Caffé Mocha Recipe: Easy 6 Steps To Mocha Perfection

The mocha, or caffé mocha, is a chocolate-laced and sweet espresso drink that has become a café house staple worldwide.

The modern take on this drink was created in the USA. The modern caffé mocha took inspiration from an 18th-century Turin coffee classic called the Bicerin. The Bicerin was a homage to the Red Sea Yemeni coastal town of Mocha. The city has a rich history of exporting rich, chocolaty Yemeni coffee to the European markets since the 15th century. Hence the term “mocha”, underlines the presence of chocolate in this hybrid cappuccino drink.

It is relatively simple to make; it requires 1/3rd espresso with 2/3rd of steamed milk and cocoa powder.

Our recipe is designed to make the recipe easier while producing the best-tasting homemade mocha for you. So let’s dive in!

How’s A Caffé Mocha Made

Cafe Mocha, popularly called Mocha, is a drink for anyone who’s crazy for a drink that blends coffee and chocolate. Mocha has a chocolatey syrup layer, then a shot (or two!) of hot espresso, and frothy steamed milk on top of it. You can go the extra mile by adding a sweetened whipped cream layer over it too! We can assure you that this delectable delicacy can now be made in the comfort of your own home.


  • An espresso machine
  • A spoon
  • A milk jug
  • A large 300–350ml (10–12 ounce) cup

Total preparation time: 10 minutes (5 minutes brew time and 5 minutes prep time)

Drink size: 12 oz.


  • 18g (1.5 tablespoons) of ground espresso
  • Hot water
  • A teaspoon of cocoa powder or chocolate shavings
  • Whipped cream (optional topping)
  • 250ml (8-ounce) of whole milk

Note: You can also add spices and additional flavored sweeteners (caramel, peppermint, etc.) when you make the chocolate syrup to notch it up. You can also use white chocolate instead of dark chocolate shavings. 

Making Caffé Mocha Step-By-Step

Step 1: Make The Chocolate Syrup

Take the chocolate shavings or cocoa powder in your mocha cup. Now add a little bit of warm water to it. Stir it well with a spoon to make a thick but smooth chocolatey syrup out of it.

Tip: always begin with a little bit of warm water to begin the stirring. To achieve perfect smoothness, you can always add more water to the blend later. This way, you can avoid making the syrup too watery.

Step 2: Make The Espresso

Make around 30–60 ml (1-2 shots) of espresso using your espresso machine. We recommend using medium-roasted Arabica coffee grinds for your mocha.

Pour the espresso directly into your chocolate syrup-filled mocha cup from the previous step.

Step 3: Mix The Chocolate And Espresso

Before adding the milk to it, make sure to stir up the mixture of the hot espresso and chocolate syrup with a spoon for an even distribution of the ingredients.

Step 4: Steam The Milk

Pour the fresh, cold milk into your milk jug. Make sure to purge the steam wand before dipping it into the milk. 250ml is equal to a cup of milk. Make sure your milk jug has enough room for the froth. You’ll need around 4-6 cm of foam on top of the steamed milk.

Tip: even though you can use any milk you’d like, we encourage you to use higher-fat-content milk for a richer and creamier cup of mocha.

Step 5: Pour The Milk

Tap the jug on a flat surface to eradicate all the bigger air bubbles. Bring your already mixed coffee and chocolate-filled mocha cup and hold the jug over it. The spout of the milk jug should be about 3-4 cm above the cup. Continually begin to pour the milk now. The more you pour, the closer you should bring the jug over the center of the cup and slowly tilt the jug. It’ll create a cone pattern on the top.

If you like, you can top it off with an extra dollop of whipped cream on top of the milk and froth.

Step 6: Serve And Enjoy

Now simply serve it hot and enjoy your Mocha!

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