Jura E6 Review 2022: The Automatic Coffee Center

Investing in a coffee machine is quite a huge decision even for coffee lovers.

Yes, there are cheaper options but that does not mean that they will offer you just what you want at just the price you want. Therefore, it’s always a hard task when it comes to choosing a coffee machine.

But, once you find the perfect one for yourself, there is no going back. Let’s find out through the Jura E6 review whether this could be the coffee maker of your dreams or not.

Jura E6 is a coffee maker that will not only provide you with coffee but it will help you reduce the cost of having coffee. It has features that make operating it easy for you. In fact, it also has features that save you from spending more.

Let’s find out more about this caring unit, shall we?

jura e6 reviews
Top Features of Jura E6
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Jura E6 Review: The Features

The feature of the Jura E6 that may be able to sweep you off your feet is the following.

Six Different Coffee Options

You may feel like having a cappuccino at one point in the day, espresso at another. Moreover, you may be alone one time, with the company the next, or three more people. Whatever your requirement is, this Jura E6 coffee maker won’t let you down.

Apparently, it lets you choose from six different coffee options- cappuccino, espresso, coffee, two coffees, two espressos, and milk foam and hot water which makes the count seven. So, it does not matter what time it is, and what mood you are in, what you want, this coffee machine will provide it to you. That too in the easiest possible way.

It has two spouts which help you get coffee for two in the fastest way. Yes, the two spouts can work simultaneously. The milk frother plays quite an effective role too and it makes your operation mess-free.

jura e6 platinum auto coffee machine review

The Interface

Whether you are a beginner or professional wanting many options- you want the coffee maker to be easy to use. A good intuitive interface will be the medium through which you can use the coffee maker without any trouble. You get buttons for each kind of coffee that you just have to click to get the coffee you want.

Quite the easy method, isn’t it?

Eight Intensity Levels

The coffee maker does not stop at offering you six different types of coffee. In fact, it goes a step further and allows you to choose from eight intensity levels of coffee too. If you like your coffee close to white, you have it! Again, if you like your coffee close to black, you have it too!

Apparently, the process of choosing the intensity level of your coffee is quite easy as well. All you have to do is look at the interface and click on what you want!

Pulse Extraction

One of the things that hands can do but machines often fail to is keep the flavor and taste of the fresh coffee. But, machines are getting closer to perfecting it every single day. Apparently, this coffee machine has a pulse extraction process that holds on to most of the flavor of the coffee.

Furthermore, it passes hot water through the coffee in intervals. This also helps to keep the most flavor in the coffee.

The coffee maker utilizes most of the coffee you give to it. So, a lot of your coffee is saved.

A compact design

If you are worried whether such a coffee maker will fit in your kitchen or not, don’t be because we are sure it will. Apparently, this coffee maker is not very big in size- it does not have a very tall height, either. It’s made in a way that it will fit.

Furthermore, it looks great with its finish and overall design. So, you will feel good having it in your house.

The Quality of the Build

The coffee maker is surely not cheap. However, it functions quite well when providing you with coffee so you can’t complain a lot about it either. One trouble with this unit is that not all its parts are top-notch. There are certain parts that may stop functioning.

While you can replace these parts, the replacement task is quite tough. So, you may not be able to do it yourself. That will lead to sending the coffee maker to the brand to fix.

Since 1931, Jura is manufacturing household appliances.

Jura e6 Automatic coffee machine : Pros and Cons

What We Like

  • The coffee maker offers seven specialty coffees.
  • Ease of use, because of the intuitive controls.
  • Let’s you control the intensity level of coffee.
  • Quite easy to maintain because of its features.
  • Quick and quiet.
  • It can make coffee for two very fast.
  • Pulse extraction process ensures the flavor quality.
  • A compact design for small kitchens.
  • Preserves the flavor and aroma of coffee.

What We Don’t Like

  • Not the best quality because there are certain parts that stop working.
  • Replacing the parts that do not work is not that easy.
Jura E6 Automatic Coffee Center (Platinum)
208 Reviews
Jura E6 Automatic Coffee Center (Platinum)
  • Makes 6 Specialty Drinks Including: Cappuccino, Coffee, Two Coffees, Espresso, Two Espresso, Milk Foam.
  • Controls Make It Easy To Find, Customize And Brew Your Favorite Drinks.
  • Pulse Extraction Process Brews Coffee With A Full, Rich Bouquet And Delicious Flavor.
  • Eight Coffee Strength Levels Allow You To Fine Tune Each Drink.
  • Fast, Quiet G3 Grinder Creates 60 Percent Less Leftover Ground Coffee.

