Best Grinder for Coffee Beans Reviews

There are many different things that amuse humans. Among those many things, one is the process of making the best kind of coffee. Of course, the taste of good coffee feels rejuvenating but the process can be quite therapeutic because you get instant results from it. One of the things many people don’t know about coffee is that freshly ground coffee beans taste way better than the powder coffee most people use. So, if you want that excellent taste you should consider getting your very own best grinder for coffee beans.

Grinders are machines that grind the coffee beans into the powder form and retain the total flavor of the coffee. They are of various types and they can have different features. So, they can be quite hard to choose. Let the reviews and the buying guide teach you what to consider when looking for the best grinder for coffee beans.

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Best Grinder for Coffee Beans: The Reviews

Best Electric Coffee Grinders Reviews

If you are looking for convenience, electric grinders are the most common nowadays. Even if you do not know how to grind coffee beans for a certain kind of coffee beverage, an electric grinder will have an easy-to-use setting for that exact kind of grind. So, you get many helpful features with it. Let’s look at our top picks

Breville The Smart Grinder Pro Coffee Bean Grinder

Do you want to have a lot of options available to you when you are grinding your coffee beans? Then, you can consider this Breville Smart Grinder Pro. It offers you quite a number of features and a good control over your coffee bean grind.

In fact, you get to choose from sixty different grind settings- isn’t that huge? You may think that the sixty different grind settings may be a bit difficult to handle. Actually, it’s not. All you have to do is use the user-friendly LCD display to choose your settings for the type of grind you want.

You can also use the Precision Digital Time feature of this grinder to set the time for each of the grinds. It allows you to set the time in increments of 0.2 seconds. Do you see it? It offers you quite a lot of control!

The grinder has a build of stainless steel. Apparently, it has parts that do not always work very well. For example, the grinds container may get quite messy if you don’t use it. Parts of the machine may fail with time and the customer service is not very supportive about it. So, that’s a bummer.

The coffee bean grinder also focuses on reducing the heat it produces when working. So, the flavor of the coffee beans won’t be affected by the grind. The grinder has quite good quality. While it is capable of grinding to different sizes, you may not find grinds that are small enough for your purpose- but, that depends on what you want from the grinder.

You will find this grinder quite easy to clean and maintain because of the design of its various parts. The parts are easy to detach and clean.

It is an affordably priced Breville grinder with good features. Since you are looking for the best grinder for coffee beans, it’s definitely an option.


  • It offers a good number of grind settings.
  • Very user-friendly in nature because of its design and the LCD display.
  • The coffee flavor remains intact with its heat-less way of working.
  • It has a good capacity.
  • You can even set the time for the grinds.
  • Offers a lot of control over the grind.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Great value for the money.


  • It grind size may not satisfy everyone.
  • Parts may fail with time.
  • Not the best customer service.
Breville BCG820BSS Smart Grinder Pro Coffee Bean Grinder, Brushed Stainless Steel
3,628 Reviews
Breville BCG820BSS Smart Grinder Pro Coffee Bean Grinder, Brushed Stainless Steel
  • Stainless steel conical burrs designed to minimize grinding heat and protect the essential oils in the coffee bean
  • 60 precise grind settings from the finest Espresso to the coarsest French Press Grind. Voltage: 110 120 Volts. Power: 165 Watts
  • Precision Electronic Timer allows users to adjust grind time in 0.2 second increments and consistent dose every time
  • 18 ounce coffee bean capacity with locking system for easy removal, storage, and transfer of the bean hopper
  • Grind directly into portafilter, grinds container, gold tone filter basket or paper filter

Baratza Virtuoso+ Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

You don’t want the coffee grinder to take a lot of space in the kitchen because there are so many other things to keep there. Therefore, you want a compactly size yet stylish coffee grinder. That is exactly what the Baratza Virtuoso conical burr grinder is.

But, that’s also not all it is. In fact, it does quite a good job at grinding coffee beans. Firstly, it is a burr grinder so you can expect consistency from this unit. In fact, you get the coffee beans ground to the exact size you need. This machine is quite accurate at that.

You get forty grind settings with this machine and you can grind the coffee beans for any kind of coffee beverage you are after. All you have to do is know the grind size you are after, the dose, and the time required for it.

The coffee grinder comes with a timer in it as well- it lets you set the time for the grind. It has a 40-second digital timer that you can adjust to 1/10th of a second. Furthermore, the grounds bin is backlit so that you can keep the dose of coffee accurate and consistent.

You may find setting this machine up for grinding a bit tough. The digital control system is not at all that friendly and you have to pass a learning curve to get your grind right.

What can win you over is the quality of the build, the finish, and the way this grinder looks. It has a metal top that will adorn your kitchen and of course it won’t take up much space.

The grinder is not exactly cheap but it offers great value. You also get a year warranty with this grinder. Overall, if you are up for putting in a bit of effort to understand how this grinder works, you will be alright after buying it.


  • The grinder has an excellent quality of the build.
  • It is compact in size and looks great in any kitchen.
  • It offers a substantial number of grind settings.
  • The grinder comes with a timer that the user can adjust.
  • The quality of the grind is excellent.
  • Great value for the price.


