Nespresso Intensity Level Chart For Vertuo & Original Pods

Have you ever thought of grading your coffee according to its intensity? Probably not, as it is not the usual way.

The customary way to grade coffee is either the caffeine content or the roasting profile. But, the intensity level can make this bargain more spirited. Coffee connoisseurs always focus on roasting profiles, coffee intensity, and caffeine content. Even they are more focused on picking the beans for a perfect cup of joe.

Our Nespresso Intensity level guide will help you to find out the different intensity levels of any flavored cup. So you know which one to pick for you. Today we will help you to understand what exactly intensity means.

What Does Nespresso Intensity Level Mean?

Most people think coffee intensity always indicates the flavor of the coffee. Another group of people thinks it is the indication mark for caffeine content. But both of these thoughts are a myth.

Nespresso introduces 13 levels of intensity. This scale indicates the strength of coffee drinks with roasting profiles and bodies. There are 3 categories in the intensity scale.

  • Low-Intensity Level: 1-5 on Intensity Scale is a low-intensity level. It indicates light roasting profiles. Usually, these are not intense at all
  • Medium Intensity Level: 6-8 on Intensity Scale is medium intensity levels. It indicates medium roasting profiles. These are a little bit intense compared to light roasts. These profiles provide balanced-body coffee drinks
  • High-Intensity Level: 9-13 on Intensity Scale is a high-intensity level. It indicates dark roasting profiles. These provide a very intense flavored cup of joe. It is something similar to a French roast

Nespresso intensity follows the brewing control chart of the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA). The strength is measured as the total dissolved solids (TDS) of 11.5-13.5 grams per liter. So, TDS can explain the flavor of coffee and where it goes. All the coffee of the Original and Virtue line has intensity indicators.

Intensity Level Of Vertuo Pods

Vertuo was a new addition to the Nespresso coffee machine in 2014. It is more advance than the Original Line. Vertuo coffee machines never accept any third-party coffee pods. It only receives barcoded coffee pods that are dedicated to its models. If it finds non-compatible pods, it shows a message on the LCD screen. So, you can’t brew random coffee capsules in the Vertuo coffee machines.

Nespresso introduces many variations of coffee pods for its Vertuo product line. They offer larger serving sizes, such as 414ml ALTO drinks. Depending on your choice, you have so many options to pick your favorite pods. For quick guidance, check out the table below. I am sure that it will help you a lot to decide.

Intensity Chart for Nespresso Virtuo Pods

Name of the CapsuleServing Size (in ml)Intensity NumberIntensity LevelBean Composition Arabica/Robusta (A/R)Aroma Profile
Alto Intenso414  7MediumA/RWoody
Alto Dolce4LowArabicaToasted bread with caramel
Intenso2309HighA/RBrown sugar
Stormio8MediumArabicaWoody, spicy and cereal
Odacio7MediumArabicaLight fruitiness
Mexico7MediumA/RWild roasted
Giornio4LowArabicaWhite floral and cereal
Solelio2LowArabicaCereal and red fruit
Bianco Forte13HighArabicaDark roasted
Half Caffienato5LowArabicaBiscuit
Fortado1508MediumA/ROakwood and cocoa
Arondio6MediumA/RMild cereal
Aflorazio4LowArabicaBlueberry and floral
Decaffeinato Ontuoso4LowArabicaMalted
Scuro808MediumA/RCocoa and Smokey
Chiaro6MediumArabicaWoody and earthy
Bianco Leggero13HighArabicaSweet Biscuit
Diavolitto4011HighA/RLeather and woody
Decaffeinato Intense7MediumA/RFruity and cocoa

Intensity Level Of Original Pods

Nespresso Original Pods are single-serving coffee pods. These are hermetically sealed pods. So, coffee grounds keep fresh for long periods. These capsules are in a specific design to fit into the machine. As a result, you can’t use any kind of pod. Also, the serving size of pods varies. Even you can’t brew coffee capsules for Vertuo in the Original Line coffee machines.

You have many different options for choosing Nespresso coffee pods. You can brew 25, 40, or 110 ml as needed. They have 6 amazing collections of different intensities and flavor profiles.

  • Ispirazione Italiana
  • Espresso
  • Lungo
  • Decaffeinato
  • Master Origin
  • Barista Creations

Take a look at the table below so that you can make a choice. It is time-saving and convenient.

