Comparison Of Different Jura Espresso Machines: Invest Your Big Bucks Smartly

So you are willing to spend pretty handsome amounts in purchasing a Jura Espresso machine?  Folks happily spend big money on such a coffee machine that can provide superior convenience but doesn’t compromise the quality of the coffee.

From the beginning, Jura never compromises on quality. And it’s the main reason why they didn’t look back after breaking into the industry. You will see tons of different variants when looking through the lines of Jura. This might easily make you confused.

In today’s comprehensive guide, we will try to share some information about Jura Espresso machines. Along with that, you will find some comparisons of different Jura machines that are widely available in the market. Lastly, you will see some FAQs that will satisfy your curiosity.

Stick around and let’s get started.

Jura Espresso Machines

When it comes to the best coffee machines, Jura is definitely a pretty hard competitor among other options available on the market. Some people talk about their high price tag but sadly they don’t talk about what Jura provides in return.

Aside from its expensive price tag, Jura implements cutting-edge features that can make your brewing journey a lot easier. We have mentioned that Jura is great for their convenience. You may ask, what makes them so convenient?

Well, Jura produces their coffee machine by implementing some innovative technology that helps them stand out. Some key technologies are CLARIS Filter System, Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P), Fine Foam Technology, Intelligent Water System (I.W.S),  Aroma G3 Grinder. Let’s learn a bit more about each of them separately.

  • Aroma G3 Grinder:

Jura coffee machine Features an Aroma G3 Conical Burr grinder that can grind coffee beans efficiently. This affects the extraction time and flavor vastly. You can change the fineness of coffee beans just by adjusting the grind settings. Don’t forget to use the perfect type of coffee beans in order to get excellent output.

  • CLARIS Plus Filter Cartridge:

Coffee contains about 98% of water. Hence, it’s crucial to maintain the quality of water. Without filtering, water can be calcified which is harmful to both health and coffee machines.

Most coffee machines usually skip the filtration part and press the water through the coffee puck just after heating. Thanks to the CLARIS Filter System that does a pretty good job of filtering the water properly and produces superior coffee without compromising the quality.

Along with that, the Intelligent Water System can detect when the filter needs replacement or when it’s activated without requiring any manual action.

  • Intelligent Pre-Brew Aroma System (I.P.B.A.S):

This is the pre-brewing process. All the coffee grounds usually go to the brewing unit after finishing the grinding. The brewing unit can hold a range of 5-16 grams of ground coffee.

When coffee grounds are in the brewing unit, a small amount of filtered hot water wets all the grounds in order to release optimal flavors. This pre-brewing process happens even before the water gets through the coffee puck. By doing so, Jura coffee machines ensure to extract superior flavors from all types of coffee beans.

  • Pulse Extraction Process (PEP):

Pulse Extraction Process is the very next process after wetting the coffee grounds. The intelligent electronic system automatically detects the needed amount of water for each brewing time.

The machine heats a certain amount of water and with the help of Jura’s high-performance pump. Water is forced through the grounds evenly. The result is absolutely delicious quality coffee with a perfect crema on top. The P.E.P technology also optimizes the brewing time as well.

After completing the brewing process, the Brewing Unit presses the coffee puck in order to omit the residual water into the internal drip tray. The Brewing Unit now slides up and that dried coffee power goes into the grounds container.

  • Fine Foam Technology (FFT):  

Jura coffee machine features an efficient milk frothing system for making Latte, Cappuccino, flat white, etc. Jura’s Fine Foam Technology offers creamy and consistent milk foam which ensures perfect temperature superior quality beverages.

The Jura Company

Jura Elektroapparate AG, widely known as Jura. It is a Switzerland-based brand that develops and distributes various Home Appliances. The company was founded in 1931 by a Swiss man Leo Henzirohs. Although they ran their own factory at the beginning of their journey, they now outsource production from another well-known OEM called Eugster/Frismag AG.

Since the beginning of their journey, Jura never compromises about quality. They tend to provide the best materials along with the best user experience. Hence, you hardly find any budget option in their coffee machine lineup. Though they are known as a brand of distributing Home Appliances they are now famous for their cutting-edge and innovative Espresso Machines.

Jura used to distribute different electronic appliances worldwide like clothes Iron. Since 2008 Jura has ceased distributing Iron worldwide. However, they are still selling it within Switzerland. But no doubt, their well-made Espresso Machines bring them to the peak of fame.

