Jura D6 Review 2021

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jura d6 review
Jura D6 Review – Top Features

Are you always in a hurry when leaving home? Even if you are not, it’s hard to wait for your coffee or put in the effort to make your cup, isn’t it?

This is why most people consider buying a coffee maker just like you are now- for the love of coffee, But, there are so many coffee makers available making it hard for you to choose. You have to take one step (one coffee maker) at a time so why not check this Jura D6 review out?

Jura D6 coffee maker is apparently a great choice for beginners for all its features. On top of that, it falls in the affordable range.

But, is it for you? Because despite its good name, it may not be what you are looking for.

Let’s find out!

Jura D6 Review: The Features

Jura D6 Automatic Coffee Machine, 1, Black
  • VERSATILITY: Cappuccino, espresso and coffee maker
  • OPERATION: Plain text display or Smart Connect App control
  • CUSTOMIZATION: Adjustable water level, coffee strength and temperature
  • GRINDER: Fast and precise AromaG2 integrated grinder
  • TECHNOLOGY: Flavor optimizing Pulse Extraction Process technology

It has quite a lot to offer. Let’s see if what it offers has what it takes to delight you.

The Easy System

As someone who does not really know how to make professional-grade coffee, you want a coffee maker that is easy to use. You might find the Jura D6 coffee machine a bit too easy to use- a great thing! All you have to do is click buttons and a switch to get the coffee you want. Yes, it’s that simple!

In fact, the coffee maker features an intuitive text display that shows you your options. You have to select from the options, which coffee you want. Then, you can use the rotary switch at the station to get your serve of coffee!

Simple, isn’t it? And, you will have no trouble with this function either.

Six kinds of coffee

Professionals who like to take full control over their coffee or espresso may not really like this coffee maker. Apparently, this one gives you six options to choose from, meaning you get six different kinds of coffee from it. Each of them is consistent in their taste and quality no matter how many times you have it.

While these six options are many to some, it is also, ‘only’ to a few. So, which group are you in?

Apart from that, some customers mentioned that the consistency of the coffee seemed a bit watery.

So, you have to think carefully about this feature. What kind of coffee do you like? Will one among the six kinds offered to be able to satisfy you?

A water filter

While many people may think that coffee maker brands could care less about your health, Jura D6 proves them wrong. Apparently, it comes with its own water filter.

So, even if you do not use the purest of water, this coffee maker will make sure that nothing harmful other than too much of caffeine enters your body.

The filter is truly of high quality and it removes anything that can hamper the flavor and taste of the coffee. So, it does not just protect you but it protects your coffee too.

A Sleek Design

If you really want a coffee maker because it will make days easier for you but you have a small house then don’t you worry! Apparently, this Jura D6 coffee maker is compact in its size and short in height. Therefore, it will fit under any cabinet and in any small kitchen.

Furthermore, it looks quite good with its finish. So, you won’t be embarrassed to show to it your guests.

The Grinder

The Aroma G2 grinder is the grinder in it and it does quite a good job of grinding. Apparently, it has just the right cutting angle for the beans. Thus, the flavor and aroma of the coffee beans are safe.

The Package and Value

While the Jura D6 is not the most expensive, it still is quite a graceful coffee maker. It does not come alone, it comes with a milk container with it. Furthermore, it is quite an easy coffee maker to set up.

When it comes to quality, the grinder may not always work well and there may be parts of the coffee maker that does not always live up to the mark. But, it still offers quite the value for the time it works.

Among other features, the coffee maker also includes Smart Connect. So, you can command it using your smartphone which can be quite convenient.

Jura D6 Reviews: Pros and Cons

What we like

  • The Jura D6 coffee maker is an excellent choice for beginners because of its ease of use.
  • It just requires the user to click and press to get his cup of coffee.
  • The interactive text display is very helpful too.
  • It has the recipe for six different types of coffee.
  • A compact and sleek design makes it suitable for small kitchens.
  • The grinder holds on to the aroma and flavor of the coffee beans.
  • It offers great value for the price and things it includes.

What we don’t like

  • It may have parts that need replacing after some time.
  • Not much control for the professionals.

Available Options for Jura D6 Automatic Coffee Machine

Frequently Asked Questions On Jura D6

Can you make a latte with this coffee maker?

Yes, you can. Apparently, it has a milk frother that enables you to make a latte.

Does it come with a warranty?

Yes, it does. Usually, the warranty is for 1 year and you can purchase a new warranty. But, this coffee maker works great for many years- at least 5.

Final Thoughts On Jura D6 Review

Beginner coffee makers won’t have much to complain about this coffee maker unless they are very choosy about their coffee. This one gives them peace of mind, ease of use, and a less financial load to carry. While it can get noisy when working, it gives you the best results when it does work!

The six coffee options are not bad either- after all, you are getting six, easiest source of coffee. Also, the milk container included in the package really wins hearts.

Jura company manufactures household appliances since 1931. They have the experience to deliver you the best.

Enjoy Your Coffee!!

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