How to Clean a Coffee Grinder

In order to make the best cup of coffee, you need to start with fresh ground beans. And in order to get those fresh beans, you need a clean coffee grinder. Luckily, it’s not too hard to keep your grinder clean – here’s how!

It is clear you need to learn how to clean a coffee grinder. By learning the tips and tricks to clean the different types of coffee grinders, you can ensure they remain in good, problem-free condition and that they will continue making the great-tasting coffee you have gotten used to.

How To Clean Automatic/Electric Coffee Grinders

Do you have an automatic coffee grinder? If so, now is the time to learn how to clean an electric coffee grinder. Regardless of if it is a steel grinder or a blade grinder, you will find the methods described quite effective.

To get started, you will need to gather your cleaning supplies. For cleaning an electric coffee grinder, the process is straightforward. If you are trying to learn how to clean a burr coffee grinder, you may find more specific instructions, but the steps below will work for any automatic grinder.

  • Unplug your grinder.
  • Removal parts of your grinder can likely be put in your dishwasher (but be sure to check this first) or wash them by hand.
  • Remove any particles from the blades and lid with a cloth or brush.
  • Wipe the inside of the grinder blades and lid using a damp cloth.
  • Dry completely.
  • Clean the base (never put this in water).

While there are methods of cleaning a coffee grinder that include using rice, this is not a good idea and can cause more damage.

How To Clean Manual Coffee Grinders

If you use a manual coffee grinder, cleaning it is somewhat different than cleaning an electric grinder. The hopper lid and handle probably just need a good rinsing. The grounds catcher may have oils built up, so be sure to scrub this part with soapy water, rinse it well, and make sure to dry it fully.

To clean the coffee grinder burrs and the other smaller parts of the grinder, get a bowl of soapy water and Q Tip. You can use the Q Tip to scrub the oils and micro-grounds off the smaller parts.

For manual grinders, the dishwasher is not recommended. Trying to find the smaller parts could be difficult. It is best just to give the grinder gentle handwashing. After washing all the parts and components, rinse them carefully and dry them using a clean rag. If you have a ceramic grinder, make sure you allow plenty of time for it to dry after you wash it fully.

How To Clean A Commercial Coffee Grinder

Learning how to clean a commercial coffee grinder is like the tips above, with a few notable differences. The first step in this process is to close the hopper’s gate and take the hopper off the grinder. If there are still beans in the hopper, put them in an airtight container for storage.

Wash the hopper using warm soapy water and put it in a drainer or on towels to dry overnight. Never put the damp hopper back on your commercial grinder. If you happen to do this, water will drip down and cause rust to form on the grinding wheels.

Next, empty the chamber by pulling the dosing lever repeatedly. Put the ground coffee in a storage container, too. You will then need to use your grinder brush to clean the chamber’s internal parts and grinding wheels. Again, do not use water here.

You can then clean the outside of the grinder with a window cleaner and paper towels. Customers will appreciate a clean and shiny grinder.

How To Clean Vintage/Antique Coffee Grinders

When answering the question, of how to clean an old coffee grinder, there are a few additional considerations. The steps you should follow are listed here. Remember to use care when cleaning a vintage or antique coffee grinder since some of the parts may be delicate.

  • Take it apart
  • Soak the parts in a coffee cleaner
  • Clean the grounds drawer and grinder body with a brush
  • Polish the metal

Sometimes, if the grinder is made of wood, you will have to refinish it to restore its look; however, this is not something that must be done every time you clean it.

How Often You Should Clean A Coffee Grinder

There are two ways you can figure out how often you should clean your coffee grinder, regardless of if you have a burr grinder, conical grinder, or flat grinder. You can set a cleaning schedule that is determined by how often you use the grinder and how many beans you grind.

Another way is to keep an eye on the condition of your grinder. When there is an accumulation of oils on the grinder’s surfaces, it is a good idea to clean it. Minimizing the presence of these oils will help ensure your coffee always tastes fresh.

Tips To Keep A Coffee Grinder Clean

Once you have cleaned your coffee grinder, regardless of what type you use, there is a good chance you want to keep it clean as long as possible. While there is no way to completely eliminate oil build-up, you can wipe out and off the grinder each time you use it. This will help reduce how quickly the oils build back up.

Final Thoughts

It does not matter what your motivation for grinding your own coffee beans is; you need to take care of your grinder. If you do not clean your grinder often enough, it may cause your coffee to taste funny, which everyone wants to avoid.

Keep in mind that there is no need to clean your grinder each time you use it, or even every day; however, it is smart to get into the habit of cleaning it regularly. This is going to help ensure you can continue enjoying great-tasting and fresh coffee.

Enjoy Your Coffee!

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