Different Jura Espresso Machines Series

Jura has quite a few series of Espresso Machines. From entry to pro-level, it has a vast array of machines. In the following section, we will share some information about different series of Jura Espresso machines.

A line

Jura’s A series is the most affordable Espresso Machine among various series. Besides, it’s considered an entry-level series as well. If you are happy to have perfect espresso without thinking about Latte, Cappuccinos, or even flat white then this could be an ideal deal for you. Although, you can make all the mentioned espresso beverages with a separate milk frother.

If space is another major consideration to you, we are glad to say, it should be a perfect match for you. It can save your valuable countertop space. However, if you are thinking of placing Jura A1 under the cabinet then it might be troublesome. The water tank is placed at the rear end of the machine hence you can not move it effortlessly.

Jura A1 features an Aroma G3 grinder, Pulse Extraction Process, handy brewing unit ( Capacity: 6-10g) just like the other upper-level machines. You will find three buttons at the top of the machine that lets you program your desired coffee. The 3 beans button indicates 10g of coffee while the single bean indicates 7g of coffee. You will find a bypass doser as well if you ever want to have decaf coffee.

D line

D series of Jura coffee machines are also considered entry-level series. However, you will definitely see some more advanced features than the A series. So, what are those advanced features? Well, the major difference between the Jura A line and the D line machine is the Milk Based beverages preparing system. With a D series machine, you can make milk-based espresso drinks.

Besides, Jura’s D line’s machines usually take about 11% more space than A line. So if you are happy to leave some more spaces in return for some cool features then no doubt it could be a perfect match. Some folks might face trouble a little bit to adapt the operating switch. Whether you want Espresso, Coffee, or milk-based drinks you have to turn the switch and adjust every single aspect.

You can even control the machine by using a Tablet or Smartphone. For that, you have to place the Jura Smart Connect in a particular location of the machine. The water tank is now at the left side of the machine for effortless excess.

E line

We would say, the E Series is the brother of the Jura D series because of their pretty identical look. Just one big difference you will notice is the TFT color display. This makes the machine convenient to operate. You can easily select your desired type of coffee just by pressing certain buttons.

you can program various aspects of brewing on both the D series and E series. But because of the pain text-based switch control panel of D6, some people might face trouble in doing so. On the flip side, with a Jura E6 or E8, you can easily select every single adjustment you need because of their TFT display.

Like the Jura D6, you can control and operate the E series machine using Jura Smart Connect. All you need to do is input the Device into the machine and grab your tablet or smartphone.

You can make Espresso, Coffee along with milk-based Cappuccino without even moving your cup. Moreover, you will get all the cutting-edge technology like Jura’s every single coffee machine.

Unfortunately, you won’t get any bypass doser from Jura E6 for making decaf coffee. Although, Jura has added this extra feature to the Jura E8. Also, E8 has a separate place for making milk-based espresso beverages just by a single press of a touch.

S line

Talking about Jura S8 Automatic espresso machine. This machine is also pretty much the same as Jura E8. Getting some similarities between the close series, huh? Yeah, that’s right. Alphabetically higher line’s espresso machines tend to provide better features and more importantly, convenience.

Like the previous line, Jura S8 does support the Bluetooth operating system. If you ever feel annoyed or don’t know how to operate the machine properly you can use their app. But as always, before that, you have to input the Jura Smart Connect device into the machine.

Like the Jura E8, you can make Latte or Cappuccino with a single touch. There’s a bypass doser as well near the bean hopper. However, Jura E8 can’t save, copy and personalize the coffee which Jura S8 can.

This machine features a 4.3″ high-resolution color touchscreen which makes it convenient to operate. Some coffee connoisseurs think that Jura S8 is the mini Z8 under the $3000 range.

Z line

Z series is the Premium range of Jura’s Espresso Machines lineup. You will get a large number of options for making coffee. There are two different machines in this series: Jura Z6 and Jura Z8. Both of the machines are amazingly capable of making Barista quality coffee. Like the previous S line, the Jura Z line also features a large high resolution 4.3” color display for effortless operation.

The milk frother is now with the coffee flowing outlet. You will see a parallel flow of heated milk and coffee while making a caffe latte with a Jura Z8. At the top of the machine, you will find a large bean hopper. Behind that bean hopper, there’s a bypass doser and a grind size adjustment gear.

