What’s The Difference Between Frappe And Latte?

Frappe or Latte: which is superior in terms of deliciousness? Both of these drinks are amazingly popular all over the world.

In today’s blog, we will take a closer look at some of the difference between Frappe and Latte. Along with that, we will see how to make a Frappe and Latte by following the standard procedure.

Lastly, we will try to get answers to some frequently asked questions that would be helpful for you.

So, stick around, and let’s dive right in.

Frappe VS Latte

what is a frappe

Now, it’s time to be familiar with Frappe and Latte. We are pretty sure that most of you have drunk these two drinks. But for those who need a bit more explanation:

Frappe is a coffee drink usually made with Instant coffee, Sugar, Water, Ice, and Milk. This particular sort of drink is insanely popular in Greece as it was invented in 1957 in Thessaloniki; a city of Greece. For making the Frappe more delicious, some people use whipped cream as toppings.

Latte is the most popular coffee drink in the USA. According to the research of the Specialty Coffee Association, in 2017-2018 Americans consumed over 67M Latte! Specifically, Latte is an Espresso beverage. For making Latte, you need just three ingredients: ⅓ of Espresso, ⅔ of steamed milk, and some microfoam on the top.

Difference Between Frappe And Latte

Now let’s take a look at the difference between Frappe and Latte. First off, a frappe is an iced drink usually made with ice, instant coffee, milk, and sugar. On the other hand, Latte is a hot drink. It is made with Espresso, steamed milk, and some microfoam on top of the Latte. Although you can make an Iced Latte you can’t make hot Frappe.

As we have mentioned earlier, Frappe is made of Instant coffee while Latte is made from a shot of Espresso. Frappe is pretty easy to make. For making a delicious form of Frappe you can make whipped cream as toppings along with milk and ice.

Frappe is a pretty popular drink for Summer as it is usually served as cold. On the flip side, Latte is kind of an evergreen drink and folks drink Latte almost every day.

There is no certain procedure for making a Frappe. Some must-have ingredients of Frappe are Instant Coffee, Sugar, and Ice. You can add as much milk as you want to your Frappe. Besides, the serving size of a Frappe varies from place to place.

In Europe, 10 oz Frappe is popular while in the USA you will get 12 oz Frappe. For making the Frappe even more delicious some folks used to add some Vanilla Ice Cream or Whipped Cream on top of the Frappe. After all, it’s entirely up to the person who makes the Frappe.

Latte, on the flip side, has a standard process for preparation. In order to make a Latte, you need an Espresso shot (⅓ of the cup), some steamed milk (⅔ of the cup), and some milk foam on top.

When it comes to caffeine amount, Frappe contains a little bit more caffeine than Latte, hence, you may find a slightly bitter taste. A single shot of espresso for Latte contains about 63mg of caffeine while a 12oz sized Frappe contains about 140mg of caffeine.

How to make Frappe?

Step-By-Step Process of Frappe Preparation:

  1. Add 1 1/2 tbsp instant coffee into a mug and then pour 1/4 cup of hot water. Mix this well.
  2. Wait for a few minutes in order to make the solvent cool. Now add approximately 1 cup of ice to a blender and also add about 1/2 cup of milk in it.
  3. In that ice and milk, pour the pre-made cool coffee mixture.
  4. Setup the blender and blend the whole mixture until it becomes frothy.
  5. Pour that frothy mixture into a mug and add some whipped cream for giving it an aesthetic look. You can decorate a vessel with some chocolate sauce as well. Enjoy!

How to make Latte?

  1. First off, pull a perfect shot of Espresso which would be 1/3 of your serving vessel.
  2. Pour your measured amount of milk into a pitcher and submerge the steam wand through the milk about 2 inches below. Now, turn the frother On.
  3. When the temperature reaches 140-150 Degree Fahrenheit, turn the frother off and whirl the pitcher so that the large bubbles can get attached to the wall of the pitcher.
  4. Now, add this steamed milk gently to your pre-made Espresso. There should be some milk foam on top of the Latte.


  • What Is The Difference Between Frappe And Iced Coffee?

    Frappe and Iced coffee are two completely different coffee beverages. Although both these beverages used to serve as cold. Frappe uses Instant Coffee as the core ingredient while Iced Coffee is made with brewed coffee. You don’t need any kind of shaking or blending for making Iced coffee, but you do need it while making Frappe.

  • What Is The Difference Between A Latte And A Frappuccino?

    Latte is a very popular drink mostly served as a hot drink where frappuccino is served as a refreshing cold beverage. We can differentiate these drinks by comparing their caffeine amount per serving. Generally, frappuccino doesn’t contain caffeine or espresso unless the customer specifically mentions adding it.

  • What Is The Difference Between A Frappe And A Frappuccino?

    Both the drinks are cold beverages but they have differences in some particular regards. For making a frappuccino you need to use brewed coffee whereas frappe is mostly made from instant coffee. Ice cream, sugar syrup, flavored whipped cream are some essential ingredients for Frappuccino.

  • Does A Frappuccino Have Coffee In It?

    The answer can be both yes and no. Options like frappuccino with coffee and frappuccino without coffees are available. Starbucks pistachio crème frappuccino, chocolate cookie crumble crème frappuccino, strawberry crème frappuccino, etc don’t contain any coffee.

  • Which Is Sweeter Mocha Or Latte?

    In short, the answer is Mocha. Usually mocha contains some extra ingredients like cocoa powder, chocolate syrup, or chocolate shavings which gives a sweeter taste on it. In contrast, latte doesn’t contain any sweet ingredients like this. That’s the reason mocha tastes sweeter.

  • Is There A Hot Frappe?

    In general, Frappe is a cold beverage. Original frappe is served with an adequate amount of blended or shaken liquid coffee, ice cubes, milk, and sugar syrups. Without ice cubes, it’s not possible to get an authentic frappe. Therefore, it’s not possible to make a hot Frappe.


Hope this comprehensive guide will help you in understanding the difference between frappe and latte. There’s a lot of debate on Frappe VS Latte about which one is more delicious. Both these drinks are delicious, indeed. Frappe is considered the national drink of Greece and also pretty popular in Europe. On the flip side, Latte is one of the top consumed coffee drinks in the USA.

We have tried to keep this guide simple to understand. However, if you have any kinds of queries regarding this guide don’t hesitate to leave them in the comment section below. We would love to hear your thoughts. Don’t forget to share this valuable guide with your coffee lover friends.

Happy Brewing!

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