Technical Specifications

Jura E6 super automatic coffee machine review
Jura E6 Super Automatic Espresso Machine – Operating and Programming

Now, let’s take a quick look at some technical specifications of the Jura E6. In this segment, you will get some information about the internal and external features of this machine.

First off, Jura E6 is featured with an Aroma G3 grinder which is dedicated to grinding your coffee beans fine enough to pull out a perfectly flavored espresso. Perfectly flavored espresso vastly depends on the grind size and Jura’s Aroma G3 grinder does the trick for you. It’s the 3rd generation and latest grinder of Jura that can grind your coffee beans to any finesse level efficiently.

Jura coffee machine E6 is equipped with a color TFT display which is a huge upgrade from Jura D6. Now you don’t have to turn any rotating switch for selecting your desired coffee. Instead, you can see your desired specialty coffee on the screen and then push the button near the coffee icon, that’s it. This machine has a pretty good programmable feature to brew coffee for any particular person.

You can clean the machine without making any mess just by putting a cleaning tablet into an access door behind the bean container. Most coffee manufacturers will suggest you to remove the brew group for cleaning every once in a while. But with the Jura coffee machine E6, you can clean the machine without removing the brew group and you will get a notification on the display when the machine needs to be cleaned.

This machine can make 7 different specialty coffees with just a simple push of a button. Besides, you can make double coffee and flavorful espresso by pushing the button twice. The Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P.) ensures the maximum flavor in an optimized time frame. The pulse extraction process was developed by Jura itself. It also features a 15 bar high-performance pump in order to deliver the best possible extraction with a rich crema on top of the drink.

Coffee and milk spout is placed at the same place so that you don’t need to move the cup for making different types of drink. Besides, both coffee spouts and milk spouts are adjustable for placing small or large cups.

The coffee grounds container attached with the drip tray can hold a pretty good amount of used coffee ground in it. So you don’t have to clean it frequently. Also, the drip tray of the Jura E6 can hold a good amount of water or coffee that has missed the coffee cup accidentally. The machine will let you know when you should empty the drip tray.

How To use Jura E6 Espresso Machine

Operating the Jura coffee machines is pretty easy. You don’t have to grind coffee beans into a separate grinder, tamp them in the portafilter, and Keep an eye on the flowing. As all of the Jura espresso machines are fully automatic you don’t have to do any manual work.

You just have to select your desired coffee drink and customize different aspects according to your taste, and the machine will do the rest for you. This type of machine is usually called “Bean to Cup Machine”. Let’s take a look at how to use Jura E6 automatic coffee machine in real quick.

  1. First, fill the water reservoir located on the left side of the machine. As we have mentioned earlier, this reservoir can hold about 64 ounces of water. Fill up to the maximum level of water so that you don’t have to fill the tank frequently. Now, fill the bean container with freshly roasted coffee beans and seal the lid tightly. The hopper can hold about 10 ounces of bean in it.
  2. After putting coffee into the bean hopper, adjust the grind size depending on what type of coffee drink you are intending to make. Go for a bit coarser grind settings for regular coffee and fine settings for espresso or espresso-based drinks. Jura E6 doesn’t have the bypass doser for using pre-ground coffee.
  3. You have filled the water tank, bean hopper and adjusted the grind settings, now it’s time to brew coffee. Jura super automatic coffee machine E6 comes with a color TFT display, hence, it shouldn’t be hard to operate for you. Before, pushing any particular drink button, we would recommend you to press the “P” button and go to the “Expert Mode” where you will be able to program various aspects of coffee.
  4. You can program the coffee strength, volume, and temperature of the espresso and coffee in order to reach your desired taste. Moreover, you can adjust the amount of milk you will get in your cappuccino by increasing or decreasing the milk flowing time.
  5. There’s another option you will find while programming for a cappuccino which is “Interval”. This basically indicates the waiting phase after the espresso and before the milk flow. Some people love to use this for getting a nice layer of cappuccino.
  6. Setting up the milk system is quite easy in Jura E6. Collect a glass milk container and pour some milk into it and then connect the milk container with the milk spout using a tube. With Jura E6, you don’t even have to move your vessel for making espresso and cappuccino as all the spouts are located at the same place. The fine foam technology of E6 Jura machine perfectly creates feather-light, fine, and creamy milk foam. Jura recommended milk temperature is 39–46 °F (4–8 °C).
  7. Let’s take a look at how Jura E6 makes cappuccino. If you can get the process of making cappuccino then espresso and coffee making won’t be a big deal to you. You have already programmed various aspects of cappuccino, now press the cappuccino button. Right after pressing the button, the machine will start grinding the whole bean coffee. Then the machine will heat up the milk system for making nice milk froths. After completing the heating, you will see a command on the display for opening the milk knob.
  8. After opening the knob, the milk foaming will start flowing into the cup and subsequently, you will see your perfectly brewed espresso is also flowing into the cup. Here you go, your delicious cappuccino is ready for a sip. Enjoy!
jura e6 platinum review