On the left side of the machine, you will find a large water tank that holds about 64oz of water. The filter within the water tank ensures optimal quality water without any harmful calcium deposits. If you use this filter then you don’t have to descale the machine, which is a definite plus.

Another interesting part of this series is, you can make a whole pot of 40oz coffee. And Jura’s All the cool features are also included as well.

GIGA line

GIGA is the Super Premium lineup of Jura. That’s what Jura used to refer to this series of Automatic Espresso machines. GIGA Espresso machines usually come with two separate bean hoppers. This could be great for people who like to drink both decaf and normal coffee. You can even customize the percentage of coffee from both grinders.

Like all Jura coffee machines, the GIGA line also features an adjustable spout for small and long vessels. There is a separate spout for hot water on demand. Jura GIGA 6 is the most popular household coffee machine in this lineup.

Some great features of GIGA 6 are its 28 types of drink selection, two 10oz capacity bean hoppers, 88oz capacity large water tank, high-quality ceramic disc grinder, a jug of coffee brewing with a single touch, and many more. Because of all these features, this machine comes with a mountainous price tag.

However, if you want to get super convenient and loads of specialty coffee options for your workplace then consider Jura’s Professional machines such as GIGA X8c, GIGA X8, GIGA X3c, and GIGA X3. 

ENA line

This series is also considered a kind of entry-level espresso machine. Though it comes with a compact size it can create satisfactory coffee in no time. Pulse Extraction Process, Aroma G3 Grinder, and other modern technology make this series worth buying.

Jura ENA 8 is the most popular machine of this series. Those who don’t have enough space for a large Espresso machine can take a look at this one. The nice-looking cylindrical water tank is now at the side for easy access. With a Jura ENA 8, you can make 10 different drinks with just a single press of a button.

There’s also a small hot water spout if you would like to make Americano or even need hot water on demand. Another machine of this series is Jura ENA Micro 90, which is pretty much like the Jura A1 but you can get much more settings for brewing your desired coffee. This could be a nice series for those who want to try Jura machines but don’t have enough money to buy a popular Jura Z8 or GIGA 6.

Jura E6 vs Jura D6

As we have mentioned earlier these two machines are kind of brothers. You hardly find any difference aside from the display. Both of these machines are capable of making exactly the same 7 specialty coffee. Jura D6 uses the 2nd generation grinder while the Jura E6 uses the 3rd generation.

From Jura D6 you will get 4 levels for adjusting the coffee strength. On the flip side, E6 offers you 8 levels for that. Likewise, D6 has 2 levels for adjusting the milk temperature but E6 has 3. The capacity of the bean hopper of Jura D6 is 7.1oz while E6 holds about 9.9oz. So you don’t have to fill the container frequently.

Energy Consumption could be another key consideration when it comes to differentiating two almost identical machines. The Energy Consumption rate of Jura E6 is 43 KW/h while D6 consumes about 48.5 KW/h.

If you think about convenience, we would definitely recommend Jura E6 because of its color display control panel. You can operate this machine on your own without any help. The Plain Text-Based switch control panel of D6 could be tricky for some folks.

Both of the machines feature P.E.P (Pulse Extraction Process) which ensures superior quality of the coffee in a short time. Aside from all the minor differences, Jura E6 and D6 are pretty much the same in terms of their looks and functionalities.

Jura E8 vs Jura S8 vs Jura Z8

Jura E8 vs Jura S8

In short, both machines are almost identical in what they are providing. Though you will see some minor differences between Jura E8 and S8. The first thing you may notice is their display. The Jura E8 comes with a TFT display, on the other hand, S8 comes with a large 4.3” high-resolution touchscreen display.

Internal functionalities and other Jura’s cutting-edge technologies are also implemented in both machines. They both are pretty same-sized as well. You can make Americano with a single touch of a button using S8. Also, you will find more specialty coffee options in S8 than E8.

The water tank of the Jura S8 holds about 81.3oz of water while E8 holds only 63.6oz. So, you have a longer time for the next water filling and also more coffee in one round. Some folks used to compare the S8 with the Jura Z8 under the $3000 budget range.

Jura S8 vs Jura Z8

We have mentioned a couple of times that some people think that Jura S8 is the mini version of Jura Z8. Both of them have some identical features. However, Jura S8 comes with a pretty lower price tag than Jura Z8. When it comes to the interface of these two machines, you can clearly notice the differences.

