How To Make Flat White At Home (Save Some Bucks While Enhancing Your Skill)

Looking for such a drink that has both milky textures at the same time is rich and robust? Well, you might be interested in having a Flat White.

Needless to say, it’s a delicious espresso beverage similar to Lattes and Cappuccinos. However, you will definitely notice some differences between these three which we will explain in this blog as well.

In this guide, we will demonstrate to you How To Make Flat White At Home using an espresso machine and without using an espresso machine. We will also talk about some necessary points that will help make Flat White a lot easier.

Be sure to stick around and let’s learn how to make flat white in real quick!

What Is Flat White Coffee?

how to make a flat white at home

Flat White is a milk-based drink where Espresso makes the base of it. There’s a lot of controversy on where Flat White is truly originated. Some folks believe that Australians firstly introduced this particular type of espresso beverage. In 1985, Alan Preston of Moors Espresso Bar added Flat White to his menu. After 4 years, in 1989, Flat White is Introduced to Kiwi as a result of a failed Cappuccino at Bar Bodega, Wellington.

Aside from this continuous controversy, we want to believe that Flat White is known as a universal drink just like Latte and Cappuccino. Although it originated in Australia or New Zealand, it has successfully made its way in the US.

In general, Flat White is made in a 6oz cup with a double shot of Espresso (2oz) and 4oz of steamed milk. The layer of milk used in a Flat White is a lot less compared to a Latte and Cappuccino. Typically, in Flat White, you won’t get any airy froth like Cappuccino. Instead, you will get silky and shiny steamed milk so that you can get a good flavor of espresso as well. You will get a step-by-step guide on How To Make Flat White At Home in the following section.

How To Make Flat White At Home

make a flat white at home

Interested in making Downunder’s creation, Flat White? In this segment of the guide, we will look at How To Make Flat White Coffee At Home with perfection. If you think that Lattes are a bit milkier and Cappuccinos contain somewhat tasteless on top we would recommend you to give Flat White a try. So, without further ado, let’s see what are the steps of making a great Flat White in no time.

  1. As we know the base of Flat White is a perfect double shot of espresso, hence, it’s crucial to pick freshly roasted coffee beans that would be great for espresso. Specifically, Medium to Dark Roasted coffee beans directly from roasters, if possible.
  2. Grab a burr grinder and grind your coffee beans finely. You can adjust the finesse of your coffee grinder depending on your preferences.
  3. If you are using a semi-automatic espresso machine, put coffee grounds into the portafilter and set it up with the group head of your espresso machine. Otherwise, put a measured amount of coffee beans into your built-in coffee grinder if you use an automatic espresso machine.
  4. According to many coffee connoisseurs, a shot of espresso would be excellent if you pull it between 20-30 seconds’ margin.
  5. Place a 6oz cup under the group head. Make sure that you have pre-heated the cup before pouring coffee into it.
  6. It’s time to froth the milk. For Flat White, froth your milk in a certain way in order to get the authentic Flat White flavor. Take a look at the following section to know how to do so. For temperature, you should aim for about 145 degrees Fahrenheit or if you are not using any thermometer then turn off the frother when it’s too hot to hold your milk pitcher.
  7. Pour the steamed milk into your espresso and enjoy! If you wish, you can make art as you do for Latte.

How To Steam Milk For Flat White

The certain process of steaming milk makes all the difference. Before adding milk with your 2oz espresso shot, you can make both Cappuccino and Latte with that. As we have mentioned earlier, the foam layer on top of the Flat White is a lot less compared to Latte or Cappuccino. It’s ideal to aim a 5mm foam layer on top of your delicious Flat White. Let’s look at the step-by-step process of preparation.

  1. Collect a nice milk pitcher that would be twice as large as your Flat White cup.
  2. Pour about ⅓ of fresh cold milk into that pitcher. You can use any sort of milk according to your choice.
  3. Before immersing the steam wand into the pitcher make sure to purge once in order to remove any leftover milk inside the wand. It’s crucial as it can add a moldy, bitter taste to your coffee.
  4.  Immerse the steam wand and open the steam knob of your machine completely. Let the steamer expand your milk just a little bit. After hearing hissing sounds while steaming milk, cut off the steaming after a few seconds later and you are good to go. Pour the milk into your espresso and enjoy.

Flat White VS Cappuccino VS Latte

All these three are known as Espresso beverages because of their base drink. In general, Latte and Cappuccino are a little bit milkier compared to Flat White. You can use 1-2 shots of espresso in your Cappuccino or Latte depending on how you like your drink.

However, for Flat White, it’s standard to use 2 shots of espresso with 4oz of steamed milk where a little amount of foam is available. So the bottom line is that Flat White contains the slimmest portion of foam layer than Latte or Cappuccino.

Besides, you will definitely get the espresso flavor from a Flat White which you might not get from a Latte or Cappuccino.

How To Make Flat White Without Espresso Machines

If you don’t have any good espresso machine but still you want to give Flat White a try then don’t worry, here’s what you have to do instead.

For making a Flat White you can either use an AeroPress or a French Press. Both these methods are pretty effective in making espresso-style coffee. Remember, we said, ‘espresso-style not an actual espresso as AeroPress and French Press can’t create the needed amounts of pressure which a good espresso machine can.

aeropress flat white

In order to make liquids slightly similar to espresso, grind coffee beans finely and pour them into the AeroPress chamber. Make an even coffee grounds bed. Now, pour some measured amounts of hot water into that chamber and stir for about 20 seconds.

Don’t forget to place a paper filter inside the cap side of the AeroPress. After that, grab the plunger part of your AeroPress plunger and provide pressure slowly through the chamber. Shortly after you should get a nice cup of espresso-style coffee as a base for your Flat White.

In order to steam milk, pour some milk into a pot and place it over the gas stove for some moments. You should aim for about 145 degrees Fahrenheit temperature. Make sure to check the temperature using a thermometer. After finishing heating, pour the milk into a flask and shake it continuously for a few minutes. That way, you will get a good enough foam for making your Flat White. Although, we would suggest you do not expect thick foam as you may get from a good steamer. Mix the shaken milk with your espresso made from AeroPress and Enjoy!


Is Flat White stronger than a latte?

Yes. Flat White coffee tends to be a bit stronger than Latte. In Latte, baristas use a single shot of espresso while Flat White uses a double shot of espresso, therefore, contains more caffeine content and usually stronger than a latte.

Why is flat white more expensive than a latte?

Flat White coffee is not too costly to produce. However, it requires lots of skills in order to make a perfectly flavored cup of Flat White. This is the reason why Flat White comes with a little bumped-up price

Which coffee has the most milk?

Latte contains more milk than Cappuccino, Flat White, or other types of milk coffee. In Cappuccino, the milk and espresso ratio are the same. For Flat White, baristas use the slimmest possible layer of steamed milk just for folding espresso.

Is Flat White stronger than cappuccino?

Yes. For making a perfect Flat White you need to use twice as much espresso as Cappuccino. This makes Flat White a lot stronger. Besides, Flat White contains less milk than Cappuccino.

What cup size is a flat white?

In general, the standard cup size for Flat White is 6oz where 2oz for a double shot of espresso and the rest of 4oz for steamed milk.


Hopefully, this comprehensive guide will help you to satisfy your query “How To Make Flat White At Home”. We have shown the complete process of making Flat White with and without a dedicated espresso machine.

If you still have any thoughts regarding this topic, feel free to leave them in the comment section below. We would love to hear more from your side and help you out. Share this guide with your milk coffee lover friend who you thought will find this guide helpful too.

Happy Brewing!

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