  • It is a bit difficult to operate.
Baratza Virtuoso+ Conical Burr Coffee Grinder with Digital Timer Display
1,499 Reviews
Baratza Virtuoso+ Conical Burr Coffee Grinder with Digital Timer Display
  • SPECIALTY COFFEE ASSOCIATION AWARD WINNING GRINDERS - Baratza grinders are preferred by coffee professionals and backed by Baratza’s world class support.
  • DIGITAL TIMER and BACKLIT GROUNDS BIN - a 40-second digital timer, adjustable to a tenth of a second, and an LED backlit grounds bin to dose ground coffee accurately and consistently.
  • 40 GRIND SETTINGS - With enhanced commercial-grade conical burrs to help you explore an extensive range of brew methods (espresso, Aeropress, Hario V60, Chemex, French Press, and automatic brewers).
  • STYLISH - A sculptured metal top and base give the Virtuoso+ a modern image that highlights your coffee corner.
  • WARRANTY/QUALITY PARTS - Engineered with 40mm hardened alloy steel burrs manufactured in Liechtenstein, Europe, plus a powerful DC motor. This combination creates a consistent grind and durability ensuring the longevity users have come to expect from the Baratza brand. The Virtuoso+ is backed by Baratza’s world class support and a 1 year warranty.

Baratza Encore Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

The main purpose of getting a coffee grinder is often for getting the best kind of coffee grind. After all, that is what affects the flavor and taste of your coffee. If you want the best kind of coffee grind at your home every day then you can consider this Baratza Encore Conical Burr grinder.

The grind quality is excellent as you can expect from a burr grinder. In fact, consistency is the reason behind excellence. Furthermore, this grinder allows you to choose from 40 different grind settings. So, you can grind your coffee beans for any kind of coffee beverage- starting from espresso to french press.

The grinder has a coffee bin that is not transparent. Apparently, this is where some trouble begins. As the coffee bin is not transparent and the grinder does not have any automatic switch-off feature, you have to stop the machine to see if you are done grinding or not. If you leave the grinder on for too long, coffee may get stuck inside.

The coffee getting stuck makes cleaning this machine a pain. Furthermore, in the long run, it is the clogs that reduce the lifetime of the grinder. So, you have to be a bit careful when using this machine- you have to be quite aware.

Apart from that, the controls are easy to understand. The grinder also looks quite great and has a compact build. So, it won’t take space and just adorn your kitchen without causing any trouble.

The price of this grinder is quite reasonable as well. It is actually a great choice for entry-level coffee makers for all its features and its price. It’s very easy to use. But, yes it needs a bit of attention too.

Furthermore, the customer service of this coffee grinder is very helpful too. The machine comes with a year warranty and you will get the help you need from the brand.


  • The grind quality of this grinder is excellent.
  • It lets you grind coffee for any kind of drink.
  • It has enough steps in the settings.
  • Compact build which saves space in the kitchen.
  • Great finish quality which means that it is built to last.
  • Good choice for beginners because it is very simple to use.
  • Reasonable price.


  • It can be a bit difficult to clean.
  • Gets clogged easily.
Baratza Encore Conical Burr Coffee Grinder (Black)
12,325 Reviews
Baratza Encore Conical Burr Coffee Grinder (Black)
  • SPECIALTY COFFEE ASSOCIATION AWARD WINNING GRINDERS - Baratza grinders are preferred by coffee professionals and backed by Baratza’s world class support.
  • GO-TO ENTRY LEVEL GRINDER - Baratza’s best-selling grinder, with its small footprint, is THE choice for brewing coffee at home. Available in White or Black.
  • USER FRIENDLY - A convenient, front-mounted pulse button, plus a simple ON/OFF switch make it easy to grind fresh coffee.
  • 40 GRIND SETTINGS - Engineered with 40mm commercial-grade conical burrs that help you explore the extensive range of brew methods (espresso, Aeropress, Hario V60, Chemex, French Press, and automatic brewers).
  • WARRANTY/QUALITY PARTS - Hardened alloy steel burrs manufactured in Liechtenstein, Europe, plus a powerful DC motor. This combination creates a consistent grind and durability to ensure the longevity users have come to expect from the Baratza brand. The Encore is backed by Baratza’s world class support and a 1 year warranty. 2020 Update has exact same trusted functionality with a sleek new exterior.

Rancilio HSD-ROC-SD Rocky Espresso Coffee Grinder

Do you have to grind a lot of coffee beans daily? Then, you need a coffee grinder that has the capacity to do so without acting up. The Rancilio Rocky Espresso coffee grinder is such a grinder that can handle pressure and not make a sound!

In fact, this coffee grinder has a powerful 166-watt motor that operates very quietly. So, you won’t be disturbing anyone around when you are making coffee. Furthermore, it is capable of grinding a lot of coffee at once.

It comes with a tinted bean hopper that can handle 0.65 lb of coffee. Furthermore, this coffee grinder gives you full control over the grind of your coffee beans. You can adjust the grind settings with the variable grinder adjustment control. Furthermore, you can control the dosage by using the bean hopper right.

This grinder grinds directly into the porta-filter so you don’t really have much to worry about. If there is one thing you have to worry about it is if you use oily coffee beans in this machine. Apparently, this coffee grinder does not work well with oily coffee beans. The oily beans tend to clump up in it and end up clogging it. As a result, the cleaning process also becomes quite tough.

As long as you are using dry coffee beans, you don; really have much to worry about. You can rely on the quality and build of this machine. This is because the machine is tested with real coffee beans in the factory. You may even find coffee residue in it- nothing t get concerned about because the brand mentions it.

It is quite easy to use and the manual is very instructive about troubleshooting as well. So, if you are considering this coffee grinder seriously, you are considering quite a good unit.