Intensity Chart for Nespresso Original Pods

Name of the CapsuleServing Size (in ml)Intensity NumberIntensity LevelBean Composition Arabica/Robusta (A/R)Aroma Profile
Ispirazione Napoli25 or 4013HighR/ARoasted cocoa
Ispirazione Palermo Kazaar12HighR/ASpicy
Ispirazione Ristretto Italiano10HighA/RIntensly roasted
Ispirazione Firenze Arpeggio9HighArabicaCooca
Ispirazione Roma8MediumA/RWoody
Ispirazione Venezia8MediumA/RRoasted
Ispirazione Genova Livanto6MediumArabicaRoasted caramel
Vulluto4LowArabicaCereal and biscuit
Envivo Lungo1109HighA/RWoody
Fortissio Lungo8MediumArabicaMalted
Vivalto Lungo4LowArabicaCereal and fruity
Linizio Lungo4LowArabicaMalted cereal
Ispirazione Ristretto Italiana Decaffeinatio25, 40, or 11010HighA/RIntensely roasted
Firnze Arpeggio Decaffeinatio9HighArabicaCocoa
Volluto Decaffeinatio4LowArabicaCereal and biscuit
Vivalto Lungo Decaffeinato4LowArabicaCereal and floral
India40 & 11011HighA/RSpicy
Indonesia8MediumArabicaTobacco and woody
Colombia6MediumArabicaRed fruits
Nicaragua5LowArabicaSweet Biscuit
Scuro8MediumArabicaRoasted yet balanced
Chiaro13HighArabicaSweet cereal

Nespresso Intensity VS. Caffeine: Finding the Perfect Balance

Two critical factors that influence your cup of joe are intensity and caffeine content. It can be a bit confusing to navigate the differences between Nespresso’s capsule intensity ratings and the caffeine levels in each capsule, so we’re here to break it down for you.

The Nespresso Intensity Scale

Nespresso’s intensity scale ranges from 1-13, with each number indicating the strength and depth of the coffee. This scale can be likened to a magnitude scale, meaning that each number increase corresponds to a stronger, more robust cup. But what sets each capsule apart? Several factors contribute to a capsule’s intensity rating:

  1. Roasting process: longer or darker roast profiles tend to yield more intense flavors
  2. Coffee bean origins: beans procured from different regions boast unique characteristics and strengths
  3. Blending: the combination of various beans can enhance the overall coffee intensity

It’s important to note that the intensity rating isn’t directly related to caffeine content. In simpler terms, a higher intensity doesn’t necessarily mean more caffeine.

Caffeine Content in Nespresso Capsules

Caffeine is a natural stimulant found in coffee beans, tea leaves, and cocoa beans, providing various benefits, including increased alertness and enhanced cognitive function. The caffeine content in Nespresso capsules varies significantly based on the following factors:

  1. Bean type: there are two primary types of coffee beans – Arabica and Robusta. Robusta generally has a higher caffeine content
  2. Grind size and extraction time: finer grinds and longer extraction times result in higher caffeine levels
  3. Roasting process: lighter roasts maintain their caffeine content while heavily roasted beans lose some during the process

When considering Nespresso capsules, you can expect the caffeine content to be around 55-65 mg per espresso and 75-110 mg per lungo. If you want your morning cup to pack an energizing punch, it’s wise to look for capsules containing Robusta beans or have a higher caffeine content indicated in their product descriptions.


Which Nespresso is the strongest?

According to the intensity chart, Ispirazione Napoli is the strongest coffee. It scores 13 on the intensity scale. The second place holds by the Ispirazione Palermo Kazaar with 12 intensity. Diavolitto and India placed third with an intensity level of 11.

Which Nespresso has the most caffeine?

Caffeine for Nespresso pods depends on the ground quantity and the bean compositions. Robusta has double the caffeine compared to Arabica. So, Robusta-composed pods have higher caffeine. Also, the serving amount varies from pod to pod. In this case, Diavolitto has a higher caffeine content with only 40 ml serving.

Does higher intensity mean more caffeine?

No, intensity is not proportional to caffeine. It is associated with the roasting profile and refers to strength. The darker the roasting is, the higher the intensity. But, the darker roast slightly losses its caffeine compares to the lighter roast. So, the higher intensity might have less caffeine.

How many Nespresso pods per day are healthy?

Health experts suggest drinking 300-500 ml of coffee per day. The amount of caffeine depends on the serving size of your drinks. Each pod has a different amount of coffee grounds. So, you should check out the amount you consume. Not the number of pods you brew per day.

Is Nespresso stronger than espresso?

All Nespresso drinks are good enough to enjoy each drop. Sometimes, it is more flavorful, vigorous, and has an intense body than a regular cup of coffee. Freshly grounded and brewed espresso is stronger. It has a different appeal that taste buds and nose can recognize.


End of this article, you were aware of the Nespresso intensity now. You can choose any coffee pod from their vast collections. It does not matter if you have the Original Line or the Vertuo machine. You have got so many options to pick from among different serving sizes. You can also try their Professional coffee pods with freedom of choice. So, hurry up and enjoy your favorite Nespresso coffee drink.

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