Jura E6 is compatible with Jura Smart Connect for operating remotely using your smartphone or tablet. You can even brew coffee drinks using your voice. In order to control the machine, first, you need to place the Bluetooth receiver in the appropriate location of the machine. We would recommend you to read the instructions manual before setting it up. And that’s pretty much it about operating the Jura automatic coffee machine e6.

Benefits Of Using Jura E6 super automatic espresso machine

Easy To Use:

The Jura E6 machine features a TFT color display for effortless control. Closer models like Jura D6 come with a plain text-based display with a rotating dial. It could be tricky for some people. Keeping this in mind, Jura has designed E6 in such a way so that everybody can operate the machine at a simple push of a button.

Spacious Bean Container:

At the top of the machine, you will find the bean hopper which holds about 10 ounces of coffee. The lid on top of the hopper sealed nicely in order to keep coffee beans securely. Behind the bean hopper, there’s a grind size adjustment option available for selecting the finesse of the coffee depending on the type of coffee you want.

Easy To Clean:

Next to the grind size settings, there’s an additional access door for dropping cleaning tablets. By doing so, the machine will automatically clean the machine without letting you remove the brew group and clean it manually. This is an indication of how much convenience you can get from a coffee machine of Jura.

Smart Water Management:

The Intelligent Water System (I.W.S.) of Jura has made the water management more sophisticated. The water reservoir of Jura E6 is located on the left side of the machine. You can easily access the reservoir even if you place the machine under your cabinet. It holds about 64 ounces of water which can do about 10, 6 ounces of coffee easily or a whole bunch of espresso. So you don’t have to fill the reservoir every now and then.

Inside the water reservoir, you will see a water filter (CLEARYL Smart Water Filter) that omits the calcium deposits during water filtration and delivers you a better quality coffee. You never have to descale the machine as long as you are using a good water filter.

Variable Brewing Unit:

Jura super automatic espresso machine E6 has a programmable brewing feature for getting the desired cup of coffee every time you brew. You can make 7 types of drink (counting Hot Water) with this model including Espresso, Coffee, Macchiato, Cappuccino, etc. Besides, you can even adjust the milk flowing time, the strength of coffee, and the size of coffee.

HP1 Milk system:

The milk system of this coffee machine is pretty effortless to use. All you have to do is connect the milk container with the spout using a tube. The machine will do everything while you want to have a milk-based espresso cappuccino.

Smart Connect:

Jura’s innovative Jura Smart Connect device (Bluetooth Receiver) will let you prepare coffee drinks without even touching the machine. First, input the device into the machine, then you can control everything from the J.O.E app using your smartphone or tablet. You can even use your voice for selecting a certain type of coffee drink by communicating with Siri.

Who Should Buy It?

So, who should get this handy bean-to-cup coffee machine? Folks have to spend around $1500 to get Jura E6. The big question is, “Is it worth the investment?”. Indeed, by spending such amounts, you will get a pretty good different super-automatic machine that can precisely do the job. So, why should you invest in Jura E6, instead of spending on other machines?

In short, the answer is, because of its top-class build structure and cutting-edge technology. If you are interested in making a solid investment in a coffee machine that will serve you a long time, you can definitely go for Jura coffee machine E6.

This could be the best companion for those who don’t have any technical knowledge and just want to drink the best possible coffee without facing any trouble cleaning and descaling the machine. Also, if you want to get a delicious cup of coffee without spending too much time while in a rush can go for the Jura E6 coffee machine.

On the flip side, those who are just stepping into the coffee brewing world and interested in learning different aspects of coffee manually can go for a semi-automatic coffee machine instead of this pricey super-automatic machine. This will do everything for you and therefore you won’t get any scope to manually control different variables of brewing coffee. Furthermore, it’s not ideal for a 15-20 person office.

