7 Best Uses For Used Coffee Grounds

How can you use the used coffee grounds for?

Wait. What!! Yes, you have read it right!

Do the used coffee grounds have other ‘uses’? Should we not suppose to dump them in the waste bin?

The answer is a BIG NO!

If you didn’t know the uses for used coffee grounds earlier, dive into this article to find out the amazing ways to use them.

Before throwing the raw coffee grounds or coffee filter in the trash you just prepared, think about it very well and find some more creative and useful use for them.

In addition to giving you a good coffee in your cup every morning, these coffee grounds can give us many more joys.

After brewing your coffee, the remaining grounds are used for beauty, gardening, cleaning, and much more.

Without furthermore discussion, let’s get started. 

Coffee And Coffee Grounds

Coffee beans are seeds, that come from coffee berries. Coffee beans are sold and exported both roasted and unroasted. Then roasted beans come to our cups.

Two things can happen to a roasted coffee bean. Either it can be ground to be manipulated as ground coffee (coffee capsules or packets of ground coffee), or it can be made into instant coffee by instant coffee makers or by instant coffee processing companies that manufacture for other brands.

Before knowing the methods of using used coffee grounds, we should discuss a bit of coffee and coffee grounds. So, let’s have a look.

You (probably) can’t find a single person who didn’t drink or hear about the coffee.

Did you know? Eating coffee beans has been a food habit that has been attested for centuries. Before the advent of the drink, people used to eat the seeds directly, mixed with animal fat: a kind of energy snack to recover strength or stay awake for longer.

Chewing on beans compared to drinking coffee can lead to faster absorption of caffeine through the mouth’s mucous membranes.

Eating coffee beans is safe, but don’t overdo it. The known contraindications regarding the excessive consumption of coffee are valid.

Coffee is one of the most common beverages which is consumed all over the world. Usually, we make coffee with coffee grounds, except instant coffee. We make different types of coffee grounds with our best coffee grinder according to our needs.

After drinking coffee, usually, dump coffee grounds. But we may not know; we can reuse the grounds for very useful things.

Coffee contains essential nutrients useful for plant growth, including potassium, magnesium, and nitrogen. Likewise, it can be used to add acidity to the soil and enrich it to make it more fertile for planting. At the very least, we can use the grounds for gardening.

You can also use it for cleaning, and skincare as well.

According to Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry (JAFC); coffee grounds have a higher level of phenolic compounds.

7 Unique Uses For Used Coffee Grounds

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From morning to night, coffee accompanies us throughout the day. Being an excellent way to fill up with energy, it can be used as an ingredient in the kitchen and does not represent a danger to the environment since it is entirely recyclable. Here are some of the uses for used coffee grounds are following below:

#1 Gardening

Coffee grounds can bring great benefits to green leafy vegetables because they ensure slow nitrogen and lower the pH, ensuring healthy and robust growth of the vegetables themselves.

The best solution is to mix the coffee grounds with the soil at the time of planting the seeds to eliminate parasites, fungi, and pathogenic worms. The antifungal and acidic properties of coffee make it an ideal supplement to eliminate pathogenic fungi and prevent the onset of debilitating plant diseases, such as coffee rust.

In practice, coffee grounds can suppress pathogenic fungi, including fusarium, pythium, and sclerotinia. The dark brown tint of morning coffee can turn hydrangea into a blue flower! This is because coffee grounds can lower the pH of the soil, and hydrangeas change the color of their flowers when in acidic soil.

Spraying used coffee grounds or even solid coffee beans on the soil, leaves, and around plants can help keep pets away. It has the opposite effect on your hyper-sensitive feline. For best results, a ground mixture of coffee and orange peels can be spread.

#2 Coffee Scrub

Coffee scrub is another best option for the use of used coffee grounds. It is a substance that can help us make cellulite less evident is caffeine. In fact, it contributes to tissue drainage and stimulation of circulation (not surprisingly, we can find it in numerous products designed to deal with this imperfection).

It is ideal for making the skin of the face and body shine. As regards cellulite, in particular, coffee can be used to create scrubs. A treatment that allows you to exfoliate the most superficial part of the skin – which, is massaged on the affected areas. It could help improve the appearance of this imperfection if used consistently. This preparation combines caffeine’s properties with those of antioxidants, not to mention the effectiveness given by the scrub itself, which, by eliminating dead cells, leaves the skin smoother and more uniform.

#3 Air freshener

Do you know coffee absorbs a bad smell?

You may not hear about it. Coffee is used to remove the bad smell and replace it with a good scent. Coffee should be stored in airtight containers precisely because it quickly absorbs any odor.

If you have old coffee grounds and won’t make coffee with them, it will be perfect for removing odors from the fridge. After cleaning and disinfecting the refrigerator:

  1. Place a tablespoon or two of ground coffee in a bowl without a lid
  2. Please put it back in the fridge, and voila, the smell never comes back
  3. Change the coffee periodically to maintain its deodorizing effect

After having deodorized your home, why not embellish and perfume it to surprise your guests?

