artistry At Home

Coffee craving has a wider range of expectations among us. Once we get past the grind levels and brewing, there’s one thing that opens up a door to coffee euphoria. Yes, you guessed it, milk froth over that coffee of yours. More than two-thirds of US coffee consumers do not drink black coffee. So, it’s clear that we all love the addition of milk froth in our coffee. Obviously, we need a smart and quality appliance in our kitchen for that task – enter Maestri House. In this Maestri House integrated milk frother review we’ll discuss what it offers and how it’s worthy enough to have a place in your kitchen. 

maestri house integrated milk frother review

Maestri House Integrated Milk Frother Review: Key Features

More Thickness, More Flavors

There are 3 foam thickness settings in this machine. Low froth, Medium froth, and high froth. Now, all it needs is your time and imagination to serve up drinks such as Cappuccino, Latte, Flat White, Hot Chocolate, and much more every day, at home comfort.

Strength LevelFoam DensityWhisk SetRequired MilkRecommended For…
Minimum10% foamHeating200 ml. or LessFlat White, Latte
Minimum30% foamFrothing200 ml. or LessFlat White, Latte
Medium50% foamFrothing100 ml. or LessLatte, Cappuccino
Maximum80% foamFrothing100 ml. or LessCappuccino, Macchiato

Different Temps, Different Drinks

Maestri House has added 4 different temperature settings. By default, it gives you an Ordinary Temp. You can switch it up to 120°F, 140°F, and 160°F for your drinks (see the table below). No more headaches for different options, just pour milk and set the temp for delicious froths any time of the day.

Temperature (Degree – Fahrenheit)Recommended Drink
DefaultCold Latte
140Hot Latte, Cappuccino
160Hot Latte

Different Milk Labels And Capacity

You can froth 14.1 oz. (400 ml) of milk at max, which is good for 4 cups of lattes in this frother. It’s clearly capable of preparing enough airy and frothy drinks at once for you and your family. The milk jug has clear interior markings with minimum (MIN), maximum (MAX Frothing), and maximum marking (MAX Heating).

The 14.1 oz. of maximum capacity we’ve mentioned above is for heating the milk or hot chocolate according to Maestri House instructions. Similarly, it allows a maximum of 7.0 oz. (200 ml) for frothing only. And if you want a high froth percentage for your cappuccino, pour only up to its 3.5 oz. (100 ml) MIN label. Clearly, working with this machine is very satisfying and efficient.

Smart Memory Function

The Maestri House integrated milk frother is equipped with a memory function. It stores previous temperature and froth settings for future use. So regardless of your hectic morning schedule, your delicious froth will be ready with a touch of a button.

Boil Dry And Overheat Protection

This integrated frother can automatically shut itself off to prevent its jug from overheating. Note though, an overheating can also be caused by an empty jug or below MIN level milk. To avoid such instances while operating. The machine resumes as usual once the temperature comes down the range. Once again Maestri House provides a reliable feature that’s outsmarting its competition.

Touch Control

This sleek frothing machine feathers a touch control panel. This interface allows you to control and monitor when operational. This screen shows 3 control options and 3 icons. The controls are the power button, temperature selection button, and milk froth selection button. Above these 3 settings, you’ll see 3 milk froth icons.

High-End Design

This is a high-quality appliance from the Maestri House but also features an ergonomic design. Its uber-appealing stainless look and minimalistic easy-to-use nature make it a must-have for any seasoned coffee connoisseur.

maestri house milk frother review

Pros And Cons


  • Overheat, boil-dry protection
  • Adjustable temperature levels
  • Comes with a 1- year warranty
  • Made of 304 stainless steel jugs
  • Different froth thickness options
  • BPA-free and non-stick surface coating
  • Easy to use control panel with touch and LED display


  • Complaints about the product breaking down easily
  • Long cool-down period in-between back-to-back batches
Maestri House Integrated Milk Frother
339 Reviews
Maestri House Integrated Milk Frother

  • Offers 4 temperature settings: Ordinary Temp, 120℉, 140℉, and 160℉, and provides 3 different froth thickness options: low, medium, and high
  • Offers larger than most milk frothers, allowing the preparation of multiple frothy drinks at once
  • Illuminated controls featuring six settings: cold froth, cold airy froth, hot froth, hot airy froth, hot milk, or hot chocolate
  • Well-designed milk frother quickly stirs and heats milk to optimal consistency
  • Excellent Customer Service solves your problem within 24 hours

Technical Specifications

maestri house frother reviews

The package contains a Maestri House MMF9201 milk frother, a user pamphlet, a Maestri House sponge brush, 2 frothing whisks, and a heating whisk. The package itself has a dimension of 8.9 x 6.85 x 6.81 inches. The MMF9201 model weighs about 2.53 lbs. (1.15 kg).

You can this model in some really eye-catching colors like Moonlight White, Plumeria Yellow, Maestri Green, and Carbonado Black.

This smart integrated frother runs according to the North American household standards of 120 Volt and 50Hz while consuming 500 Wattage.

There is a big Temp display on the control panel for the temperature and working status of the frother. You can also access its 4 temperature settings and 3 froth density options. It also memorizes your last selected settings for future use.

Overheat protection gets triggered once the operating temperature exceeds its control range. Once activated the machine automatically shuts down itself. The jug is made of 304 stainless steel and the jug is absolutely BPA-free. The milk jug is also dishwasher-safe.

