Jura D6 VS. E6: 9 Distinctions You Must Be Aware Of!

Do you want an espresso machine and a super one at that? Wherever you do the search for one, Jura’s super-automatics will pop up. Wonder why?

It sounds cliché, but in this case, it’s the plain truth. Jura is a trusted name in the game and is known for having an impressive array of super-automatic espresso machines. Among all of their models, the Jura D6 and E6 are two of the most popular super-automatic espresso machines. Please note that these two are also Jura’s top-line entry-level models for newcomers.

So, whether you’re already a Jura fan or looking to try one for the 1st time, dipping into this heated Jura D6 vs. E6 conversation only seems logical.

Comparison Table

Before we jump into the nooks and crannies of these two models and compare them, we need to show you a comprehensive comparison table. Because it’d be easier to give you a head start on the issues before explaining them in detail.

Similarities between Jura D6 and Jura E6

Jura D6Jura E6
TypeSuper AutomaticSuper Automatic
MaterialPlastic & Stainless SteelPlastic & Stainless Steel
GrinderSteel Conical BurrSteel Conical Burr
Boiler & Pump PressureSingle & 15-barSingle & 15-bar
Water Reservoir (oz.)~64 oz~64 oz
Milk FrotherCappuccinatoreCappuccinatore
2-Cup FunctionYesYes
Brew Temperature ControlYesYes
Removable Brew GroupNoNo
Milk Temperature ControlNoNo
Hot MilkNoNo

Dissimilarities between Jura E6 and Jura D6

Jura D6Jura E6
ColorPiano Black, PlatinumPiano White, Platinum
InterfaceText Display with Buttons & DialsColor TFT with Buttons & Dials
Grinder TypeAromaG2AromaG3
Bean Hopper (oz.)6.89.9
Min – Max Cup Height (in)2.6 – 4.44.4 – 6.2
Coffee Strength Levels48
Interchangeable Milk SpoutNoYes (HP1)
Weight (lbs.)1821.8
Dimensions (W x H x D) (in)11.0 x 13.6 x 16.311.0 x 13.8 x 17.3
Hot Water Levels23

Jura D6 VS. E6: The Key Differences

We’ve seen from the aforementioned table that the D6 and E6 have more similarities than dissimilarities. But the differentiating features are worth the explanation. The dissimilarities have put E6 on the front foot against the D6 model. Here are the different features of the Jura D6 and E6 in detail:


The Jura D6 is a bit bulkier looking, whereas the Jura E6 is actually taller and longer in size. Then the E6 is also heavier between the two, meaning that the D6 is a better pick as a more compact machine.

In terms of ease of use, the E6 is easier as it has touchscreen display control—allowing navigation through settings and beverages easier. The Jura D6 is also a smart machine with its plain text display and buttons. But since we compared it with the E6 here, its interface and design are not as advanced as the E6.

The Grinder

Both the E6 and D6 come with Jura’s phenomenal Aroma grinder. However, the Jura D6 has the AromaG2 grinder, which is an older version. The E6 has the newer AromaG3 grinder. The AromaG3 grinder has more precision and makes less noise than the AromaG2 grinder.

But both these grinders have an equal number of grind levels and grind coffee perfectly for fine shots of espresso.

Compared to the AromaG2 grinder, which is a standard Jura grind model, the AromaG3 is quieter, more consistent, vibration-free, and creates less waste. It also heats up less after multiple grinding sessions.

User Interface

The E6 is easier to interact with as it has an easy-to-use color touch display as the main user interface. TD6, on the other hand, has a plain digital display with text. Both models have rotary dials and buttons.

Even though both user interfaces are quite advanced, between the two models, the Jura E6’s TFT color display and buttons are easier to access and comprehend. The D6’s display screen is smaller with no coffee icons or drinks’ names. But in comparison to the E6 and its color display, the D6 feels a little “out of date.” On the E6’s color display, you can see all the drink options and coffee specialties like espresso, coffee, and cappuccino, as well as the maintenance icons for the water filter.

Bean Hopper

The Jura D6 comes with a slightly smaller, 6.8 oz. bean hopper, whereas the E6 has a much more spacious and convenient 9.9 oz. bean hopper. This extra whole bean capacity, in the long run, makes the E6 easier to use and maintain since you’d have to refill less than a Jura D6 espresso machine.

Adjustable Cup Height

Both the E6 and D6 models offer decent cup heights, but the E6 scores a bit higher in this regard as well. The E6, being the taller machine between the two, is able to facilitate more verticality for your cup height. You can move the spout vertically to adjust in this regard, and the mechanism is the same for both of them. The E6 has a maximum adjustable height of 6.2 inches, whereas the D6 offers up to 4.4 inches.