Here is an alternative idea to room fragrances, patchouli, and essential oils: a beautiful bowl filled with coffee beans. A few sticks of cinnamon and star anise, and possibly a candle in the center. Place everything in the hall, and every time you enter the house, you will be greeted by a fantastic perfume.

#4 Mosquito Repellent

The heat and the summer, with the sun and the holidays, also bring with them an ugly aspect: mosquitoes and other insects. And with their stings, pinches, and itching. 

But there is a natural remedy, and it is also immediate and simple. The solution is coffee. It sounds weird, right? 

To ward off the mosquitoes, just burn a little dust. Take a plate covered with aluminum foil.

  1. Put some coffee beans covered with the ground one
  2. Set it on fire, making it burn very slowly

So the mosquitoes will be put to flight as soon as they smell. The effect can be increased by sprinkling the dust where there is standing water known to attract mosquitoes.

Liquid coffee is also very useful: nebulize it and spray it in infested areas or the most exposed areas. Such as balconies and window sills or areas with plants. Escape is guaranteed.

#5 Skin Exfoliator

If you are aware of your skin, coffee will be one of the best skincare options. It is the base of anti-cellulite par excellence because it can stimulate blood flow and circulation and eliminate excess water present in the cells.

Caffeine is also known for its moisturizing power. It is a great antioxidant and an excellent remedy against persistent odors. It has strong exfoliating power, firms, decongests, and finally cleanses.

Don’t they all seem like excellent reasons to start using coffee for your beauty? Even if maybe you have never even tasted it until now.

It is one of the world’s most consumed drinks; it is a reason for meeting friends, for chats after dinner, and for breaks from a long working day.

#6 Body And Face Care

First of all, caffeine is one of the main ingredients of anti-cellulite products on sale today: this substance, in fact, stimulates microcirculation and counteracts the stagnation of liquids, which cause cellulite blemishes.

We can then create a do-it-yourself cream using fresh ground coffee: mix with coconut or sweet almond oil, massage the mixture on the affected areas, and leave it to act for at least two hours.

In addition to these anti-cellulite wraps, coffee can be used to create an artisan scrub for the body or face. Just take some coffee grounds or ground coffee, mix them with olive oil, and rub the mixture gently on the skin. This will remove dead cells, allowing the underlying skin to breathe properly.

The last beauty tip is about hair. Coffee is great for making nourishing compresses, which will make your hair healthier and shinier.

#7 Clean with Coffee

The last alternative use of coffee, but not least, concerns the care of the body and one’s beauty. Coffee is an excellent ally in domestic cleaning. Not many people know that you need to add a little to your regular dish soap or put a small amount directly on the sponge to remove stubborn dirt from pots and stoves.

Likewise, it can be added to surface detergent for even more thorough cleaning. Furthermore, the coffee grounds can be dissolved in water and used to keep the drains of toilets, tubs, and sinks clean, preventing unpleasant odors from forming.


Can coffee grounds acidify your soil?

After storing the coffee grounds and filling the container, you can empty it by mixing the coffee directly with the plants’ soil. The compost thus obtained does not acidify the soil, making it slightly alkaline. Besides, the nitrogen contained in coffee grounds will help the growth of plants and their flowering. You can then spread the fertilizer directly on the plants. In this way, you will have created excellent nourishment for the leaves, which will be greener and more luxuriant!

Can You Consume Used Coffee Grounds?

If you have a question that comes to your mind like this, then we’ll say that it is good new information for all. Yes, you can consume used coffee grounds because it is edible. After the use of coffee grounds, don’t lose its caffeine, dietary fiber, and antioxidants. But you will get a smaller amount of a component than before. So, without any hesitation, you can consume used coffee grounds.

Can You Drink Coffee When You’re Sick?

Many love it and cannot do without it in the morning. When you feel bad, and above all, you have stomach problems, coffee is one of the foods to avoid. Being a diuretic makes you go to the bathroom a lot, and the risk is around the corner: dehydration. When you are not really in shape, you know, the appetite is less, and you tend to eat little but watch out; some foods and drinks can worsen your health.

Final Words

Coffee is one of the most traditional beverages and is loved globally: everyone knows its intense flavor, and many can not do without it. It is a great way to wake up in the morning and keep your spirits up during the day, coffee has many other properties, even difficult to imagine, which make it very useful in many fields. Coffee can be used in house cleaning, in the care of the garden and of one’s pets, and even in the care of one’s body.

Besides offering numerous benefits for our bodies, coffee is also beneficial at home thanks to its nutrients. The uses of coffee at home are innumerable, and they can be useful in our daily lives. So the uses for used coffee grounds have great value. If you need more questions, feel free to email us or comment below the post. Thanks for reading.

Enjoy Your Coffee!

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