How to Use a Coffee Grinder [ Step by Step Guide With Detailed Information]

If you are a serious coffee lover, then the chances are that you know how vital the grind size is for an excellent cup of coffee.

The tastes of the coffee vastly depend on grind size. That’s when a coffee grinder comes in. Nowadays, there are a bunch of different coffee grinders out there that can deliver the precise grind sizes.

So in this comprehensive guide, we will go over how to use a coffee grinder step by step. Along with that, we will share some information about the different types of coffee grinders, and at the end of this guide, we will answer some frequently asked questions that will quench your curiosity.

So without further ado, let’s dive right in.

What is a Coffee Grinder

Basically, coffee grinder is a tool that takes the responsibilities of extracting the authentic flavor from fresh coffee beans by grinding them into small particles. There are generally two types of coffee grinders out there: Automatic/Electric Coffee Grinder and Manual Coffee Grinder. Automatic coffee grinders can be divided as well into two types, Burr Grinder and Blade Grinder.

Inside of a Blade Grinder, there’s a blade pretty much like a propeller that chops the coffee beans to small particles. This is the primary job of a blade coffee grinder. However, there has been some controversy about the grinding quality of different types of blade grinders.

Most coffee connoisseurs think that Burr Grinders does a great job in delivering uniform-sized particles compared to a Blade Grinder. They crushes the coffee beans using two burrs and is able to deliver desired grind size for various brewing method.

With a manual coffee grinder, you need to provide manual force for grinding. There are numerous types of manual coffee grinders out there. As a manual tool, you have to put some effort into grinding. Besides, it takes a longer time to grind compared to the other two types of coffee grinders.

While buying, you need to choose your best grinder for coffee beans as per your need.

How to Use A Coffee Grinder

So, you want to grind your freshly roasted coffee bean right before brewing. There’s simply no better way to extract the flavor from the coffee than primary grinding. Folks who are drinking coffee for a longer period declare that this is the best way to enjoy your every sip.

Whether you are making Espresso, Aeropress, cold-brew, or other types of coffee drinks, you need to keep in mind about the grind size. In this section, we will learn how to use a coffee grinder in some easy steps.

How to Use a Blade Coffee Grinder

Blade coffee grinder has an effortless, functional mechanism to use. You need to add some freshly roasted coffee beans into the grinder’s hopper and then switch on the button and let the stainless steel blade grind.

FYI, for getting more fine grind, make sure to grind for a bit longer.

In order to make an excellent cup of coffee, you need to put about 20 grams of coffee beans at the bean hopper.

Now, people don’t like the blade grinder as they tend to provide uneven grind sizes. That way, you may find the taste a bit sour or bitter. But don’t worry; we will show you three amazing steps that can improve the grind size dramatically. Let’s take a look at them.


While grinding your fresh coffee bean, don’t just hold down the button and let the blade to spin. It’s crucial to stop the grinder and shake the grounding beans frequently. That way, you will get the more even grind size.


After finishing the Shaking process, you will find some boulder-sized pieces of grindings along with the superfine grindings. To get rid of them, sift the whole grounds with a sieve, and that way, you can eliminate the big bouldering pieces and get some fine pieces for making a coffee cup.


So, we have taken care of the big-sized grounds. Now, we need to get rid of the super fine pieces. By doing so, you will get uniform pieces that will evenly extract great flavor from the coffee. And the result is an excellent cup of coffee.

So, for doing that, place all of the grounds in a paper towel and rub them into the paper. Then simply place them in another bowl. Did you notice something? All the super fine pieces are stuck with the paper towel; thus, you will get all the uniform coffee grounds.

How to Use a Burr Coffee Grinder

Now it’s time to look at how to use a burr coffee grinder. No doubt, this is the best type of coffee grinder for getting the uniform size of particles. That will deliver a great cup of coffee without putting a lot more effort.

With a Burr coffee grinder, you have the flexibility to set the grind size on your own according to the kind of coffee you are making. Let’s look at some steps for getting a clear concept of using a Burr Coffee Grinder.

We are using KitchenAid Burr Grinder for this guide. You may have a different type of Burr grinder, but the process is pretty much the same. Hope the following steps will help you in understanding the basics.

First Time Grinding:

For the first time, make sure to clean the bean hopper by using warm soapy water and dry it precisely. Now, place the hopper at the top and turn it clockwise until it’s tight enough. And then place the lower grind jar as well.

Adjust The Grind Size Settings:

It’s time to set up your desired grind size according to your brew method. With the KitchenAid Burr Grinder, set 1-3 by rolling the wheel for getting coarse grind particles that are best for French Press. For Pour Over, Siphon, or Automatic Drip, it is recommended to select the 5-7 range in order to get the medium grind size. For Espresso, choose 8 for a fine grind.

Fill the Bean Hopper And Start Grinding:

Next off, fill the bean hopper with the desired amount of coffee beans and place the hopper lid at the top accurately. When you are ready for grinding, simply switch up to begin the grinding. If you got the right amount of grounds for making coffee, just flip the switch down and remove the grinding jar to collect the whole bean particles.

How to Use a Manual Coffee Grinder

For the sake of this guide, we are using the Rhino Grinder as it is pretty easy to use.

First off, remove the top of the grinder and put your desired amount of freshly roasted coffee beans in the hopper. Now place the top again and adjust the settings by opening the bottom part. Here you will find a burr.

By turning it anti-clockwise, the result will be a coarser grind; on the other hand, you will get a fine grind by turning it clockwise. This is the trick of a manual coffee grinder.

How to Choose The Right Grind Size

If you want to taste different coffee types, then the first thing you have to keep in mind is grind size. There are quite a lot of types of coffee out there. For each type, there’s an ideal grind size. The following chart will give you a clear concept of that.

Grind SizeTypes of Coffee
Extra FineTurkish Coffee
FineEspresso, Aeropress(1 min brew time) and Moka Pot
Medium FineAeropress ( 2-3 minutes brew time), Cone-shaped Pour-Over Brewers
MediumUsed for Most Automatic and Manual Drip Coffee makers
Medium CoarsePerfect for Chemex coffee
CoarseBest for French Press, Percolator, and Coffee Cupping
Extra CoarseCowboy Coffee and Cold Brew Coffee
Grind Size Chart for Coffee

How Grinders Affect the Coffee

The taste of the brewed coffee widely relies on the grind size. If you read the previous segment of this guide, you should already know about the different types of grind sizes for certain coffee types.

If the particles are too coarse, chances are the grounds are under-extracted, which leads to a sour taste on your coffee. On the other hand, if the particles’ size is too fine, they may be over-extracted, which can ruin the authentic flavor and deliver you a bitter coffee cup.

So, the primary matter of concern is to make sure the particles are uniformly sized. In that case, we would recommend using a Burr Coffee Grinder rather than a Blade Grinder. You may be wondering why most of the coffee connoisseurs don’t use or recommend a blade grinder.

Well, the answer is a blade grinder is not even close to a Burr Grinder in terms of grind size quality. However, we have mentioned three easy steps that can dramatically improve the grind size with a Blade Grinder.

Final Words

Hope this comprehensive guide will help you get a clear concept of using a coffee grinder. We have tried to keep it simple to understand the basics and use them to solve their problems.

If you have any queries regarding this whole guide, don’t hesitate to leave it in the comment section below. We would love to hear from you.

Happy Brewing!

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