Adjustable Drink Strength

Another notable evaluation is the shot quality of these two espresso machines. The D6 offers 4 different adjustable coffee strength levels, whereas the E6, a more expensive model, offers 8 different adjustable coffee strength levels. While the D6’s 4 strength levels will do a good job for any espresso enthusiast, the E6’s 8 adjustable settings offer more room for espresso experiments at home.

Milk System

In terms of the milk frother and milk system, Jura machines are already known for their ability to produce the best milk froth. So differentiating the D6 and E6 can be difficult here, but there are some.

The Jura E6 comes with an interchangeable milk spout, which the D6 doesn’t provide. These interchangeable spouts keep the milk spout and quality as clean as possible. The Jura E6 also has an HP1 milk system, which the D6 doesn’t either. This allows the E6 to pair up better with the Jura Cool system.

Water Temperature

Both the Jura D6 and E6 have programmable drink strengths, brewing temperatures, and water temperature levels. However, the E6 has a higher level of programmability than the D6 as the E6 has 4 extra coffee strength levels and an extra water temperature setting. Please note that both machines have 2 levels of brewing temperature.


Even though both these models are pretty similar to the naked eye, Jura has set very different prices for them. The Jura E6 is available in around the $1500 price range, and the D6 machine is available just under the $1000 price range. The disparity is mainly due to the fact that the E6 is equipped with some of the best internal Jura technologies compared to the D6.

Jura D6 Automatic Coffee Machine, 1, 37 ounces, Black
Jura E6 Automatic Coffee Center,1892.71 liters, Platinum

Let’s Look At The Similarities

  • Jura has provided each of these models with a single Thermoblock heating system, guaranteeing a consistent temperature and optimal temperature in a shorter amount of time
  • Both the D6 and E6 come with Jura’s very own Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P.) technology that ensures optimum flavor out of the coffee grounds
  • Both these super-automatic machines have integrated automated rinsing and cleaning programs
  • They both have a 64 oz. water tank, I.W.S., and CLEARYL water filter system, which eliminates the need for a lengthy descaling process
  • Finally, Jura has provided both of these machines with Energy Saving Mode (E.S.M.), sleep mode, and an auto switch-off timer

Jura D6: Brief Overview

The Jura D6 is an updated model of the Jura C-Series, especially the Impressa C60 and C65 machines. It has a lot of advanced automation and uber-design. This Jura model is not intended to be luxurious, but rather a low-cost, entry-level super-automatic espresso machine.

The most advantageous aspect of the D6 is its affordability, as it costs under $1000. It has an impressive reservoir capacity, which means you can brew a lot before having to refill. The Jura D6 has also struck a fine balance between old-style automation and modern-style automation; as it offers programmability through a plain text display interface. The D6 is one of the compactly designed, lighter, and smaller models as well. The only notable drawback is its milk system. It can make good foam, but not as good as other Jura machines.

Jura E6: Brief Overview

The Jura E6 is an infant in the premium Jura machine category. This model is great for those who want to enjoy Jura’s finest technologies with fairly limited drink options. The Jura E6 is viewed to be a minimalistic version of Jura’s other crowd-pleaser, the famous Jura E8.

The Jura E6 works as the gateway machine to Jura’s higher level of programmability, which allows you to brew stronger and hotter beverages. If you love this machine, you’ll love all the other high-level Jura machines for sure. The E6 is equipped with a bigger bean hopper and a more powerful but quieter Aroma grinder (G3). Even though it has the same number of drink recipes as the Jura D6, you’ll have 4 more brew strength levels than the D6. Working with the E6 is a breeze as it has an ultra-modern TFT digital display. You can get into all the features and functions of the touchscreen – a dynamic experience at its best.


How can I make two cups of coffee at one time with the Jura D6?

Press the start button twice in rapid succession to make 2 cups of coffee at once.

Does the Jura E6 come with a warranty?

If you make the purchase from an authorized dealer, you’ll have a 2-year Jura USA limited warranty.

Do the Jura D6 and E6 have an Auto Switch feature?

Yes, both of these machines are equipped with an auto-switch on/off feature.

Does the E6 come with a milk carafe?

No, the E6 has a silicone milk tube with the machine. It doesn’t come with a milk container or carafe.

How many color variants do the D6 and E6 have?

The Jura D6 is only available in 2 colors—Platinum and Piano Black. The Jura E6, on the other hand, is only available in Platinum.


Regardless of their similarities or, dissimilarities, both the D6 and E6 espresso machines are superbly impressive on various performance indices.

Yes, the D6 is more affordable and compact for most kitchen spaces, but the E6 is faster, quieter, and more programmable. It’s also a big plus for the E6 to have a smooth touchscreen user interface, which elevates the whole experience. And if you’re worried about the drink options and final cup quality, don’t be, as they both have the same number of drinks and brew quality.

It all comes down to you, ultimately. The Jura D6 is ideal for those who want a highly affordable Jura automatic espresso machine. The E6, on the other hand, is going to be ideal for those who want a more premium-end machine with the latest Jura features.

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