  • The coffee grinder is a commercial grade coffee grinder capable of handling large amounts of coffee beans for a long time.
  • The motor is powerful yet very quiet when working.
  • It grinds the coffee quite well (Dry coffee).
  • It allows you full control over the coffee but you will need to know how to control it.
  • The manual is very instructive.
  • Good quality build.


  • The coffee grinder does not handle oily beans well- it can clog up with such beans.
Rancilio Rocky Espresso Coffee Grinder
453 Reviews
Rancilio Rocky Espresso Coffee Grinder
  • 50mm commercial grade grinding burrs. Grinds directly into porta filter for simple operation
  • Powerful 166-watt direct drive quiet operation motor. All units are tested prior packaging which might leave a small trace of coffee residue. Please refer the video under product images for overview
  • Tinted hopper with a 0.65lb capacity. Please check the FAQ section under the Product Details
  • Simple variable grinder adjustment control. For Trouble Shooting Steps refer on the page 32 in the user manual
  • ATTENTION: Each unit is factory tested with real coffee beans and some coffee powder may still be present upon unboxing.

KRUPS Silent Vortex Electric Grinder

Do you just want to grind your coffee beans for the purpose of grinding? If you don’t want a lot of control over the grind but only want to grind a large number of coffee beans at once then this Krups Cortex Electric Grinder should be among the grinders you consider. Apparently, you can use it to grind seeds and spices too but we recommend using it for one purpose. Or else, you may get a horrible taste when the flavor of spices gets into the coffee beans.

The Krups grinder has a very simple design with a Vortex Spin Technology. This feature pulls the beans into the grinding chamber. This grinder is a blade grinder so you can expect the result to be quite inconsistent. So, this grinder is not for those who are very serious about the taste and flavor of their coffee.

Apart from that, this grinder is very easy to use. In fact, it requires only one touch to get started. You can do both continuous and pulse grinding with this unit.

Other than that, this grinder can grind beans for 12 cups of coffee in 15 seconds– talk about capacity! What you may not like about this grinder is the design when cleaning it. It is generally easy to clean. However, the design allows water to get into parts where there should be no water. So, the grinder is rarely dry.

One of the things that the grinder never fails to deliver is quiet operation. Despite its incredible capacity, it is very quiet in operation. Apart from that, it has quite a compact structure and you won’t find it hard to place in the kitchen.

It isn’t exactly beautiful but it has a good quality build. The price is quite reasonable as well.


  • It has a large capacity for grinding.
  • Extremely easy to use this grinder.
  • It has a super-quiet operation.
  • Very powerful.
  • Compact build.
  • It has a feature that automatically pulls the beans into the grinding chamber.


  • The blade grinder does not provide a lot of consistency.
  • It can be hard to clean because of its design.
KRUPS Silent Vortex Electric Grinder for Spice, Dry Herbs and Coffee, 12-Cups, Black
6,048 Reviews
KRUPS Silent Vortex Electric Grinder for Spice, Dry Herbs and Coffee, 12-Cups, Black
  • POWERFUL, EFFICIENT AND SUPER SILENT: Grinds coffee beans for 12 cups in 15 seconds for drip coffee with minimum grinding noise.
  • INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY: Patent Pending Vortex Spin Technology pulls ingredients into the blades for fast and efficient grinding.
  • VERSATILITY: 3-in-1 Grinder for coffee, spices, and dry herbs. Effortlessly grinds whole coffee beans, hard spices like whole peppercorns, and dry herbs for flavorful meals.
  • LARGE CAPACITY AND DISHWASHER SAFE: The removable dishwasher-safe stainless-steel grinding bowl. Holds ground coffee for up to 12 cups of drip coffee. Power: 200W
  • MESS-FREE: The removable bowl comes with a dedicated storage lid that seals the grinding bowl to perfectly store your freshly ground coffee, dry herbs, or spices. Dishwasher safe.

Hamilton Beach Fresh Grind 4.5oz Electric Coffee Grinder

Looking for a budget-friendly and small coffee grinder that will just do the job for you? Then, you are looking at the right one. In fact, this grinder is quite cheap and it provides you with more than what you expect from a coffee grinder at this price point.

Let’s get a few of the important things out of the way first. This grinder is mainly for a small family that does not consume a lot of coffee in a day. It has a really small capacity, that can somewhat grind the amount of coffee you need.

Now, that you know who this coffee grinder is for, let’s get to its features. Apparently, it is a blade coffee grinder, so you won’t be able to enjoy the consistent grind. The sizes will vary so will the flavor and taste. However, it gets the job done fast.

The coffee grinder is very small in size so you can fit it in about anywhere in the house. Furthermore, it will look good anywhere because the cod it comes with can be hidden in it. Clever and thoughtful feature, don’t you think?

You don’t get a lot of features to control the grind settings. However, it is very easy to use. It does not have any fancy features so you know you are getting just what you are paying for.

When it comes to cleaning, the drying part may bother you a bit. Apparently, if you submerge it in the water there are parts in which the water will get into. The brand is aware of it and mentions that you should set the container upside down to dry it.

However, if you plan to use the coffee grinder on the exact same day, it can be quite hard. The beans will get wet and clog it up.

Other than that mini trouble, there is nothing else that can bother you. The grinder is very quiet in its operation as well.


  • A very Budget-friendly unit.
  • It has a compact size that you can put anywhere in the house.
  • Very easy to use.
  • It will last if you use it right.
  • A good unit for small demands.
  • The cord can be hidden for adding beauty.


