Nespresso Lattissima One Review [2023]: One-Of-A-Kind Capsule Machine

The Nespresso Lattissima is one for those who love a milky caffeine treat, at the touch of a single button. It comes with 3 milk and coffee recipes. Lattes, Cappuccinos, or Espresso Macchiatos – it doesn’t matter, all are as simple as filling, frothing, and drinking. Fill up the milk jug with the preferred amount and the machine will do the frothing and disperse it into the cup. Even more, the jug has a detachable cap. So refill in between preparations are also possible.

Nespresso Lattissima One has a compact design and ultra-modern look. Nespresso used 30% recycled plastic and made the packaging 100% recyclable. As the overview is now out of the way, let’s dive into the full De’Longhi Nespresso Lattissima One review.

Nespresso Lattissima One Review: Key Features

Nespresso Lattissima One Original Espresso Machine with Milk Frother by De'Longhi

  • Innovative one-touch single-serve Latte & Cappuccino system
  • Brew espresso, cappuccino, and latte in one touch
  • Ready to brew in just 25 seconds for espresso and 40 seconds for milk beverages
  • 19-bar high-performance pump
  • Nespresso capsule system

Design And Build

Lattissima One has a unique design that is robust. Its design makes it stand out from the rest of the Lattissima family. It comes with a chrome-toned lever. The backlit 3 buttons are for the drink options. Its gloss and matte finish brings an elegant look and an attention grabber at first glance.  It comes in 4 colors as we’ve mentioned already. All variants are aesthetically pleasing and can fit in easily with your kitchen decoration.

Lattissima One is also made with careful dimension. So that any user will be free to fit the machine in any small space or tiny corner. Also, its 9.3 pounds weight makes it very easy to carry around if necessary. The cup shelf of Lattissima One is easily adjustable and accommodating for any cup size. So, you can enjoy coffee in different sizes.

Automatic Milk System

Since the build and design part is out of our way, let’s talk about The most important feature in this Nespresso Lattissima one review. Lattissima One’s automatic milk system is all about simplicity! It makes your latte or cappuccino with only a touch of a button. Here’s how it works:

You have to fill up the milk container to its 1st or 2nd indicator. Cappuccino needs a lower level and the latte needs an upper level. Wait as little as 15 seconds for the machine to warm up.

Insert a capsule and put your preferred cup under the coffee outlet. Also, adjust the milk spout towards that glass/cup and press the milk button.

The process begins right after a few seconds. Milk will pour into the glass. Remember it will not stop pouring until all of it comes out. In the end, the orange clean alert shines. Meaning you have to wash the milk container.

Single-Serving Milk Container

The 2nd most important feature in our Nespresso Lattissima one review. Lattissima One comes with a single-serving milk container. It holds enough for one use at once. The logic behind this is to use fresh milk all the time. Also, it stops you from wasting milk.

The marked lines of the container tell the exact amount you need for a glass/cup of latte or cappuccino. It stops you from guessing the amount of milk. So you don’t have to discard leftover milk or even keep it in the fridge for later – Neither case is ideal.

Diverse Drink Options

It has 3 preset buttons. From a regular espresso shot to a cappuccino and a latte base. Each icon works with a different fixed volume – ideal for that specific drink. But if you want to change the settings, you can. The steps are:

  1. Lift up the lever fully and install a capsule
  2. Put a coffee cup underneath the outlet
  3. Touch and hold on to the Espresso or Lungo button for about 3 seconds. It lets you into the programming mode
  4. You’ll see the buttons blinking faster. Indicating the beginning of the brewing
  5. Release the button once the volume reaches your preferred amount
  6. The buttons will flash 3 times to confirm your alterations

If you do want to change it back to default, just touch and hold its milk button for 3 seconds. It will get you into the menu. When the light blinks, squeeze the milk button. When it starts flashing, the reset mode is ready. So, press it to confirm. All the buttons will blink 3 times to confirm the factory default mode.

Ease of Use

Customers suggest that this machine’s primary advantage is convenience. The automated frothing and capsule system are the main factors aiding in this claim.

The capsule system avoids the mess coffee powder creates. Just put a pod in the slot and wait. Once the brewing is complete, lift the lever. The used pod will be automatically ejected into the capsule container. The entire process is simple and easy.

The automatic milk frothing takes away your worry about the milk temperature, volume, and foam quality. Pour the milk and place a capsule in, select either latte or cappuccino or latte – that’s it.

