Jura E6 Review 2021

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jura e6 review
Jura E6 Review – Top Features

Investing in a coffee machine is quite a huge decision even for coffee lovers.

Yes, there are cheaper options but that does not mean that they will offer you just what you want at just the price you want. Therefore, it’s always a hard task when it comes to choosing a coffee machine.

But, once you find the perfect one for yourself, there is no going back. Let’s find out through the Jura E6 review whether this could be the coffee maker of your dreams or not.

Jura E6 is a coffee maker that will not only provide you with coffee but it will help you reduce the cost of having coffee. It has features that make operating it easy for you. In fact, it also has features that save you from spending more.

Let’s find out more about this caring unit, shall we?

Jura E6 Review: The Features

Jura E6 Automatic Coffee Center, Platinum
  • Makes 6 specialty drinks including: cappuccino, Coffee, two coffees, Espresso, two Espresso, milk foam
  • Controls make it easy to find, customize and brew your favorite drinks
  • Pulse extraction process brews Coffee with a full, rich bouquet and delicious flavor
  • Eight Coffee strength levels allow you to fine tune each drink
  • Fast, quiet G3 grinder creates 60 percent less Leftover ground Coffee

The feature of the Jura E6 that may be able to sweep you off your feet is the following.

Six Different Coffee Options

You may feel like having a cappuccino at one point in the day, espresso at another. Moreover, you may be alone one time, with the company the next, or three more people. Whatever your requirement is, this Jura E6 coffee maker won’t let you down.

Apparently, it lets you choose from six different coffee options- cappuccino, espresso, coffee, two coffees, two espressos, and milk foam. So, it does not matter what time it is, and what mood you are in, what you want, this coffee maker will provide it to you. That too in the easiest possible way.

It has two spouts which help you get coffee for two in the fastest way. Yes, the two spouts can work simultaneously. The milk frother plays quite an effective role too and it makes your operation mess-free.

The Interface

Whether you are a beginner or professional wanting many options- you want the coffee maker to be easy to use. A good intuitive interface will be the medium through which you can use the coffee maker without any trouble. You get buttons for each kind of coffee that you just have to click to get the coffee you want.

Quite the easy method, isn’t it?

Eight Intensity Levels

The coffee maker does not stop at offering you six different types of coffee. In fact, it goes a step further and allows you to choose from eight intensity levels of coffee too. If you like your coffee close to white, you have it! Again, if you like your coffee close to black, you have it too!

Apparently, the process of choosing the intensity level of your coffee is quite easy as well. All you have to do is look at the interface and click on what you want!

Pulse Extraction

One of the things that hands can do but machines often fail to is keep the flavor and taste of the fresh coffee. But, machines are getting closer to perfecting it every single day. Apparently, this coffee machine has a pulse extraction process that holds on to most of the flavor of the coffee.

Furthermore, it passes hot water through the coffee in intervals. This also helps to keep the most flavor in the coffee.

The coffee maker utilizes most of the coffee you give to it. So, a lot of your coffee is saved.

A compact design

If you are worried whether such a coffee maker will fit in your kitchen or not, don’t be because we are sure it will. Apparently, this coffee maker is not very big in size- it does not have a very tall height, either. It’s made in a way that it will fit.

Furthermore, it looks great with its finish and overall design. So, you will feel good having it in your house.

The Quality of the Build

The coffee maker is surely not cheap. However, it functions quite well when providing you with coffee so you can’t complain a lot about it either. One trouble with this unit is that not all its parts are top-notch. There are certain parts that may stop functioning.

While you can replace these parts, the replacement task is quite tough. So, you may not be able to do it yourself. That will lead to sending the coffee maker to the brand to fix.

Since 1931, Jura is manufacturing household appliances.

Available Options For Jura E6

Jura E6 Review: Pros and Cons

What We Like

  • The coffee maker offers six different types of coffee.
  • Quite easy to use because of the intuitive controls.
  • Let’s you control the intensity level of coffee.
  • Quite easy to maintain because of its features.
  • Quick and quiet.
  • It can make coffee for two very fast.
  • A compact design for small kitchens.
  • Preserves the flavor and aroma of coffee.

What We Don’t Like

  • Not the best quality because there are certain parts that stop working.
  • Replacing the parts that do not work is not that easy.

Frequently Asked Questions On Jura E6

Does It Come With A Warranty?

Yes, it sure does. However, the term of the warranty varies depending on who you are buying it from. If you are buying it from third-party providers then you may get a 2-year warranty. If you are buying it from authorized providers from Jura then you can even get a 15-year warranty.

Do You Have To Refill This Coffee Maker?

Yes, this coffee maker comes with a reservoir that needs refilling. Apparently, the reservoir is 63.6 oz in size.

What Temperature Does It Work In?

It usually makes coffee at around 175 Fahrenheit.

Final Words on jura e6 review

While the Jura E6 automatic coffee maker is quite an expensive coffee maker to invest in, it does have its reasons. You get quite a few features that will make you very happy as long as they work. Furthermore, this coffee maker makes sure that your coffee is not wasted.

Overall, the Jura E6 provides you with a lot of value for as long as it works.

Please keep in mind, no matter which espresso machine you use, always use fresh coffee grounds.

Enjoy Your Coffee!!

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