  • It does not dry up easily after getting cleaned.
Hamilton Beach Fresh Grind Electric Coffee Grinder for Beans, Spices and More, Stainless Steel Blades, Removable Chamber, Makes up to 12 Cups, Black
45,806 Reviews
Hamilton Beach Fresh Grind Electric Coffee Grinder for Beans, Spices and More, Stainless Steel Blades, Removable Chamber, Makes up to 12 Cups, Black
  • EASY CLEANUP — DISHWASHER SAFE GRINDING BOWL: The grinding bowl on this coffee bean grinder is designed with durable stainless steel. It's removable for easy filling and pouring and is dishwasher safe.
  • GRIND ENOUGH TO BREW UP TO 12 CUPS OF COFFEE: If you love the delicious taste of coffee made from freshly ground beans, this electric coffee grinder is perfect for the job whether you're grinding coffee for a quick cup or a full pot
  • SIMPLE & INTUITIVE: The coffee grinder is so easy to use that you'll want to drink flavorful coffee made from freshly ground coffee beans everyday. Just place the lid on the grinder and press the button to grind coffee. Release to stop grinding.
  • DURABLE STAINLESS STEEL BLADES: With the durable stainless steel blades, this grinder makes easy work of grinding everything from coffee beans to herbs and spices.
  • REDUCE CLUTTER WITH HIDDEN CORD STORAGE: Hideaway cord storage at the bottom of the grinder stores the cord neatly and out of sight when it's not in use.

Cuisinart DBM-8 Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill

Want to just set the grinder to the settings you want and wait for it to finish the job without having to do anything else? You have it! The Cuisinart DBM-8 is such a coffee bean grinder that provides you with options that are very easy to use But, you have to know what you want to use it right.

This grinder actually has quite a good capacity for grinding. It can grind coffee for 32 cups of coffee! Isn’t that something? Furthermore, you can select your choice very easily.

Firstly, it has a 4-18 cup slide dial so you can get the dosage as per your need. Secondly, it lets you choose from 18 grind selections. You just have to position it right to get the grind that you need.

It uses a burr grinder to do its job so you can expect the grind to be of good quality and also consistent. However, at times you may find that the grinder is not providing you with accurate grinds. Most of the time- it does provide you with just what you want.

It has a good capacity and as you already know, it is very simple to use. But, it can get quite loud when working. It has a tendency to let everyone know that it is at work. Apart from that, while cleaning is normally easy because of the removable grind chamber, it can get difficult.

Cleaning the unit becomes difficult when the coffee beans clog the machine. So, you have to try to prevent it from clogging or use a coffee bean that does not clog it up.

It offers good value for the money and it has the Cuisinart quality. Cuisinart s well-reputed for its products.

The grinder has a stainless steel build and it also has a cord storage. Therefore, it will look great in any kitchen. Other than that it comes with a cleaning brush. Lastly, it automatically shuts off when the cycle is done so it will also give you peace of mind.


  • It has a good capacity for holding coffee beans.
  • The grinder does a good job most of the time.
  • It is quite simple to understand.
  • Very easy to set grind settings.
  • Good quality build with a design that looks great.
  • Good value for the money.
  • Automatic shut off feature.


  • It can be quite loud.
  • It can get clogged.
Cuisinart DBM-8 Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill
33,669 Reviews
Cuisinart DBM-8 Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill
  • ENJOY OPTIMUM FLAVOR: Burr grinding provides a uniform grind to your fresh coffee beans with its 18-position grind selector – move the slide-dial from ultra-fine to extra-coarse to ensure your coffee grounds are exactly the way you prefer
  • REMOVABLE FEATURES: Our 8 oz. bean hopper is fully removable as well as our built-in grind chamber for ease-of-use and accessibility during the cleaning process
  • GRIND CHAMBER: Our removable grind chamber holds enough ground coffee for 32-cups, you won’t have to worry about grinding beans multiple times to brew coffee for the entire household
  • ONE-TOUCH GRIND: The one-touch power bar is separate from the unit and complemented by an electric timer that automatically shuts off the unit when your grind cycle is complete
  • CONVENIENT DESIGN: Our heavy-duty unit motor doesn’t take away space for additional design features; enjoy the convenience of cord storage and an additional scoop/cleaning brush to declutter, clean and maximize counter space

Baratza Sette 270 Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

Do you want a lot of control over your grind? Then, this Baratza Sette 270 burr grinder may be able to provide you with exactly what you want. It lets you choose different things so that you can get the exact type of grind you want.

In fact, this coffee grinder provides you with 270 grind settings to choose from. The 270 options you get is through a combination of 30 macro settings and 7 micro settings. Furthermore, the grinder allows you to choose from three doses.

You can even make the grinder pour directly into the portafilter. So, do you like to have different kinds of coffee daily? Then, this coffee grinder may be able to serve all your needs. It has a convertible device holder that can safely hold any kind of portafilter or brewing device you need it to hold- it’s quite the versatile unit.

Apart from that, this grinder is very easy to use. It has a backlit LCD display that makes everything clear for you. You can select your desired settings very easily using this user-interface.

That is not all- the grinder has a central cone burr around which the outer ring burr rotates. So, it will grind your coffee for you quite fast. Furthermore, this arrangement also saves you from the loss of coffee beans. You will be utilizing all the coffee beans you have.

The grinder is quite easy to clean and it does not get clogged easily. However, it can be a bit loud when it’s working. Other than that, one of the main concerns with this grinder is reliability. It does not seem very well-built and parts of it may stop working.