Value For The Money

I know this is an early claim in our Lattissima One review but this machine is a bargain. One of the true value for the money affordable coffee machine out there. And if you are reading this, you’ve read the reasons above already.

It guarantees quality beverage output. Then, you don’t need to worry a cup size, water, and waiting time. The Lattissima One comes with an Eco-mode to cut energy consumption just after 3 minutes. It also switches off the machine after 9 minutes.  It also comes with an original welcome capsule kit with different aromas as well as a folding drip tray. Thus, ladies and gentlemen, you’ll be getting the value for your money.

Water Tank

Nespresso Lattissima One has a 1-liter water reservoir. It can make you 7-9 espressos. So, you won’t need frequent refills while using it. The reservoir is square-shaped and it’s smartly attached to the rear of the machine. Some customers claimed that this design works far better than the pipe-shaped water reservoir in other Nespresso models.

High-Pressure Pump

Lattissima One works with a 19-bar high-pressure pump. It extracts more flavor from the pods. As a result, you’ll get more of a barista-style coffee. It also alters the pressure amount and water flow quantity based on your drink selection.

Heat-Up Period

You’ll require a max. of 25 seconds for a cup to heat up. The machine then begins brewing your coffee and completes it in 40 seconds. So, if you’re always in a rush, this machine is a suitable option for you.

Pods Variability

Original pods are compatible with Nespresso machines. So you’ll have a huge range of pods to pick from with this model. Also, you can go mix and match different flavors and different price ranges.

Technical Information

Nespresso Lattissima One original espresso machine is from Nespresso’s OriginalLine product. It has few successors also. We’ve also mentioned them later in this article for comparison purposes.

The US/CA region Nespresso partners are Breville and DeLonghi which manufactures the Lattissima model. On the other hand, Krups and Magimix are the manufacturers in the UK region.

It has 2 coffee cup size options the perfect cup Espresso and Lungo. The 3 milk recipes are for a Cappuccino, Espresso Macchiato, and Latte Macchiato.

The water reservoir capacity is 34 oz. The milk container capacity is 4 oz. It works with 19 bars of pressure. Other notable features include an auto-off function after 9 minutes and a programmable water hardness test option. The milk frother has an Automatic frother function. The spent capsule capacity is 8. No wireless connectivity. Available brew sizes are 1.35 oz. (espresso), 0.85 oz. (ristretto), 3.70 oz. (lungo), 3.05 oz. (cappuccino), and 6.40 oz. (latte).

Like most of the Nespresso models, Lattissima One also has a few color variants such as silky white, porcelain white, shadow black, and black. The external build material for the machine is ABS plastic. The machines’ dimensions are ( W x D x H ) 6.1″ x 12.8″ x 10.1″. Lattissima One weighs about 9.3 pounds. The maximum energy consumption capacity is 1300 Watts.

Lattissima One Review: PROs And CONs

The Pros

  • Solid internal construction
  • Very quick to brew beverages
  • Easy to use Nespresso machine
  • You can use 3rd-party capsules
  • Make really good quality steamed milk/foam
  • The high-pressure pump works great for flavor
  • Relatively compact both internally and externally
  • Easy to disassemble for post-caffeinated cleaning
  • Deliver the coffee at the perfect temperature so that one can start drinking straight away
  • Smart and thoughtful design touches like a used podcatcher, coffee drip cup, and door-to-cover steamer nozzle tube

The Cons

  • Small-sized 4 oz. milk container
  • A damaged pod can’t be re-used
  • ABS plastic gets scuffed a little easier
  • 19 bars pump pressure can be inconsistent
  • Sometimes overheat the milk by 1 or 2 degrees
  • Kind of a loud machine, especially given its relatively little size
  • Coffee pods are a tad more expensive compared to the K-Cups depending on your expectations

How To Use Lattissima One

First Use/After A Long Period Of Non-Use

When you unpack the Nespresso Lattissima One original espresso machine, bring out the water tank, drip tray, plastic film, and capsule container. Adjust its cable length. Store the extra in the cable guide, which is under the machine.