How To Use

Before First Use

  • Before your first use, check for all the parts and accessories
  • Safely discard all the packing materials and promotional labels
  • With soapy warm water rinse the jug lid and frothing whisk. Let them dry out thoroughly
  • Wipe the inside of the milk jug and the exterior of the power base with damp soft fabric. Similarly, let them dry out then thoroughly

Frothing Hot Or Cold Milk

  1. Place the machine on a flat surface and plug its power cord into a 100 – 120V outlet
  2. The control panel will illuminate with a beep sound
  3. Select the whisk set combos for your desired preparation. See the “How Whisk Sets Work” table below for the details
  4. Place the whisk into the milk jug accurately. Please note that you must not operate this machine without a whisk set. Without the sets, the machine will cause burning and uneven heating
  5. Pour the milk into the jug. Check the “Milk Quantity Labels” table below for the details
  6. Always use cold fresh milk for frothing. Keep the milk levels between their MIN and MAX marks
  7. Check and re-check whether the jug lid is securely attached. Keep the exterior of the jug clean
  8. Place the jug on its power base accurately. Set the desired temperature and froth density
  9. Press the POWER switch once to start frothing. To stop manually, press the POWER switch again
  10. When the milk reaches its selected density and temperature, the machine will stop automatically. The entire process can take 2 ~ 7 minutes depending on the amount and settings
  11. After each use, clean the jug and whisk. Wait a minute or two to cool them down before cleaning

How Whisk Sets Work

Whisk SetSet CombinationsUse
Milk Heating WhiskWhisk diskFlat White and Latte
Milk Frothing WhiskWhisk spring and diskFlat White, Latte, and Cappuccino

Milk Quantity Labels

MAX400 ml. / 14.1 oz.Milk heating
MAX200 ml. / 7.0 oz.Milk frothing
MIN100 ml. / 3.5 oz.Heating and frothing

Cleaning And Maintenance

  • To prevent milk residue build-up, always clean the milk jug and the whisk set after each use
  • Always unplug the power cord from the outlet before performing any cleanup work
  • Only remove the whisk from the jug once it has completely cooled down
  • You can pour water into the jug to fasten the cool-down stage
  • The jug lid and whisk should be washed in soapy warm water
  • The jug lid seal can also be removed and cleaned separately
  • Fill up only half of the jug with warm soapy water and use the sponge brush (comes with the machine) to clean the jug. Once done, dry the jug completely
  • Use a soft damp fabric to wipe the exterior of the machine and then dry it thoroughly

Why You Should Buy It…

Most milk-frothing machines are one-trick ponies. But this Maestri House milk frother is beyond that. It’s a dual-function milk frother. Meaning this frother can control the froth density as well as the temperature in one go. We don’t know about you but we were certainly impressed with such an arrangement.

It does a great job of heating the milk and controlling that temperature. The end result is excellent fluffy froth for your coffee.

It’s a very minimalist and elegantly designed appliance. Thus making it easy to clean up after each use. The power base can be detached from the milk jug for the convenient pouring of the froth.

With a 400 ml maximum capacity, you’ll be able to steam enough milk for 4 cups of latte/cappuccino. The user interface comes with clear LED lid switches for easy control and monitoring.

Why You Shouldn’t Buy It…

We really had to nitpick with this machine while looking for its potential deal-breakers. Well, the first thing is, preparing multiple batches is time-consuming. Because each cycle requires 15 minutes cool-down period. Hopefully, Maestri House will improve on it in its future releases. 

Another issue is that it contains less milk (max 400 ml/14 oz.) when compared to their detachable milk frother model (max 600 ml/20.1 oz.). There were complaints that its milk jug is not dishwasher-safe, contrary to the manufacturers’ claim.

Customer Reviews

Maestri House has gained a lot of plaudits for its excellent customer service from its customers. Always a plus sign when manufacturers listen to their patrons.

This machine has surprised many by becoming one of the daily kitchen appliances for their owners. Simply because it makes quality foam consistently even with non-dairy milks within 2 ~ 7 minutes.

Another essential plus is that the users are very content with the smart yet clear features of this machine. Also, it’s very easy to handle and clean during and after each use. It operates very quietly and has soft beeps to notify the user.

One of the complaints about this product from the users is that the spare parts are hard to find or there was not enough information available on the official site. Hopefully, Maestri will look into this. Overall, this minimalistic ultra-ergonomic design has added vibrant aesthetics to many happy kitchens.

Maestri House Integrated Milk Frother Variable Temp and Froth Thickness
339 Reviews


What to do when the E5 error message displays?

Check if the frother whisk was set correctly inside the jug. If it still doesn’t work, contact customer service.

Why does the Maestri House Frother make the humming noise?

It makes a
humming noise when its cooling fan runs to stop the frother from overheating. During this time you can still use the frother except the Boil Dry overheat function is also activated.

How can I make the milk hotter?

Always fill up the milk jug between the MAX and MIN labels. Select the guided optimal temperature for the desired amount of froth.

Can I stop the frothing anytime with Maestri House frothers?

Yes, you can. To manually switch off a frothing process, just press the POWER switch on the user panel.

What type of milk is best for frothing?

Whole milk (full cream milk) – hand’s down. It creates a thicker and creamier foam when frothed. Froth from whole milk adds to your coffee’s body when poured. 


Maestri House is focused to bring easy-to-use but extremely efficient milk frothing machines for your daily caffeine comfort. After all, we know that a delicious cup of latte or cappuccino can’t be possible without a perfectly thick and warm layer of milk foam. As evident from our Maestri House Integrated milk frother review, they pay a ton of attention to these details. This model ensures you a perfect froth that’ll be airy, silky, and creamy with absolutely no hassle. Simply add in the milk, push one or two buttons, and pour into your mug – indeed barista finesse of thickness and temperature!

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