Other than that, the coffee it grinds, tastes great!


  • The grinder provides you with a lot of control over the grind.
  • It offers three doses to choose from.
  • You get to choose from 270 different grinds.
  • Very easy to use for the LCD display.
  • Quite easy to clean.
  • Clever burr grinder arrangement.


  • Parts may fail.
  • A bit noisy.
Baratza Sette 270 Conical Burr Coffee Grinder
521 Reviews
Baratza Sette 270 Conical Burr Coffee Grinder
  • SPECIALTY COFFEE ASSOCIATION AWARD WINNING GRINDERS - Baratza grinders are preferred by coffee professionals and backed by Baratza’s world class support.
  • DOSING - 3 programmable dosing buttons for accurate, consistent dosing to within a 10th of a second. This allows you to save 3 different doses for a variety of uses. Dual dosing options - grind directly into a portafilter or grounds bin/brewing device.
  • EXCEPTIONAL ESPRESSO GRINDER - The Sette delivers beautiful espresso and is also capable of grinding for manual brewing methods requiring a finer grind (e.g. Aeropress, Hario V60, Chemex, some drip brewers).
  • 270 GRIND SETTINGS - Macro/Micro adjustment for the most precise dial-in capabilities. A built-in convertible device holder allows for convenient change between a portafilter or supplied grounds bin.
  • HIGH SPEED GRINDING - Up to 5g/second and minimal retention in the innovative straight-thru grind mechanism.

Best Manual Coffee Grinders Reviews

Manual coffee grinders are a great companion when it comes to portability. Undoubtedly, an electric coffee grinder works well and gives you lots of conveniences compared to a manual one.

However, if you are looking to save some money and are willing to invest a little bit of arm power then a manual coffee grinder could be a nice gadget for you whether you are at home or even camping, traveling, or other outdoor activities.

Manual grinders are not only more affordable but they are very consistent in the grind as well. Furthermore, they last longer than electric units. The only con is that they will need time to complete the task and you will have to put in the effort to get it done.

Let’s take a closer look at the 3 best manual coffee grinders.

JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder

Do you want to take full control over the grind of your coffee beans? Then, the electric coffee grinders just won’t do for you, will they? You can consider this JavaPresse manual coffee grinder for your purpose.

Apparently, it is as compact as any coffee grinder can get (in comparison to the electric ones). The grinder is a beautiful, traditional thing to look at.

The best part about this manual grinder is that despite being manual, it offers you multiple grind settings. In fact, you have to select from the 18 click settings for grinding this grinder offers you with.

It features a conical burr grinder which is quite a good way to grind. But, the quality of the grind actually depends on you since you have to manually do it. The problem you may face with this unit is that it takes time to grind. You will have to grind for quite a while to get the right size of coffee for your drink.

The grinder is very easy to clean despite its design. Furthermore, the material building the grinder is great too. It features ceramic burrs so you can totally expect it to last for a while without causing any kind of problem.

The best thing about manual grinders is that you don’t have to worry about anything failing. It does not even require power, electricity or batteries to operate. All it needs is the mechanical energy from your hands. Furthermore, all its parts fit perfectly inside it- it is very well-made.

This grinder is affordable and if you love the process of grinding coffee, the smell that comes out, and you have time to grind it- this is the one you can consider.


  • It provides you full control over the grind.
  • It allows you to set it at one grind setting from the eighteen it offers.
  • Very easy to use.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Needs no power.
  • The quality of the build is really great-meant to last.
  • Looks great and compact.


  • It takes some time to grind.
  • The grind may not be consistent.
JavaPresse Manual Coffee Bean Grinder with Adjustable Settings Patented Conical Burr Grinder for Coffee Beans Stainless Steel Burr Coffee Grinder for Aeropress Drip Coffee Espresso French Press
21,447 Reviews
JavaPresse Manual Coffee Bean Grinder with Adjustable Settings Patented Conical Burr Grinder for Coffee Beans Stainless Steel Burr Coffee Grinder for Aeropress Drip Coffee Espresso French Press
  • Built-in Adjustable Grind Selector The Manual Coffee Grinder by JavaPresse Coffee Company is equipped with over 18 manual grind settings to ensure you have 100% precision & control over the coarseness of your grind; great for all coffee brewing methods for that perfect cup of freshly ground coffee to start your day.
  • Convenient, Portable & Easy to Use Convenient hand crank mechanism eliminates over 90% of the noise that an electric coffee bean grinder would produce; unlike electric burr grinders for coffee beans, JavaPresse hand coffee grinder requires no batteries, power, or long plastic cords to operate allowing you to enjoy fresh ground coffee beans at home or on the go; perfect for your next camping, hiking, or backpacking trip.
  • A Freshly Ground Cup of Coffee to Start Your Day JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinders are equipped with a professional grade ceramic conical burr to heighten flavors of the most exquisite coffees in the world; providing an incredibly consistent grind for a variety of brews while making as little noise as possible; smell the fresh aroma of freshly ground coffee as you brew them on your espresso machine, Aeropress, French Press or Pour Over Coffee Maker. Ground, Brew, and Enjoy!
  • Quality Tested and Built to Last Crafted with the same essence as traditional Japanese cookware, our patented ceramic coffee grinder burr is tested through three quality inspections to last 5x's longer than comparable stainless steel coffee burrs; combined with an impeccable stainless steel frame and convenient size, this coffee burr grinder is at the pinnacle of travel gadgets.
  • Enhance your morning experience with the JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder Features a built-in adjustable grind selector with 18 adjustable grind settings to craft your perfect cup; this manual burr grinder is built with a patented dual plated ceramic burr assembly that's great for all coffee brewing methods; comes with a manufacturer warranty & 100% money back guarantee.