  1. Rinse the water reservoir before filling it up with potable water up to the maximum level. Plug the machine into the mains
  2. Switch on the machine by pressing any of the 3 buttons. Blinking lights mean a heating-up period of 25 seconds. When the lights are steady it means the machine is ready for brewing
  3. Place a container/bowl underneath the coffee outlet for rinsing. Press the Lungo button. Repeat the step 3 times
  4. Disassemble its Rapid Cappuccino System. Clean all of the 5 parts in the upper level of a dishwasher. If a dishwasher is not available, read the manual on how to hand wash them

Making Coffee

  1. During the 25 seconds heat-up time, you can press any coffee option. The coffee will then begin to flow automatically when the machine is ready to brew
  2. Lift up the lever fully and insert your preferred capsule
  3. Close down the lever. Place a cup/mug/glass under the coffee outlet
  4. Press the Espresso 40 ml (1.35 oz.) or the Lungo 110 ml (3.71 oz.) button. Preparation will halt automatically, don’t worry. To end the coffee flow before that just press the espresso/lungo button again
  5. Lift and close the lever. It ejects the used capsule and pushes it into the used capsule container

Care And Maintenance

Daily Care

  1. Avoid using any strong solvent cleaner or cleaning agent for this Nespresso Lattissima One original espresso machine. Use a clean, damp fabric, and mild cleaning agent while cleaning the surface of this machine
  2. Never put any machine parts in a dishwasher. The only exception to this case is the Rapid Cappuccino System components
  3. Lift and close the lever: it ejects the used capsule and moves to the used capsule container
  4. Remove both the drip tray and capsule container. Empty them out and rinse. Detach the water tank. Also, empty and rinse it before filling it up with potable water
  5. Place a bowl/container beneath the coffee outlet. Then press the Lungo button for a rinsing cycle
  6. Always clean the coffee outlet with a damp clean cloth


Machine performance and lifespan depend on descaling. So, we’ve added it to our Lattissima One review. Descaling takes about 20 minutes. To maximize the lifespan and proper functioning of the machine you must do descaling properly time-to-time. Also, the descaling preserves the best coffee experience with the machine by clearing all the calcium residues out of the system. Follow the steps below to do a proper descaling for Lattissima One.

  1. Descale the espresso machine only when in ready mode the descaling alert shines orange
  2. Lift and close the lever. It ejects any used capsules and moves them to the used capsule container
  3. Empty out the drip tray as well as the used capsules container
  4. Fill up the water tank with 100 ml (3.4 oz.) of Nespresso’s descaling agent. Add 500 ml (16.9 oz.) of water with it to create the solution
  5. Take out the descaling pipe from the back of the machine. Plugin the pipe into the steam connector
  6. Now it enters into the descaling mode. The descaling alert will blink orange throughout the whole process. The Espresso button will illuminate white
  7. Put a container with a min. of 1 liter (33.8 oz.) under both the coffee outlet and the descaling pipe nozzle
  8. Now press the Espresso button. The descaling solution will run through the coffee outlet and descaling pipe, then into the drip tray. When the cycle is over (wait till the reservoir gets empty), the Espresso button will glow up
  9. Empty out the used capsules container. Also, empty out the drip tray recipient and container. Rinse them out and fill up the water reservoir with fresh potable water (fill it up to the MAX level)
  10. Press the Espresso button once again. Another rinsing cycle (this time to clean the remaining descaling solution with clean water) will continue. The water will come out of the coffee outlet, descaling pipe, and also the drip tray. Wait until the water reservoir gets empty
  11. Once this rinsing is finished, the machine will switch off. Remove the descaling pipe and store it back as it was before. Empty used capsules container and drip tray. Fill the water tank with fresh clean potable water
  12. Clean your machine with a damp cloth. You have now finished the whole descaling process

Why You Should Buy It…

The Nespresso Lattissima by Delonghi impresses almost everyone with its modern coffee machine aesthetic. Built-in milk frother, a 1-liter water reservoir, and 8 capsules container – all in a compact-sized box-shaped casing good enough to fit in tiny spaces.

This machine is a great combination of your value for the money, its rapid no-waiting service, and its ability to fit in aesthetically well on various kitchen countertops. All of these factors are not easy to find in the vast market of espresso machines.

The water tank’s flat design and its good attachment to the back is an efficient solution that’s more practical. It can store 8 capsules which is an acceptable amount with its overall machine size, meaning you won’t have to empty it frequently.

The height of the coffee outlet is okay for most tall glasses/mugs, and excellent for cups/small shot glasses. The cup support slides smoothly from one side to another. It’s a fun, safe, and nifty thing from the Nespresso makers.