In Jura S8 the milk frother is on the right side. So when you want to make milk-based drinks such as Latte or Cappuccino you have to place your vessel under this spout. And for making espresso or plain coffee you have to place the cup under the main spout.

If we take a look at the Jura Z8, we will see that the coffee spout and milk spout are in the middle. Sometimes you may notice the flow of coffee and milk are acting parallelly for the perfection of the quality.

On Jura Z8 you can make a full Jug of coffee which you won’t find from Jura S8. You don’t have to touch multiple times to any particular button. With just a simple touch the machine will give you a full jug of coffee. Besides, you can make Americano with a single touch as well.

The water tank capacity of Jura Z8 is 81.3oz while the quantity for the Jura S8 is 63.6oz. Z8 is also a bit heavier than S8. Aside from the dissimilarities, both the machines feature the Jura P.E.P technology, personalization, and some other programmable features to make your brewing journey easier.

How to pick the ‘right’ Jura Machine

When picking a Jura automatic machine you have to consider some key points. These major considerations are crucial as you don’t want your investment to go in vain. To be very honest, Jura is made in such a way that is solely dedicated to providing the best possible experience. So there’s not so much scope to talk about. Here, we will share 3 major considerations that are crucial before going to purchase a Jura machine.


Every single Jura Automatic coffee machine comes with a pretty higher price tag. But you can’t say that they are overrated. Jura never compromises anything when it comes to coffee machines. This is the main reason why all of their machines are highly-priced. Very few Jura machines come with an under $1000 price tag.

You can get a Jura machine from $800 to several thousand. The more you are willing to invest the better machines you will likely get. if you are interested in Jura but are afraid of investing thousands then we would recommend you to take a look at Jura A1.

It’s an entry-level machine from Jura that can make pretty good coffee like the other model. But you won’t get any cutting-edge features that Jura’s premium ranged machine has.

On the flip side, if money doesn’t matter much and you want to get a machine that can satisfy your needs then consider Jura’s upper-level machine such as Jura S8, Z8, or GIGA 6.


Size is also another significant consideration. If you don’t have enough spaces then it’s definitely not a good idea to purchase a large machine. In that case, you can go for a machine like Jura A1, Jura ENA Micro 90, or ENA micro 5. These are the most compact-sized machines among Jura Machines. Indeed, you won’t see various cool features of Jura’s Premium level machine. But we can ensure you for getting good quality coffee from these machines.

Again, if space isn’t a matter of concern for you and you want to pick the best machine then check out machines like Jura GIGA 6, S8, Z8, and other upper-level machines. You will get large options for making specialty coffee with a single touch of a button.


No doubt, it’s one of the major considerations. You are about to buy a Jura coffee machine that needs a pretty huge amount of investment. Of course, you want a long-lasting and smooth brewing journey after such a large investment. Luckily, Jura is great when it comes to the maintenance of their machine.

Almost all of the machines have the self-cleaning feature. You don’t have to do anything manually. When your machine needs cleaning, you will get a notification for cleaning the machine. For cleaning, you have to touch or press a certain button and the machine will do the rest.

Most machines require cleaning by removing the brew group. But in Jura, you can clean the machine by putting a Jura cleaning tablet into the bypass doser. In general, Jura coffee machines use an innovative filter for removing the calcium deposits from the water.

This also extended the lifetime of the machine. Moreover, if you use this filter you will don’t have to descale the machine. Make sure you use the right product for cleaning.

Lastly, Jura has some machine that needs manual cleaning. These machines usually come with a lower price tag. So, it’s up to you, if you want to save some money then consider such a machine that needs manual cleaning. But if you don’t want to mess with cleaning then choose a machine that has a self-cleaning feature.

Now, think about what type of Jura machine you want to get. Do you want to get a lower-cost machine that can make only good espresso or do you need a machine that can make literally every type of coffee drink? We would recommend you to pick the right Jura Machine for you after considering all three major points that are mentioned above.


We hope this comprehensive guide of ‘Jura coffee machine comparison’ will help you to get a clear understanding of different Jura coffee machines and their technologies. We have spent hours on it to make it easy to understand. Make sure to follow this guide before spending big money.

If you have any questions regarding this guide, feel free to leave it in the comment section below. We would love to answer all of your questions. Also, don’t forget to share it with your coffee lover friends and let them know.

Happy Brewing!

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