VEVOK CHEF Manual Coffee Grinder

VEVOK CHEF conical burr grinder is a pretty solid pick if you are looking for a quicker, quieter, and portable coffee grinder. Its stainless steel burr grinder is more effective than some of the ceramic burr grinders as it can grind your coffee within 50 seconds.

Besides, its precise grind size adjustment makes it an excellent item whether you want to make espresso, pour over, french press coffee, or even cold brew. Make sure to adjust the right settings in order to get your desired grind size.

The manufacturer recommends selecting 1-2 levels for espresso grind, 2-3 for Moka Pot, 3-4 for Pour Over, 4-5 for french press, and 5-6 for cold brew coffee. Let’s talk about the portability of this machine.

The heights and widths of this grinder are respectively 7.5 inches and 2.04 inches which makes it pretty convenient to carry while traveling, camping, backpacking, or other outdoor activities. It’s quieter compared to a fancy electric coffee grinder as well. Because of its compact size and top-notch functionality, it could be a great giftable item for sure.

VEVOK CHEF Manual Coffee Grinder Mini Hand Coffee Grinder 6 Adjustable Setting Stainless Steel Conical Burr Mill Portable Hand Crank Coffee Bean Grinder Fine for Espresso Gift
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VEVOK CHEF Manual Coffee Grinder Mini Hand Coffee Grinder 6 Adjustable Setting Stainless Steel Conical Burr Mill Portable Hand Crank Coffee Bean Grinder Fine for Espresso Gift
  • ☕CONICAL STAINLESS STEEL HEAVY DUTY BURR GRINDER-This manual coffee grinder is made of durable and precise stainless steel burr which have built in five-axis CNC numerically controlled sharp blunt grinding core. It is more effective than ceramic core burr grinder, about 45 SECONDS for one time grind. The coffee mill HOPPER can fill approx.15- 20 GRAMS COFFEE BEANS which can make 1-2 CUPS for one time grinder for coffee.
  • ☕SIX GRADES ADJUSTABLE COARSENESS SETTING-This metal coffee burr grinder comes with 6 precise settings levels so that you can set a specific grind from coarse to fine. For example, here are some right grind size:1-2 grade for Espresso machine,2-3 grade for Moka pot;3-4 grade for pour over and chemex;4-5 grade for French press;5-6 grade for Cold brew coffee.
  • ☕ PORTABLE COFFEE GRINDER,MINI AND EASY-CARRY FOR TRAVEL-Our portable manual coffee bean mill is 7.5 inch in height,2.04 inch in width,0.99 lb in weight .You can easy to remove the hand coffee grinder's hand crank to add coffee bean into the hopper. Put he manual grinder in your bag for travel, hiking, outdoors trip ,backpacking.
  • ☕ENJOY MAKING COFFEE,QUITE HAND COFFEE MILL BURR-Hand handle operation coffee grinder mill is quieter than electric coffee grinder. Enjoy your coffee making process without bothering others.Enjoy the coffee bean to brew with the smooth effective grind.
  • ☕ COFFEE LOVER GIFT-Our innovative design, stainless steel burr and exquisite wrapped pack, all parts of the coffee grinder make it expensive and elegant. 100% satisfaction guarantee for 365 days. Please note: coffee bean not include.

Akirakoki Wooden Manual Coffee Grinder

Akirakoki Coffee Bean Grinder is another aesthetic-looking manual coffee grinder that can get the job done precisely. The body of this coffee grinder is made of wood which is carved from a highly durable solid piece of wood.

Instead of using a regular steel burr grinder, the manufacturer uses Cast Iron conical burr grinder as it doesn’t produce excessive heat which is responsible for burning coffee’s essential oils. You can adjust the grind size by using the screw located under the grinder’s base.

All parts of this grinder are detachable for effortless cleaning. Besides, this could be a great companion for your next camping, hiking, or backpacking event because of its nice and compact size.

The item is designed ergonomically and is known as one of the quietest hand grinders available in the market. The dimensions of this grinder are 7.2 x 2.8 x 2.8 inches and weighs about 1.6 pounds. Its wooden body gives it a pretty look therefore can be a great giftable item as well.

Best Commercial Coffee Grinder

Purchasing a commercial coffee grinder is certainly not a joke. You have to invest quite a large amount in it. So, it’s crucial to match all of the needs while going to get a random one.

Depending on the type of business, you may choose either a doser grinder or a doserless grinder. Incredibly busy coffee shops could go for doser grinder for fast-paced delivery. On the other hand, a lower-paced restaurant or coffee shop may choose a doserless grinder in order to ensure the best possible quality.

Another consideration is choosing a stepped or stepless grinder. People love to use a stepped grinder for higher accuracy and convenience while brewing. However, a skilled barista will definitely choose a stepless grinder as they get unlimited grind size adjustment.

If your business is completely coffee-based, then you can go for a fancy highly featured commercial coffee grinder. On the flip side, if serving coffee is a minor part of your business then a handy home burr grinder can get the job done. But make sure that the grinder is also capable of making excellent quality coffee.

Lastly, make sure to consider the budget and available space as well before going to purchase a commercial coffee grinder.

Let’s look at some best commercial coffee grinders.