Why You Shouldn’t Buy It…

Cleaning the Rapid Cappuccino System (a.k.a. the milk frother) is a pain as one needs to be cleaned after every use. Meaning you’d have to disassemble it and then clean each of its parts.

If you like the Nespresso capsule machine with a bigger capacity then this machine will not cut it, especially with its 4 oz. milk container.

The frother “spits” milk while it’s working. Though it happens occasionally. But still, this is something unusual and annoying. For those who like denser milk foam, this machine will not fit their criteria.

Customers’ And Critics’ Talking Points

The gripes are minor. Overall, Lattissima One is a pure joy to use. It creates caffeinated cups quickly and easily – a view shared by the majority of the customers around.

Lattissima One’s combination of the friendly price range, quick brewing time, and ease of function is a great use of thoughtfulness and execution. The outcome is a simple, stunning-looking, effective machine that is a joy to use and maintain.

Critics and customers alike have recommended it for kitchens that love coffee but lack proper space. Also, its lightweight build helps you to move around if necessary. Critics from many distinguished Delonghi Lattissima One reviews have praised how this machine utilizes the milk as it’s pretty obvious how it saves you from wasting milk. Also speaking of the milk, the biggest area for improvement lies there too. The milk sometimes comes out hotter. Also, it spits all over if not angled toward the cup correctly.

Since no barcode check is present in this machine, customers loved that it enabled them to go for 3rd party capsules and different flavors. There are now numerous different capsule types to use. So it’s possible to keep everyone happy and also save money in the process.

Consider These Factors Before Buying Nespresso Machines

For a Nespresso machine, you should consider the factors below before spending cash.

  1. You’re buying a Nespresso machine because you have a daily hectic morning schedule. You don’t want to wait for a long time for a cup of coffee. So, short heat-up and brewing time is the most crucial part
  2. The water reservoir should be large enough for you to cut the unnecessary frequent refilling
  3. Next is the machine’s power. A powerful top-quality machine will give you a strong flavor. So a good pump bar must be checked out for in a Nespresso machine. A more powerful pump extracts the flavor from a capsule better
  4. Also, check out if the machine is easy to do maintenance and descaling. And how frequently you need to do maintenance work. It should be neither too frequent nor too sparse, best somewhere reasonably in between


How To Clean Nespresso Lattissima One Milk Frother?

On a daily basis, disassemble all parts of the frother. Put them in a bath of warm water with some mild washing liquid. Dry thoroughly, and reassemble. The components of the frother are also dishwasher-safe.

Can Lattissima One Make Regular Coffee?

Yes, it can make regular non-milk coffee drinks also.

Does Nespresso Lattissima One Heat Up The Milk?

Yes, since it’s built to froth the milk. Frothing requires heating up the milk.

How Do You Turn Lattissima One-Off?

To turn off the Lattissima One, just press Espresso and Lungo buttons together for 2 seconds.

Can You Use Soy Milk In Nespresso Lattissima?

Yes, you can. And not only soy milk but also others like almond, oat milk, macadamia milk, etc. too are okay to use.

Which Is The Better Lattissima One Or Touch?

The Touch model has 3 times (12 oz.) the milk capacity than the One. Also, the touch has a bigger capsule and water capacity. So if you want to have a cost-effective multi-serving Lattissima model then Touch is better.

What Is The Difference Between Gran Lattissima And Lattissima Pro?

The Gran has more pre-programmed drink sizes compared to the Pro model. The Gran also has a slightly larger milk container than the Pro model. But The Pro has a digital display interface whereas the Gran has the usual Lattissima family-style button interface. The Gran has 10 capsule capacity whereas the Pro has 15.

Why Is Nespresso Made By Different Companies?

Because it’s a propriety technology. So brands like DeLonghi and Breville have licensed the technology from Nespresso. This guarantees that each cup of Nespresso coffee will be the same no matter which of these brands you use.


We can conclude in our Nespresso Lattissima one review that, your coffee and milk recipes are as convenient as they can get with it! The single-serving milk jug, helps you enjoy delicious Lattes and Cappuccinos Macchiatos. Cleaning and daily maintenance are a breeze too. If these factors don’t convince you, there’s a robust ultra-modern design, chrome-toned lever, and subtle gloss with matt line patterns that should push over the line.

With or without the milk, it can be your simple coffee or a frothy delight – Nespresso Lattissima One has it all.

Enjoy Your Coffee!

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