Available Options For Jura E6

Alternatives To Jura E6

All of the Jura machines are kind of unique in what they provide. However, you may notice some similarities between the closer model of the Jura machines. In this segment, we are going to talk about two alternatives to the Jura E6 automatic coffee machine. Those two machines are Jura D6 and Jura E8.

Jura D6

Jura D6 is known as the brother of Jura E6. Both of these machines have a pretty identical interface. Just a big difference is the display. Jura D6 comes with a plain text-based display. So, you have to turn the rotating switch for selecting a certain type of drink.

Both the D6 and E6 have the same water holding and drink-making capacity. But the bean hopper capacity of Jura E6 is 10 ounces while D6 has 7 ounces. Also, Jura D6 uses the 2nd generation grinder on the flip side, E6 uses the latest 3rd generation grind size. There’s a noticeable pricing difference between D6 and E6 as well.

Jura D6 Automatic Coffee Machine
387 Reviews
Jura D6 Automatic Coffee Machine
  • Versatility: Cappuccino, espresso and coffee maker.
  • Operation: Plain text display or Smart Connect App control.
  • Customization: Adjustable water level, coffee strength and temperature.
  • Grinder: Fast and precise AromaG2 integrated grinder.
  • Technology: Flavor optimizing Pulse Extraction Process technology.

Jura E8

E6 and E8 are Jura’s E-line machines. Hence, you will see lots of similarities between these two machines. Both of the machines use Jura’s latest Aroma G3 grinder in order to deliver the maximum flavor out of the fresh coffee beans.

Besides, bean container capacity and water capacity are also the same in both machines. However, there are some dissimilarities as well. Jura E6 can make 6 different types of drinks while E8 can make 17 types. In Jura E8, there’s a separate spout only for making milk-based drinks such as cappuccino, or flat white. Again, when it comes to the pricing, you will see a pretty huge difference between the Jura E6 and E8.

Jura E8 Automatic Coffee Machine
62 Reviews
Jura E8 Automatic Coffee Machine
  • Prepare 16 barista quality specialties including espresso, coffee, cappuccino, flat white and latte macchiato at the touch of a button.
  • Ultimate coffee quality thanks to JURA’s exclusive Pulse Extraction Process.
  • Fast and precise AromaG3 grinder grinds whole beans to the optimum fineness.
  • JURA is always freshly ground, not capsuled – fresh taste with very limited waste – single serve machine.
  • 64 ounce water tank, 10 ounce bean container.

Frequently Asked Questions On Jura E6

Does It Come With A Warranty?

Yes, it sure does. However, the term of the warranty varies depending on who you are buying it from. If you are buying it from third-party providers then you may get a 2-year warranty. If you are buying it from authorized providers from Jura then you can even get a 15-year warranty.

Do You Have To Refill This Coffee Maker?

Yes, this coffee maker comes with a reservoir that needs refilling. Apparently, the reservoir is 63.6 oz in size.

What Temperature Does It Work In?

It usually makes coffee at around 175 Fahrenheit.

Can Jura E6 make a latte?

There’s no certain option for making a latte on Jura E6. Therefore, you can’t actually make a perfect latte using Jura E6. However, you can make a pretty good cappuccino using this machine as there’s a specific button for making a cappuccino.

How long do Jura filters last?

2-3 months. CLEARYL smart water filter is a great key technology of Jura coffee machines. By using this innovative filter, you can remove any calcium deposits from water. As a result, you will get a better tasting healthy coffee. For getting an excellent performance, it’s better to replace the filter every 2-3 months.

Can the Jura E6 make an Americano?

Yes. But you have to make Americano in two steps. Jura E6 doesn’t come with an automatic Americano-making option. Americano is made of hot water and espresso. For making Americano using Jura E6, add one-third of espresso in a cup first, then pour two-third cup of water into that cup. Here you go, your Americano is ready to drink.

Final Words

While the Jura E6 automatic coffee maker is quite an expensive coffee maker to invest in, it does have its reasons. You get quite a few features that will make you very happy as long as they work. Furthermore, this coffee machine makes sure that your coffee is not wasted.

Overall, the Jura E6 provides you with a lot of value for as long as it works. Please keep in mind, no matter which espresso machine you use, always use fresh coffee grounds.

Enjoy Your Coffee!!

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