Best Vintage Coffee Grinders

Vintage coffee grinders are also manual coffee grinders, but they usually look much more aesthetic. Some folks collect this type of grinder as their hobby. Depending on the material, age, and condition the price range of a Vintage coffee grinder could be from $20-$100. You can use such a grinder as your go-to coffee grinder after doing some restorations in a pinch.

Why Use Vintage Coffee Grinders?

Obviously, there are a bunch of reasons why you should use a modern-day coffee grinder instead of using a vintage one. But if you have a passion to collect aged items then you will definitely get a Vintage coffee grinder if you find one.

Some folks may think that they won’t grind coffee beans after all of the years. But luckily you can find some of them that are restorable and can grind coffee beans nicely. Besides, some of them are made of cast iron, bronze, etc. which ensures long-lasting durability. Moreover, having such an antique coffee grinder will definitely add some extra bit of aesthetics to your kitchen.

What to look for before buying them?

Whether you are collecting a vintage coffee grinder as a hobby or you just want to purchase one to see how people used to grind coffee hundreds of years back should have to think about some key considerations before getting one.

Make sure to check if any parts are missing. 1 or 2 lost screws might not be a big deal but if the catcher or other important part is missing then it won’t offer you a pleasant experience while grinding.

Furthermore, check the sharpness of the burr by touching the edge with your finger. Don’t forget to consider the finish. Check for rust and mold as well. Some more significant considerations are grinding speed, size of the grinder, and bean holding capacity.

Let’s look at some best antique coffee grinder.

Manual vs Electric Coffee Grinder : Which one is better?

If we get started on the benefits and importance of coffee in daily life, we won’t be able to limit the poetic things that come to mind. Coffee just makes any situation better, doesn’t it? If you feel sleepy and lazy, a cup of coffee is the best companion for you to get started. It just energizes you from the inside.

Furthermore, the process of making coffee can be quite an aesthetic addition to your day. You can take some time in the morning every day to do something successfully- make a nice cup of coffee. The aroma and taste of the coffee will lift up your mood and help you have a great day.

Best Grinder for Coffee Beans: The Buying Guide

There are a few things you need to know about and consider when buying a coffee grinder. Let’s get to know these things.

  1. The Type of Coffee Grinder you need.

This is not as hard as you think. You only have to choose from two options. As long as you know what you want and what you can afford, you will get your hands o just the right kind of grinder for you.

  • Blade grinders:

The name makes it no secret that this type of grinders uses blades to cut the coffee into finer size. Apparently, you know how blades work and it’s not quite consistent in the size it cuts the coffee beans into. If you know the coffee world well, you know that the consistency of the coffee beans actually play a huge role in keeping the fresh flavor of the coffee. While these grinders are affordable, they are more suitable for spices than coffee.

  • Burr Grinders:

In this kind of grinder, the coffee beans are smashed to the finer size. This gives the coffee beans a more consistent size and thus better flavor. You get two options to choose from in this case- conical burr grinders and Flat Burr grinder.

Flat burr grinders are more expensive but provide a more consistent size of coffee beans. On the other hand, conical burr grinders are more affordable but less consistent.

Ultimately, the choice depends on what you want and can afford.

  1. The Stepless or Stepped Grinders.

Stepped grinders have a few sets of settings that you can choose from. On the other hand, stepless grinders do not have any such setting you have to choose from. Stepless grinders are more expensive and better of the two. Because they provide you with more freedom and control.

  1. The Dosing options.

If you know that you won’t always be making the same amount of coffee then you should consider the dosing options in the grinder. It should allow you to grind just the amount of coffee you need. Apart from that, there are a set amount of coffee beans for single and double shots.

So, you want the grinder to be versatile when it comes to dosing. On the other hand, if you do not like the fact that your fresh coffee beans will be sitting in the machine for a while then you can choose a machine with no integrated scale for dosing. In this case, you should have the freedom to put in as much coffee as you need to. This will require effort on your part but will provide you with more flavor and taste.

  1. The Ease of Adjustment.

You know it by now that you want the grinder to be adjustable. It should be able to serve your needs. However, a grinder that is adjustable is not all that you need, you also want it to be easy to adjust. What’s the point, if you have to spend minutes figuring out which button to click and when to click it.

A grinder with an LCD or LED display will help you a lot. Apart from that, dials and button work to but hey should all be very straight-forward.

  1. The size of the Grinder.

You have to consider the size of the grinder mainly for the purpose of easily keeping it. Nobody wants a grinder that takes half the space in the kitchen. Furthermore, your grinder should fit under your cupboards.

Therefore, you have to check how much space you have in your house for the grinder first. Then, you can choose a grinder that fits in your house. You really do not want a grinder that makes your place look weird. Then, you will regret buying it every time you use it.

  1. The Heat it generates.

You know how there are different types of coffee beverages based on how much the coffee beans are roasted? So, heat roasts coffee beans. You do not want your grinder roasting the coffee beans more.

The grinder should work and remain cool. It should not heat up when working because this heat will be passed onto your coffee beans. As a result, the coffee beans will be more roasted than you want it to be. This will lead to a not-so-great tasting coffee. So, look for brands that make coffee grinders that remain cool with vents.

  1. The Speed of the Coffee Grinder.

Apparently, the speed at which the coffee bean grinder grinds the beans is not at all important. In contrast, the faster the coffee grinder works, the faster it will reach the end of its life. Because after all, more speed means greater friction.

