How To Make Dead Eye Coffee: 6 Easy Steps

Dead Eye coffee also goes by the name “Dripped Eye coffee” (like one weird name wasn’t enough)! Dead Eye coffee is one of the extra powerful, heavily-caffeinated drinks that includes shots of espresso within the drip coffee. And Dead Eye coffee is the strongest in this category. It includes 3 shots of espresso in a cup of drip coffee. If you’re looking for an enormous wake-up call from your caffeine, the Dead Eye has got you covered on that.

The Dead Eye is another (stronger) variation of the Red Eye coffee. The name “Dead Eye” refers to the fact that you’d have to be nearly dead or crazy enough to drink this coffee. Note that in Starbucks, this drink is known as the “Green Eye”.

Recipe Specifications

  • Drink size: 6–8 oz. (1 cup)
  • Time required: 10–15 minutes
  • Ratio: 1:3 (1 cup of coffee to 3 shots of espresso)


  • An espresso machine
  • A drip coffeemaker
  • A coffee grinder
  • A serving glass


  • Espresso beans
  • Coffee beans

Step-By-Step Instructions

Step 1

With your coffee grinder, do a medium grind for the drip machine. Then do a medium-fine grind for the espresso machine

Step 2

In the coffeemaker, brew the coffee with medium coffee grounds

Step 3

Once the coffee is done, pour it into the glass

Step 4

Use fresh, medium-fine ground beans to make the espresso. You have to pull 3 shots of espresso

Step 5

Pour the shots of espresso from the espresso cups into the glass full of drip coffee

Step 6

Stir the drink, and it’s now ready to be drunk!

Note: the espresso shots are poured over the coffee to save the espresso crema on top of the drink.

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