So, if a model of coffee grinder is putting emphasis on the speed of the unit, it’s emphasizing the wrong thing. It is best to stay away from such coffee grinders.

  1. The Ease of Cleaning.

Coffee grinding will have small coffee beans in it and a lot of smashing or cutting. So, you can expect mess but you can expect the least mess from grinders that are designed to aid you through the cleaning process. In fact, their motion and way of working will create the least mess.

Furthermore, parts will be easy to detach and clean. In other words, you should look for coffee grinders that are easy to clean. It can be mentioned in the description through the features or you can check the reviews to find out if it’s actually easy to clean or not.

  1. The Material Building the Coffee Grinders.

You will mainly find that coffee grinders are made from two materials- stainless steel or ceramic.  Ceramic is more traditional of the two and more long-lasting. However, if a small hard particles get inside the ceramic grinder, you may have a hard time operating it and getting the particle out. Ceramic grinders are more resistant to weather conditions. The best grinder for coffee beans will definitely be durable.

On the other hand, stainless steel is not as durable as ceramic. But, it is much easier to replace and is cheaper too. So, the choice is yours.

The Best Coffee Grinder Brands

Brands are crucial when it comes to shopping for any particular product. For instance, Why do people love to shop from Amazon when they know that they can get the same product from Wish or AliExpress? It’s because of the trust that they gained from the last 25 years.

People feel secure to shop from any brand which is already established. There are lots of coffee grinder brands out there. Most of them manufacture different kitchen appliances along with coffee grinders. In the following segment, we are going to talk about some of them. 

Top Coffee Grinder Brands


When it comes to a coffee grinder, Baratza is a real big deal. The company was formed in 1999 and since then they have developed a bunch of different coffee grinders. Baratza Headquarter is located in Bellevue, WA.

They design their product in Seattle, collect precision burr from Europe, and build coffee grinder in Taiwan for their worldwide customer. Barazta is an entirely coffee grinder manufacturing brand. They don’t make any other appliances apart from coffee grinders.

Two incredibly popular coffee grinder of Baratza are Baratza Encore, and Baratza Virtuoso+.


Breville is another amazingly famous home appliance brand located in Sydney, Australia. This company was founded in 1932 by Harry Norville and Bill O’Brien. As a home appliance manufacturer, they have lots of items including Espresso Machines, Coffee Machines, Coffee Grinders, Blenders, Food Processors, Ovens, and many more.

Breville’s Barista Express is one of the best-selling coffee machines in the market. Besides, its Breville Smart Grinder Pro is a great coffee grinder with lots of happy customers worldwide. Breville has succeeded to be an established global home appliance brand that trades with over 70 countries including China, Brazil, Canada, the United States, and lots of other countries.


De’Longhi is an Italian small appliance manufacturing brand ruining their business since 1902. The headquarters of De’Longhi is located in Treviso, Italy. Aside from its vast array of coffee accessories it has a pretty huge collection of regular kitchen appliances such as Toasters, Electric Ovens, Deep Fryers, Grills, and many more.

As a token of their top-class service and innovative technology, they have successfully built a worldwide community with over 120 markets. De’Longhi Dedica Espresso machine, De’Longhi KG89 grinder are two of the popular coffee accessories of De’Longhi Group.


OXO is a manufacturer of kitchen appliances, housewares, and office supplies founded in 1990. It’s in an American brand located in New York City. From the beginnings of their journey, they have been bringing lots of useful items that help them to earn quick fame.

OXO markets their product worldwide and has a large number of satisfied global customers. People love OXO because of its ergonomic, durable, and functional items. OXO Brew Conical Burr Grinder, 9-Cup Coffee Maker, 5-Piece POP Container Set are some of the top-selling items of OXO. 


KitchenAid is another popular home appliances brand founded in 1919. It’s an American company owned by Whirlpool Corporation. KitchenAid is an international company, therefore, markets their product worldwide. They used to follow premium pricing as they are pretty confident about their product and consumers are also happy to pay such money in return for a great product.

KitchenAid has almost every type of kitchen appliance including blenders, food processors, toasters, ovens, dishwashers, coffee makers, coffee grinders, etc. Some popular items of KitchenAid are KitchenAid KSMPRA Pasta Roller & cutter attachment set, KitchenAid 5 quart Stand Mixers, KitchenAid Metal Food Grinder, Burr coffee grinder, etc.

Why Buy the best grinder for Coffee Beans?

When you can find instant coffee available at every store around the corner, why should you buy a grinder and coffee beans? Apparently, it’s because freshly ground coffee provides the most authentic taste of the coffee. If you are a coffee lover and if you have tasted the freshly ground coffee once- you know how tasty it is.

Apart from that, you can also grind the coffee in many different ways- using a mortal and pastel, a plastic bag, and a hammer. So, why buy a grinder? If you imagine, you will know. Because those other processes will make things quite messy, How do you plan to clean the coffee powder that will spread everywhere?

Furthermore, an electric grinder will save you from a lot more trouble. All you have to do is set it up, provide it with the beans, and it will give you fresh coffee for the day!

Final Thoughts

For that authentic, unbeatable flavor you need the best grinder for coffee beans. After all, the process of making proper coffee includes the grinding part. But choosing the right grinder for you is quite a difficult task.

The first thing you have to do is determine what kinds of coffee will you be having. Based on that choose grinders that can help you grind the coffee beans to that needed size.

Other than that, since grinders are mainly for convenience, make sure the unit is convenient for you.

Enjoy Your Coffee!

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